NXT TakeOver Chicago Results – 5/20/17 (Ladder Match for Tag Titles)

NXT TakeOver Chicago Results

NXT TakeOver Chicago Results 5/20/17
NXT TakeOver Chicago Results
May 20, 2017
Chicago, Illinois (Allstate Arena)
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Opening video package looks at the city of Chicago and the top matches for tonight.

Commentary welcomes us to the show, we go to the opening match.

Roderick Strong defeated Eric Young w/SAnitY

Strong wins in a real good opener with his End of Heartache Orange Crush Backbreaker. Strong lays out Dain and Wolfe outside before the bell, coming through the crowd, to make it 1-on-1 with Young. Strong gets the jump on Young early. Loud chants for Strong in Chicago. Beautiful big-time dropkick by Strong, along with some heavy intense shots until Young gains control with a back suplex. Swinging neckbreaker gets Young a nearfall. Strong fires back with a Hart Attack clothesline, then the running corner forearm and a toe kick that sends Young outside. Strong fends off Wolfe, but Dain mows him down with a running crossbody outside to allow Young to regain control. Young gets a nice nearfall off a diving elbow off the middle rope to the back of Strong’s neck. Wolfe gets involved with the ref distracted, getting Young another nearfall. Nigel on commentary compares Young to the Missing Link. Strong comes back by dropkicking Young out of mid-air, followed by a backbreaker, a running corner knee and an inverted Olympic Slam for a nearfall. Young rolls outside, but draws Strong in and drills him outside with his Showstopper wheelbarrow neckbreaker in a nasty spot. Back in, Young covers Strong for a close nearfall. Young hits his Top Rope Elbow for another close nearfall. Strong gets out of another Showstopper attempt, gets rid of SAnitY, but Young rakes his eyes. They battle on the turnbuckles until Strong hits a leaping knee that knocks Young outside and wipes out SAnitY outside, followed by another leaping knee back in before the finish.

We see Asuka, Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot preparing backstage for their Women’s Title Triple Threat Match later tonight.

Video package on how we got to the WWE UK Championship match.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross comes out to do commentary on the next match.

Pete Dunne wins the WWE UK Championship from Tyler Bate

Dunne wins the title with the Bitter End in an incredible match that might be the best WWE match this year. Both Bate and Dunne come out to new music. Loud chants for Dunne in Chicago. Lots of British catch wrestling early on. Dunne starts manipulating the wrist of Bate. Bate with a series of bridges and kip-ups, then dropkicks Dunne outside. Dunne drills Bate outside with a big forearm, then pulls at the fingers, but Bate avoids Dunne stomping the fingers on the steps. Dunne breaks the ref’s count and hits the X-Plex to Bate onto the apron in a sick looking spot. Dunne takes control back inside, continuing to manipulate the fingers and wrist of Bate. Bate fires up after a series of boots by Dunne and hits a delayed Exploder. JR compares Bate’s physique to a young Bob Backlund. Running corner uppercuts by Bate, but Dunne responds with a corner enziguri. Bate lands on his feet off another X-Plex attempt and hits an awesome looking deadlift Backdrop Driver with a bridge for a close nearfall. Loud UK chants by the crowd. Bate goes back after Dunne, who catches him in a Triangle Choke. Bate is then able to deadlift Dunne up and slam him down to get free in a great counter. Bate calls for the Airplane Spin and does it with great velocity before getting dizzy, then covers Dunne for a real close nearfall. Dunne gets out of a German, then DRILLS Bate off the ropes with a big-time forearm, followed by an Orange Crush Bomb for an amazing nearfall. Chicago crowd gives them a standing ovation. Both men hit each other with shots from the ground, then trade shots on their feet until they get tired out. Bate DRILLS Dunne with Pop & Bang, but Dunne with an enziguri. They go nose-to-nose and hit stereo shots, Bate with the Koppo Kick, Dunne with a sliding kick, then Bate with a Headspring off the ropes and turns Dunne inside out with a Lariat for another close nearfall. Dunne counters the Tyler Driver ‘97, but then Bate counters the Bitter End with a DDT in an amazing counter sequence, sending Dunne outside. Bate then wipes out Dunne outside with an Orihara Moonsault, then back in hits a Corkscrew Senton for another real close nearfall. Dunne rolls back outside as Bate sets to dive, but Dunne DRILLS him in mid-air with another forearm efore the finish.

We see Hideo Itami and Bobby Roode preparing backstage for the main event later tonight.

Asuka retains the NXT Women’s Title over Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot in a Triple Threat Match

Asuka pins both women to retain the title after breaking up a Riot pin with a sliding kick in a very good match. Cross throws her jacket at Riot and goes after her early. Asuka takes control with hip attacks on both women. Asuka and Riot go back-and-forth until Cross stops Riot from hitting a dive by mowing her over. Cross works over Riot, hitting a neckbreaker, then Asuka hits a missile dropkick/splash combo on both women. Cross avoids a head kick by Asuka and takes control on her, getting a couple nearfalls. Asuka responds with a Codebreaker, then a catch powerbomb on Riot into an Ankle Lock. Cross rakes Asuka’s back to break it up. Cross and Riot go back-and-forth, then Riot hits a second rope rana on Asuka and the headscissors that sends Cross into the turnbuckles. Asuka wipes out Cross outside by catching her coming off the apron with a knee strike, then Riot wipes out Asuka with a Heat Seeking Missile. Riot hits a Top Rope Back Senton on Cross, but Asuka breaks it up with a Deadlift German on Riot for a nearfall. Cross blocks a spinning backfist by Asuka and gets a nearfall. Asuka with a German on Cross, then Riot with a big kick on Asuka. Asuka avoids another Top Rope Back Senton by Riot and hooks her in the Asuka Lock, but Cross breaks it up with a splash in a real good sequence. Cross DRILLS Riot with a diving reverse DDT on the apron, then tees off on Asuka after trapping her in the ring skirt in a great sequence. Cross with a Draping Swinging Neckbreaker on Asuka, but Riot breaks up the pin. Riot and Cross collide in mid-air when both go for crossbodies. Cross and Riot clothesline Asuka outside, then go for pin attempts on each other. Riot avoids the Fisherman’s Neckbreaker and hits her jumping enziguri prior to the finish.

Vignette that says that the Velveteen Dream debuts this week on NXT TV.

Video package on how we go to the NXT Title matc.

Bobby Roode retains the NXT Title over Hideo Itami

Roode retains the title after two consecutive Glorious DDT’s after countering a second GTS in a surprisingly real good match. Roode comes out to a piano version of his Glorious theme, with the keys being shown as playing on the rampway. Not much of a reaction for Itami in Chicago compared to Roode’s big-time reaction. Pre-match intros for this one. Nice tease of the GTS early on by Itami as Roode slips out. Itami has control early, hitting a Victim Kick and a PK for a nearfall. Itami mocks the Glorious pose of Roode and continues the attack, but Roode takes control after countering a Tornado DDT and hitting a second rope Blockbuster for a nearfall. Roode works over Itami until Itami DRILLS him with a slap. Itami with a series of kicks, followed by a single-leg dropkick. More kicks by Itami, followed by a Fisherman and the Tornado Hot-Shot. Top Rope Clothesline by Itami for a nearfall. Roode blocks the GTS, but is sent shoulder-first into the ringpost. Itami goes after the arm with strikes, then locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Itami blocks the Glorious DDT, avoids another Blockbuster and hits a Falcon Arrow for a close nearfall. Roode responds with the Double R Spinebuster for a close nearfall. Roode tries for the Glorious DDT, but his arm gives out. Roode again avoids the GTS and hot-shots Itami, but Itami responds by sending Roode’s injured arm into the steps. Itami goes for the hesitation dropkick, but Roode moves and Itami hits his ankle against the steps. Back in, Itami with more strikes, then hits the corner hesitation dropkick, but clutches his leg. Itami goes for the GTS, but his leg gives out, then Roode hits the Glorious DDT for a real close nearfall. Itami then hits the GTS, but Roode rolls outside. Itami rolls him back in, but Roode is able to kick out. Itami with more strikes, dropping Roode with a big slap and drops the kneepad before the finish.

Video package on how we got to the main event.

Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Kassius Ohno, WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson and Milwaukee Brewers star Eric Thames are shown sitting at ringside.

The Authors of Pain retain the NXT Tag Team Titles over #DIY in a Ladder Match in the main event

The Authors retain the titles in a fantastic and crazy main event. Both teams brawl early. AOP sent outside and DIY goes right away for the ladders. AOP take back over and DIY is sent hard into the barricades. Razar sent off the steps by Ciampa, then DIY with some double-teams to take down Akam. DIY goes for the big ladder on the rampway, then Gargano dives through the ladder and wipes out AOP with a tope suicida. DIY sends a ladder off the head of Akam, then Ciampa with a knee to Razar, but Razar catches Gargano and slams him down on top of Ciampa. AOP have trouble climbing the ladder, allowing Ciampa to knock them off with ladder shots to the ribs. DIY then drop the ladder on the backs of the AOP. Ciampa runs up a ladder held by Akam and almost grabs the belts, but he is knocked off. DIY stops the Super Collider by climbing onto the ladder, but AOP knock them off. Akam hot-shots Gargano across the ladder while Ciampa is clutching his leg. AOP take control. AOP place a ladder against Ciampa’s ribs in the corner and stomp away at it. AOP start to climb, but see DIY getting up and go after them some more. AOP then drive the ladder into DIY. AOP grab two more big ladders and place them both between the apron and the barricade. AOP go on the apron with DIY and go for the Super Collider, but DIY gets out. Gargano superkicks Akam, then DIY knocks AOP onto the parallel ladders. DIY then climb the big ladder and hit stereo splashes onto AOP through the ladders in an INSANE spot! Psycho Killer chants for Ciampa in Chicago as he goes to climb the ladder, but Akam stops him. Akam and Ciampa battle on the ladder, while Gargano and Razar battle on another ladder. Ciampa knocks Razar off, then Gargano slingshots himself over to the other ladder and is all alone, but Paul Ellering comes in and knocks Gargano off. Gargano then WIPES OUT Ellering with a superkick in a great sequence. AOP take back over and work over Ciampa. AOP go to hit Ciampa in the face with the ladder, but Gargano sacrifices himself and is DRILLED in the face with the ladder! AOP go for the titles, but Ciampa grabs Razar from behind and hits a release German off the ladder through another ladder in the corner in a CRAZY spot! Akam climbs up the ladder, but Gargano somehow grabs onto him. Loud DIY chants in Chicago. Akam keeps kicking Gargano down, then Gargano superkicks Akam, who had the ladder around his head. DIY then DRILLS Akam with Meet in the Middle while he had the ladder around his head in a great sequence. DIY climbs the ladder, but AOP kicks out the ladder and brings DIY off the top with stereo powerbombs and the Super Collider before the finish.

AOP celebrate after while DIY is given a standing ovation as they leave under their own power. We see replays of the match and the finish. All of a sudden, Ciampa sends Gargano into the Titantron and attacks him, then lays him out with the Running Knockout Knee. Ciampa goes to leave, then comes back with another Running Knockout Knee wtith his knee exposed. Crowd gets on Ciampa as he continues the assault, eventually putting Gargano through two tables with an Air Raid Crash off the announce table! Attendants check on the fallen Gargano as Ciampa stands over him on the announce table, then sits and watches as medics attend to Gargano as the show closes.

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