WWE Raw Results – 10/26/20 (Hell in a Cell fallout, new WWE Champion Randy Orton)

WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results
October 26, 2020
Orlando, Florida (Amway Center)
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show highlighting Randy Orton defeating Drew McIntyre last night at Hell in a Cell to win the WWE Championship.

Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring. McIntyre says he’s been trying to find the words to talk about losing his WWE Championship, but there’s no excuses. McIntyre has one promise: he will be WWE Champion again. McIntyre quotes from the movie “Rocky” about getting up when you get knocked down. Why is he in a good mood and sharing inspirational quotes? If you could read his mind, it’s very different.

The Miz’ music hits, and McIntyre says he has messed up. The new Mr. Money in the Bank holder The Miz comes out with John Morrison. McIntyre threatens them both. They put over McIntyre’s impressive run with the title. Miz talks about how this is good for McIntyre that he’s holding the title. When he goes for the title again, he’ll be facing The Miz for the title. Morrison mentions that Miz cashed in Money in the Bank for the first time on Randy Orton in Orlando. The Miz mentions “Angry Miz Girl” was really angry.

Eventually McIntyre hears enough and gives Miz a Glasgow Kiss. Morrison tries to get along with McIntyre, but he’s punched down. McIntyre throws Morrison around the ring. McIntyre goes for a Future Shock DDT on Morrison, but Miz chop blocks McIntyre’s knee. McIntyre’s knee was injured last night at Hell in a Cell. Miz and Morrison escape up the ramp. McIntyre stomps on Morrison’s sunglasses and says he has an idea that he’ll run by management. It’s going to be a bad night for Miz and Morrison.

Keith Lee will face Elias in a Survivor Series Qualifying Match. Matt Riddle will also face Sheamus, while Jeff Hardy will face AJ Styles in qualifying matches.

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring with Jordan Omogbehin. They don’t mention Omogbehin’s name tonight. Styles will face Jeff Hardy, next.

-Commercial Break-

AJ Styles is in the ring with the former security guard for Raw Underground. Styles is confused as to why he has to be in a Survivor Series Qualifying Match. Who does he have to impress? Adam Pearce or the clowns in the back? Not only should he automatically be on Team Raw, he should be the captain because he is the face that runs the place. Maybe they have noticed his associate’s face. His associate doesn’t like to be noticed or looked at or talked to. That is a warning.

Maybe they should just talk about his Qualifying Match against Jeff Hardy or, as he likes to call him, the biggest cheater in WWE history. This past summer, Hardy used an illegal knee brace to win the Intercontinental Championship from him. The joke is on Hardy. If Hardy tries what he did to Elias on him tonight, his associate will make him wish he never put down that bottle.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match
AJ Styles w/ Jordan Omogbehin vs. Jeff Hardy

Styles kicks and punches Hardy down at the sound of the bell. Styles punches Hardy back against the ropes. Styles sends him into the ropes, but Hardy ducks a clothesline and slides out of the ring. As Styles comes out, Hardy gets in and hits a baseball slide. Hardy goes to the second rope and dives to the floor, but Omogbehin catches him. This is in full view of the referee and no disqualification is called.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Styles take Hardy down. Styles pulls Hardy up and hits a brainbuster for a near fall. Styles sets up for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Hardy crawls away. Hardy avoids an avalanche and takes him down. Hardy hits an inverted atomic drop, a double leg drop to the midsection, a low dropkick, and a big splash for a two count. Styles blocks a kick, but Hardy twists through for a mule kick to the corner. Hardy hits a slingshot corner dropkick to the midsection for a near fall. Hardy takes a few moments to recover before grabbing Styles. Styles stuns him with an ushigoroshi.

Styles gets Hardy to his feet and kicks away at him. Hardy comes back with a jawbreaker and a side Russian Leg Sweep. Hardy then connects with a trapped double leg pin for a near fall. Hardy gets Styles on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Styles slides out and rips him off to the canvas. Hardy’s face hit the turnbuckles. Styles follows up with a torture rack bomb for a near fall. Styles sets up for a Styles Clash, but Hardy gets out. Hardy avoids a Pelé Kick and rolls him up for a close near fall. Hardy then hits a falcon arrow. Hardy goes to the apron, but Omogbehin’s presence frightens him. Hardy heads to the top rope, but Styles forearms him down to the apron.

Hardy grabs Styles on the apron and goes for a Twist of Fate, but Styles pushes him off into the ring post. Hardy’s face bounces off the post. Styles clotheslines him over the top rope back into the ring. Styles follows up with a Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles

AJ Styles is the first entrant onto Team Raw at Survivor Series. Styles and Omogbehin walk up the ramp. As Hardy gets up in the ring, Elias CRUSHES him with a guitar shot to the spine.

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth is walking backstage when Sarah Schreiber mentions he successfully beat Drew Gulak last night to retain the title. R-Truth says he welcomes all challengers and says (in so many words) that “Danger” is his middle name.

-Commercial Break-

Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak vs. Lucha House Party

Lince Dorado starts against Akira Tozawa. Tozawa punches him down and tags Drew Gulak in. Dorado eventually takes Gulak down with a facebuster.

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth comes out to ringside. Tozawa rolls R-Truth up for a two count. R-Truth sends Tozawa into the barricade. R-Truth avoids Gran Metalik and gets in the ring. R-Truth avoids more pinfall attempts. Dorado eventually covers Gulak to win the tag match, which somehow wasn’t thrown out by the referee despite an outside performer coming in and attacking the members of the match.

Winners by Pinfall: Lucha House Party

They all try to cover R-Truth, but he escapes with the WWE 24/7 Championship.

The Firefly Fun House is next.

-Commercial Break-

Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt is dressed as The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. The rest of the puppets are enjoying desserts and tea. Alexa Bliss walks in late and brought tea. Wyatt and the puppets are very happy. Bliss pours a cup for Ramblin’ Rabbit. There’s a secret ingredient in the tea… arsenic. Rabbit throws up an orange liquid and dies. Wyatt and Bliss laugh.

Wyatt says she fits right in. They’re all a little mad down there. Bliss asks how Wyatt knows she is mad. Wyatt says she wouldn’t have come here if she wasn’t. This is a place where he comforts and heals you. Bliss puts her head down and her face is flush with red. Wyatt holds his gloved hand that says “Heal” over her forehead. She opens her eyes, which are a different color. She says in a trance, “Let him in.” Bliss snaps out of it and returns to form. The fun continues when she has WWE Champion Randy Orton on A Moment of Bliss.

Wyatt is in a trance now. Ramblin’ Rabbit awakes from his coma, so Wyatt murders him with a metal tennis racket. Bliss and Wyatt laugh as Rabbit is decapitated. Wyatt says this interview is going to be fire. They wave goodbye to everyone.


Footage is shown of the Keith Lee vs. Braun Strowman main event last week on Raw. Strowman won with a low blow. Lee low blowed Strowman after the match.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Keith Lee. Lee says there is no question about what Braun Strowman did last week. Strowman couldn’t beat him clean, so he went to low tactic. Strowman thinks he’s a monster, but when they face again he’ll show Strowman a real monster. It won’t happen tonight because he’s facing Elias, next.

-Commercial Break-

WWE Official Adam Pearce is walking backstage when WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler stop him. Jax says the men may need qualifying matches, but they don’t. Jax says she’ll be team captain and hands Pearce a list of competitors. Baszler then hands him her own list and Jax isn’t on it. They’re not happy.

“Ladies and gentlemen… Elias.”

Elias is seated in the ring. Elias talks about putting Jeff Hardy behind him after he hit him with a car. Now he’ll beat Keith Lee. Elias puts over “Universal Truth,” which came out today.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match
Elias vs. Keith Lee

They lock up, and Lee stuns him with some strikes. Elias elbows him back, so Lee sends him into the ropes. Lee leapfrogs him and drops down before hitting a cross-body block. Elias rolls out of the ring to recover. Lee grabs Elias at ringside and puts him in the ring. Elias knocks him off the apron and hits a baseball slide. Lee then hits a Pounce on Elias over the commentary table.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Lee attacking Elias. Lee soon goes for a Spirit Bomb, but Elias gets out and knees him in the face. Lee goes down and rolls out of the ring. Elias sends him hard face-first into the ring post. Elias gets him in the ring and hits a double axe handle for a two count. Elias applies a chin lock, but Lee powers out. Lee then hits a scoop powerslam.

Lee throws Elias across the ring and avalanches him. Lee sends him to the opposite corner and counters a slingshot. Elias kicks him back and hits a sloppy twisting neckbreaker for a near fall. Elias goes to the top rope, but Jeff Hardy’s music hits. Lee slams Elias off the top rope and hits a Spirit Bomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Keith Lee

Keith Lee joins AJ Styles on Team Raw. Jeff Hardy smashes a guitar over Elias’ back as he gets to his feet.

The Hurt Business intimidates a stagehand backstage. They’ll face RETRIBUTION, next.

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NXT Halloween Havoc is this Wednesday.

Video Package: Randy Orton defeats Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship inside Hell in a Cell last night

WWE Champion Randy Orton is interviewed by Charly Caruso. She asks if he’s worried about The Fiend making an appearance on A Moment of Bliss. Orton says the only people that need to be concerned are those that cross him.

Video Package: The Hurt Business vs. RETRIBUTION

The Hurt Business makes their entrance. They’ll face RETRIBUTION in an elimination tag match, next.

-Commercial Break-

WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley will face WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn at Survivor Series this year.

MVP says when RETRIBUTION came to WWE, everyone ran from them except the Hurt Business. Bobby Lashley says they didn’t look at RETRIBUTION as a threat; they were an opportunity. Monday Night Raw is an asset of their business. RETRIBUTION is a liability. MVP says they aren’t doing this for free. They told the higher-ups they would take care of RETRIBUTION. Once they do that, they’ll have fulfilled their end of the deal. They’ll be looking for payment. Shelton Benjamin says they’ll take their payment in gold.

8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
The Hurt Business (WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander) vs. RETRIBUTION (Mustafa Ali, T-Bar, Mace, and Slapjack) w/ RETALIATION

Bobby Lashley starts against T-Bar. They lock up, and Lashley powers him to the corner. Lashley punches away at T-Bar and bounces him off the turnbuckles. Lashley continues to punch away at T-Bar and climbs to the second rope to punch him more. T-Bar pushes him off and boots him back. T-Bar fights back at Lashley and sends him into the ropes. Lashley ducks a clothesline and shoulder blocks him down. Lashley hooks the head, but T-Bar powers him to the corner. Lashley hits T-Bar with a flatliner, and something falls off T-Bar’s mask.

MVP tags in and attacks T-Bar, bouncing him off the turnbuckles. T-Bar knees MVP and clubs him down. Mace tags in and elbows away at MVP. Slapjack tags in and immediately has to adjust his mask. Slapjack dropkicks MVP in the back of the head for a two count. Slapjack strikes away at MVP and charges, but MVP drops him into the turnbuckle. MVP hits a running big boot in the corner before hitting an exploder. Mustafa Ali breaks up the pin. A month ago this match was thrown out due to contact by the illegal competitor. RETALIATION gets on the apron and drops down on the mat scratching herself all over and rolls into the ring having a fit. MVP is distracted. Slapjack rolls MVP up to eliminate him.

MVP has been eliminated from the match.

RETALIATION is still rolling on the mat scratching her skin and having a total fit. The referee calls for help.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break see Lashley send Slapjack to the corner. During the break, it was shown that RETALIATION was faking it. Lashley shoves Slapjack away and spears him for the elimination.

Slapjack has been eliminated from the match.

T-Bar immediately attacks Lashley and brawls with him at ringside. Lashley clotheslines T-Bar over the barricade and they’re both counted out.

Bobby Lashley and T-Bar have been eliminated by count-out.

Cedric Alexander starts against Mace. Alexander forearms Mace and punches away at him. Mace pushes him off and hits a side kick to the face. Benjamin eventually tags in. Alexander hits Mace with a Neuralyzer and Benjamin hits Pay Dirt to eliminate him.

Mace has been eliminated from the match.

Benjamin takes Ali, who is terrified, and hits a fallaway slam. Alexander tags in and beats on Ali. They fight outside the ring until Ali hits him with a chair.

Winners: The Hurt Business

Benjamin stalks Ali. Lashley and MVP run down to help, and Ali runs off in terror. The Hurt Business walk off united.

We go backstage to see Angel Garza flirting with Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke. Mandy says Otis had a rough week, but they’re still close. Garza goes to Dana, but then shifts his attention to Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Jax takes the rose from him and looks happy.

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance. He’ll face The Miz, next.

-Commercial Break-

Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz w/ John Morrison

John Morrison immediately distracts McIntyre at the sound of the bell. Miz goes for a takedown, but McIntyre doesn’t go down. McIntyre punches him and powers him to the corner. McIntyre talks trash. Miz quickly clips the injured knee. Miz attacks him at ringside, and McIntyre’s ribs, which were also hurt last night, start to hurt him. Morrison gets a cheap shot in. Miz big boots McIntyre. McIntyre fights back, but Miz hits a leg breaker. Miz backs up, but McIntyre knocks him back and makes a comeback. McIntyre hits a pair of overhead belly-to-belly suplexes followed by a neckbreaker. McIntyre kips up and says that Miz is screwed. Miz gets out of a Future Shock DDT and sends McIntyre over the top rope out of the ring. Morrison goes to attack, but McIntyre big boots him and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on the floor… again in full view of the referee.

McIntyre throws the Money in the Bank briefcase up the ramp. Miz rolls McIntyre up getting in the ring for a two count. McIntyre immediately hits a Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

Matthew McConaughey is shown with his two sons in the WWE ThunderDome celebrating Drew McIntyre’s win.

Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day are dressed as The Street Profits. They’re confused as to who they are facing since they had a few too many drinks out of the solo cups. Asuka walks up, and they mention she’ll be facing Sasha Banks at Survivor Series. Asuka shouts that they want the smoke! WWE Champion Randy Orton will take on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. MVP walks up and mentions that Bobby Lashley will face Sami Zayn. The Hurt Business also wants the Raw Tag Team Titles. Asuka says they can’t win the titles because New Day Rocks. Asuka and The New Day dance.

-Commercial Break-

Drew McIntyre is walking backstage when Charly Caruso stops him. He says this is the first step to getting the WWE Championship back. He’ll see Randy Orton on A Moment of Bliss.

WWE Officials Adam Pearce and Pat Buck are in the ring. They’re introducing the women that will represent Team Raw in the Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler will be on the team. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke will join them.

Before Pearce makes the final announcement, Jax cuts him off. She wants to make the final announcement as the team captain. Shayna Baszler disagrees. Pearce says the fifth member will be settled in a Fatal 4-Way featuring Lana, Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce, and Nikki Cross. This match begins right now.

Fatal 4-Way Match
Lana vs. Lacey Evans vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross

The bell rings, and everyone starts brawling. Recently formed tag team Royce and Evans go after each other. Lana knocks all three out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Royce stretching Cross on the ropes. Royce ducks a kick from Lana and sends her into the ring post shoulder-first. Evans knocks Royce back, but Royce quickly knocks her off the apron. Cross rolls Royce up for a two count. Royce clotheslines Cross down for a one count. Cross soon makes a comeback and bounces her off the turnbuckle. Cross then hits Lana with a cross-body off the apron and a cannonball. Cross then DDTs Evans on the floor. Cross goes to the top rope and hits Royce with a cross-body block for a near fall.

Lana gets in the ring and nearly trips flinging herself over the top rope. Evans hits Lana with a Woman’s Right. Royce slams Cross onto Evans with a Gory Bomb, but Evans still kicks out. Cross goes to the top rope and punches Royce back. Evans attacks Cross. Cross fights out of a superplex, but Royce spin kicks her. Royce goes for a superplex, but Cross fights her off. Evans runs up and clubs Cross. Royce runs up and hits Evans with a German Suplex while Evans hits a superplex. Lana runs in and covers Cross for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Lana

Lana is the fifth member of Team Raw in the Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match. Jax hugs Lana at ringside… but she won’t let go. Shayna Baszler clears off the commentary table. Jax then gives Lana a Samoan Drop through the commentary table.

Charly Caruso is outside of WWE Champion Randy Orton’s locker room. She asks if he’s still planning on being a guest on A Moment of Bliss. Orton says he will. Charly asks if he heard what Bray Wyatt said. If The Fiend wants a piece of him, he’ll introduce him to the three most dangerous letters in sports-entertainment: R-K-O.

Matt Riddle makes his entrance. He’ll face Sheamus in a Survivor Series Qualifying Match, next.

-Commercial Break-

Mustafa Ali is backstage with RETRIBUTION. Ali says they are not failures or a team. RETRIBUTION is a mission. They win when all suffer. They decide when you get shut down.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match
Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

Riddle grabs Sheamus and takes him down. Sheamus quickly scurries to the apron and gets to ringside to recover and think about this. Sheamus gets in the ring and hits a headlock takeover. Sheamus cinches in the headlock, but Riddle fights out and applies a triangle choke. Sheamus fights out of the hold. Sheamus grabs Riddle and slams him down with a spinebuster for a near fall. Sheamus then applies a Kimura Lock. Riddle fights up and hits a dangerous looking gutwrench suplex. Riddle hooks the arm, but Sheamus knees him and hits an Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus hits a front suplex on the top rope and starts up the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán. Riddle counters with a sloppy arm bar hanging over the top rope. Riddle lets go and sends Sheamus out of the ring. Riddle kicks him in the face from the apron and hits a springboard Floating Bro to ringside.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Sheamus stretching Riddle. Riddle fights up, but Sheamus hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Sheamus rips at Riddle’s nose and applies an arm bar. Riddle fights up and hits an overhead kick. Riddle kicks him in the head again to take him down. Riddle hits a PK followed by a Broton for a near fall. Sheamus fights back with a vicious knee for a near fall. Sheamus goes to the top rope, but Riddle cuts him off. Sheamus knocks him away, but Riddle comes back with an exploder suplex off the top rope for a near fall.

Riddle goes to the top rope and goes for a Floating Bro, but Sheamus gets the knees up. Sheamus forearms him in the lower back before going for an Irish Curse Backbreaker, but Riddle counters into a sleeper hold. Sheamus gets out by slamming him into the corner. Riddle dodges a Brogue Kick and hits a German Suplex for a near fall. Riddle grabs Sheamus and lifts, but his back gives out. Sheamus catches him with a Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sheamus

Sheamus joins AJ Styles and Keith Lee on Team Raw in the Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match.

WWE Champion Randy Orton is walking backstage. He’ll be on A Moment of Bliss, next.

-Commercial Break-

WWE Champion Randy Orton on A Moment of Bliss

Alexa Bliss says her guest on tonight’s show went through hell and back last night: WWE Champion Randy Orton.

WWE Champion Randy Orton walks out to the ring and is looking over his shoulder for The Fiend. Bliss offers him a seat and promises she won’t bite. Orton says he’ll stand. She asks if he’s surprised he came out on top. Orton says he’s not surprised at becoming a 14-time champion. Does she have a surprise for him? Bliss says any good talkshow host would want the WWE Champion on their show after he burned the house down last night.

Orton gets it because he burned Bray Wyatt’s house down years ago. Orton says he knows Wyatt better than anyone. Where is The Fiend?

Drew McIntyre’s music hits, and he comes down to the ring. McIntyre and Orton brawl in the ring. McIntyre gets Orton sized up for a Claymore Kick, but the lights go out. When they come back on, The Fiend’s lighting and graphics are seen throughout the ThunderDome. Orton is on the ramp while McIntyre is in the ring. The Fiend is standing behind Orton. Orton knows, but won’t turn around. Orton instead goes back to the ring and starts brawling with McIntyre. Orton gets the better of McIntyre with a back suplex on the commentary table. Orton punches away at McIntyre as the show comes to an end.

Quick Match Results

— AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy in a Survivor Series Qualifying Match
— Lucha House Party def. Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak
— Keith Lee def. Elias in a Survivor Series Qualifying Match
— The Hurt Business def. RETRIBUTION in an 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
— Drew McIntyre def. The Miz
— Lana def. Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce, and Nikki Cross in a Fatal 4-Way Match
— Sheamus def. Matt Riddle in a Survivor Series Qualifying Match

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