Stephanie McMahon

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter on Thursday to address the announcement from WWE that they would be dropping Fabulous Moolah from the title of the first ever Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34.

Stephanie thanked the WWE Universe “for your your voice.”

WWE’s digital team has already started to remove Moolah from the WrestleMania section.


  1. It was stupid of WWE to even come up with the name to begin with. Did they seriously think something like this wouldn’t get out for the public eye or were they just trying to cause controversy? Either way,I don’t support a company giving in to peer pressure by fans but in this case,it was justified. The Fabulous Moolah has done more harm than good to women’s wrestling.

  2. Don’t think anything would of happened if Snickers didn’t put out a statement. Dangerous times for any wrestler to be honored back in the day we’re crappy times

  3. I think Stephanie has had some work done recently, and not for the better. She looks different in her last couple times in the ring with HHH, Ronda, and Kurt. She’s only 41, should not need cosmetic work so young.

  4. Wow, total cowardice on part of the WWE.

    How about providing actual proof that Moolah did anything wrong?

    Accusations have been made. An accusation is not proof of guilt. Hard evidence must
    be presented or else the accusations are nothing but hearsay.

    It is wrong to trash someones reputation and censor them from history
    based only on unproven accusations made by disgruntled co-workers/employees.

    Innocent until proven guilty!

  5. Huh… I didn’t actually SEE Chris Benoit kill his family and then kill himself.

    It must NOT have actually been him. It was all a lie!

    Don’t be an idiot.

  6. In the case of Benoit, authorities actually found the dead bodies, conducted an exhaustive investigation, and used forensic evidence and analysis to PROVE their conclusion.

    That is what I mean by hard evidence.

    In Moolah’s case there are only sketchy accusations against her in regards to the most serious allegations. Humans lie and exaggerate, they also misremember things and misassign blame. This is the reality of human behavior which is why we must ALWAYS demand proof and evidence and not simply accept every accusation made against someone.

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