The following took place earlier tonight in New York City.

Dark Match:

– Mike Knox defeated Ricky Ortiz.

ECW on Sci Fi Tapings for April 28 (tonight):

– The show opens with new ECW Champion Christian coming out saying he promised he would win this title since his return this year and did it. He adds that before Jack Swagger comes out to interrupt him, he wants to say this is one of the greatest moments in his career. Tommy Dreamer’s music hits and he walks out in a suit. Dreamer puts over Christian’s title win at Backlash and reminds him that he made a promise to win the ECW Title as well with only six weeks left on his contract. He then challenges Christian to a title match tonight at MSG. Jack Swagger walks out and complains how how Christian won the title at Backlash calling him a cheater. He reminds Christian that he has a title rematch set for Judgment Day and the idea that Dreamer wants a shot is a joke. ECW GM Tiffany walks out and said that while Swagger is right about his title rematch, it doesn’t mean they can’t have a title match before the PPV and announces Christian vs. Dreamer for the ECW Title tonight.

– Tyson Kidd defeated Finlay.

– Vladimir Kozlov walked out on stage and cut a promo saying it was just a matter of time before he dominates ECW.

– Gregory Helms debuted as a backstage interviewer and was with Evan Bourne. Bourne talked about his title aspirations on ECW when Paul and Katie Lea Burchill show up announcing a rematch for WWE Superstars this Thursday.

– Tommy Dreamer defeated ECW Champion Christian via DQ when Jack Swagger interfered attacking Dreamer. Swagger then took out both men to end the show.