Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews gets a name change in WWE

WWE.com is now listing Apollo Crews as only Apollo on his official roster page.

He was still being referred to his original name on television as of last week. Apollo joins a long list of other talents have who’ve had quiet name changes including Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, Antonio Cesaro, Elias Samson, Adrian Neville, Big E, Alexander Rusev and more.

Video of Sami Zayn accepting Humanitarian Award

WWE has posted video of Sami Zayn accepting a Humanitarian Award on behalf of the Syrian American Medical Society this past weekend in Orlando.


  1. WWE should just shorten their company name to “Retarded” cause that’s what it is anyhow. They view their fans as retards also. Raw and Smackdown are both unwatchable. You can call Apollo Crews whatever you want. The character will still suck and go nowhere, just like ALL the other names mentioned in this article that had their names shortened.

  2. At this point, they may as well take Vince McMahon and shorten it to just his middle name – Kennedy. No “Mr.”, and no microphone dropping from the ceiling.

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