WWE continues WrestleMania storyline with Lesnar, John Cena challenges The Undertaker


WWE continues WrestleMania storyline with Lesnar

As noted in our recap of last night’s RAW in Detroit, WWE continued the WrestleMania storyline involving WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar “no-showing.”

RAW GM Kurt Angle made the announcement to kick off the show last night, noting Lesnar would not be appearing despite WWE advertising a face off between Lesnar and Roman Reigns to hype what is expected to be the main event of WrestleMania 34.

WWE then continued the storyline by having Roman Reigns cut another promo:

(Excerpt courtesy of Mike Tedesco’s WWE RAW recap)

“Reigns asks what kind of trouble or penalty there will be. Reigns says there won’t be because Brock is Vince’s boy. Angle tries to take the microphone from him, but Reigns backs away. Reigns says anyone in the crowd would be fired if they didn’t show up for work. The best case scenario is they get a huge fine. Worst case is they can’t feed their kids. It’s not fair and that’s the problem. Angle is the middle man. The real problem is Vince McMahon, the man he literally just walked past coming out here. McMahon didn’t even tell him what was about to happen. Reigns busts his ass for that man. It’s one thing to be disrespected by Brock Lesnar, but he will not be disrespected by Vince McMahon!”

Vince McMahon then “temporarily suspended” Reigns as part of the storyline and promised Lesnar would be appearing on next week’s RAW from Dallas.

John Cena challenges The Undertaker

Another newsworthy item from last night’s RAW was John Cena once again issuing a challenge to The Undertaker for a match at WrestleMania 34.

Cena made a challenge two weeks ago on RAW attempting to challenge Undertaker, but said he was told that match would not be possible.

After coming up short in the Six Pack Challenge main event at Fastlane this past Sunday, Cena again issued another challenge to Undertaker for a match in four weeks.

(Excerpt courtesy of Mike Tedesco’s WWE RAW recap)

“Cena tells Undertaker to get over his own ego. When he fails, he gets back up, puts a smile on his face, and goes back to work. When Undertaker fails, he hides his head in the sand and doesn’t come back. Amazing that such a strong symbol is so fragile. Undertaker is not too old, washed up, or broken down. If he was, he wouldn’t be posting workout videos on his wife’s Instagram. The only person stopping this match from happening is The Undertaker. Cena calls him a self-centered, conceited maniac. If it takes feeding his ego to make it happen, he’ll do it. Cena asks the crowd if they want to see Undertaker kick his ass and Tombstone him at WrestleMania? The crowd loudly answers in the affirmative. Cena dares him to try it. At WrestleMania, he’s either going as a fan or as Undertaker’s opponent, which would be history. Cena says, “The ball is in your court, Dead Man. Let’s see if you’re still alive.” Cena says if he were The Undertaker, he’d want one more match. Cena then walks off while the crowd buzzes.”

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