WWE Monday Night Raw
Seattle, Wash.
October 11th 2010
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night RAW!!!

John Cena’s music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring amidst a mixed reaction from the audience. Cena tells them not to lose hope, and to still believe. Last week, Cena heard the crowd chant something that he has never heard before. They were chanting, “never give up”. Cena says that it may sound corny, but he will never give up.

At Hell-in-a-Cell Cena took the risk to disband the Nexus, unfortunately he did not succeed. Cena made a deal, and is a man of his word so he had to become a member of the Nexus and take orders from Wade Barrett. As the GM said last week, if Cena does not follow orders he will be fired from the WWE. Not just RAW, but the entire WWE.

Cena says that he loves coming out to the crowd because he loves being able to interact with the audience. Regardless of whether they like him or not, he loves the fact that they are passionate. Cena explains to the audience that they may see him do things, that he doesn’t want to do. It’s not a reflection on Cena, but rather an inevitable end because of Wade Barrett.

The Miz’s music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring with his minion, Alex Riley. Miz mocks Cena for not wanting to lose the support of the WWE audience. Miz tells Cena that he is in luck, because Miz has taken the helm as the captain of Team RAW. Miz says that he doesn’t judge his team by what they do personally, but rather their ability. Miz invites Cena to join his team, and fight for RAW at Bragging Rights.

Cena says that he thinks it is a good idea. The problem? Miz as the team captain. Cena says that he has nothing to do at Bragging Rights, so how about he captains the team himself? Miz shouts no, and says that he called dibs.

Wade’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Wade says that he doesn’t care about RAW or Smackdown. He only cares about Nexus and the WWE Title. Wade says that he needs Cena’s full attention at Bragging Rights and nothing else – being in Wade’s corner when he faces Orton for the WWE Title.

Cena counters that he can do both. Wade refuses, and says that Cena will only be in his corner at the PPV. Nothing else. Alex Riley decides to butt in and put over the Miz. Riley says that the potential is there for Miz to cash in the case at the PPV. Miz yells at him for giving away the element of surprise.

*GeneralMail Alert*
And I quote…

While Cena does answer to Wade, everybody on RAW must answer to the General Manager. So, as for tonight, there will be a series of matches to determine the participants. Tonight, in the main event, there will be a match to determine the captain of Team RAW. It will be The Miz v. John Cena.

Miz says that it doesn’t matter, because he will beat Cena tonight. Miz will be the captain of Team RAW. And, he might even cash in the case at the PPV. Miz tells Barrett that there is absolutely nothing that he can do about it. Wade’s response? He head butts Miz.

Miz and Riley start to attack Wade. Cena just steps back and watches the attack. Wade never called Cena in for help, so technically Cena didn’t have to. Wade is able to roll out of the ring, at which point Cena starts to attack Miz in the corner. Cena turns his attention to Riley and hits the Attitude Adjustment. Miz bails out of the ring. Cena and Wade argue in the ring as we go to commercial.


Dibiase and Maryse are in the ring looking very uncomfortable.

Video recap airs of Goldust lusting after the Million Dollar belt last week.

Winner is on Team RAW at Bragging Rights
Ted Dibiase w/ Maryse b. R-Truth w/ Eve

Truth dodges a clothesline and hits a spinning heel kick. Cover attempt, but Dibiase kicks out. Dibiase flips on top of Truth and pummels him with a series of forearms. Pin attempt, but Truth kicks out Truth punches Dibiase in the face, but gets caught with a back breaker. Pin attempt, Truth kicks out.

Dibiase pushes Truth into the corner and then whips him across the ring. Truth blocks a splash, and hits a duo of clotheslines. Truth connects with a scoop slam and goes for a cover. Dibiase kicks out. Truth hits a nice face buster and looks to end the match here. Dibiase kicks out of the cover.

Dibiase dodges a scissors kicks and hits a spinebuster. Cover, but Truth kicks out. Dibiase gets to his feet and is stalking Truth. Dibiase is looking for Dream Street –

Goldust’s music hits and he makes his way onto the entrance ramp with Oksana and the million dollar belt. Dibiase is clearly distracted by the freaky one. Truth tries for a quick cover, but Dibiase kicks out. Unfazed, Truth kicks Dibiase in the gut, and then connects with the Lie Detector. This match is over!

Winner via Lie Detector: R-Truth


Winner is on Team RAW at Bragging Rights
John Morrison v. Tyson Kidd

Cole tells us that this was originally supposed to be a Triple Threat match with David Hart Smith, but no one can find him. Alrighty then.

Morrison knocks Tyson out of the ring. Morrison is looking for a dive, but Kidd kicks him in the face on the way out. Tyson rolls into the ring and goes for the cover. Morrison kicks out. Tyson locks on a side headlock. Morrison backs Tyson into the corner, and pounds on him. Morrison connects with a spinning heel kick and goes for the cover. Tyson kicks out.

Tyson whips him into the corner, but gets countered on the splash attempt. Morrison goes for a springboard kick. Tyson leaps up after him, and connects with a Russian Leg Sweep! Nice! Tyson has Morrison in the ring, and tries for a Sharpshooter. Morrison is able to roll his way free, and send Tyson out of the ring!

Tyson comes back in and goes for an extended sunset flip pin attempt. Morrison kicks out, and goes for a quick roll up. Tyson kicks out. Morrison grabs Morrison and hits a rather beautiful looking move. Basically a back flip Russian leg sweep similar to an Asia DDT. It was a mesh between the two. Cover and this match is over.

Winner: John Morrison

In the back Wade Barrett asks David Otunga wrestle Randy Orton tonight. Otunga thinks it is a great idea, but puts over Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash. Gabriel agrees that he could do it. Wade says it is fine, and that Otunga and Heath Slater will be in his corner. Otunga and Slater assure Gabriel that they have his back. Something seems fishy…


Winner is on Team RAW at Bragging Rights
Santino v. Zack Ryder

Ryder grabs Santino by the head and throws him into the corner. Ryder then drops a knee on the face of Santino. Ryder steps on the back of Santino, pressing against the second rope. Cover attempt, but Santino kicks out. Santino is able to secure a counter, and knocks Ryder down to the mat. Santino starts to power up the cobra, and he hits it! This match is over.

Ryder has been called a tool in recent weeks, so Lawler asks Cole to explain what it means to be a “tool”. Cole says that he has no idea. To Cole I say this – if you don’t know what a tool is, then you probably are a tool.

Winner via The Cobra: Santino

After the match Tamina comes down to the ring and jumps on top of Santino. They comically roll around for a bit.


Justin Gabriel w/ Heath Slater & David Otunga v. Randy Orton

Orton takes it right to Gabriel and whips him into the corner. Gabriel hits hard and gets clobbered by a clothesline. Gabriel slides out of the ring, and Randy Orton follows after. Orton rolls Gabriel into the ring and takes a look at the Nexus members at ringside. Otunga punches Orton, and the referee drops out right after. Slater and Otunga have been banned from ringside! Orton smiles as we go to commercial.


Back from the break, Orton see saws Gabriel into the bottom rope. Orton goes for the cover, but Gabriel kicks out. Orton whips him hard into the corner and follows up with a clothesline. Cover attempt, but Gabriel kicks out. Orton tries to whip him again, but this time Gabriel dodges the clothesline! Gabriel swings out to the apron and goes for a springboard senton. Orton kicks out of the cover.

Orton is on the ground in the corner being stomped on by Gabriel. Orton kicks Gabriel in the gut, and follows up with punches. Jawbreaker from Gabriel sets up a nice dropkick to the jaw of Orton. Cover attempt, but Orton kicks out.

Gabriel locks on a rear headlock as the crowd gets behind Orton. Gabriel counters a clothesline with his knee, which sends Orton flipping through the air! Cover by Gabriel, but Orton kicks out. Gabriel goes back to working on the neck of Orton. Gabriel finds himself caught by a huge elevated side slam, which gives Orton a moment to breathe.

Gabriel goes for a spin kick, but Orton dodges and hits his rear facing neckbreaker. Gabriel kicks out of the cover. Gabriel is whipped into the ropes and flips over Orton to dodge a clothesline. Orton turns around and connects with one anyway. Orton hits a snap scoop slam, and then a back drop. Cover attempt, but Gabriel kicks out.

Gabriel kicks Orton hard, and goes to the corner. Gabriel goes to the turnbuckle, and is looking for the 450 Splash. Orton tries to roll out of the way, but can’t move fast enough. Gabriel connects awkwardly on the side of Orton. Both men lay on the mat for a moment before getting to their feet. Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere, and this match is over.

Winner via RKO: Randy Orton


Winner is on Team RAW at Bragging Rights
Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus

Bryan will not allow what happened last week to repeat itself as he storms right after Sheamus. Bryan connects with kicks and sends him to the floor in the corner. Bryan throws Sheamus out of the Bryan connects with a baseball slide, and looks to follow up with a springboard crossbody. Sheamus catches Bryan, but Bryan wriggles free. Sheamus gets dropkicked into the steel post!

Back in the ring, Bryan flips away from a splash in the corner, but gets caught with a brutal back breaker. Sheamus kicks him on the mat, and then pulls him out of the corner for a clothesline. Bryan kicks out of the cover. Sheamus picks up Bryan, and just chucks him across the ring. Sheamus pulls Bryan into the middle of the ring, and locks on an arm bar. The fans are firmly behind Bryan and cheering him on. Cole says they are, “wasting their breath”.

Bryan kicks his way out, but gets kicked in the gut. Bryan is able to run into the ropes, and connects with a shoulder block. Bryan connects with a series of hard kicks to the chest of Sheamus. Bryan follows up with a kick to the head. Sheamus kicks out of the cover. Bryan heads to the top rope, and connects with a huge crossbody.

Sheamus goes after Bryan, and just viciously slams him down to the mat. Bryan may be out. Sheamus cockily goes for the Irish Curse, but Bryan rolls out for a victory roll! Sheamus kicks out of the pin. Sheamus hits the Brög Kick, and this match is over!

Winner via Brög Kick: Sheamus

Cena is in the back looking very downtrodden in the locker room. R-Truth comes over to say hi. Truth asks Cena what is going on. Truth tells Cena that he has a reputation as a stand-up guy, plus they are friends. Truth tells Cena that him joining Nexus is not sitting well with the rest of the locker room. Truth asks Cena what would happen if Barrett told him to take one of the locker room out. Cena doesn’t answer, and Truth acknowledges that fact. Truth tells Cena to consider the fact that there is another way out of this before he makes another mistake. Truth tells Cena to… just quit!


Winner is on Team RAW at Bragging Rights
Evan Bourne v. CM Punk

CM Punk is announced as the trade acquisition RAW got from Smackdown for Edge!

Evan tries to go for a hurricarana on the outside of the ring, but CM Punk catches him and slams him into the barricade. Back in the ring, CM Punk tries for a vertical suplex. Bourne escapes, and then dodges a splash in the corner. Bourne connects with a series of kicks, including one to the skull!

Bourne goes to the top rope and is looking for the Shooting Star Press. CM Punk leaps to his feet and pulls Bourne down. Punk hits the GTS, and this match is over!

Winner via GTS: CM Punk

After the match, CM Punk clotheslines Bourne out of the ring. Punk thrashes Bourne back and first into the barricades. Punk then lifts Bourne up into the air, and runs him shoulder first into the steel post. Punk locks on the Anaconda Vice as the referees try to pry him off. Punk actually yells to Bourne that it is, “nothing personal”. Punk is finally pulled away from Bourne.


Natalya is in the ring and puts herself over for her match against LayCool at Bragging Rights. LayCool’s music hits and they make their way down to the ring. LayCool goes on a rant against Natalya calling her ugly. They show a picture of her with her father’s facial hair. That was actually funny. Natalya calls them the most annoying Divas in the history of the WWE. LayCool puts themselves over as the best Divas ever, and head to the back.

The RAW face Divas make their way onto the entrance ramp. The keep LayCool from escaping, and Layla ends up in the ring. Natalya tries for a sharpshooter, but Michelle pulls her out of the ring. LayCool escapes through the crowd.


Winner is Captain of Team RAW
The Miz w/ Alex Riley v. John Cena

Justin Roberts announces that this match is now No Disqualification.

The Miz runs out of the ring, and Cena follows after. Alex Riley hits a cheap shot on Cena, as Miz smiles from inside the ring.


Back from the break, Miz is laying into Cena with his fists. Cena is sent to the outside, and Riley gets in another shot. Miz takes Cena over to the announce table, and throws his head into it. Miz rolls Cena on top, and follows after. Miz is looking for the Skull Crushing finale, but Cena is able to power his way out. Cena then lifts up Miz for the Attitude Adjustment, but Miz rolls off, and throws Cena off of the table, and chest first into the barricade.

Miz runs over to toy with one of the barricades, after lifting Cena to his feet. Riley tries to attack Cena, but gets caught with a fist. Cena charges towards Miz, but Miz moves out of the way pulling the barricade pad with him as Cena crashes into the steel!

Back in the ring, Cena is able to run towards the ropes and connect with a shoulder block. Miz is met with a side slam, and then the 5 Knuckle Shuffle! Cena is looking for the AA again, but this time Miz counters with a kick to the face. Cover attempt, but Miz kicks out.

Cena goes for the STF, but Miz escapes and hits his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. Cover attempt, but Cena kicks out. Alex Riley hands Miz the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Miz charges across the ring with the case. Cena ducks, and locks on the STF! Riley runs into the ring to break the hold.

Cena kicks Riley, and then nails him with the STF! Cena turns his attention back towards Miz, and goes for the Attitude Adjustment. Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty run into the ring and attack Cena. Miz gets the cover as a result, and this match is over!

Winner via interference: The Miz

Miz is now the official captain of Team RAW for Bragging Rights.

After the match, Husky and Michael try and attack Cena some more. Wade Barrett runs into the ring, and it looks like Cena is about to deck him. They stare at each other – and the GM chimes in.

*GeneralMail Alert*
And I quote…

Next week Michael McGillicutty & Husky Harris will face John Cena & Randy Orton on RAW!

Wade has the mic and says that if Cena loses that match, then Barrett will officially induct Husky & Michael into the Nexus. Wade says that he is sure that Cena will do the right thing. Wade is now trying to goad Cena into punching him with a series of taunts. Wade says that the reason Cena won’t hit him isn’t because he will be fired, but because he is scared. Wade goes on, and even turns his back to Cena!

Wade taunts Cena saying that he is letting down every single member of the WWE Universe and CENAtion. Cena grunts and moans, doing everything he can do to refrain himself. Wade says that Cena has let everybody down. He calls Cena a total and utter disgrace. Cena starts to walk his way out of the ring, but pauses at the ropes. Cena turns to look at Barrett, but ultimately leaves the ring with his tail between his legs. The crowd beings to boo. Cena heads towards the back, but Wade orders him to stop. Barrett says that until next week, “you can’t see me!”.

Raw Thoughts

I have to say that I was very pleased with tonight’s edition of RAW. There were some really strong matches, and the storylines progressed. It might not be a RAW that we look back on 10 years from now and talk about, but it was a solid and entertaining show.

I think they adjusted R-Truth’s song tonight. Before, the background track was so loud that his rap was indistinguishable. I actually understood the lyrics tonight. Well, I didn’t UNDERSTAND them, but I did hear them. On a side note, Eve really needs to comes up with a new dance for the song.

Tyson Kidd and John Morrison had a hell of a match tonight. Wow. Morrison was more controlled in terms of his Parkourness tonight, which I’m sure some people appreciated. Tyson really shined in the match and furthered my point that he will be a successful singles competitor. Morrison’s new finisher is pretty sweet.

Santino made it on to Team RAW. Poor Zack Ryder. The worst part? They played Ryder’s theme during the commercial break so I didn’t get to hear it. I’m being going to think that someone is screwing with me on purpose.

Randy Orton and Justin Gabriel had a pretty solid match tonight. Gabriel looked strong, which is certainly no surprise. It’s a shame that the match ended the way it did, because the botched finish caused a very awkward 10 second pause in the ring. I’d actually argue that it was Orton’s fault for not rolling out of the way far enough. There is only so much the guy leaping into the air can do to adjust.

Bryan’s theme song is freakin’ hilarious. His match against Sheamus was very well done tonight. Both men came out looking strong. This match certainly refuted the idea that Bryan was going to be buried by the WWE, sometimes you just need some patience to see who things play out.

CM Punk is on RAW!! Him telling Bourne that it was, “nothing personal” while attacking him is just too perfect for words. I definitely think RAW came out on the better side of the that trade, and it makes sense for both men.

R-Truth and Cena had what I honestly think is one of the best backstage segments I have seen in a long time. Really powerful stuff.

The Miz/Cena match was pretty straightforward. I’m just confused as to why the GM decided to make it a No DQ match, I can’t really figure out that decision. I liked Miz pulling back the barricade pad, I’ve never seen that one done before.

I’m not really into the whole Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty storyline yet. Maybe next week.

Wade Barrett proved tonight that he will have longevity in this business. Just a great promo with Cena in the ring to close the show. Good stuff.

I do read every single e-mail you guys send, and really appreciate hearing your thoughts. Send me some e-mails, and have a safe week everyone!

David Stephens

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