ESPN.com¬†is reported that former Women’s Champion Ivory (Lisa Moretti) has been revealed as the newest inductee into the Class of 2018 WWE Hall of Fame.

ESPN made the announcement this morning.

Ivory was first part of the GLOW (Gorgeous Women of Wrestling) promotion as Tina Ferrari early in his career. She later joined WWE as the manager of D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry and would go on to win the WWE Women’s Championship twice.

Later on in her run she would become a member of the stable Right to Censor.¬†Ivory also spent time as a trainer on the “Tough Enough” reality show on the reality show and worked as a as co-host on the WWE Experience show which aired in overseas markets.

Ivory left the WWE in 2005.

Ivory had this to say to ESPN.com after learning of her induction:

“[This Hall of Fame recognition] means that it’s a full circle in your career, in your wrestling chapter. It’s great bragging rights for your family that have seen you go through the eras and I also feel like it’s an awesome tribute to the women in wrestling as a whole.”

Ivory joins Goldberg and The Dudley Boyz as the confirmed inductees for the Hall of Fame during WrestleMania 34 weekend this April in New Orleans.