WWE PPV events

WWE PPV events will now be dual-branded following an announcement to WWE Network subscribers on Saturday morning beginning after WrestleMania 34.

This means that the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV on February 25 (RAW brand) and the Fastlane PPV on March 11 (Smackdown brand) will be the final branded only events.

WWE revealed the rest of the PPV schedule for 2018 featuring both brands:

WrestleMania 34 – April 8, 2018

WWE Backlash – May 6, 2018

WWE Money in the Bank – June 17, 2018

WWE Extreme Rules – July 15, 2018

SummerSlam – August 19, 2018

WWE Hell in a Cell – September 16, 2018

WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs – October 21, 2018

Survivor Series – November 18, 2018

WWE Clash of Champions – December 16, 2018

We reported earlier this week that listings by Ticketmaster were advertising both RAW and Smackdown stars for the upcoming Backlash PPV on May 6, leading to speculation that the company was looking to drop brand-only PPV events for the rest of the year.


  1. So pretty much just title defenses all the time and no slots for the mid-card guys. Glad I get to see Styles, Cena, Nakamura, Owens, The Bar and The Usos every PPV from then on.

  2. Was just about to write something similar – crappy for those who won’t get spots now on PPV as they try to juggle way less spots with more talent while trying to make sure they only include those they feel will draw each time.

  3. Those with enough charisma or a decent manager shouldn’t need belts to get over. So why they give belts to New Day, Miz, or Lesnar is beyond me.

  4. Agreed,it was cool back then but this is a different Era and they need to stop giving us the same repetitive matches.

  5. Only challenge with that now is WWE has so many on their roster (esp with NXT call-ups) that the writers would be tempted to write for the same roster members over and over on both shows and producers would push those already over and drawing which would make it tougher for others to grow to get to that stage. It’s a catch 22 because it feels like they don’t have enough talent to build each on separate shows but if everyone can appear on both shows they’ll probably build both shows with the same wrestlers over and over to the detriment of the midcarders who could otherwise get discovered and move to the main event scene.

  6. WWE owns their main distribution channel now. Could as likely see regular PPVs going closer to 4 hours, 8 matches, 4 per brand.

  7. Could just as easily see the US and IC titles turned into more like TV championships, rarely brought to defense on PPVs. Then you’re looking at probably a couple World Title matches on each card, maybe one Tag Team title, and maybe an expansion of the Women’s division and the Women’s Champions roles.

  8. Lesnar’s holding the belt to be the big draw whenever he appears, have a huge, strong title run, and eventually make it a big deal when someone, presumably Reigns, beats him. Miz is the working guy in a similar spot, a guy that draws huge heat, that I would assume the WWE wants to make it a big deal when a younger talent comes along and ends his relative dominance over that belt over the past couple years.

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