Raw Results – 11/22/10

Monday Night Raw
Orlando, FL
November 22nd 2010
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler and CM Punk
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Are you ready to cry your eyes out for Night II of the Cena Farewell Event? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night RAW!!!

Wade Barrett makes his way down to the ring, with the entirety of Nexus. The crowd is on absolute fire right now. Wade asks for some decorum so that he can speak. The crowd continues to swell with boos, and chants of “You Suck” and “Cena”. Wow.

Wade says that last night – *the crowd once again is too loud for him to continue without a significant pause. Wade tries to shut them up by saying that he fired him. Wade says that last night, John Cena looked him in the eye, and told him that he knew exactly what he was doing. Which means he was willing to sacrifice his entire career for trying to do the right thing. Which also means that Wade had no chance at trying to win because Cena had already decided the outcome. Because of Cena’s bias, it wasn’t fair.

Wade says that never in the history of the WWE has a referee been allowed to place his hands on a competitor, but that’s exactly what Cena did last night. Wade demands that he gets this injustice solved by a rematch against Orton, with a neutral referee!

*GeneralMail Alert*
And I quote…

The General Manager announces that Wade Barrett can have his Title shot, and he’ll have it tonight!

Wade says that in anticipation of such a great response, he has decided to allow Cena to appear on RAW tonight. He is allowing him to address the WWE Universe for the final time!

Tonight’s Main Event: Randy Orton v. Wade Barrett for the WWE Championship
Also to come: John Cena will be here live tonight


Cole and Lawler announce that King of the Ring will return on a special 3 Hour RAW next Monday!

Michael Cole has a mic and says that he has an announcement. CM Punk is announced as the newest member of the RAW broadcast team! He makes his way down to the booth and hugs Michael Cole, apparently they are friends.

Sheamus’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring.

R-Truth’s music hits and WAIT R-Truth’S REAL MUSIC HITS!!!!

Wats up??

Eve is still accompanying him, but the new music is gone! He gets the biggest reaction he has in months. Sheamus just shakes his head in disbelief.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
R-Truth v. Sheamus

Truth is backed into the corner, and then finds himself partially mounted by Sheamus. Sheamus grapples into a side headlock, but gets taken to his feet. Truth is driven to the mat with an axe handle blow. Sheamus goes right back to the headlock. Another slamming blow to the back of R-Truth. Truth starts to gain momentum with a punch, and then cartwheels his way out of the corner! Truth gives a crotch thrust, and follows with a clothesline.

“Vintage R-Truth” – CM Punk.


We come back with Sheamus applying a side arm bar. During the commercial, R-Truth is shown getting thrown arm first into the steel post. Sheamus goes for a cover, but Truth kicks out. Sheamus hits a nice neck shunt, and goes for another cover. Truth kicks out. Sheamus goes back to the triangle arm bar, as the crowd starts to get into the match. Truth escapes from the hold and starts to run around the ring.

He connects with a couple of punches and kicks, then hits an arm drag. Cover attempt, but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus knees Truth in the gut, and follows up with a shoulder block. Truth hits a low drop kick, and Sheamus falls to the mat. Truth heads to the top rope as Sheamus starts to get to his feet. Truth leaps and hits a great missile dropkick. Cover attempt, but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus then hits a brutal kick on Truth. Sheamus lifts R-truth high into the air and is going for the High Cross. He connects, and this match is over!

Winner via High Cross: Sheamus

Video Package for the new John Cena DVD


In the back, LayCool are complaining about losing their championship. A security guy says that the section they are in is for RAW superstars only. They give them their names, but they’re not on the list. He says he can’t let them in. They threaten to hurt him. Natalya walks into the shot and asks if he needs help. He asks if she knows them. She says no. He escorts LayCool out of the building.

In the other back, Santino and Kozlov are drinking coffee. Santino says he can’t believe they lost their match last night. Kozlov says that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Santino says that tomorrow might not come. He asks if there is anything in the world that can make him feel better. Tamina appears playing Santino a song on a ukulele. They exchange a kiss. She signals for Santino to call her as she walks away.

In the other, other back, Josh Mathews is with Randy Orton. Orton says that it doesn’t matter who the referee is, he can guarantee that Wade Barrett will not walk out of the building with the Championship.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Ezekiel Jackson v. The Miz

Alex Riley comes out and says that The Miz has suffered an anxiety attack, so he will be taking his place.

They start the match, and it’s bad news from the offset for Alex Riley. He gets clobbered by a fist, but makes it back up. He hits a nice axe handle followed by a Stinger Splash on Zeke, and then goes for the cover. Zeke kicks out. Riley goes for a side headlock, but Zeke is able to get to his feet. Zeke connects with a clothesline, and then A-Ry tries to seek refuge in the corner, but is met with a brutal lariat. Big Zeke hits the Book of Zeke, and this match is over!

Winner via Book of Zeke: Ezekiel Jackson


Cena is shown in the back, giving hugs the superstars. Truth, Eve, Gail Kim, Santino, Gail Kim and Yoshi Tatsu are shown.


Justin Roberts is in the ring, and introduces for perhaps the final time: John Cena

Cena comes out to a roaring ovation. He says that if he is going to go out, then he is going to go out tonight. Cena says that in case you missed it – Randy Orton is still the Champion, which means he is fired. Cena says that it is a decision that he really didn’t think would happen. Cena says that the audience only sees what they see on TV, but there is of course a lot that they aren’t privy to. Cena tells the audience that they have no idea how much he respects this company. No just this company today, but every single guy who allowed him to be here today.

He thanks Austin, HHH, HBK and others for helping him to get to where he did. He thanks the fans all over the world which have allowed him to travel, and have an amazing times. He says he isn’t going to let Nexus ruin the best 9 years of his life. Cena starts to talk about things in his life. He talks about missing his brother’s daughter being bored. Talks about his wife, and his mom’s upcoming birthday. Cena seems to be on the verge of tears. He says that if he wants to go out, then it should be to being able to hear a “Let’s go Cena/Cena Sucks” chant. He goes further says if they are going to do it right, then he is really going to split the crowd correctly.

Ladies and Kids “Let’s Go Cena
Guys over the age of 18 “Cena Sucks

Cena says that they are probably going to fine him, but tells Wade Barrett that Karma’s a B*TCH (which they bleeped. Cena says thank you to the WWE Universe. Thanks them for the standing up for the WWE, and all of the great memories. He walks back up the entrance ramp, and leaves for the final time.

Shots are shown of different kids throughout the crowd, looking sad. Cena walks through the back, and many Superstars clap as he walks by. Orton walks up to him, and they exchange a nod of appreciation. Cena walks away into the darkness and Wade Barrett is shown looking on.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Ted Dibiase w/ Maryse v. Daniel Bryan w/Brie Bella

While Daniel is coming down to the ring, Brie Bellas runs down to join. They begin to fight, and Dibiase uses his size to his advantage. Bryan is sent to the mat for a cover, but Bryan kicks out. Dibiase then looks for Dream Street, but Bryan is able to escape. Bryan hits a running knee, but Dibiase follows with a Spinebuster. Bryan kicks out of the pin attempt. LeBelle lock, and this is over!

Winner via LeBelle Lock: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Nikki Bella runs down to the ring. She begins to push her sister away from Bryan. It looks like they are about to fight over him. Bryan looks uncomfortable at that notion, so he pushes them together, and they pose for the crowd.


Natalya v. Alicia Fox

The women charge directly at each other. Natalya hits a couple punches and they start to pull at each other’s hair. Alicia Fox holds up her hair, and apparently she pulled out a clump. This makes Natalya furious, and she charges Fox. Natalya slams her hard hair first to the mat. Natalya follows up with a suspended suplex, with squats! Natalya is going for the Sharpshooter. Fox is close enough to the ropes to break free. Natalya pulls her to the center of the ring and locks it on again. this match is over!

Winner via Sharpshooter: Natalya


King of the Ring Qualifying Match
John Morrison v. Tyson Kidd

Melina is referred to as a 2 by CM Punk. Guess he doesn’t like her. Tyson runs right after Morrison, and locks on a side headlock. He demands that the ref asks if Morrison will quit. He doesn’t. Tyson Kidd goes for a clothesline, but Morrison kicks him in the face! Cover attempt, but Kidd kicks out.

Tyson is whipped into the ropes, but he tries to slide to the outside. Morrison grabs his head and pulls him back in – but Tyson kicks him in the skull! Kidd gets back into the ring, and charges after Morrison. He connects with a series of punches. Flying chuck from john Morrison lays out Tyson Kidd. Morrison hits Starship Pain, and this match is over.

Winner via Starship Pain: John Morrison

Next: Wade Barrett v. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship


WWE Championship
Wade Barrett v. Randy Orton

Before the match starts, Wade Barrett has Nexus attack Randy Orton during his entrance. A horde of referees separate them from Wade. It looks like we won’t be having the Championship match. Orton is limping as a referee tries to hand him the Title. Husky Harris runs down to kick him in the leg again. Wade heads to the back with his crew as we head to commercial.


Back from commercial, Michael Cole tells us that Nexus has been banned from ringside, but the match will still happen. Wade is in the ring convincing the referee to start the match. Orton’s music plays, and he must come down to the ring, or forfeit the match. Wade is laughing and yelling at the official. A limping Randy Orton appears at the top of the entrance ramp. He limps his way down to the ring.

Justin Roberts does the introductions.

They square off in the middle of the ring. Wade quickly indicates that he’ll be going for the knee of Orton. He kicks him, which sends him into the corner. Wade jumps right after and grabs the knee of Orton. Sliding out of the ring, he slams the back of the knee against the apron several times. Orton is rolled up, but he kicks out of the cover.

Orton is now trying everything possible to avoid the grasp of Wade. Barrett is eventually able to grab the leg, and hyper extends the knee before slamming it into the mat. Cover attempt, but Orton kicks out. Orton finds himself in another knee hold, but is able to kick Wade away. Barrett tries for a lariat, but Orton him in the gut. Orton follows with a neckbreaker, but he also falls right to the mat. Wade gets to his feet, and lifts him up for the Wasteland. This match is over!

– NO John Cena runs down to the ring and pulls the referee out of the match. Cena jumps on top of Barrett and absolutely pummels him. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment! Nexus beelines for the ring, so Cena leaps out into the crowd. Nexus and Security chase him out of the building.

Back in the ring, Orton has caught his breath. Wade gets to his feet, and is hit by an RKO! This match is over!

Winner & Still WWE Champion: Randy Orton

After the match, The Miz’s music hits! He runs down to the ring with Alex Riley, and announces that he is cashing in the briefcase!

The match starts with Miz going right after the knee of Orton. Miz constantly hits locks, and kicks to the knee. Orton is able to kick Miz into the barricade as Miz ran out of the ring to use the steel post. Miz scrambles back into the ring, but Orton seems to have caught a third wind. Orton is looking for the Punt, but Miz moves out of the way. Miz then counters an RKO into the Skull Crushing Finale. This match is over! New Champion!!

Winner & NEW WWE Champion: The Miz

Raw Thoughts

The Miz wins. I’m so disgusted right now. But first, let’s talk about John Cena.

TNA, Ring of Honor, or UFC?

That is the number one question on my mind tonight. Where does John Cena go from here? Over the next 90 days, that is the decision that he must make.

Does he continue professional wrestling?
John Cena v. AJ Styles?
John Cena v. Kevin Steen?

Check out Mixed Martial Arts?
John Cena v. Rampage Jackson?
John Cena v. Brock Lesnar??

Or maybe something entirely different?

I could honestly see John Cena working as a cop in Massachusetts in the mean time. He has always donated his time generously to organizations, so I would expect him to continue the trend of giving back during his next profession.

I think that the WWE handled this entire saga very poorly. I don’t care who the mystery General Manger is. Let’s be honest, whoever it is just cost the WWE a lot of money. Cena has long been one of the companies top money makers, and recently he has easily been the top seller. The WWE is about to lose a boat load of money from that venture. Fortunately, they will be able to pad some of the expected loss with sales from his newest DVD.

The WWE lost a great Superstar tonight, and it is going to be a void felt for a long time.

Then we have The Miz. What a slimy, slimy man. This guy is barely a wrestler. He was carried for years by John Morrison, was never anything more than a reality star, and just cheaply won the WWE Championship. Randy Orton was demolished by Nexus in a blind attack. Then the guy goes on and manages to retain his belt despite the knee injury, only to have a scumbag come ruin his reign?

The Miz should be ashamed of himself. He may have won the Championship, but he’ll never be able to wear it with pride. This was one of the biggest nights in the history of the WWE, yet The Miz is so egotistical that he ruined it. He thinks he just reeks with awesomeness – well you don’t. You are a joke. I can’t wait for Daniel Bryan to pulverize you!


I do read every single e-mail you guys send, and really appreciate hearing your thoughts. Send me some e-mails, and have a safe week everyone!

David Stephens
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