WWE NXT Results – 5/27/20 (Riddle vs. Thatcher in a Cage Fight with Kurt Angle refereeing)

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results 7/4/18
WWE NXT Results
May 27, 2020
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Tom Phillips, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

“Then… Now… Forever…”

Tom Phillips welcomes us to Full Sail as a handful of NXT Superstars surround the area behind the barricade cheering and Drake Maverick makes his way to the ring for a Triple Threat Match to determine who will face El Hijo del Fantasma in the finals of the Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. After a video package plays showing how we got to this point, Kushida makes his entrance and Jake Atlas does so as well. The bell sounds… and here we go!

Triple Threat Match – Drake Maverick v. Kushida v. Jake Atlas

The three surround each other and begin trading blows. Atlas sends Drake to the ropes, sends Drake up and over himself leading to a dropkick onto Kushida. Drake off the ropes, Atlas misses a clothesline but catches Drake with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker and a pin but Kushida breaks it quickly.

Kushida sends Atlas out of the ring and immediately tries to get the Hoverboard Lock on Drake but Atlas comes back in and sends Kushida outside. Atlas goes to the apron and sends a moonsault off the second turnbuckle joints to Kushida on the floor. Atlas gets back up on the apron, gives a shoulder block to an approaching Maverick. Springboards off the top rope for a Blockbuster! Cover… kickout at 2!

Kushida is back in the ring, misses a clothesline and Atlas makes him pay with a neckbreaker. Quick cover… kickout at 1. Atlas brings Kushida up for some chops, tries to send him to the ropes but Kushida reverses. Kushida armdrags, carthwheel, low dropkick to the face. Kushida rushes in and punts Drake in the arm, then turns to a prone Atlas in the corner giving him an open palm strike… a palm strike to Maverick in the opposite corner.


Kushida sets Drake up on the top turnbuckle, looking for a Superplex but Atlas strikes his back to stun him. Atlas has Kushida in an Electric Chair and walks back from the turnbuckle. Kushida slips off, pushes him into a Drake boot as he was sitting on the turnbuckle… Victory roll for a pin… Drake comes in for a clothesline but misses and Kushida German Suplexes him keeping the pin on Atlas! He’s got both pinned! 1… 2… kickout!

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We’re back from break and all three are beating each other up in the center of the ring. Kushida is down and dazed, Atlas sends Drake into the corner, Drake leaps up and misses a rushing Atlas. Drake baits him into to the opposite corner, dropkicking him low and into the middle turnbuckle. Kushida tries to rush in but Drake trips him onto Atlas. Drake runs in and punts Atlas in the face, Atlas’ head knocking back into Kushida’s nose. Drake climbs and sits on the top turnbuckle, dropkick to Kushida.

Atlas rushes in on Drake in the corner, Drake hoists him over the ropes on to the apron. Kushida rushing in for a handspring kick, Drake dodges it and it hits Atlas sending him to the floor. Drake rushes in on Kushida, eats a boot. Kushida climbs to the top turnbuckle, somersault plancha onto Atlas on the floor! He gets back up to the apron, Maverick eats a boot for rushing in. Kushida weaves through the ropes, catches Drake with a Tornado DDT and floats into an armbar! Drake turns it into a pin… 1… 2… kickout!

Atlas is back in the ring and sends a knee strike to Drake’s face. Kushida tries for a German, Atlas switches to Kushida’s back…. inverted suplex! Cover… kickout at 2!

Drake prone in the corner, Atlas rushes in, Drake sends him into the ringpost shoulder first. Maverick nails Atlas with a Tornado Bulldog! Cover… broken up by Kushida.

Kushida repeatedly kicks Drake in the face, Drake stands screaming with ferocity but Kushida sends him down with a straight right to the face. He brings Atlas up only to eat a right himself. Atlas sends Kushida to the ropes, Kushida handsprings off, Atlas catches him for an absolutely vicious German Suplex sending Kushida rolling out of the ring.

Atlas has Drake up, bodyslam down in front of the corner. Atlas ascends to the top, Drake slowly getting to his feet, Rainbow DDT by Atlas! The cover… 1…. 2… and Kushida pulls Atlas out of the ring!

The two trade blows outside of the ring but Atlas ends up on top, sending Kushida down with a boot. Atlas climbing to the top again but Kushida makes to the apron to halt him. The two begin to strike each other standing on the middle ropes outside of the ring. Drake rushes in, forearming Atlas down to the floor. Drake begins to climb to meet Kushida but is met with the Hoverboard Lock! Atlas gets on the apron, booting Drake in the face, sending him down back to the mat. Atlas climbs to meet Kushida but gets his arm hyperextended. Kushida with Atlas… rolling Fujiwara of the top! Kushida has it locked in… but Drake crawls over and lays his arm on top of Atlas!! 1… 2… 3!!!

WINNER: Drake Maverick

Drake celebrates in front of the Cruiserweight Title, El Hijo del Fantasma walks out congratulating him with a handshake.

Coming up later tonight, Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley will team against Charlotte Flair and a mystery partner.

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Back from the break, Guest Referee Kurt Angle is seen speaking with Timothy Thatcher.

Apparently, an alternate camera angle shows Atlas tapping to Kushida’s Fujiwara while the referee was counting the Maverick pin.

Johnny Gargano, alongside Candace LeRae, makes his way to the ring with microphone in hand. He calls the booing NXT performers ‘good hands’ and says that LeRae and himself want to give people opportunities. It’s because of that that tonight is the first ‘Johnny Gargano Invitational’. A young superstar will be able to set foot in the ring with the Heart and Soul of NXT. A drumroll rolls as Candace LeRae hands Gargano a piece of paper showing who is opponent will be… it is… Adrian Alanis. Alanis makes his way to the ring. Here we go…

Johnny Gargano v. Adrian Alanis

Gargano offers his hand to Alanis, Alanis accepts and eats a right for his sportsmanship. Gargano walks back to gloat with LeRae at ringside but eats a boot in return from Alanis! Alanis now rushing in… a straight superkick almost impales Alanis. One Gaegano Escape later and that’s all she wrote.

WINNER: Johnny Gargano

Gargano pushes Alanis out of the ring, LeRae congratulates him in it but on the Tron, Mia Yim and Keith Lee appear from home! Lee presents a cheap, artificial bouquet for their dinner table… Yim exclaims it’s the Garganos! She feels a rant coming on… here it comes… she breaks out a flashlight, shines it underneath her face and impersonates LeRae. “I don’t color my roots properly, I’m an angry little pixie. I’m 4′ 7″ and think I’m a pitbull. I’ve been in NXT for 25 years with no titles to show for it and that’s because I love living in the shadow of my sorry excuse of a husband, Johnny.”

Keith is not ready to eat, confused with the sound effects and flashlight. Keith tries it… “Hi! I’m Johnny Gargano! I have something in common with my action figures, we’re all the same size. I carry the imaginary flag for NXT even though nobody asked me to. When I wake up in the morning, I spend more time looking at myself in the mirror then I do my own wife.” Keith asks what’s for dinner, Mia says it’s Candace’s specialty…. take out.

The door knocks and in walks Tegan Nox with a pizza from Gargano’s Pizza, who Lee cleverly notes apparently has a key to their home. She opens the box to show only two slices inside, grabs one for herself as she leaves. “You two should’ve just sat there and ate your food but you wanted to put our names in your nasty mouths,” says Yim. The two say it is on come next week.

Backstage, Drake Maverick is asked about his controversial victory in the Triple Threat match earlier. Before he can answer, Kushida interupts. “You won match. You go win title. You fight. Just go win!” Drake admits his respect for Kushida and wants to offer him the first crack at his new title once he wins it.

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Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner show off their new NXT Tag Team Titles and exclaim that those titles won’t be leaving anytime, just as Walter’s NXT UK won’t leave either. They call out Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch for challenging them.

Shotzi Blackheart and her tiny tank make their way down to the ring… as does Raquel Gonzalez with Dakota Kai by her side. And here we go…

Shotzi Blackheart v. Raquel Gonzalez

The two tie up, Shotzi has Raquel around the waist but Raquel powers out and drops her with a couple short-arm shoulder blocks. Shotzi misses the third and drops Raquels’s arm down on her knees and begins kicking Raquel in the chest from the mat. Raquel brings her back onto her feet and sends her to the ropes. Shotzi tries for a springboard huracanrana but Raquel halts it and almost stabilizes for a powerbomb… but Shotzi rolls out.

Raquel brings her back up and tries for a clothesline. Shotzi dodges into a crucifix and into a roll-up but Raquel’s too strong. Raquel misses with an elbow drop and Shotzi lays in the shots with kicks and forearms. Raquel draped over the second rope, Shotzi rushes in for a cannonball but misses and eats a straight kick from Raquel. As Raquel pins Shotzi but a kickout is made… Dakota commandeers Shotzi’s Tank and starts tearing it apart! But Tegan Nox rushes in from the back and knocks Kai out of the tank… while Raquel boots Shotzi down.

*Commercial Break*

The match continues now with too many NXT superstars in the peanut gallery: Kai in Raquel’s corner, Nox in Shotzi’s. Raquel has Shotzi up for a BIG powerslam! Kickout at 2!

Raquel now has Shotzi in a bearhug, hopping to wear her out. Shotzi breaks free but Raquel sends her down with a backbreaker. Cover… kickout at 2.

Shotzi fights her way back to her feet and sends Gonzalez onto the middle rope. Raquel crawling away, Shotzi sentons onto her back. Raquel rolls out of the ring and is consoled by Kai outside. Shotzi climbs to the middle rope and Coffin Drops onto the two! Nox helps Shotzi to her feet… and now Candace LeRae has shown up with words for Nox.

Shotzi has Raquel for a running bulldog into the corner, but ends up riding the turnbuckle when Kai distracts her. Raquel hoists Shotzi up from the top, chokeslamming her down for the pin!

WINNER: Raquel Gonzalez

A video package airs hyping Finn Balor v. Damien Priest at NXT Takeover: In Your House.

Who will Charlotte Flair’s partner be in her Tag Team match against Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai? We find out next!

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Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai make their way to the ring as does the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Who is her tag team partner? Accompanied by Robert Stone, it’s Chelsea Green! Here we go…

Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai v.
NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair & Chelsea Green

Green and Ripley start things off, tie up and lead to Ripley slamming Green down. Ripley wants Flair to tag in but Green wants to be a part of this conversation. Green tries for a clothesline but Ripley short arms her into a kick… belly-to-back suplex? No, Ripley just slams Green down face-first. Ripley then rushes into Flair’s corner but the champ wisely jumps off the apron.

Rhea misses a clothesline on a taunting Green and Green grabs a handful of Ripley’s hair…. though it seems that she just wants to trash-talk instead of actually doing something. Ripley sends her to one knee with a straight right. Ripley staggers back to her corner where Io tags herself in.

Forearm strikes by Io but Green regains her composure sending Shirai to the ropes. Green misses a clothesline, Shirai with a backflip off of the ropes and a low dropkick to Green’s knees. Green staggers to the corner where Shirai rushes in with a back elbow and trips Green up onto her hind end so she can rain down boots. As the ref admonishes her, Green crawls to the middle rope in-between the corners. Shirai coming in for a Tiger Feint kick but Green sidesteps and sends Green crashing to the floor. Off the ropes…. Green with a suicide dive into Shirai!

Flair directs traffic, telling Green to bring Shirai to her corner from the floor. Green rolls Shirai in, Flair tags in and the Queen sends the boots into Shirai. Pinning Shirai in her corner, Flair lets Green tag in. Green sends Shirai to the ropes, Shirai reverses, Green slides out of the ring. Shirai with a suicide dive of her own onto Green and she starts to drive her knee repeatedly into Green against the barricade. Shirai tries to bring her back into the ring… but Green whips Shirai right back into the barricade sending Shirai down hard!

*Commercial Break*

Back from break and Flair has Shirai in a reverse chin lock and sends her crashing down to the mat. Flair chops Shirai into the corner, mocking Ripley in the other corner afterwards with a nice little DX Chop.

She rears back for another chop but Shirai ducks and Flair ends up chopping Green into next week! Flair boots down Shirai, rushes towards Ripley baiting her out so that Flair can drag Shirai into her corner and Green can help Flair lay the boots in. Green tags in and goes to taunting Ripley, not knowing Shirai has begun to sit on the top turnbuckle. Green turns around, diving crossbody by Shirai! She rolls to the Ripley hot tag!

Clotheslines for Green, one for Flair. A series of knee strikes and a nasty dropkick onto Green. Ripley has Green up in an Electric Chair and sends her down face-first! Cover… Flair breaks it up. Ripley goes after Flair, whose out of the ring now but soon makes her way back up to the apron as Green has a waistlock on Ripley. Ripley switches, pushes Green into the ropes, Flair tags in, Ripley victory rolls Green but eats a big boot by Flair!

Flair quickly goes for a Figure Four but Shirai bum rushes in and double-knees Flair in the face. Ripley stumbles to the corner, Shirai runs to it to tag herself in. Off the ropes, huracanrana on Flair. Double knees into the corner… the cover! 1… 2… kickout!

Shirai now double-underhooking Flair, Flair lifts her up and over. Shirai with an Okada roll into a double foot stomp onto Flair’s stomach! Shirai to her feet, Tiger Feint Kick into Flair! Green is in the ring trying to help Flair back up… but pushes her out of the way as Shirai comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick! Flair swings and misses on Ripley in their corner, but Shirai doesn’t miss as her rush attack on Flair missed entirely…. knocking Ripley off the apron. Flair rolls up Shirai, feet on the ropes! 1… 2… 3!

WINNERS: Chelsea Green & Charlotte Flair

Backstage, LeRae & Gargano are livid over Mia Yim & Keith Lee’s antics. Gargano challanges Keith Lee for his North American Title at NXT Takeover: In Your House while LeRae challenges Yim on next week’s episode of NXT.

Guest Referee Kurt Angle is seen speaking with Matt Riddle about his main event match later tonight.

NXT Commissioner William Regal & NXT Champion Adam Cole with be ‘negotiating’ after the break…. whatever that means….

*Commercial Break*

On a split screen, NXT Champion Adam Cole vents his displeasure over Velveteen Dream’s interruption of his celebration as being the longest-running NXT champion ever. Regal has no time for whining… what does Cole want? Cole wants Undisputed Era to have a shot at the NXT Tag Team Titles and for Velveteen Dream to never set foot in the same ring or business with Cole.

Regal states what he wants… he wants Velveteen Dream to have another title opportunity against Adam Cole and it will more than likely happen at NXT Takeover: In Your House. The two argue over ego and spotlight-hogging between Cole and Dream… Cole coalesces and says he will give Dream another shot but it will his final shot at the NXT Title. Regal agrees to Cole’s terms… and he will find the location suitable for their battle.

*Commercial Break*

A video package airs hyping Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, the smash-mouth brawlers of NXT, and their impending contest with Imperium for the NXT Tag Team titles.

Leon Ruff is in the ring waiting for his opponent tonight… Tommaso Ciampa… who is willing to oblige. Here we go… but as he enters the ring… Scarlett is walking down the ramp and stops at the foot of the ramp.

Tommaso Ciampa v. Leon Ruff

Ruff rolls Ciampa up looking for the upset as he’s distracted by Scarlett! Kickout at 1!

Ciamps rushes into Ruff in the corner, Ruff floats over the ropes and catches Ciampa with a forearm. Ruff climbs and stands on the ropes, slinks off onto the middle…. then the bottom… psyching out Ciampa for a second only to eat a knee to the face by Ciampa! Ciampa wears down Ruff in the corner but then brings him back…. cinches him up in the middle of the ring…. blows a kiss to Scarlett… and hits the Fairytale Ending. That’s enough of that.

WINNER: Tommaso Ciampa

Scarlett looks back at Ciampa as she walks up the ramp. Suddenly, the eyes of Karrion Kross appear on the tron. “Mr. Ciampa. Bravo. I would like to take a moment to validate a series of statements you made last week. I have to agree with you, you are special. And NXT Takeover? Now that’s special. I promise you, on June 7th, I’m going to make you feel something you have never felt in your life. Tick… Tock…”

Up next, The Main Event: Timothy Thatcher v. Matt Riddle with Kurt Angle as the Guest Referee…. only submissions or knockouts will end this match…. inside a Steel Cage!

*Commercial Break*

The steel cage is set up surrounding the ring with what appears to be an elevated structure on the top, resembling a scaffolding. No ropes…. no turnbuckles… just a mat, a cage and a lot of intrigue. Guest Referee Kurt Angle has made his way to the ring… It’s time for The Fight Pit!

A video package airs reminding us how we got to this point, where Thatcher and Riddle lost the NXT Tag Team Titles to Imperium.

Thatcher makes his way down, a referee pats him down as if his was an organization that was involved in fighting of the ultimate variety. Thatcher climbs the cage’s inside wall and paces on the walkway structure surrounding the top.

Riddle walks out, gets checked by the ref and makes his way to the opposite corner of the walkway. Thatcher leaps down to the ring… Riddle does the same… Here we go…

The Fight Pit: Timothy Thatcher v. Matt Riddle

Riddle rushes into Thatcher striking away, hoisting Thatcher against the cage and giving a spinebuster down onto the mat. Riddle raining down forearms, then mounts Thatcher’s back looking to choke him out. Thatcher slips out and Riddle kicks him away.

The two stand, Riddle’s kick is caught by Thatcher. Thatcher spins him around and looks to choke Riddle out standing. Riddle walks up the cage for momentum and slips out of Thatcher’s grasp. Riddle switches around, behind Thatcher with a waistlock. Thatcher tries to stomp Riddle’s feet but Riddle lifts him up for a German Suplex and follows with a senton splash.

Riddle walks around the ring and hits another senton. Riddle then tries for a kick, Thatcher catches it like before but this time follows with a straight right slap to the face. Riddle bounces off the cage and kicks Thatcher in the face. Thatcher is down in a heap, Riddle runs and PK’s him for good measure!

Kurt Angle begins a 10-count on Thatcher…. Thatcher is up at 8 but with a bloodied mouth! He apparently lost a tooth! He scrambles for the tooth on the mat, hands it to Angle and is courted to cageside where a trainer shines a flashlight into Thatcher’s mouth to see the damage done. He asks if Thatcher can fight, Thatcher nods, the trainer says he’s good to go.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back from break, Riddle has Thatcher pinned against the cage raining hammer fists down. Riddle tries to mount but Thatcher’s guard is too good. Riddle trying to side mount but Thatcher just slugs him away.

The two now stand and they’re just trading haymakers back and forth. Riddle tries to bounce off the cage again for a kick but Thatcher catches him in an armbar attempt. Riddle slips out and looks for a powerbomb but Thatcher flips him over onto his back. Riddle gets to his feet, Thatcher clutches, pushes him into the cage and floats over with a belly-to-belly. Thatcher staggers towards Riddle and gets him in a heel hook. Thatcher kicks at Riddle’s back and turns him over for a single-leg Boston Crab. Thatcher turns over for an STF.

Thatcher releases his hold and starts kicking Riddle in the ribs, stomps down on his head. Angle ushers Thatcher away while he administers a 10-count. Riddle is up at 6 and is met by Thatcher and a butterfly suplex. Thatcher now goes after Riddle’s arm but Riddle slips out. Belly down is Riddle as Thatcher tries to mount for a choke.

Thatcher and Riddle trade reverse for reverse, mount for mount, until Thatcher drags Riddle by the ankle to the center of the ring and elbows down hard on it. Thatcher tries hooking the ankle but instead turns over to mount…. and Riddle does likewise…. but now Thatcher is locking in a Triangle… but Riddle lifts Thatcher up against the cage… and now Thatcher has climbed the cage and is sitting on the walkway!

Riddle climbs up to meet him but Thatcher slams his head down on the walkway. The two trade blows on the platform, circling the structure. Kick after kick Riddle brings Thatcher down to a knee… but after the sixth, Thatcher has Riddle’s foot and cinches in an ankle lock…. as Riddle is draped over the walkway!

Riddle makes his way back up to the walkway and kicks off Thatcher. Riddle with a senton but Thatcher rolls away and Riddle feels nothing but padded steel on his back. Thatcher has Riddle up, suplex onto the walkway. Thatcher has Riddle underhooked…. a Butterfly Suplex off the walkway onto the mat?! No! Riddle slips out… ripcord knee to the face sends Thatcher crashing down to the mat. Riddle looks down… corkscrew senton from the top of the walkway connects! These two are completely addled in pain!


Riddle gets to his feet as Thatcher tries to scramble for support at the cage. Thatcher slowly stands but Riddle lays in the kicks again and again. Thatcher tries to go for Riddle’s throat but Riddle slaps the taste out of his mouth! Thatcher against the cage, Riddle rushes in, Thatcher sidesteps and Riddle eats steel!

Thatcher with a rear naked choke, Riddle tries to step up the cage like before. Thatcher relinquishes the hold only to slam Riddle face-first into the cage. Thatcher reapplies the choke, Riddle bends over and Thatcher is now riding Riddle piggyback. Riddle slams Thatcher’s back into the cage walls, running slams him down onto the mat, but Thatcher just won’t let go! Angle checks on Riddle… Riddle has faded! Timothy Thatcher has submitted Matt Riddle!!

WINNER: Timothy Thatcher

Drake Maverick d. Kushida & Jake Atlas to face El Hijo del Fantasma for the Interim Cruiserweight Championship
Johnny Gargano d. Adrian Alanis
Raquel Gonzalez d. Shotzi Blackheart
NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair & Chelsea Green d. Rhea Ripley & Io Shirai
Timothy Thatcher d. Matt Riddle in The Fight Pit with Kurt Angle as Guest Referee