Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin talks more about gun in rental car

TMZ Sports spoke with WWE star Shelton Benjamin about finding a loaded gun in his rental car last week in Kansas City and mentioning it online.

Benjamin said he called the police immediately and explained the situation. The police reportedly told Benjamin it happens “all the time.”

Benjamin joked about the danger he felt when he found the gun.

“Me being a big black guy in a car with a gun in it? There’s no way that scenario ends well for me if the cops come.”

Latest injury update on Big Cass

WWE star Big Cass was spotted working out at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando recently and is said to be walking around with assistance according to

Cass suffered an ACL injury last August during a match on RAW with Enzo Amore.

Cass was estimated to be out of action for up to nine months as a result of the injury.


  1. So I’m guessing he will make his big return to Raw the day after WrestleMania 34? Or since Enzo’s firing they gonna send him to SDL with Carmella and be her main squeeze on and off screen? I like Big Cass and hope he can do better w/o Enzo around, also needs to work on his solo mic skills, and a push at the IC Title down the line!

  2. Apparently when i told the rental agency they said it happens alot . as a gun owner i was freaking out extra hard because i am all about firearm safety (i teach a womans self defense course).

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