Brock Lesnar

During last night’s RAW, WWE advertised a face-to-face Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns segment to begin building up their match for WrestleMania 34. That confrontation did not end up taking place as advertised, with Reigns instead cutting a promo alone.

While there is no official word as to why Lesnar did not appear as advertised, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online reports that the planned segment involving Lesnar and Reigns was still in several of the scripts last night.

It isn’t known why the script was changed last minute and it appears Lesnar was not even backstage in Anaheim last night per the same report. Lesnar was reportedly in Las Vegas on Sunday night (the site of the Elimination Chamber) as UFC President Dana White tweeted a photo of the two, with Lesnar wearing a UFC t-shirt.

Lesnar is currently not booked for RAW next Monday night in Milwaukee. He is currently scheduled to face Kane this Saturday at a live event in Chicago. His next TV appearance as of now, will be in two weeks when Raw takes place in Detroit. did also attempt to address Lesnar’s absence from RAW, leading many to believe it’s still storyline.


  1. Reigns finally sounded like a human being last night. You can tell even though it was scripted he felt every word he said. I dont mind the scripted nature but promos like what Roman did is what talent needs. Instead of just a generic script anybody can follow, find things that actually make them tick and let them run with that. Reigns showed passion, charisma and made it look like a believable shoot. Kudos to the Big Dog

  2. This smells like a work. 😉

    That said, WWE seems to have this fascination with Brock Lesnar. Perhaps it was to show MMAers that there is either life after MMA or an alternative to MMA. Perhaps in the long term, WWE can showcase a roster of “fighters” that look more like fighters.

    I’m just looking forward to Reigns getting his WM moment and defeating Brock Lesnar.

    Thank Gawd for the Miz who has really pumped up the IC title as the legit title on RAW. And to some extent the Bar & Shield for their work with the tag titles too. It’s been too long without a flagship champion on that show.

  3. I find myself wondering if the reason it worked is because it wasn’t scripted. I’m thinking maybe Lesnar was supposed to be there as advertised and when he wasn’t the script suddenly became useless so they had to send Reigns out there with a mic, his mouth and his brain, with maybe a couple of basic guidelines to work with. The result we got was a believable promo probably because he wasn’t spending the whole time trying to remember his lines.

  4. It’s a dangerous territory if this is a work. If WWE starts advertising people for shows that won’t show up, you think fans would eventually start getting pissed.

  5. I could see at the start he was trying to remember his lines. It wasn’t as bad as his first promo with Cena so he at least was redeemed there


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