Raw Results – 7/5/10

Monday Night RAW
Nashville, TN
July 5th 2010
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler
Report by: David Stephens of WrestleView.com

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me, because it is time for Monday Night RAW!

RAW kicks off with Wade Barret and the rest of Nexus standing in the ring. Wade says that they are here to confront the General Manager as they are proud of their actions. Barret says that they had a reason to attack Vince McMahon, but they are not ready to reveal the reason for their actions at this moment. Skip Sheffield takes the mic. He says that the actions last week against Ricky Steamboat were different than the attack on Mr. McMahon. They attacked Steamboat for fun. They found a loophole, and exploited it.

The GeneralMail Alert hits, and Michael Cole takes to the podium to read the latest mandate. We are informed that the General Manager has decided on a punishment. Until further notice, no member of Nexus may compete for a Championship. Also, the ban on Nexus members touching RAW Superstars and vice versa has been lifted.

John Cena’s music hits, and he is ready to fight. He tells the Nexus that the one thing that have never had was a fair fight. So about tonight he evens up the odds?

The Hart Dynasty, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Randy Orton hit the ring with Cena to take out the Nexus! This is the brawl that Cena promised us last week! Out of nowhere comes Sheamus, The Usos, Jericho, Ted Dibiase, Edge & The Miz! They attack Cena’s crew and all hell breaks loose. Eventually, Cena is able to clear the ring with the help of his minions. Sheamus and crew head back to the top of the entrance ramp. Sheamus says that John just doesn’t get it. John asks what the hell Sheamus was thinking. They had the Nexus right within destruction distance. Sheamus says that the one Superstar Nexus keeps attacking is John Cena. As far as Sheamus is concerned, that is a not a bad thing. Cena says fine, if that’s the way that Sheamus wants to be, then how about the 7 on 7 bout takes place with Cena’s crew vs. Sheamus’!

The GeneralMail alert hits. Cole informs the audience that the General Manager will not allow that particular match to occur, because the Superstars participating in the Money in the Bank match will be in action tonight already. Furthermore, Cena is to meet Wade in the ring later tonight, but not for a match. Instead, the General Manager wants Cena to shake his hand. John knows the General Manager is watching, and says that there is no way. The GeneralMail Alert hits. Cole tells us that Cena must be the bigger man, or face the consequences. And, “that’s the bottom line, because the General Manager said so”.


John Morrison v. Ted Dibiase w/ Maryse

The match starts off with several back and forth reversals. Dibiase steps on the back of Morrison applying pressure on the ropes to increase the choke threshold. Morrison kicks out of the cover attempt. Morrison regains his composure and connects with a strong kick. Dibiase bounces off the ropes and then drops Morrison with a slam. He goes for the cover, but Morrison kicks out. Morrison gets to his feet, and then hits a standing kick straight to the temple. Dibiase kicks out of the cover.

Maryse says that she has a phone call, and then proceeds to take it while on air. Maryse then leaves the commentary booth and puts on the jacket that Morrison wears during his entrance. She walks onto the apron, which distracts John and the referee. Dibiase seizes the moment, and rakes the eyes of Morrison. Dibiase connects with Dream Street to end this match.

Winner via Maryse’s Distraction: Ted Dibiase

In the back, Santino and Kozlov are walking around. Santino tells him that they are going to be the best tag team in the history of ever. Kozlov warns him that if they don’t’ win their match tonight, Marella will be very, very sorry.


Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov v. William Regal & the Great Khali w/ Ranjin

Before the start of the match, Regal grabs a mic. Regal says that the two men in the ring may have gotten one over on him, but that will not happen again. They will regret the fact that they crossed him. Tonight, Regal found a monster to help him! Out comes the Great Khali.

The match starts with Regal and Kozlov. The Russian throws Regal to the mat, and then picks him up and holds his head under his arm. Santino calls for the tag, and gets it. Santino jumps all the way from the bottom rope to hit an axe handle. Santino is practicing out some karate moves, and is goading Regal into attacking him. Santino is frustrated and starts to pump up the cobra. Regal punches him in the face, and then kicks him in the gut several times. Santino makes it to his corner and tags in Kozlov. Vlad comes into the ring and plants Regal with his finisher. This match is over.

Winner via The-Threat-of-the-Cobra: Santino & Kozlov

After the match, Great Khali comes into the ring. He makes Regal stand up, and then throws him out of the ring. The Great Khali’s music hits, and he, Ranjin and Santino dance. Kozlov just shakes his head at the happenings in the ring.


A video package airs highlighting the Nexus attack on Ricky Steamboat last week

After the package, Josh is in the back with Arn Anderson and asks him what he thinks about the Nexus attack. Arn says that it is very hard to watch, and it makes him sick. Sheamus comes into the shot, and says that back in the day Arn used to be the enforcer. What happened? Arn says that Sheamus is blind. This issue goes far past the egos of the individuals, or the fact that he is the WWE Champion. Arn says that Sheamus’ weakness is that he can’t get past his ego. Sheamus says that the Nexus isn’t coming after him, or interfering in his business, so he doesn’t care. He doesn’t have any weakness. Sheamus puts himself over as the WWE Champion. Arn shakes his head and says that Sheamus just doesn’t get it.


R-Truth v. Miz

After R-Truth’s entrance, his theme continues to play. Miz enters, and says that it is time for his rendition of Truth’s theme v2.0. At the very end of the rap, Miz goes for his catchphrase, but on “I’m Awesome” he hits Truth in the head with the microphone. Miz then throws Truth out of the ring and begins to work on his arm. He pulls the shoulder into the steel post, and wrenches it against the ropes. He twists and contorts him arm over and over again until finally the medical personnel are forces to come out and tend to Truth.

Miz is still in the ring, and grabs a mic. Miz says that the Truth may hurt, and he hopes Truth really hurts right now. Miz says that he is going to hurt anyone that gets in the ring with him. In a serious and intimidating manner Miz says, “and that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Because I’m the Miz and I’m awesome”.


The Cutting Edge

It’s time for the return of the Cutting Edge! Edge’s first action is to ask for a moment of silence for R-Truth. “He only knew one song, but he did it oh so well”. Edge then moves on to address the issue of Nexus. Edge does not agree with the method of Cena. He would rather gain 7 allies then make 7 enemies. The Nexus guys only need to find a little bit of guidance.

Edge goes on to talk about the Money in the Bank match. He says that winning the match is equal to winning the Championship. This is because every single briefcase has been cashed in successfully. Edge invites out his first guest, Evan Bourne.

Instead of Bourne, it is Jericho’s music that hits. He walks down to the ring and stars down Edge. Jericho says that he does not take a backseat to Bourne, the hypocrites in the crowd, or to Edge. Jericho knows that Edge is out here trying to pander to Nexus. Chris reminds Edge that it was he who mentored and guided Wade Barret in Nexus. Jericho goes almost as far as to give himself credit for all of their actions.

Edge asks why they would ever listen to a guy that could barely beat Evan Bourne two weeks ago. Jericho reminds Edge that he defeated him at Wrestlemania. Edge blames that on the fact that his head wasn’t clear because he cared what the fans thought of him. Jericho claims that Edge has led his entire career towards wanting to be Chris Jericho. From hair, to Titles, to demeanor, to everything else. Jericho says that he will win the match, and ensure that Edge never holds another Title.

Edge has had enough and attacks Jericho! Edges drops him and looks for the spear. Jericho reverses, and locks on the Walls of Jericho! Evan Bourne hits the ring and takes out Jericho with a flying double knee. Edge and Jericho both try to scurry after and catch Bourne, but he slips away, and then back out of the ring.

The GeneralMail Alert hits, and Cole takes to the podium. Her reads the latest message, “If you want to see some action, give me a Hell Yeah!”. Cole says that the orders are to clear the ring, because it will be Jericho & Edge v. Evan Bourne & Randy Orton!


Evan Bourne & Randy Orton v. Edge & Chris Jericho

Edge and Orton lock up in the center of the ring. Orton whips Edge into the corner. Edge falls to the mat and is met with a knee drop. Orton goes for the cover, Edge kicks out. Randy stomps on the stomach of Edge multiple times while staring in the face of Jericho. Orton tags in Bourne, and takes Edge down with a drop toe hold. Evan kicks him in the face and goes for the cover. Edge kicks out.

Edge gets to his feet and is hit with a couple of kicks. Edge breaks free momentarily and tags in Jericho. Evan kicks Jericho in the legs several times, and then in the chest. This kick sends Chris flying to the outside of the ring. Jericho looks to re-enter, but Bourne hits him with a baseball slide. Once Jericho gets back to his feet, Bourne slingshots to the outside with a crossbody! Bourne rolls Jericho into the ring. He whips Chris into the ropes and goes for a kick. Jericho holds himself on the ropes, and then kicks Bourne in the gut.


We come back as Jericho is torturing Bourne in the middle of the ring. The high flyer has his back contorted over the knee of Jericho. Evan manages to lift his knee up, and plant Jericho squarely in the temple to break the hold. Bourne is struggling for his corner, but Jericho makes it to Edge first. Edge runs into the ring, and stops Bourne from making the tag.

Evan is lifted into the air for a vertical suplex. While upside down, Bourne manages to drive his head into the knee of Edge, and reverse the hold! Edge makes to his corner to tag in a hesitant Jericho. Randy Orton also gets the tag. Jericho is slammed down to the mat and then set up on the apron. Randy Orton connects with his suspended DDT. Jericho eats the mat face first.

Orton is pumping up the crowd and ready to pounce. Edge tries to sneak in from behind, but Orton is not fooled. Orton is able to knock Edge for the outside, but the brief distraction is enough for Jericho to get in a cheap shot and make the tag. Edge sets Orton up in the corner, and then tags in Jericho to work on his chest. Jericho apples a boot to the throat of Edge. Orton tries to fight his way out, but gets caught with a dropkick. Jericho goes for the cover, but Randy kicks out.

Jericho lifts Orton up to put him in a rear headlock. Randy struggles to his feet, but gets hit with a running bulldog from Jericho. Chris goes for the lionsault, but Orton rolls out of the way! Both men are down on the mat as the referee begins his count.

Edge and Bourne both receive tags. It is Bourne on the quick offense with a dropkick, and then a beautiful spinning wheel kick that could be audibly heard throughout the arena. Edge manages to dodge a springboard kick, and it is Jericho is tagged into the match. Edge hits the spear on his partner! This leaves Bourne with an opening to head to the top rope. Evan leaps and hits his Shooting Star Press!

Winners via Shooting Star Press: Randy Orton & Evan Bourne

After the match, Randy Orton hits the RKO on Bourne out of nowhere!


In the back, Randy Orton comes face to face with David Otunga, Hearth Slater and Michael Tarver. David says that he wanted to make it clear that their actions had nothing to do with Randy Orton. Orton points out that they ruined his Championship match. Tarver says that attacking Randy and the Fatal Four Way match was necessary to get their agenda across to management. Slater apologizes on behalf of Nexus. Otunga says that depending on what happens during the truce tonight, they can’t guarantee what will happen during the Steel Cage championship match. Especially if the winner is the man invoking a holy war against the Nexus. They are trying to convince Orton to conspire with them towards damaging Cena, and asks him to think over their offer. Randy says that he heard what they had to say, and then tells them to get out of his face.

Josh Mathews says that a GeneralMail was received during the commercial break regarding another Title match at Money in the Bank Match. It will be The Hart Dynasty v. The Usos. With him at this time, are the Usos. Jay bets Jimmy that Mathews has no idea which Uso is which. They ask him, which is Jimmy and which is Jay? Josh looks embarrassed and says that this is awkward. Tamina tells Josh which one is Jimmy and which one is Jay. She says that she understands, because Josh is just like The Hart Dynasty and just doesn’t get it. Jimmy says that after their match, everyone will know who they are.


Divas Championship
Alicia Fox v. Eve Torres

The locks up and Fox connects with an elbow to send Eve off kilter. Fox whips Eve into the ropes, but gets hit with two consecutive dropkicks. Eve goes for the cover, but Alicia fox kicks out. Eve scoops up Fox, and throws her to the middle of the ring. Fox starts to hold on to her ankle, and the referee doesn’t let Torres attack her. Eve is frustrated. Finally, Fox convinces the referee to continue the match. Eve comes over to her, and Fox knees her in the skull! Alicia hits the scissors kick and retains her Championship!

Winner & STILL Divas Champion: Alicia Fox


Wade Barret makes his way out to the ring, as it is time for the truce meeting. Wade says that he will not sugar coat the actions of Nexus against him, but everything that they did had a purpose. It was just unfortunate that Cena had to be the focal point. Wade asks Cena to come out so that they can shake hands like men.

Cena’s music hits, and he keeps a very open eye on his surroundings on the way to the ring. Cena is wary of a sneak attack as has happened to him repeatedly in the past from Nexus. John makes his way into the ring, taking in the crowd. Wade says that the Nexus has caused Cena a lot of harm and the WWE Championship, but he wants him to know that Cena is not in their future plans. Wade says that he is here representing the Nexus because he wants to move forward, and settle things here tonight. Wade says they can either settle things, or have Cena feel the consequences for a very long time.

Cena wants to know that if they shake hands, everything will stop. No more sneak attacks or chaos. Cena needs to know that it all ends here. Cena extends his hand. Wade goes for the shake. Cena pulls his hand away! John says, “why stop now when we are having so much fun!”. Cena says that Barret can take his plans and truces and stuff them up his “nexus”. Cena says he looks forward to the future, because he is going to take them down. Every single member of the Nexus will go down. Whether he has to do it alone, or with help, he will take them down.

Wade says that they only reason Cena is standing in the ring is because what they did to Cena in the past is nothing compared to what they can do to him in the future. Wade warns Cena that this is his last chance. Shake his hand, or face very severe consequences. Cena stares at the extended hand of Wade, and takes it. He then lifts Wade up into the air for the Attitude Adjustment!

The Nexus hits the ring to make the save! Cena is 7 on 1 and gets taken to the mat. Evan Bourne comes out to make the save, but quickly succumbs to the Nexus. Morrison is next out, but he still has no luck. The music of the World’s Strongest man hits. He leads in a cavalry of RAW stars including Goldust, The Great Khali, Kozlov and others. They are able to clear the ring, and Nexus is on the entrance ramp. All except Darren Young who is stranded in the ring.

GeneralMail Alert hits. He says that this must stop, or else there will severe consequences. The RAW Superstars are formed in a blockade to keep the Nexus from reaching Darren Young. Cena locks on the STF and looks to rip his head off!

GeneralMail Alert: because of Cena’s actions he must face all 7 members of the Nexus next week in a 7 on 1 handicap match!

Cena takes out his frustration on Darren Young as he no longer has anything left to lose. Cena lifts him up and throws him shoulder first into the steel post! Cena looks ready to explode. Cena decides to head out of the ring after Young. Cena picks up one of the steel steps. Cena THROWS them at the head of Young! Cena then throws Young over the commentator’s booth and then knocks it over on him. Cena heads back into the ring and celebrates with the crowd as RAW goes off the air.

RAW Thoughts

Stone Cold Steve Austin is not the RAW General Manager. Just wait, I am willing to bet that each week the General Manager uses different wrestler’s catch phrases. Three weeks is far to early to reveal the identity of the mystery General Manager. I could be wrong, but I have a strong feeling we won’t find out who the General Manager is any sooner than Summerslam.

The Dibiase v. John Morrison match was fairly straightforward and to the point. The purpose was to show the audience how the dynamic of the Maryse relationship would function. Looks like she’ll be using her feminine charms for distraction, and should set Dibiase on a winning streak for the foreseeable future. Plus, having Maryse on his arm is a great way to get people who don’t care about him to at least watch the TV to catch a glimpse of the French beauty.

The tag match with Santino did exactly what I expected it would. Santino was silly, Kozlov was befuddled with his antics, but still ensured that they would pull out the victory. I just wonder exactly how far their relationship and run will go, because as of now I just don’t see them as the Tag Team Champions. Not yet at least.

I was pleasantly surprised with the segment between Sheamus and Arn Anderson. Arn cut a hell of a good little promo. Just goes to show that if you got it, then you got it.

Speaking of good promos, The Miz impressed me tonight as well. I never would have thought that he could cut an intimidating promo, but tonight he cut one that was pretty believable. Oh, and that rap was awesome.

The Tag Match featuring Bourne, Jericho, Edge & Orton was a hell of a match. Now don’t go thinking that this is the start of a heel turn for Randy Orton. His RKO was designed to put over the Money in the Bank match and the every man for himself element.

I’m very curious as to where they are going to take the Nexus angle from this point forward. Cena has switched roles with them as the antagonist. It makes you wonder just how far he will go. Also, what changed between last week and tonight? Last week he wouldn’t save one of the greatest wrestlers of all time (Steamboat), because of the risk of being suspended. But tonight, he had no problem attacking Young despite the threat of very severe consequences. Cena looks ready to snap in an unpredictable sense which should provide some very solid TV.

Alicia Fox

So let’s talk about Alicia Fox for a moment. I actually have to say that she impressed me with her promo tonight in the back with Josh Mathews. I mean, it wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but it also wasn’t terrible. Fox doing something not terrible impresses me, so kudos to her for that. Also, she didn’t botch any moves during her match tonight! Sure, she only tried like three moves, but hey at least she pretty much hit them all! For the first time since she won the Title, I found some things that she did which impressed me. That being said, my standards for her are so low, that there was almost no way she wouldn’t surpass them.

It doesn’t happen too often, but I actually got a bit offended by an e-mail from a reader this week. A false accusation was made that I would like to address, and clearly spell out my feelings. I had a reader e-mail this week accusing me of bordering on racist for my dislike of Fox. Let me make my point clear – I don’t care if Alicia Fox is black, yellow, white, or neon pink, she is a terrible wrestler, and a waste of money for the WWE to be funding her contract. There are so many great talented female wrestlers in the world. I’m not talking about just Divas and Knockouts, I mean in the WORLD. Hell, bring up AJ Lee from FCW. She is a brilliant “in-house” wrestler that makes Alicia Fox look like a joke. Though to be fair, Fox does a pretty good job all by herself at looking like a joke. I’m so passionately annoyed by the Alicia Fox issue because it just plain disgusting to watch her try and wrestle.

Let me name you some female wrestlers not currently employed by the WWE or TNA, that would be a far better usage of the WWE’s money to bring in and put on contract: Sara Del Ray, MsChif, Awesome Kong, Mercedes Martinez, Daizee Haze, Roxxi Laveaux, Allison Danger, Sumie Sakai, Maria Kanellis, Becky Bayless, and one of my personal favorites – Portia Perez.

So fire the waste of money that is Alicia Fox, and bring in someone worth watching. That’s all I’m trying to say.

Send me some e-mails, and have a safe week everyone!

David Stephens

So that’s RAW…. Love it? Hate it? Disagree with everything I said? Just want to chat wrestling? I’m always up for reading your thoughts and do my absolute best to reply to every message I get. Send them over to me at david@wrestleview.com.

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