Fabulous Moolah

Fabulous Moolah trainee speaks out on WWE tribute

Pro Wrestling Sheet is featuring an article from Fabulous Moolah trainee Mad Maxine/Lady Maxine (Jeannine Mjoseth) getting her reaction to WWE’s announcement of the first ever Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34.

Mjoseth did not have kind words for the WWE Hall of Famer.

“The Fabulous Moolah was a real-life heel. A lot of women paid to train at her school and then went out on the road. They risked life and limb in their matches and she repaid them with the worst kinds of abuses. She skimmed their money, she ignored women who were badly hurt, she pimped women out to creepy men and on and on. She was not a mother figure. She was more like Kali, the Indian Goddess of Destruction. I met her in my early 20s and I had never met such a monstrous person.”

The family of former pro wrestler Sweet Georgia Brown (Susie Mae McCoy) made similar accusations against the late Fabulous Moolah back in 2006, “alleging their mother told them she was badly beaten if she refused to have sex with men Moolah would send to her hotel room. They also claim Brown was drugged/raped under the WWE Hall of Famer’s watch and stiffed on a majority of the money she made.”

WWE continued to push the Battle Royal on Tuesday night during Smackdown Live.


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  1. I think this could be a big foot in mouth by WWE. I dont see this going away for the next few weeks.

  2. Is there anyone that can explain why no one camp up with this petition when the Fabulous Moolah was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame…also I don’t see why no one interviewed Katie Glass about it, I mean she lived with Moolah for 40 years?

    First of all, let’s get one thing straight, if May Young was alive today she disagree to this stupid petition and arguably the same.

    Second of all, to the Wrestling Outsiders and Mad Maxine you said bad things about The Fabulous Moolah and why WWE shouldn’t do this tribute for her. You know the fact that the professional wrestling community is arguably doing exactly what Dave Meltzer did (when he posted how many people really attended WrestleMania 3) not going to WWE HQ and confront Vince McMahon, Stephanie Levesque, or Triple H about this tribute they’re doing for the Fabulous Moolah. The fact that no one talked to the NWA about not inducting Moolah in the NWA Hall of Fame is really stupid.

    Lastly, everyone knows that The Fabulous Moolah held the NWA World Women’s Championship for 28 years. One more thing:

    Where was this kind of petition when Jimmy Snuka was being accused of murder and raping his old girlfriend?

    Where was this kind of petition when Vince McMahon was sued by the US Government for distributing drugs, and he……..oh what am I saying, lots of people hated Vince McMahon since he screwed Bret Hart and since then…..well let’s just say they wouldn’t be arguing about this battle royal right now?

    Where was this kind of petition when Scott Hall had drug problems, when he was working for WCW?

    Where was this kind of petition when Jerry Lawler threw fireballs at a lot of wrestlers that could almost kill them, and thousands of people thought he was responsible for Andy Kaufman’s death?

    Where was this kind of petition when Stone Cold Steve Austin was a steroid user and assaulted his ex-wife Debra and his girlfriend Tess Broussard?

    The bottom line is lots of wrestlers or wrestling promoters done lot of bad things but still they were still respected.

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