WWE NXT Results – 8/12/20 (Karrion Kross in action, Triple Threat mystery opponent)

WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results 7/4/18
WWE NXT Results
August 12, 2020
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Vic Joseph, and Beth Phoenix
Results by: Doug Lackey of Wrestleview.com

Then… Now… Forever…

A video package airs reminding us of the chaos from last week’s episode of NXT, including the fracas between Adam Cole and the visiting Pat McAfee and Karrrion Kross’ assault on Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch backstage after Keith Lee’s match with Cameron Grimes. Speaking of which… Karrion Kross, escorted by Scarlett, makes his way to the ring where he will face a vengeful Danny Burch… who does likewise.

Danny Burch v. Karrion Kross

Burch yells for the bell, the bell sounds and he makes a charge at Kross with a dropkick that doesn’t seem to phase him. Kross tries with hard right crosses but Burch dodges each one return with a flurry of strikes of his own and eventually sending Kross over the top rope with a clothesline. Kross takes Burch’s feet from under him, slides him out under the ropes to the floor, screams furiously at him as he lifts him up with a chokehold and drops him to the floor.

Kross rolls Burch back into the ring, taunting him to get up. Burch rises only to be greeted with an Exploder Suplex. Burch crawls his way to the corner and props himself up, booting a charging Kross in the face. Kross dodges a right cross from the Diabolical One and nails a step-up enziguri. Burch follows it up with a second-rope missile dropkick. Burch is slow to get up from his attack but Kross seems to have rolled up from the dropkick onto his feet. He lunges towards Burch to deliver a gruesome German Suplex. Burch staggers up, Kross finally connects with a right forearm. Burch on wobbly legs but avoids Kross’ clutches for a go-around and into a German of his own… but Kross rolls again onto his feet… only to eat an equally gruesome clothesline from Burch.The cover… kick out at 2!

Burch cinches in a crossface, Kross tries rolling around the ring for leverage. He finds it, getting his chin out from underneath Burch’s grip and stares daggers into Burch’s eyes! Kross begins to power out of the crossface and flattens Burch with his Doomsday Saito. Kross brings Burch up again for another! Burch tries to throw one last clothesline but Kross simply backs away and slaps on a hideous looking Sleeper Hold, causing Burch to pass out.

WINNER: Karrion Kross due to referee stoppage.

Keith Lee makes his way into the ring but Kross wisely exits with Scarlett leading the way. On the mic, Keith Lee says he won’t touch him until Takeover and dares Kross to sign the agreement that William Regal made official that he must do likewise. Scarlett takes the contract Lee tosses down at the apron and hands it to Kross, which he signs. Scarlett bring the contract back to the ring, kissing it before sliding it back to Lee’s feet. Lee picks up the contract, opens the binder… and a ball of flame explodes in his face! WWE Officials tend to Lee and escort him away from the ring area.

As Lee leaves the arena flanked by officials, Drake Maverick makes his way to the ring… and Killian Dain does the same for the next match!

Killian Dain v. Drake Maverick

Maverick tries to find an escape from Dain’s girth as he stalks him around the ring…

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We return from break and an ambulance has left the Performance Center with Keith Lee inside as The Undisputed Era pulls up behind them and their way to the arena. Meanwhile, Maverick nails Dain with a top rope senton splash onto Dain on the floor!

Dain stumbles his way to the apron and Maverick helps push him in the ring. Maverick starts climbing to the top rope again and nails a perfect elbow drop! Suddenly… The Undisputed Era storm the ring… attacking both Maverick and Dain. Dain struggles to his knees… Last Shot by Cole!

WINNER: No Contest

“Hey Pat McAfee!,” Cole yells into the mic. “Pat, I know for a fact that you’re watching, so do me a favor and shut your stupid mouth while you listen to me! You wanna’ come to my world and play wrestler, right? You wanna run your mouth on Twitter, on ESPN, that’s fine Pat! Don’t forget, you kicked me with my arms behind my back, you are not special! What is special is that I’m the longest-running NXT Champion of all time! At Takeover Thirty, you are stepping into the ring with THAT GUY! So Pat, I dare you to show up next week. And if you do, I want you to walk down this ramp, step through these ropes, get in this ring so I can tell you face to face that I’m going to whoop that ass at Takeover Thirty! And then when you finally realize that you are in way over your head, it’s gonna suffer you to know there’s nothing you can do about it! And THAT’S Undisputed!”

A video reminder of Fandango’s abduction by El Legado del Fantasma airs and the assault on Breezango within the PC that followed. Up next, Tyler Breeze looks for retribution against Santos Escobar.

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A monologue by Kushida, speaking in his native Japanese, hypes us for the final Triple Threat qualifier for the NXT North American Title Ladder Match at Takeover XXX.

Tyler Breeze makes his way to the ring with a stern disposition and waits for his opponent, the NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar. Escobar walks to the ring, flanked by Raul Mendoza and Juaquin Wilde of El Legado del Fantasma, who he then tells to wait in the back… he’s got this…

Non-Title Match
NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar v. Tyler Breeze

The two tussle tangle around the ring until Escobar gets the upper hand, slugging Breeze with forearms to the back out of the corner. Knees to the stomach and kicks to the face continue to rain down on Breeze. Escobar sends Breeze to the ropes and nails a perfect dropkick on the rebound. Escobar greets Breeze with kicks to the chest as he tries to get up. Breeze struggles to the corner to be met with fists by an offended Escobar.

Escobar tries to bring Breeze back to his feet, but Breeze plays opossum and hits an Enziguri, sending Escobar to the outside. Breeze meets him and rolls him back in the ring… only for Escobar to roll out the adjacent side. Breeze rolls out, giving chase but Escobar meets him with a diving shoulder block, taking out Breeze’s legs. Escobar has Breeze in a Fireman’s Carry and Snake Eyes’ him on the ring apron, following it with a clothesline.

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Back in the ring, Escobar nails Breeze with a Manhattan Drop and a knee strike to follow. Escobar has Breeze in a Fireman’s Carry again, but Breeze slips out and pushes Escobar into the ropes who slides underneath them to the floor onto his feet. Escobar stalks back into the ring but Breeze catches him with his own opossum feint, nailing him with forearm after leaping forearm. Breeze slings Escobar corner to corner, meeting him with flying forearms at each post. Breeze off the ropes, Escobar tries a back body drop but Breeze kicks him up and flattens him with a Superkick! The cover… kick out at 2.

Here come Wilde and Mendoza to the apron, Breeze knocks them off the apron… but Escobar scoops Breeze up for the Phantom Driver! 1… 2… 3.

WINNER: NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar via pinfall

After the match, El Legado del Fantasma lurches over Breeze, but from the entrance comes a hobbling Fandango… arm in a sling and a walking stick in hand. He attacks Wilde & Mendoza with the cane, but Escobar attacks him as he gets in the ring. All seems to be lost, but Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott runs down the ramp and cleans house in the ring.

A pre-recorded monologue by Dakota Kai airs, hyping her NXT Women’s Title Match against the Champion, Io Shirai.

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Ridge Holland says that the NXT Universe saw what he was capable of last week, and next week he has a last chance qualifying match with Johnny Gargano.

Indi Hartwell is in the ring… waiting for her opponent… Mia Yim is rushing to get her gear on as she gives McKenzie a status update on Keith Lee’s condition, which she really has no idea of, since she had to sprint back to the arena in time for her match.

Indi Hartwell v. Mia Yim

The two tie up and exchange wrist locks until Yim goes off the ropes and dropkicks Hartwell down at her knees. Yim boots Hartwell in the face in the corner and cannonball sentons her to follow. A cover… kick out at 2.

Yim tries rushing the corner but Hartwell sidesteps and takes advantage, chopping Yim in the corner. But Yim battles back with forearms to the face, she goes off the ropes again but Hartwell catches her in a sidewalk slam. Cover… kick out at 2.

Hartwell with a rear chinlock on Yim and she will not let go, even after Yim stands and backs her into the turnbuckles. Yim stands up, Jawbreaker connects but Hartwell still won’t let go. Hartwell jumps onto Yim’s back and this time Yim breks free, shrugging her off… but Hartwell catches her with a running back elbow. Cover… kick out at 2.

Hartwell starts to taunt Yim and that only begins to fire her up with dropkick after dropkick. Running Neckbreaker… German Suplex… Mia Yim then tries for a body scissor roll-up pin… but turns into a submission where she is trying to hyper-extend Hartwell’s shoulder out of its socket! Hartwell has no choice but to tap!

WINNER: Mia Yim via submission

Mia Yim quickly leaves the ring in order to make it back to hospital to check on Lee.

Finn Balor appears in a pre-recorded monologue, hyping us for his last chance qualifying match next week against whomever is not pinned or submitted in tonight’s Triple Threat match.

Bronson Reed and Damien Priest are backstage prepare for their confrontation… Next…

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Pat McAfee will be at NXT next week to confront Adam Cole.

Damien Priest and Bronson Reed have made their presences felt… let’s do this!

Damien Priest v. Bronson Reed

The bell sounds, Reed steps up to the center of the ring while Priest remains aloof in the corner. Priest circles Reed and the two tie up. Reed shoves Priest into the corner and Priest looks back with a wry smile. Tie up again and Priest has the wristlock… no, Reed does… no, Priest does… counter and counter until Priest is backed into the ropes for the break. Priest off the ropes, shoulder block does budge the Big Thicc Boi. Reed asks for another, Priest obliges and Priest bounces off of Reed and onto the seat of his pants. Priest looks to go again but kicks Reed in the hip to stagger him… he goes for the ropes but Reed follows him. Priest stops and turns to see a rebounding Reed flatten him with a shoulder block.

Priest furiously gets up and the two trade forearms back and forth. Reed off the ropes, leapfrog from Priest and a leaping back elbow on the rebound to Reed’s nose. Priest tries to send Reed into the corner… he ain’t budging… Priest is sent to the corner but he steps off the turnbuckle and delivers a flying forearm. Priest sizes up Reed, kick after kick to the sides. Priest rears back for a clothesline, Reed swats it away but Priest kicks him square in the side of the head, sending Reed to the corner.

Priest charges in for a back splash but Reed catches him, carrying him to the center of the ring. Priest slips out of his clutches with an elbow and is trying for a suplex? He ain’t budging! Reed steps around to Priest’s back for a German but Priest powers out of Reed’s grip and turns only to eat a Reed DDT. Priest wisely rolls out of the ring and leans on the apron, staring down a game Reed.

*Commercial Break*

We return from break and Priest has the upper-hand on Reed, wearing him down but Reed battles out Priest’s clutches. Forearm after forearm… shoves Priest to the ropes, Baldo Bomb on the rebound! Priest quickly to his feet and tries to find respite in the corner but Reed meets him there with a splash. Reed has Priest in a Fireman’s, but Priest slips off and bell claps Reed’s ears. Kick to the side of the head, Priest tries for a leaping roundhouse to follow but Reed catches him and delivers a Fallaway Slam. BIG senton to follow! Cover… kick out at 2!


Reed has Priest ready for a suplex but Priest counters into a leaping Flatliner. Priest with strike upon strike on Reed! Priest springboards off the middle rope for a flipping senton of his own! Reed staggers into the corner and Priest finally hits the back splash… and he still wants to try that suplex on Reed! He almost gets him up but can’t do it. Priest rains down forearms to Reed’s back, knees to his stomach. Priest has him up and down with a Falcon Arrow! Cover!! 1… 2.. kick out!

Priest leaps up in disgust and gets Reed up to go for another, but Reed easily gives him a suplex of his own! The two battle to their feet but Priest connects with the leaping roundhouse to the face. He leaps to the second rope for another springboard, but Reed catches him with a Powerslam. Reed leaps to his feet, climbs to the top rope but misses with the Tsunami! Priest gets Reed up for The Reckoning but Reed counters with a Jackknife Pin… 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: Bronson Reed via pinfall.

A pre-recorded monologue airs of Io Shirai taunting Dakota Kai for their upcoming NXT Women’s Title Match at Takeover XXX.

Up next: The Robert Stone Brand’s Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez team up against Kacy Cantanzaro & Kayden Carter.

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Cameron Grimes hypes up his participation in tonight’s Triple Threat main event.

All four ladies are in the ring now ready for this tag team match… Until Robert Stone grabs the mic. He hypes up his Robert Stone Brand, of course, and says that it is always looking to the future, which could include Kacy Cantanzaro. He tries to convince her to ‘lose the loser’. Kacy rears for a slap, Stone ducks and she opts to stomp on his foot instead. Stone writhes in pain as he rolls out of the ring. Martinez tries to get in a cheap shot on Kacy, but Kacy sends her out of the ring with a flying headscissors and the bell sounds!

Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez v. Kayden Carter & Kacy Cantanzaro

Carter kicks Aliyah in the gut and with a headlock brings her into her corner for a Kacy tag. Kacy is in, Carter sends Aliyah to the ropes while Kacy slides underneath them to the outside, taking Aliyah’s legs out from under her sending her face first into the canvas. Carter kicks her back down and Kacy slingshots over the top rope with a senton. Cover… kick out at 2.

Carter tagged in, great teamwork of kicks into the corner by the two. Carter for the cover, kick out at 2 again.

Carter with a waistlock pushes Aliyah to the ropes, unfortunately into a Martinez blind tag. Carter rolls up from the failed pin attempt, charges after Aliyah who ducks and Martinez catches Carter in a Wheelbarrow… Aliyah cuts her down with a Cutter! Martinez with the cover, Kacy breaks it up!

*Commercial Break*

Robert Stone applauds his team from ringside as Aliyah covers Carter… kick out at 2.

Aliyah brings Carter into her corner for a Martinez tag. Martinez slows down the pace with kicks to Carter’s stomach into the corner and shoulder blocks into her own corner. Aliyah is tagged, Martinez suplexes Carter and Aliyah follows with a leg drop. Cover… kick out at 2.

Aliyah brings Carter back to her corner again for Martinez tag. Martinez drapes Carter over the second ropes with her leg on top of her head wearing her down. Carter crawls to her corner after a mandatory break from the ref, but Martinez drags her back to her corner. Aliyah is tagged in and Carter makes a break for her corner again, Aliyah tries to stop her but Carter kicks her away. Martinez is tagged in… Kacy with the Hot Tag!

Kacy misses the incoming splash from Martinez and kicks her into her own corner! Martinez shrugging her off but Kacy is relentlessly forearming her in the corner again and again! Flying clothesline into the corner sends Martinez to her knees. Somersault kick to her back! The cover… Aliyah breaks it up!

Carter is up and kicks Aliyah in the chest. Martinez is up, gives a receipt of her own to Carter. Kacy leaps up for a huracanrana on Martinez but she’s caught! Martinez positions her into a Fireman’s, reaches down, Air Raid Crash! 1… 2… 3!

WINNERS: Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez via pinfall.

The Robert Stone Brand celebrates in the ring until Rhea Ripley shows up on the ramp and is staring right at Martinez. Stone and Aliyah clear out as Ripley makes for a very game Martinez. The two begin slugging it out until Aliyah decides to join the fray for the upper-hand. Shotzi Blackheart runs from the top of the ramp to the ring to even the odds and send The Robert Stone Brand packing.

At home, Johnny Gargano and Candace LeRae prop each other up in their respective programs: Gargano against Ridge Holland, LeRae against Tegan Nox.

The final Triple Threat Qualifier for the NXT North American Title Ladder Match is next!

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Timothy Thatcher gives us a lesson in the manipulation of the Achilles Tendon.

Next Week on NXT:
Pat McAfee & Adam Cole are Face-to-Face
El Legado del Fantasma face Breezango & Swerve Scott in a 6-Man Tag Team Match
Johnny Gargano v. Ridge Holland in a 2nd Chance Qualifying Match
Finn Balor v. ???? in a 2nd Chance Qualifying Match

Kushida has made his way to the ring…
Cameron Grimes has as well…
So who’s the final participant in the final Triple Threat Qualifier?


It’s Velveteen Dream!

Triple Threat Match
Cameron Grimes v. Kushida v. Velveteen Dream

The bell sounds and Grimes quickly goes after Dream’s leg. Dream slips out and has a headlock on Grimes but Grimes sends Dream off and into the waiting clutches of Kushida into an arm lock. Dream rakes Kushida’s eyes and sends him into a go-behind waistlock of Grimes. Grimes lifts Kushida up for a German but Dream grabs a handful of Grimes hair, pulling him away. Grimes rocks Dream with a back elbow and kicks a rushing Kushida in the gut.

Grimes with a suplex on Kushida, who floats down and lands on his feet thanks to Dream. Stiff right hand on Grimes by Dream! Dream grabs Grimes by the hair, leaps over the top rope and rings Grimes over it. Kushida grabs Grimes by the wrist and chucks him down to the canvas. Dream sneaks back into the ring but Kushida sees him… Dream circles around on his knees but Grimes grabs him from the outside pulls him underneath the ropes. Dream gives him a right for his troubles and Kushida one as well for peering through the ropes. Dream climbs to the top rope, double axehandle down on Kushida. The cover… kickout at 1. Oklahoma Roll by Dream… kick out at one again!

Dream tries for another roll up, lunging for Kushida but Kushida ducks and Dream is flying through the ropes onto the floor. Grimes is back in the ring and charges with a knee to Kushida. Grimes sends Kushida to the ropes… Kushida ducks a Grimes clothesline on the rebound… a Kushida handspring nails Velveteen Dream standing on the apron. Grimes charging again, Kushida kicks off of him flipping over the top rope onto the apron. Kushida leaps backwards and nails Dream with a Tornado DDT on the floor!

Kushida to the apron, shoulders a charging Grimes in the stomach through the ropes. Kushida ascends to the top rope but Grimes swipes his legs out from under him and Kushida crashes down hard into the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Back from break and Kushida and Grimes are having it out in the ring. Dream tries to climb to the apron, Grimes to cut him off but Dream hits him with a right before falling back to the floor. Kushida takes advantage with a hip toss and dropkick to follow. Dream has rolled back into the ring and Kushida welcomes him with a punt to the chest. Kushida charges into Grimes in the corner with an open palm strike. Both Grimes and Dream are in the center of the ring, Kushida somersault rolls and leaps to attempt a Double DDT… but he’s shrugged off. Dream catches a Kushida kick to the gut but Kushida doesn’t miss his Enziguri to Grimes. Dream is up but Kushida sends him back down with repeated kicks to the side.

Kushida sends Grimes to the ropes… reversal… Kushida with the handspring again but Grimes catches him. Kushida back elbows Grimes away. Kushida charges after a wobbly-legged Dream, who catches him and has him in a Fireman’s. Kushida slips away, open palm strike to Dream’s jaw! Grimes charges Kushida with a kick to the face! Dream with a Superkick to Grimes! All three are down!

Dream is back to his feet, Grimes using the ropes to get back to his. Dream charges, clothesline Grimes over the top and onto the floor. He climbs to the top rope, double axehandle to Grimes on the outside! Dream gets Grimes up and rolls him back in. Dream catching his breath in the corner, sends a back elbow Kushida’s way as he was charging in! Drem leaps to the top rope, jumps off and turns to give another double axehandle this time to Kushida, but Kushida sidesteps and Grimes eats another one! Dream boots Kushida away and makes towards Grimes…

Dream wants to send Grimes to the ropes but Grimes is holding onto them. Kushida flies in with a dropkick to Grimes’ outstretched arm! Kushida charges at Dream… Dream catches him… Dream Valley Driver! Grimes is up and sends Dream out of the ring! He tries for the cover but Dream drags him underneath the ropes and to the floor! The two battle it out on the floor… but in comes Kushida with a top rope senton splash taking out Dream!

Grimes rolls Kushida back into the ring and climbs the top turnbuckle. Kushida charges the corner with a handspring catching Grimes in the head. The two meet each other at the top, Kushida leaps off the top with an Cross Armbreaker! Grimes is writhing and close to taping but Kushida sees Dream climbing the top turnbuckle…. he let’s go of the hold and catches Dream in a Cross Armbreaker! Dream tries to roll out of it but Kushida turns it into the Hoverboard Lock! Drwam tries back body drop out of it and does but Kushida reverses to a Sunset Flip! Dream rolls out of it and rolls Kushida up onto his shoulders… Fireman’s Carry! Kushida elbows Dream and grapevines a standing Velveteen Dream in the Hoverboard Lock! Grimes rushes from the corner… CAVE IN ON KUSHIDA! He pushes Dream out of the ring! The Cover! 1… 2… 3!

WINNER: Cameron Grimes via pinfall on Kushida

Cameron Grimes advances to the NXT North Maerican Title Ladder Match at Takeover XXX!

Velveteen Dream gets back in the ring and lays into Kushida with lefts and rights. He steps up to the corner to gloat his return… until he steps down and sees Finn Balor in the ring. The two will meet next week in a Second Chance Qualifying Match.

Karrion Kross d. Danny Burch
Killian Dain v. Drake Maverick No Contest
Non-Title Match: NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar d. Tyler Breeze
Mia Yim d. Indi Hartwell
Bronson Reed d. Damien Priest
Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez d. Kayden Carter & Kacy Cantanzaro
Triple Threat Match for Entry into NXT North American Title Ladder Match:
Cameron Grimes d. Kushida & Velveteen Dream (Kushida via Pinfall)