Alberto El Patron

Current Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron (aka Alberto Del Rio) was in Stamford, Connecticut last week at WWE Headquarters to film material for an upcoming WWE project involving Rey Mysterio according to a report by

Patron also reportedly had a meeting with Vince McMahon according to Mike Johnson. McMahon is said to be still high on Patron and would like him back with the company despite Patron requesting his release in September of 2016, his second run with WWE.

He remains under contract with Impact Wrestling, with his current deal expiring next month. Patron has reportedly been in negotiations with Anthem about renewing, but news of him meeting with McMahon makes the next few weeks even more interesting.

Patron is scheduled for Impact’s Redemption PPV on April 22 in Orlando.


  1. Vince wants him back so he can destroy him. If you thought they buried Del Rio last time with the “League Of Nations” then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Its obvious to everyone how Vince operates by now. If you talk shit about him or his company or if you leave to go to a competitor, then he will only bring you back to bury you, humiliate you, or worse.

  2. Please no more Del Rio. He came in as Mexican JBL, turned face and became, for my money, one of the least interesting wrestlers of all time. Put the mask back on, head back to AAA where they like you.

  3. del rio must be hurting for money, i guess tna’s paychecks aren’t cutting it for him and his lavish lifestyle. first he comes out and makes a big apologize to the wwe and blames it on paige for his wwe hate rants and now this. vince should rehire him again and have him job for the first year and put him in stupid gimmick matches to add insult to injury as a punishment for his actions.

  4. He’ll just leave again and breach his contract and not work if he has to. He had already demonstrated he won’t stay unless ‘he’ feels he’s being treated well (he actually left his last 2 year contract just half way through) – based on various searches, his net worth is around 8 million so he is one of the few that is not under WWE’s thumb and probably just wants a few more big paydays before retiring as he was apparently making more in the indies (not TNA) than in WWE (similar to AJ, and Rey Rey) and The Hardy’s. He may just want the ego rush again of being in the big game!

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