Raw Results – 2/1/10

WWE Monday Night Raw
February 1, 2010
Nashville, TN
Report by: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The 2010 Royal Rumble winner, Edge, came out to the stage and waltzed down to the ring. He said he was back and that took us on a little jaunt six years ago. Back to when he won the tag titles and got injured. He said while he was on the shelf he saw Chris Jericho making light of his injury and the room he was sitting in got silent. He said it got silent because he made himself a promise he would make it to the Rumble. He said he promised himself that he?d prove the doctors wrong. He said Jericho might have his Slammy right now, but Edge has his ticket to Wrestlemania and the option to wrestle whomever he wanted.

Edge said two years ago he faced the Undertaker and lost. He said unlike HBK, if he wanted the Dead man, he could have him. He said on the other hand though, would be about opportunity.. Maybe facing a guy who had never competed at Wrestlemania might be smarter. Edge said he was going to take his time picking his opponent?

WWE Champion Sheamus came down to the ring and said Edge had better watch his mouth. He said he beat Cena and Orton easily. He said Edge shouldn?t even make him break a sweat. They went back and forth before Sheamus cheap shotted him. He missed the bicycle kick only for Edge to hit him with a big spear.


Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes

Cody came right at Cena with rights and lefts. Cena fought out of the corner only to Cody scoop him into a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Cody raked the eyes and connected with a neck breaker for another quickie near fall. Rhodes hit a Flair-esqe knee drop for a two count before going for a second and whiffing badly. Cena hit a series of shoulder blocks before Rhodes countered out and hit a roll up for a two count. Cena kicked out and grabbed an inverted power bomb from behind before a five knuckle shuffle. Cena loaded Rhodes up for an FU but Rhodes fought out and hit a short arm clothesline.

Rhodes hit an inverted vertical suplex for a two count before going to the top rope and hitting a moonsault for another two count. Cena caught Rhodes napping with another FU and this time connected for a three count.

Winner: John Cena via pin fall

Vince McMahon is on the way to his office. He says Bret Hart likely won?t show tonight. William Shatner showed up in his office and told him he couldn?t WAIT?. For Bret Hart to embarrass him tonight.


Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Triple H vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger tossed Triple H around a few times with a go behind before Triple H socked him with a right hand and connected with a high knee. Triple H dumped him to the outside as we went to commercial.

Swagger hit a side suplex for a two count as we got back from break. Swagger dropped an elbow or three before hitting a leg drop and getting a two count. Swagger cinched in gut wrench suplex, before charging him and getting tossed to the outside of the ring.

HHH followed him to the outside where Swagger knocked him off the apron and threw him back into the ring and hit a body slam. Swagger slapped on a rear chin lock before connecting with a right hand. He went for the Vader bomb, only for Triple H to get the knees up. Triple H hit a face buster for a two count.

The Game went on the offensive, slamming him into the buckles and hitting a series of right hands. Swagger kicked out of a pin fall after a spine buster before Triple H loaded up a pedigree, only to get back body dropped to the mat. Swagger connected with the Vader bomb this time for a two count. Swagger went for an overhead throw only for Triple H to wiggle out and hit one pedigree for the win.

Winner: Triple H via pin fall


William Shatner is back SPEAKING the words of WWE wrestler themes. This is utterly amazing.

Triple H is kidding with HBK about him eliminating him at the Rumble. Michaels was still obsessing over the Undertaker. Triple H said one of them can win the belt in the Elimination Chamber and headline Wrestlemania. Together. He said all he had to do was beat Randy Orton.


Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels

The two locked horns and worked into the corner. The two had another intense stare down before Michaels unloaded with strikes. Orton bailed before a Sweet chin music could be hit. Orton went for his DDT, only for HBK to counter and bring him to the outside and hit a lazy chop. Orton grabbed the advantage back in the ring before Orton began stomping away on his midsection and throat.

Orton hit a great drop kick before throwing Michaels into a rear chin lock. Michaels went to break out of the hold only for Michaels to cut him off. Orton and HBK duked it out on the top rope before Michaels fought Orton off. He dropped the elbow and went to tune up the band. Michaels missed the kick only to counter an RKO and hit an inverted atomic drop and drop Orton with a chop.

Michaels hit his kip up only for Orton to catch him and roll him up.

Winner: Randy Orton via pin fall


Ted Dibiase approached Randy Orton to apologize. Orton shook his head at Ted and walked away.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Mark Henry vs. Ted Dibiase

Henry pushed Dibiase back easily. Dibiase grabbed a headlock only for Henry to shrug him off again and knock him down twice and clothesline him to the floor. Henry followed him to the outside only to get posted. Dibiase worked him over on the outside before tripping Henry up and sending him into the ring steps. Dibiase slammed his arm into the ring steps before beating the count.

Dibiase went at the injured arm before going for a quick near fall. Dibiase slapped on a key lock only to get tossed into the ropes again. Henry slammed Dibiase into the corner and leveled him with a clothesline before sending him into the corner and getting caught. Dibiase looked for a cross body only for Henry to catch him. Dibiase wiggled out onto the apron and hung Henry’s apron up before going for Dream Street.

Henry shrugged him off the attempt and whipped Dibiase to the buckles. He went for splash and Dibiase avoided him as Henry crashed into the buckle shoulder first. Dibiase hit a cross arm breaker and covered Henry for the win.

Winner: Ted Dibiase via pin fall

A tribute video to former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jack Briscoe aired.


Maryse is surprisingly expressing disappointment in the Smackdown heels to Gail Kim. She said they should show them how real women wrestle.

Miz and Big Show are hanging out in the back. They?re lobbying for Tag title shots. CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society are, too. Shatner steps in to NEGOTIATE~. Shatner makes a triple threat tag title match for next week.

Triple H is trying to keep Shawn Michaels from breaking down. Micahels is very butthurt.


Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston

Miz is on commentary.

Show swats Kofi to the mat immediately. He chucks Kofi to the other side of the mat and then charged him only to get caught on the ropes. Kofi drop kicks Show out to the ringside area as we head to commercial.


Over the break, Big Show hit a big spear to regain the advantage. Show hit a clothesline before slapping on a rear chin lock. Kofi came fighting back with rights and lefts only to get head butted to the mat. Kofi rolled out to the floor. The Miz went to jaw jack at Kofi before MVP jumped out of nowhere and chased him to the back.

Kingston countered Show and then fell off the top rope. He hit an awkward drop kick to cover and then connected with the boom drop. The two tussled to the corner where Kofi accidentally poked Show in the eyes. Show reeled around and socked the ref accidentally thanks to Kofi ducking. Show called out another official only to get DQ?d.

Winner: Kofi Kingston via DQ

After the match, Show argued with the official.


William Shatner came out and introduced Bret Hart.

Hart said he came back a few weeks ago to make peace. He said tonight, he wasn?t looking for that. He was here to confront McMahon. After a brief wait, Vince came strutting out and sauntered down to the ring.

Vince said he had a few things to get off his chest as well. Vince said he doesn?t regret anything he’s ever done to him. Bret called him the world’s greatest liar. He ran down the laundry list of lies Vince told him through the years. He said Cena described Vince as pathetic last week. Bret said he knew all about pathetic. He said 8 years ago he was in a wheel chair sick. He said day by day, he found the courage and got past it. He said he cried himself to sleep sometimes at night feeling pathetic. Hart said to himself he?d never feel pathetic for the rest of his life.

Then he came here. For all the right reasons.

He said Vince kicked him in the gut and left him there feeling pathetic. Bret said for 14 years he worked for him, wrapped up his injured knees and worked every night thinking Vince would appreciate it someday. He said Vince didn?t appreciate it. He said what took him 20 years to build up what it took Vince three minutes to tear down. He said Vince called him chewing gum that lost its flavor? he said there was just enough flavor to kick Vince’s ass.

Vince called all of Hart’s self-imposed names a crock. Vince said he wasn?t a hero to anyone. Vince said he didn?t get what people saw in him. He thought Bret WAS pathetic. He said Bret had zero personality. He said if it wasn?t for others who had personality, he?d be nothing but a foot note. He said Bret had no charisma. He had no command of the English language. He said he has that hound dog looking face. He said he has that stringy, crappy hair. He said he’s even dressed like a hobo. He said what Bret doesn?t understand that he deserved to be screwed. He said last time they were together face to face and Vince wanted to nominate Stu for the hall of fame. But he said he wasn?t going to induct him this year because he didn?t deserve it.

Hart snapped and pounced on McMahon beating him to the mat and smashing him with uppercuts to the face. He went for a sharpshooter only to get blindsided by Batista. Batista went for what looked like a Batista bomb, only for Hart to call him off it a bit. Batista audibled and hit a flurry of body shots and held Bret up so the now-recovered Vince could spit in his face. That’s how we left it.

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