Dolph Ziggler

WWE star Dolph Ziggler is set to Smackdown Live next week.

It was revealed on the official WWE Twitter account last night that Ziggler will return next week and his first match back will be against former United States Champion Baron Corbin.

Outside of an appearance in the Royal Rumble Match, Dolph Ziggler has been off of WWE TV since December. Ziggler “walked out” after leaving the United States Championship in the ring during a promo on the December 19th edition of Smackdown.

Ziggler had won the Championship just two nights prior at the WWE Clash of Champions pay per view. He defeated Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode in a Triple Threat match. Ziggler pinned Baron Corbin with the Zig Zag to win the match.


  1. Wait, wait, hold up…

    …Dolph won the title, dropped it and went away for a bit…

    …came back to be #30 in the Rumble…

    …and his first match back is wrestling Baron Corbin, the guy he won the title from. This after the speculation that he was written off for a bit because they had nothing for him creatively.


  2. you keep thinking… this must be part of some great storyline… has to be… surely there not just doing random things with Dolph making us think they’re connected when they’re not… right? RIGHT? RRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIGHT?

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