WWE briefly spoils RAW match result

Twitter user @Its0nlyRachel caught an error on WWE.com spoiling a RAW match set for this Monday night to determine the final spot in the men’s Elimination Chamber match.

WWE accidentally uploaded a graphic showing Finn Balor as the final entrant in the chamber match. Balor is booked in a Fatal Four Way match tomorrow night on RAW featuring Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy and Apollo Crews.

The problem has since been corrected over on the Elimination Chamber page.

Rare WWE vs. Impact Wrestling match overseas

A rare WWE vs. Impact Wrestling match took place overseas yesterday at the Preston City Wrestling event in Great Britain according to a report by PWInsider.com.

WWE star Apollo Crews def. Impact Wrestling star Moose as part of a tournament match. Crews was booked on the show as part of a working agreement with WWE.

According to the report, PCW helped WWE book a venue they had exclusivity on.


  1. It’s been said before, but Balor should be on 205 Live, not going up against guys who are all mostly over 250 lbs. (except for Miz)

  2. Agreed, and that’s sad as Finn deserves (IMO) to win when you consider they obviously aren’t dropping the Hardy vs. Wyatt storyline yet – even if it’s not helping either guy!

  3. Oh come on! That’s soft potatoes……..why not John Cena vs. Austin Aries…..or Kane vs. Abyss……or Charlotte Flair/Mickie James vs. Allie/Rosemary.

  4. Definitely agree! I really don’t see what the big deal is in Balor. At best, he should be either a top guy on the 205 roster or a mid-carder on the main roster. He is not main event material, and definitely not Wrestlemania headliner matetial. What happened to the larger than life characters that looked like main event stars? How did we go from guys like Hogan, Warrior, Sting, Luger, Savage, Sid Vicious, Austin, Rock, etc… to guys like Balor, Zayn, & Owens?? Lesnar is a main-event player. Cena & Reigns are as well. Finn Balor comes across as a regular joe that I see at my local gym. Hell, I’d even rather see Jeff Hardy come back to face Lesnar. To the casual wrestling fans, Jeff is still a WAY bigger draw than Balor, he has a better character, is a former world champ and he still looks like a star.

  5. The WWE Network has special sections just for you. I’m happy you enjoy the great work done in the early ’90’s. I loved it too. But if you think Sid, Luger and Warrior were better than Balor, Zane, and Owens you might not know wrestling.

  6. The guys I mentioned were LEAGUES ahead of what passes for “top talent” today. Are we, the audience, supposed to be intimidated by a Sami Zayn, a Finn Balor, or a Nakamura?! Sid, Luger, and Warrior had a larger than life presence about them, the way they looked, how they were built, their character, the way they cut promos, everything. They looked like main event wrestlers and were stars. The casual fans don’t give a shit how many moves, flips, or dives these indy darlings can do, and the declining viewership should tell you that. What’s funny is they don’t even sell each others moves any more and everyone kicks out of everything. Where is the believability? This is wrestling not Cirque De Soliel. Does Kevin Owens even go to the gym? For you to think him, Zayn, or Nakamua (3 annoying comedy acts that look like regular everyday people) are better than the guys I mentioned is just absurd.

  7. I remember when it was leaked that Cesaro was going to win the IC title tournament, so they gave the win to Bad News Barrett instead. It will really suck for Finn if Apollo gets the win tonight, just because of the leak.

  8. it was obvious Finn was gonna win anyway as Bray and Matt will brawl setting up a match between the 2 of them, and there aint no chance in hell of Apollo Crews winning.

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