WWE NXT Results – 4/15/20 (Matt Riddle gets a new partner, Cruiserweight Tournament)

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results 7/4/18
WWE NXT Results
April 15, 2020
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show highlighting what happened last week on NXT. Johnny Gargano defeated Tommaso Ciampa with Candice LeRae’s help.

Finn Balor vs. Fabian Aichner w/ Marcel Barthel

They lock up, and Balor applies a waistlock. Balor takes him down and cinches in a side headlock. Aichner fights up and twists out. Aichner takes him down and attacks the arm. Balor fights out, but Aichner applies a side headlock. Balor gets out, but Aichner applies a waistlock before throwing him across the ring. Marcel Barthel distracts Balor, and Aichner continues to attack. Balor rolls through a sunset flip and dropkicks Aichner. Balor chops the chest before reversing a whip to the corner. They hit the ropes, and Balor gets out of a fireman’s carry and hits a falling elbow drop. Barthel distracts again, but Balor stares him down. Balor kicks Aichner in the ribs and stomps him. Aichner rolls out of the ring to recover, so Balor hits a baseball slide.

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We come back from the break to see Balor applying an arm bar. Aichner fights up, but Balor grounds him. Balor hits an arm drag, and Barthel grabs the ankle. Aichner then drops Balor with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Aichner attacks Balor and clubs him before whipping him hard into the corner. Aichner attacks him in the corner before whipping him hard into the corner again. Balor soon fights back and kicks, but Aichner chops and clotheslines him for a two count. Aichner goes for a powerbomb, but Balor gets out, takes him down, and hits a double stomp. Balor follows up with a Sling Blade before punching Barthel off the apron. Aichner rolls Balor up for a two count before powering him up and throwing him across the ring!

Balor rolls out of the ring to recover. Aichner distracts the referee as Barthel attacks Balor. Aichner goes for a running hip attack into the steps, but Balor moves. Balor hits Barthel with a Sling Blade on the floor before dropkicking him through the barricade. Aichner quickly attacks Balor and puts him in the ring for a moonsault, but Balor moves. Balor dropkicks him into the corner and hits the Coup de Grace! Balor follows up with 1916 for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Finn Balor

Velveteen Dream is shown waiting for NXT Champion Adam Cole.

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Tegan Nox will battle Raquel Gonzalez later tonight.

Video Package: Raquel Gonzalez prevents Tegan Nox from winning the No. 1 Contender’s Ladder Match last week

Video Package: Charlotte Flair is the NXT Women’s Champion

Aliyah vs. Xia Li

Li immediately takes Aliyah down. Before the match, Aliyah admitted she attacked Xia Li before their match a few weeks ago. Aliyah gets out of the ring to get away. Aliyah runs into the ring and puts herself through the ropes to keep Li back. Aliyah then hits a pump kick for a two count. She sends Li to the corner and attacks her. Li pushes her back and charges, but Aliyah hits a Thesz Press for a two count. Aliyah applies a rear chin lock. Li fights out and rolls her up for a two count. Aliyah hits a forearm and goes for a slam, but Li gets out. Aliyah sends her to the corner, which looked terrible. Li comes back with some right hands and a clothesline followed by some kicks. Li hits a running forearm followed by a dropkick. Li hits a spin kick to the back for the win.


Winner by Pinfall: Xia Li

A video hyping up the NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament airs. The tournament begins tonight.

Coming up next in tournament action, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott will battle Akira Tozawa in a Group B match.

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Matt Riddle is shown talking to Pete Dunne on the phone about who his tag team partner will be.

Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Match
Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (0-0) vs. Akira Tozawa (0-0)

The bell rings, and they lock up. Scott takes him down with an arm drag for a no count. Scott grabs the arm and wrenches it. Tozawa flips through and kips up before hitting a hurricanrana, but Scott lands on his feet. Scott slides under a clothesline and hits a head-scissor takeover. Tozawa chops the chest, so Scott chops him back. They exchange shots before Tozawa jabs him in the jaw. Tozawa forearms him back before hitting the ropes, but Scott follows him in and uppercuts him. Scott hits the ropes, but Tozawa follows him in and hits a pump kick over the top rope. Tozawa gets on the apron and stomps Scott. Scott gets on the apron, and Tozawa chokes him on the ropes. They exchange strikes on the apron before Tozawa knocks him to the floor. Tozawa grabs him, but Scott leaps up and hits a head-scissor takeover (sort of) off the apron to the floor!

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We come back from the break to see Scott applying a chin lock. Tozawa fights up and hits a back body drop to the floor. Tozawa signals for a suicide dive, but Scott moves. Tozawa gets on the apron and hits a cannonball senton to the floor. Tozawa lands on his head and looks to be in pain. Tozawa gets him in the ring and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Tozawa fights up, but Scott elbows out. Tozawa flips through a back suplex before applying an octopus stretch. Scott powers out, but Tozawa counters into a dragon sleeper. Scott fights out, so Tozawa applies a guillotine. Scott powers him up and hits a brainbuster.

Scott sets up for his finisher, but Tozawa counters out. Scott soon takes him down with a wild counter into a German Suplex. Scott quickly connects with the House Call for a near fall. Scott puts him in the corner and onto the second ropes. Tozawa kicks him back before hitting a belly-to-belly overhead suplex into the corner! Tozawa follows up with a jumping spin kick before going to the top rope. Tozawa hits a leaping Senton Splash for the win!


Winner by Pinfall: Akira Tozawa (1-0)

Tozawa is interviewed after the match. Tozawa says he will keep fighting and winning. He will become the Cruiserweight Champion again.

Tegan Nox will face Raquel Gonzalez, next.

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Video Package: El Hijo del Fantasma

Tegan Nox vs. Raquel Gonzalez w/ Dakota Kai

Nox quickly applies a waistlock, but Gonzalez easily powers out. Gonzalez wrenches the arm and lifts her before taking her down. Gonzalez does it again and hits a shoulder block. Gonzalez sends her into the ropes for a backbreaker. Nox ducks a clothesline, but Gonzalez catches her with the rebound in the back of the head. Gonzalez rips at the hair before tearing at the face. Gonzalez lifts her by the neck with both hands, but Nox tries to counter into a roll-up. Gonzalez quickly takes her down and stomps her in the corner. Gonzalez whips her hard into the corner. Nox chops back and goes for a whip, but Gonzalez sends her to the corner. Gonzalez sends her to the corner and blocks a boot. Gonzalez puts her on the ropes and punches her. The referee is admonishing Gonzalez while Kai kicks Nox. Shotzi Blackheart runs down and attacks Kai with her helmet. Gonzalez angrily grabs Blackheart and pulls her onto the apron for a chokeslam. Nox quickly rolls Gonzalez up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Tegan Nox


We’ll take a look at Keith Lee’s journey to NXT, next.

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Video Package: Keith Lee’s journey to WWE NXT

Dexter Lumis vs. Tehuti Miles

Miles asks if there’s anyone home in Lumis’ head. Lumis viciously takes him down and punches away at him. Lumis pulls him up by the hair, but Miles dropkicks him away twice. Miles uppercuts him and hits the ropes, but Lumis hits him with a spinebuster. Lumis slides around the canvas stalking Miles. Lumis pulls him up by the hair and hits a sit-out uranage into an Anaconda Vice for the win.


Winner by Submission: Dexter Lumis

Velveteen Dream is becoming frustrated with NXT Champion Adam Cole not having arrived yet.

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NXT Champion Adam Cole is shown at his pool. Cole says he hopes that “stupid” Velveteen Dream didn’t think he was actually going to show up. They need to focus on reality. Dream will never get a title show. The reality of the world is there is nobody in NXT or WWE that deserves a shot at his title. They have a lot more to focus on. The Undisputed ERA will focus on regaining what belongs to them by taking the NXT Tag Team Championship. The Undisputed ERA will be whole again.

The Velveteen Dream makes his entrance and walks up to a podium. Dream says Adam Cole wasn’t busy today. The Dream thinks a lot of Cole. Cole fancies himself as the leader of the Undisputed ERA. Dream knows him as the last remaining champion in the Undisputed ERA. Undisputedly, Cole is the longest-reigning champion. However, it’s Dream Over.

Finn Balor all of a sudden comes up from behind Dream. Balor says he doesn’t know Dream or like him. Up until this point, he hasn’t said one single word to him. This will be his first. When you talk about the greatest NXT Champion of all time, you’re looking at him. Ignorant comments will get you a date with the prince. Balor walks off. Dream tells Balor to be a gentleman and pick him up next Wednesday night. Balor stares at him and walks off. Dream snaps his fingers, and his music plays.


Coming up next, Matt Riddle and a mystery partner will face Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

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Malcolm Bivens is backstage with Rinku and Saurav. Bivens congratulates whoever wins the NXT Tag Team Championships tonight because they’re going from their shoulders to the waists of Rinku and Saurav.


Next week, we’ll have three Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Matches. El Hijo del Fantasma will take on Jack Gallagher, Kushida will face Tony Nese, and Drake Maverick will battle Jake Atlas. We’ll also see Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox take on Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez.

Pete Dunne appears on the screen. He wishes he could be there to defend the NXT Tag Team Championship, but in his place will be Timothy Thatcher.


NXT Tag Team Championship
Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish vs. Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher (c’s)

Matt Riddle will start against Bobby Fish. They tease locking up, but Fish talks some trash. Riddle quickly takes him down before hitting a headlock takeover. Fish grabs the arm, but Riddle applies a head-scissor. Riddle goes for a guillotine, but Fish gets to the bottom rope immediately. Roderick Strong distracts Riddle, and Fish capitalizes. Riddle quickly fights out and applies an arm bar. They go for a counter and Fish lands bad on his shoulder.

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We come back from the break to see Thatcher take Strong down and apply an arm bar. Strong fights out, but Thatcher picks the leg and applies a bow and arrow stretch before pinning him for a two count. Strong kicks him back and tags Fish in. Fish takes Thatcher down and hits a slingshot senton for a near fall. Fish stomps the leg, but Thatcher soon takes him down. Fish applies a submission, but Thatcher gets out with a vicious knee. Fish powers him to the corner, and Strong tags in. Thatcher quickly hits an uppercut, and Riddle tags in. Riddle hits a running forearm. Thatcher follows up with a butterfly suplex before Riddle hits a PK for a near fall.

Riddle kicks Strong and hits a Broton before hitting a trio of gutwrench suplexes. Thatcher ran in to stop Fish and hit him with a gutwrench suplex. Thatcher flips Riddle onto Strong for a near fall. Fish quickly sweeps Thatcher’s legs. Strong attacks Riddle from behind before hitting a butterfly suplex. Fish tags in and hits a back suplex for a near fall. Strong tags in. Strong and Fish chop away at Riddle before hitting a backbreaker for a near fall. Fish tags in, and they double-team Riddle. Dexter Lumis is seen watching from backstage. Fish gets Riddle in the ring. Strong hits an Olympic Slam for a near fall.


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Back from the break, Fish punches Riddle down. Fish hits a snap suplex for a two count. Fish punches away at him before kneeing him in the face. Fish chokes him with his knee before kneeing him to the corner. Fish hits a pair of snap suplexes. Fish goes for a third, but Riddle counters into a fisherman suplex. Strong quickly tags in, but Thatcher also tags.


Thatcher hits Strong and Fish with a pair of belly-to-belly side suplexes a piece before uppercutting Strong. Thatcher strikes away at Strong. Strong viciously chops the chest, but Thatcher hits a step-up enzuigiri. Thatcher goes for a Fujiwara Arm Bar, but Strong gets to the ropes. Strong kicks him back and forearms him. Thatcher quickly slaps him in the face to take him down before setting up for a butterfly suplex. Fish distracts him. Strong kicks Thatcher in the head before tagging Fish in. Fish hits a running forearm for a near fall. Strong tags in, and they double-team Thatcher for a near fall. They pause for a few and move awkwardly before Riddle shows up. Thatcher applies the Fujiwara Arm bar to Strong for the win.

Winners by Submission and still NXT Tag Team Champions: Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher

Tommaso Ciampa shows up on camera backstage. Ciampa says he’s done with this. He’s done with Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. Ciampa congratulates Gargano on being the better man. All of a sudden someone grabs Ciampa and slams him on the concrete. The camera is knocked over. Ciampa falls in front of it unconscious. A black pair of boots stand near Ciampa’s head. Killer Kross also comes up and says into Ciampa’s ear, “Tick tock.”



Quick Match Results

— Finn Balor def. Fabian Aichner
— Xia Li def. Aliyah
— Akira Tozawa (1-0) def. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (0-1) in an Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Match
— Tegan Nox def. Raquel Gonzalez
— Dexter Lumis def. Tehuti Miles via Submission
— Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher def. Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish via Submission to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

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