WWE NXT Results – 1/29/20 (Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals, Adam Cole’s next opponent)

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results 7/4/18
WWE NXT Results
January 29, 2020
Winter Park, Florida
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

“Then… Now… Forever.”

A highlight reel runs from last week’s Worlds Collide/Royal Rumble go-home episode of NXT. We get hyped for the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic as The Grizzled Young Veterans face the Bro-serweights, Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle.

We are joined by Mauro Rinallo, Nigel McGuinness and a very somber Beth Phoenix as she scolds the actions of Randy Orton on her husband, Edge, on last Monday’s “Raw”. The music hits and Finn Balor is making his way to the ring. Earlier this afternoon, he viciously attacked Trent Seven in the parking lot, which has brought us to this match. Trent makes his way down the ramp, showing a nasty bruise on his left cheek. Footage of the attack graces us before the match gets underway.

Finn Balor v. Trent Seven

Trent, in the middle of his ring entrance about to roll under the bottom rope into the ring, is met with a baseball slide dropkick from Balor before the bell rings. Trent gingerly makes his way into the ring, the bell sounds and Balor bumrushes Seven in the corner. Raining down stomps left and right throughout the ring is Balor. Seven rolls to the outside and Balor meets him there with another dropkick through the ropes. After a few forearms, Balor brings Seven back into the ring and wears him down with a chinlock.

Seven begins to fight back but a double-leg takedown and a stomp to the chest halts that. A cover, a kickout at 2. Balor continues to stomp down. A quick bodyslam, elbow off the ropes to follow, a cover…. kickout at 2. Balor brings Seven back to his feet… small package by Seven! 1… 2… kick out! Balor leans off the ropes, Sling Blade. Balor pours on the stomps and kicks as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from commercial and nothing has changed, Balor continues to have the upper-hand on Seven. But it seems Seven is fighting back again, chops to the back and chest sending Balor reeling. Seven off the ropes, Balor drops for a backbody drop but Seven sees it and gives a DDT. Seven chops Balor corner to corner and ends it with a ripcord lariat (Rainmaker)! Balor tries to find haven on the outside but Seven dives out with a Tope! Seven is climbing to the top rope but Balor clips the legs and sends him crashing down.

Balor with a dropkick, sending Seven into the turnbuckle. Balor ascends… Coup de Grace. Balor has Seven set up… 1916. Cover… 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: Finn Balor via pinfall.

Balor looks into the hard camera. “Gargano… I’m coming for you! And I don’t miss.”

Backstage, Cathy Kelly interviews Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne regarding their Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals match.

A video package airs recapping the feud between Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox as they’ll be meeting later tonight.

*Commercial Break*

We return from break and an ominous screen fades in. 5 glowing rings, 3 of them housing the numbers 5, 20, and 2. Your guess is as good as mine.

Shotzi Blackheart is riding a tank and screaming her way to the ring…


Deonna Purrazo is walking and waving her way to the ring also.

Deonna Purrazo v. Shotzi Blackheart

The two lock up and exchange the typical matwork. Wristlocks… armlocks… hammerlocks… combination locks. Shotzi off the ropes, slides under a Deonna clothesline and a step-up enziguri. Shotzi trying for a springboard armdrag but Deonna’s having none of it and slams her legs in-between her arm. Deonna brings some short-arm clotheslines that preceded some brief arm work. Cover… 1… kick out at 2.

Shotzi is fighting back. Jawbreaker is followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Shotzi makes her to the corner, leapfrogs a Deonna bum rush. Shotzi avalanches Deonna into the corner, bulldog to follow! Knee strike, discus elbow, nasty kick to the side of the head! Cover… 1… 2… kick out.

Bicycle kick by Purrazo… Codebreaker from Shotzi… Shotzi’s climbing the ropes, BIG SENTON SPLASH! Cover… 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: Shotzi Blackheart via pinfall

Shotzi hops back on her tank and drives away victorious.

A video package airs showcasing Keith Lee’s North American Title win over Roderick Strong and he’s showing up next!

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A drone shot of Full Sail University brings us back and a recap package of Worlds Collide does as well.

“BASK IN HIS GLORY!”…NXT North American Champion Keith Lee makes his way to the ring, gets the mic and helps conduct the NXT Universe in a ‘Bask in his glory’ chant. “Greetings and salutations! My name is Keith Lee and I am your limitless North American Champion!”

“Let me paint a picture for you. A couple months ago, I spoke to four men about which title would I like to take first. And with this on my shoulder, not only am I a moment maker, not only am I the ONLY game-changer, but I am also a prophecy ender. And next on Keith Lee’s agenda…”

The lights go out, Damien Priest’s music hits and Priest makes his way to the ring with mic in hand.

“Keith, I don’t know if you know this about me but… I really really like take things. Things that are meaningful to me. Now that could be a group of women… or a prized possession… but right now what I want is that right there. All I need to know is how you’re gonna’ give that to me.”


The music hits… and Dominik Dijakovic comes to the ring.

“Keith, you and I, lord knows we’ve been some damn good battles. If anyone deserves that title, it’s you. But if anyone is gonna’ be the first to challenge you, it sure as hell ain’t bootleg Marilyn Manson, it’s me!”

“Well,” Keith says after Priest gets in Dominik’s face, “looks like you two have a lot to talk about so I’ll see you all later.”

Keith Lee gets turned around by Dijakovic but Priest turns him around and drops him with a forearm. Lee is out of the ring… a ref is in there… and we have a match!

Damien Priest v. Dominik Dijakovic

Priest lays knees and elbows into Dijakovik. Dominik soon ends up sending Priest to the ropes, side slam. Cover… 1… Kick out. The two are on the outside… Priest has him up… CRUCIFIX BOMB ON THE APRON!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from break and it’s time to fly! Damien Priest goes sailing! Dominik going for a choke bomb, Priest claps the ears. Kick after kick, big right forearm, bigger lariat sends Dominik down. Priest has him up, Flatliner! Cover… 1… 2… kick out.

Priest waiting for Dominik to get up but is jawjacking with the crowd. The distraction cause Dominik to get Priest up for Feast Your Eyes… Priest lands on his feet… but Dominik gets him in the Choke Bomb. Cover… 1… 2… Kick out.

Priest goes to the outside… Dominik makes his way to the apron… springboard moonsault from the middle rope! Dominik sends him back in the ring, he lepas to the top rope for aother springboard, but Priest meets him with a Choke Slam! Domink rolls to the outside, Priest with a step-up somersault plancha! The two in the ring… dueling kicks take both men down.

Priest is climbing the ropes, Dominik meets him with a superkick. Dominik meets Priest on the top, fireman’s carry but Priest fights out. Priest straddles the shoulders… Avalanche Poisonrana! 1… 2.. Kick out!

Priest going for The Reckoning… Dominik slips out… Dominik has him up… FEAST YOUR EYES! 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: Dominik Dijakovic via pinfall.

The Grizzled Young Veterans are in the back getting ready for the Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals as we’re shown their path to this.

Cathy Kelly is with Tomasso Ciampa in the back asking about Adam Cole’s supposed next challenger. Lead pipe in hand, Ciampa says he’s going to make sure it is him.

*Commercial Break*

We return from commercial to see the three members of Undisputed Era not named Adam Cole laid out in a dark alley outside of the arena. Ciampa gingerly walks to the entrance ringside… dragging a table behind him… he slides it into the ring and sets it up dead center. He takes yellow spray paint, spraying a giant X on the table. “OH ADAM COLE!!”


Adam Cole makes his way to the stage. “Who the hell… you think just because you got injured we’re supposed to feel sorry for you?! Who the hell do you think you are?!”

“Who the hell do I think I am?! I’m the guy that never lost that NXT Title! I’m Goldy’s Daddy! I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen tonight! You’re gonna walk your ass down that aisle. You’re gonna walk up these steps, get into this ring and I’m going to whip your ass! And then I’m going to powerbomb you through this table! X marks the damn spot! In Portland I’m taking back mine! I’m taking back my life! Goldy comes home!”

Commissioner William Regal walks out with the title match contract. “While all this carnage happened, I was in the office with Adam Cole! He’s already signed it and I was going to give you the opportunity…”

“Hold on.” Adam grabs the contract. “I got this. Because THIS is who I am. I am Adam Cole! Whether you like it or not, I’m the NXT Champion of the World! Whether you like it or not! So I’m going to walk up these stairs… and I’m going to….” Cole slugs an incoming Ciampa with the microphone. He tries to go after Ciampa with the belt but takes a boot to the gut. Ciampa has him up… Powerbomb through the table!

Ciampa takes the contract, signs it, and wipes the blood from the top of his head on it.

A video package aira of Bianca Belair’s performance at the Royal Rumble and a face-to-face appearance between her and NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley is set for next week. But after the break, Dakota Kai braces for a vengeful Tegan Nox!

*Commercial Break*

Highlights from last Saturday’s Fatal 4-Way Cruiserweight Title Match at Worlds Collide airs, as the new Champ Jordan Devlin will be on NXT next week.

Tegan Nox is pacing in the ring… a black and white montage of Dakota’s assault on Nox at Wargames last November airs on the screen… and Kai emerges onto the stage. Their in the ring… the bell sounds… Nox flings her knee brace at Kai’s face… and IT’S ON!

Dakota Kai v. Tegan Nox

Shoulders into the corner, but Kai fights back. Kai with a running kick into the parallel corner. Kai slowly walks back to the other side of the ring but Nox sends her into the corner, cannonball!

The two are outside of the ring, ignoring the ref’s count and just laying waste to each other. They make their way through the crowd, back to ringside and Nox breaks the count only to eat a boot from Kai! Kai makes to the timekeeper’s area and grabs a chair! She makes for Nox but Nox kicks in the stomach and sends her back in the ring.

Nox in to meet her, Kai has the knee brace, swings and misses wildly. Nox with a nasty German Suplex. Kai rolls to the outside, Nox looking for a suicide dive but Kai catches her with a forearm. Kai is making for the chair on the outside but Candice LeRae runs down and takes it away. Kai gets back in the ring while the ref admonishes LeRae to stay away. With the ref distraction, Nox nails Kai with the knee brace! Shiniest Wizard! 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: Tegan Nox via pinfall

Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne warm up backstage and we’re reminded how they got to the Finals of the Dusty Cup.

*Commercial Break*

The odd image from earlier in the show appears with the ringed numbers rearranging forming the date ‘2.5.20’…. next week! Curious.

The Robert Stone Brand introduces us to the NXT Singles Debut of Chelsea Green…
Kayden Carter makes her way as well.

Chelsea Green v. Kayden Carter

The bell rings and Carter wit ha dropkick out of the gate! But Green halts an oncoming attack and wraps Carter on the middle rope. Chelsea out of the corner dropkicks Carter in the side. More repeated dropkicks from Green. Carter reverses a whip into the corner but eats another boot from Green. Green takes out of the corner and slings her into the middle turnbuckle. Green has her in her clutches and just a nasty curbstomp into the bottom turnbuckle.!

Green continues to rain stomps on Carter but then with a chinlock in the center for a grind down. Carter battles back with a sunset flip, an Okada roll, pinfalls only grab a 1 and a half. Carter tries to keep Green on the ropes but a big boot from Green halts it in its tracks. Green gloating in front of the crowd…. Carter with a Schoolboy! 1… 2.. 3!

WINNER: Kayden Carter via pinfall

The crowd is stunned! Robert Stone bolts into the ring pleading for the ref to restart the match. Chelsea Green is livid! Kayden Carter just got her first win on NXT TV at Chelsea Green’s expense!

Coming up next, The Dusty Rhodes Classic Finals!

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Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle, the Bro-serweights, make their down the aisle….
James Drake and Zach Gibson, the Grizzled Young Veterans, do likewise…

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals:
Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne v. Grizzled Young Veterans

Dunne and Drake start it off and Dunne immediately has a hold of Drake’s wrist. He begins to torque on it and goes in the corner to get Riddle into the mix. Riddle tagged in and does likewise to Drake’s other hand. The two plant Drake’s wrists on the mat and stomp on his elbows. Riddle sends Drake to the corner but Drake floats over the top rope to the apron. Sunset flip onto Riddle… Riddle rolls through… Goes for the ankle lock on Drake… Drake goes up the ropes to a standing position and back elbows Riddle in the mush. Headlock on Riddle backs him into GYV’s corner, tagged in is Gibson.

Irish whip sends Riddle to a Gibson clothesline. Gibson raining stomps on Riddle in the corner but Riddle fights back and sends Gibson down with a gutwrench suplex. Dunne tagged in… nice tandem offense from the two! Drake is tagged in and whips Dunne to the ropes. Dunne reverses and Drake runs the ropes for three rebounds before flattening Drake with a clothesline. Dunne charges at Drake in the corner, backbody drop sends Dunne over the top rope landing on his feet on the apron. Forearm shot to Drake, Dunne moonsaults off the apron onto a stalking Gibson! Dunne makes his way back to the arpon, eats a Drake flying forearm. Drake makes for Riddle to goad him in the ring, distracting the ref to keep Riddle back. Drake hurls himself over the top rope to help spike Dunne onto the floor with a piledriver! Dunne rolled back into the ring! Cover… 1… 2… kick out!

Drake and Dunne begin to slug each other back and forth until Drake sends Dunne into the ringpost!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from break and Dunne sends Drake flying with an X-Plex. Gibson tagged in, evades Gibson’s attack, and tags in Riddle! Riddle sends Gibson and Drake flying with forearms everywhere. He hits Gibson with the senton and PK kick follow up! German Suplex with the bridge… kick out at 2. Gibson breaks away with a jawbreaker, tags in Drake, who is split in half by a Riddle Spear! He has Gibson up, Jackhammer! He tags in Dunne.

Stereo kicks… Pete Dunen has Drake in a powerbomb but hurls him into a knee strike from Riddle! Cover… Kick out at 2!

Dunne Riddle tagged back in but Drake sends Dunne to the outside. Gibson tagged in, Drake and him eat knees from Riddle but they have Riddle up in a basket toss and slam him hard down to the mat! Cover… kick out at 2.

Gibson on Riddle with a high-angle belly-to-back. Cover… kick out at 2.

Gibson slapping the taste out of Riddle’s mouth. Drake blind tags in when Riddle tries to send Gibson to the ropes. Gibson reverses, Drake running a half step behind Riddle on the ropes. Dropkicks his knees from under him on Riddle’s rebound, low dropkick to the face by Gibson. Gibson’s on his knees? Drake comes flying across the ring leaping from Gibson’s back leg-lariating Dunne off the apron!

Drake and Gibson have their way with Riddle until Dunne gets back in the mix and the two hit stereo knees again! Gibson kneeling down, stereo kicks to him! Drake sends Dunne to the outside, Riddle with a malicious powerbomb. rolls him out for a final flash knee. Cover… 1… 2… kick out!

Fisherman’s Buster from Riddle! Another kickout at 2.

Drake is taking an absolute pummeling by Riddle. A knee to the face… another senton… Riddle reaches for a tag but Drake yanks him back for a DDT. Now Drake is trying to find a tag. Gibson is in… Dunne is in… and it’s a slap fest in the center of the ring. Snap German Suplex from Dunne…. stomps on Gibson’s hands….. goes for the kick to finish but misses wildly… sunset flip from Gibson but Dunne rolls free and has the ankle for an ankle lock. Drake tries to make the save but Riddle catches him in an ankle lock of his own. Dunne is launched out of his… Drake slips out of his.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from the break and Dunne is on Gibson’s shoulders?! Drake is flying in for a Doomsday Device but Dunne clocks him with a forearm! Dunne with a victory roll on Gibson! 1… 2… Kick out! Gibson decks Dunne with a forearm, rushes to Riddle on the apron to give one to him too. Gibson sends Dunne to the corner, Dunne tries to step-flip off the turnbuckle but Drake meets him with a kick to the face. Drake is in the ring, runs the ropes and Gibson hip tosses him over the top rope onto Riddle on the floor! Gibson to the middle rope, Codebreaker to Dunne. Cover… 1… 2… kick out!

Gibson with a deep key lock on Dunne. Riddle slides into the ring but Drake drapes over him for a sleeper hold. Riddle stands to his feet and spears into Gibson, Drake and Gibson’s heads cracking each other’s. All four men are down…. for the time being….

Drake and Riddle tagged in. Gibson’s on all fours again, Drake leaps off but is met in a basket catch by Dunne and Riddle! Drake…. powerbombed onto Gibson! Dunne and Riddle snaps Drake and Gibson’s fingers. Drake is up for the Bitter End… takes it with a Riddle kick on the way down. Cover… 1… 2… Kick out.

Riddle has Drake up in a Tombstone… Dunne climbing the ropes for a spike but Gibson runs along the apron and sends Dune crashing. Drake slips out and jackknife covers Riddle… kick out at 2.

Riddle with a ripcord knee try, Drake counters with an enziguri. Dunne standing on the apron, Drake launches himself to Dunne for a dropkick, stunning Dunne to stagger onto the top of Gibson’s shoulders from the floor! Drake launches through the ropes… Doomsday Device on Dunne!

Superman forearm by Riddle on Gibson is short-lived, as Gibson pushes Riddle into the corner. Drake with a running dropkick. Gibson hoists Riddle up and down with a vertical suplex. Drake climbs to the top, 450! Gibson with the cover, he’s the legal man! 1… 2… KICK OUT!

Drake has Riddle up in a Tombstone, Gibson looking for the exclamation point… but Dunne is behind him! Dunne has Gibson up in a Tombstone…. and Riddle reversed into one of his own! Tombstone Slams by Dunne and Riddle! Dunne and Riddle climb the top turnbuckle… Dunne moonsaults onto Gibson on the floor while Riddle corkscrew sentons onto Drake! Dunne tagged in!

Riddle has Drake up in a Fireman’s Carry…. Go To Sleep onto a kick from Dunne!
Cover… 1… 2… 3!


Finn Balor d. Trent Seven
Shotzi Blackheart d. Deonna Purrazo
Dominik Dijakovic d. Damien Priest
Tegan Nox d. Dakota Kai
Kayden Carter d. Chelsea Green
Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals:
Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle d. Grizzled Young Veterans