NXT TakeOver: Blackpool Results – 1/12/19 (Pete Dunne vs. Joe Coffey for WWE UK Title)

NXT TakeOver: Blackpool Results

NXT TakeOver: Blackpool Results
NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Results
January 12, 2019
Blackpool, England
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show looking at the evolution of NXT UK. We see footage of Pete Dunne winning the United Kingdom Championship all the way to the creating of the NXT UK brand.

We go into the Empress Ballroom to hear chants of NXT. Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show.

NXT UK Tag Team Championships
Mustache Mountain vs. Zack Gibson and James Drake

This match will see the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions crowned. Mustache Mountain’s tights are in the style of the British Bulldogs. NXT General Manager Johnny Saint holds up the NXT UK Tag Team Championships for the world to see.

Tyler Bate and Zack Gibson will start the match. The crowd is really buzzing. They lock up, and the crowd is singing and clapping. Gibson takes Bate down with an arm bar, but Bate soon fights up. Gibson takes him down and applies a wristlock. Gibson really cinches it in, but Bate kips up and takes him down with a head-scissor. The crowd is absolutely wild as they stand with their shoes in the air and sing. Gibson soon takes him down, but Bate impressively bridges out of a pin. James Drake tags in, so Bate gets out of the ring and goes to his side. Trent Seven tags in, and he locks up with Drake. Drake quickly turns him and clubs the back. Drake wrenches the arm, but Seven chops him down for a one count. Bate tags in and snaps off Seven’s shoulders to hit a senton. Bate sends Drake into the ropes, but Gibson pulls his partner out of the ring to recover. Drake gets back in the ring, and Bate plays a little cat and mouse by jumping over him a few times and connecting with a dropkick. Bate wrenches the arm, but Drake applies a headlock. Drake goes into the ropes, but Gibson tags in. Gibson and Drake try to blindside Bate, but he fights them off. Seven tags in, and Gibson takes him down. Seven comes back with a running cross-body block for a two count. Seven then applies an arm bar. Gibson gets out and tags in Drake. Seven chops both Drake and Gibson before rolling Drake up. Gibson blind tagged in, but Seven punches him off the apron. Seven hits a suicide dive on Drake, but he quickly grabs his left arm. Seven thinks Drake is the legal man. Gibson, the legal man, then clotheslines him on the floor.

Gibson gets Seven in the ring and punches away at him. Drake tags in and stomps away at Seven. Drake hits a backbreaker on Seven for a two count. Drake then applies a head and arm lock. Seven yells that his arm is hurting. Drake throws Seven out of the ring and tags in Gibson. Gibson and Drake then hit a backbreaker/plancha double-team move to the floor. Gibson gets Seven in the ring and tags in Drake. Drake forearms Seven down for a two count. Seven is in a lot of pain. Seven is bleeding from a forearm shot to the back of the head. Gibson takes Seven down for a two count. Gibson applies a chin lock and really cinches it in. The referee is wearing rubber gloves to try and deal with Seven’s wound. The crowd is cheering Seven on while he fights up. Drake tags in and goes for a springboard, but he seems to lose his grip and falls to the floor. Gibson throws Seven out of the ring to deal with Drake. Drake and Seven exchange vicious chops at ringside. Seven desperately gets in the ring and tries to go to his corner, but Drake stops him. Gibson tags in, but Seven fights off Gibson and Drake before making the tag to Bate.

Bate unloads wildly on Gibson with punches. Drake grabs Bate, but Bate takes him down with a back body drop. Bate knees Gibson in the face and hits a flying back elbow off the second rope. The crowd is on their feet. Bate gets Drake on his shoulders and executes an airplane spin, hitting Gibson in the head with Drake’s legs. Bate then puts Drake on top of Gibson and lifts them both up for an airplane spin! The crowd is loving this. Gibson rolls out of the ring, and Drake grabs Bate. Bate and Drake fight on the apron until Bate hits him with an exploder suplex off the apron onto Gibson! Bate then hits a standing shooting star press off the apron to the floor onto Gibson and Drake!



Bate gets Gibson in the ring and tries for the Tyler Driver 97, but Gibson gets out. Seven tags in, and he hits Gibson with a Running Powerslam in honor of Davey Boy Smith. Bate connects with an aerial attack. Seven covers for a near fall. Bate hits Drake with a suicide dive. In the ring, Seven hits Gibson with a reverse death valley driver, but Drake breaks it up. Drake and Bate tag in and exchange pin attempts. Bate hits a rolling kick to the head. Seven tags in, and Gibson attacks Bate. Drake hits Seven with a running dropkick. Gibson hits Seven with Helter Skelter, and Drake follows up with a 450 splash… but Seven kicks out! The crowd is going wild. Seven fights off Drake and Gibson, but Drake comes back with a step-up enzuigiri. Gibson applies Shankly Gates! Drake stops Bate from breaking it up and applies Shankly Gates to him! Seven is very close to submitting, but Bate powers up and hits Drake with a death valley driver onto Gibson. All four men are down while the crowd chants, “UK.”

A loud “This is wrestling” chant picks up. Bate and Drake are tagged in. Bate unloads on Drake with some punches before hitting Gibson with a big uppercut. Bate then hits Drake and Gibson with a double rolling kick. Seven tags in, and his arm looks limp. Mustache Mountain hits a clothesline/dragon suplex on Drake, but he kicks out! Gibson grabs Bate’s feet and gets him in electric chair position at ringside. Drake then hits a suicide dive on Bate, who is still on Gibson’s shoulders! Wow! Seven tries for a suicide dive, but they stop him. Drake and Gibson hit the Ticket To Mayhem to become the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions!

Winners and new NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Zack Gibson and James Drake

Zack Gibson and James Drake celebrate with the NXT UK Tag Team Championships while Johnny Saint and Sid Scala congratulate them.


Pete Dunne is seen backstage wrapping his wrists in black tape.

Earlier today, Jordan Devlin attacked Travis Banks while he entered the arena. Banks grabbed at his knee.

While Jordan Devlin is making his entrance, Travis Banks hits him with a suicide dive. Banks angrily punches away at him, but Devlin targets the injured knee. This match has not started yet. Devlin hits a chop block and drags him to the ring steps. Devlin stomps the injured knee against the steel steps a few times. Officials check on Banks. Devlin gets in the ring and says there’s a reason why you never bet against The Ace. Officials help Banks to the back. Devlin calls himself the greatest Irish wrestler alive. Johnny Saint talks with Sid Scala on the stage. Scala says they had a suspicion he might do this, so they had a backup plan. The lights go out…

and Finn Balor makes his entrance to a wild applause!

Jordan Devlin vs. Finn Balor

The crowd is absolutely going wild. A “Too Sweet/Woo Woo” chant picks up. Balor and Devlin go face-to-face in the ring. Balor got Devlin started in wrestling. Devlin slaps Balor in the face, so Balor responds with a right hand and a knee. Balor hits a low dropkick to the head and gets the crowd going. Balor hits a Sling Blade and goes to the top rope. Devlin quickly rolls out of the ring to recover. Devlin goes to walk off, so Balor grabs him and throws him into the ring. Devlin quickly rolls out of the ring, so Balor hits him with a running forearm. Balor gets Devlin in the ring. Devlin kicks the middle rope into Balor’s groin while he gets in the ring. Devlin knocks Balor off the apron and attacks him at ringside. Devlin drives him into the apron and gets him in the ring. Devlin takes Balor down and does a double stomp to the midsection before mocking his taunt. Devlin chokes him on the ropes. Balor reverses a whip. Devlin goes for a sunset flip, but Balor rolls through and dropkicks him in the face. Balor gets on the apron and hits a snap kick to the face. Balor goes to the top rope, but Devlin dropkicks him in the face to knock him to the floor. Devlin looks for a count-out, but Balor gets in. Devlin punches away at Balor before chopping him in the corner. Balor turns him and hits a nasty chop to the chest. Balor connects with a second chop. Devlin kicks him and chops him, so Balor turns him around and chops him. Devlin rakes the eyes before hitting a one-armed slam. Devlin follows up with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Devlin tries for an abdominal stretch. Balor fights it, but Devlin soon locks it in. Balor gets out and connects with a hip toss. Balor then applies an abdominal stretch to Devlin. Balor sets up for Reverse Bloody Sunday, but Devlin fights out. Balor then takes him down with an overhead kick.

Balor takes him down with a running forearm and a double stomp to the midsection. The crowd is buzzing over this action. Balor goes for Reverse Bloody Sunday, but Devlin knees him in the face. Balor fights back and finally connects with the Reverse Bloody Sunday, but Devlin kicks out. Balor connects with a Sling Blade and goes for a running dropkick, but Devlin superkicks him. Devlin head-butts him and connects with a swinging back suplex for a near fall. Devlin kicks Balor in the ribs and talks a little trash. Devlin continues to kick him in the ribs and talk trash. The crowd is loudly booing him. Balor finally blocks a kick, takes him down, and wildly stomps away at him. Devlin rolls out of the ring. Balor hits a running kick to the face from the apron and gets Devlin in the ring. Balor goes to the top rope, but Devlin crotches him on the top rope. Devlin covers, but Balor somehow kicks up. Devlin goes for a top rope moonsault, but Balor gets the knees up. Balor hits the 1916 before dropkicking him into the corner. Balor goes to the top rope and hits the Coup de Grace for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Finn Balor

An advertisement airs for the Royal Rumble, which takes place on January 27.

Joe Coffey is warming up backstage for hits WWE United Kingdom Championship match. Luke Menzies is at ringside for this event.

Video Package: Eddie Dennis vs. Dave Mastiff in a No DQ Match

No Disqualifications Match
Eddie Dennis vs. Dave Mastiff

The bell rings, and they get into a brawl in the middle of the ring. Dennis knees him and hits the ropes, but Mastiff follows him before hitting a running cross-body block. Dennis rolls out of the ring, and they continue to brawl. Mastiff sends Dennis into the steel steps. Mastiff puts the bottom half of the steel steps in the ring. Dennis rolls out, grabs a kendo stick, and cracks Mastiff in the back with it. Dennis rolls the ringside mats back, and Mastiff fights him off. Dennis gets in the ring and cracks him in the midsection and the back with the cane. Dennis hits a Russian Leg Sweep with the cane for a near fall. Dennis then chokes him with the cane. Mastiff gets out, blocks a kendo stick shot, and viciously head-butts him. Mastiff then lays into Dennis with the cane. Mastiff hits a powerbomb in the center of the ring and looks back at the bottom half of the ring steps. Mastiff lifts Dennis up, but Dennis gets out. Dennis lifts Mastiff up and hits a swinging sidewalk slam onto the ring steps for a near fall! A replay shows that Dennis’ legs were shaking under the weight of Mastiff.


Dennis goes outside and grabs a steel chair. Mastiff avoids a chair shot and hits a rolling fireman’s carry. Mastiff stops himself and goes to the middle rope. Dennis gets out and hits him with a Crucifix Powerbomb for a near fall! Wow!


Dennis goes outside and grabs a table before putting it in the corner. The crowd is going wild for the table. Mastiff quickly takes Dennis down and sits on him. Mastiff goes to give him a German Suplex off the apron onto the exposed floor. Dennis blocks it, but Mastiff hits a rolling fireman’s carry on the floor followed by a senton splash! Mastiff gets Dennis in the ring and goes for a moonsault off the top rope, but Dennis rolls out of the way. Dennis hits the Neckstop Driver for a near fall! Dennis angrily hits him in the back with the chair and puts him on the middle rope. Dennis goes for a Crucifix Powerbomb through the table, but Mastiff gets out. Mastiff then kills him with a German Suplex. Mastiff then hits a running cannonball onto Dennis through the table in the corner! The crowd is chanting “NXT” while Mastiff picks up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Dave Mastiff

A preview for “Fighting With My Family” airs.

Kay Lee Ray and Jazzy Gabert are at ringside.

Video Package: Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women’s Championship

NXT UK Women’s Championship
Toni Storm vs. Rhea Ripley (c)

The crowd is chanting both women’s names. It is a great atmosphere. Ripley charges, but Storm blocks it and punches away at her. Ripley quickly hits a flapjack and punches her on the mat. Storm rolls her over and continues to punch away at her. Ripley gets out of the ring and runs around the ring. Storm chases and gets her in the ring. Ripley quickly gets out, so Storm hits her with a suicide dive. Storm chops her at ringside and gets her in the ring. Ripley quickly grabs her and pulls the hair before knocking her off the apron. Ripley then kicks Storm into the barricade. Ripley gets Storm in the ring and throws her into the middle turnbuckle. Ripley stomps her down before driving her shoulder into the midsection. Ripley talks trash while stomping away at Storm’s shoulder. Ripley throws her into the middle of the ring for a near fall. Ripley applies a body scissor. Storm tries to roll onto her, but Ripley kicks out at one while keeping the hold applied. Storm manages to turn around and forearm out. Ripley fights out and kicks her in the midsection. Ripley hits a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Ripley hits two scoop slams, targeting the recently healed back of Storm, for a near fall. Ripley goes for an inverted Texas Cloverleaf, but Storm kicks her away. Storm misses a strike, and Ripley dropkicks her down for a two count. Ripley connects with two leg drops for another two count. Ripley peppers her with kicks before hitting the ropes, but Storm hits her with a vicious head-butt.



Both women are down. They start trading blows from the knees before getting to their feet. They then get into a hockey fight. They lose energy, but then each get a burst to do another hockey fight. Storm hits two German Suplexes before Ripley fights her off. Storm goes for Storm Zero, but Ripley gets out. Ripley goes for Riptide, but Storm counters into a pin for a near fall. Ripley gets out of Storm Zero, and they trade pins. Ripley then locks in an inverted Texas Cloverleaf. Storm manages to crawl to the bottom rope, but Ripley drags her back to the middle of the ring. Storm twists out and applies an ankle lock. Ripley gets out and goes to the corner. Storm hits a running hip attack before connecting with a bridged German Suplex for a near fall. Storm punches and kicks her, but Ripley pulls her down by the hair. Ripley hits the Riptide, but Storm kicks out. Ripley cannot believe it.

Ripley connects with a pair of deliberate short-arm clotheslines. Ripley pulls her up for a third, but Storm ducks and hits a head-butt. Storm connects with Storm Zero, but Ripley kicks out! They slowly get to their feet and trade punches. Ripley goes for the Riptide again, but Storm gets out of it. Storm hits Storm Zero for the win!

Winner and new NXT UK Women’s Champion: Toni Storm

The Nigel McGuinness story will air immediately following NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool.

Charlotte Flair is at ringside for the main event match.

Video Package: Pete Dunne vs. Joe Coffey for the WWE United Kingdom Championship

WWE United Kingdom Championship
Joe Coffey vs. Pete Dunne (c)

The bell rings, and Coffey simply crosses his arms in the center of the ring. They take their time before locking up. Dunne drives him into the ropes and gives a clean break. Dunne wrenches the arm while a “Bruiserweight” chant picks up. Coffey twists out of it and takes Dunne down. Coffey twists the arm, but Dunne twists out, kips up a few times, and viciously forearms him. Coffey absorbs it and stares back at Dunne. They meet in the center of the ring and go for a test of strength. Dunne gets out and steps on one hand before getting the other. Dunne then viciously twists his pinky and middle fingers. Dunne goes for a takedown, but Coffey blocks it. Dunne eventually takes him down and ties up the legs. Coffey gets out and attempts a Boston Crab, but Dunne fights out. Dunne picks up a quick two count. Coffey signals for a Discus Lariat, but Dunne avoids it.

They circle the ring and go for another test of strength. Coffey quickly knees Dunne in the midsection and applies a side headlock before connecting with a European uppercut. Coffey then applies a nerve hold. Dunne quickly gets out, so Coffey takes him down. Dunne fights out and hits the ropes, taking Coffey out with an avalanche. Dunne applies a Regal Stretch, but Coffey manages to get to the bottom rope. Dunne then kicks him in the wrist. Coffey goes for a slam, but Dunne counters into a submission attempt. Coffey fights out and goes for a delayed vertical suplex. Dunne knees him in the head a few times and goes back to the submission attempt. Dunne can’t lock it in, so he goes for the other arm. Coffey finally gets out and hits a double underhook suplex for a near fall. Dunne and Coffey trade punches before Coffey throws him out of the ring. Dunne’s face bounces off the apron before he hits the floor. Coffey goes to whip him into the steel steps, but Dunne backflips over him. Dunne hits a step-up enzuigiri. Coffey pushes him back trying to throw him back into the ring. Dunne charges, but Coffey viciously counters into a slam on the ramp! Coffey gets in the ring and catches his breath while the referee counts Dunne out. Dunne soon gets back in the ring, but Coffey quickly attacks him before connecting with a backbreaker. Coffey immediately follows up with a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Coffey continues to punch away at Dunne. Coffey then applies a bear hug. Dunne tries to head-butt and forearm out, but Coffey keeps the hold applied. Dunne eventually slinks out of it and grabs his nose. Coffey gets out and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Dunne eventually fights back and takes him down with a forearm.

Dunne avoids Coffey charging and dropkicks him. Dunne counters out of a German Suplex and kicks him in the back of the head. Coffey rolls out of the ring to recover. A “Bruiserweight” chant picks up. Dunne goes to the apron and then hits a moonsault block to the floor off the second turnbuckle! Dunne gets him in the ring and clutches at his lower back. Coffey quickly forearms him while he gets in the ring, but Dunne comes back with an X-Plex for a near fall. Dunne tries for a move, but Coffey comes back with a cross-body off the top rope. Coffey avalanches him twice before hitting a vicious powerbomb, but Dunne kicks out. Coffey twists him in a modified submission before turning it into a Boston Crab. Dunne nearly gets to the bottom rope, but Coffey stomps him in the back of the head. Dunne appears to be unconscious. Dunne then comes to and gets a burst of strength to get to the bottom rope to break the hold.

Both men are down, and the crowd is applauding them on. Coffey grabs him, but Dunne twists his fingers. They trade wild head-butts before taking each other out with a final big head-butt. They’re both down again, and the crowd is showing them respect. Dunne comes back with a German Suplex before applying the Koji Clutch. Coffey fights it and goes for slam, but Dunne counters into an ankle lock. Coffey eventually breaks out and hits a German Suplex. Coffey gets to his feet and charges, but Dunne knees him. Coffey gets out of a Bitter End attempt and jumps off the top rope, but Dunne avoids it. Dunne connects with the Bitter End for a near fall! Dunne cannot believe it!

Coffey rolls to the floor. Dunne goes for a moonsault attempt, but Coffey gets on the apron and grabs him. Coffey hits a running head-butt before giving him a sit-out powerbomb on the apron! Both men fall to the floor while the crowd chants, “Holy Sh!t!” The referee is counting them out, but they just barely get in before the count of ten! Coffey pops up, and Dunne looks stunned by his energy. Coffey punches away at Dunne and stomps the head. Dunne comes back with kicks to the face. Dunne holds his arms and wildly stomps the face! The crowd is alive again. Dunne stomps the hands and kicks him in the head. Coffey quickly comes back with a European uppercut. Dunne hits a step-up enzuigiri, but Coffey quickly floors him with a Discus Clothesline. Coffey covers… but Dunne kicks out! The crowd is really buzzing for this match. Coffey gets to his feet and goes for a Discus Clothesline, but Dunne counters into an arm bar attempt. Dunne goes to snap the fingers, but Coffey powers him up and slams him into the corner. Coffey then wildly throws Dunne off the top rope!

Both men sit in opposite corner and look at each other. They pull themselves up to their feet and get prepared to go back to war. The crowd is going wild. They charge and exchange wild punches. Dunne ducks a right hand and staggers Coffey with rights and lefts. Coffey soon manages to take him down and wildly punches away at Dunne’s head. Coffey pulls Dunne up for a Bitter End, but Dunne counters into a DDT. Dunne hits the Bitter End, but he’s too injured to capitalize. Coffey rolls away to avoid a pin. Coffey gets on the apron and somehow hits a Discus Lariat. Coffey pulls Dunne up and drives him head-first into the turnbuckle. Coffey pulls him to the top rope and yells that this is his kingdom. Coffey and Dunne then fall off the top rope in opposite directions! Coffey hits the floor while Dunne hits the mats. Dunne goes outside and grabs Coffey. Coffey gives him a Discus Lariat on the floor, gets him in the ring, and hits a vicious slam for a near fall. The crowd is chanting, “NXT.” Coffey goes to the top rope and pulls Dunne up in an attempt to complete the move that was botched before. Coffey then launches Dunne off the top rope to the barricade! Both men roll back into the ring. Dunne ducks a Discus Clothesline and hits Coffey with one of his own. Dunne then connects with the Bitter End… but Coffey kicks out! Dunne quickly rolls on top of him and bends the fingers back for the submission!

Winner and still WWE United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

Dunne celebrates in the ring… until Walter makes his entrance to challenge Dunne! Walter  gets in the ring while the crowd sings his song. Walter and Dunne stare at each other before Joe Coffey gets in the ring. Walter big boots Coffey out of the ring! Dunne and Walter then go face-to-face. Walter stares at Dunne, who has the UK Championship hanging from his mouth. Walter stares at him before leaving the ring.


Quick Match Results

* Zack Gibson and James Drake def. Mustache Mountain to become the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions
* Finn Balor def. Jordan Devlin
* Dave Mastiff def. Eddie Dennis in a No DQ Match
* Toni Storm def. Rhea Ripley to win the NXT UK Women’s Championship
* Pete Dunne def. Joe Coffey via Submission to retain the WWE United Kingdom Championship

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