WWE Raw Results – 8/1/22 (Raw after SummerSlam, Undisputed WWE Tag Titles)

WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results
August 1, 2022
Houston, Texas (Toyota Center)

Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We go live into the Toyota Center. Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring with her right arm in a sling. It was reported earlier today that she has a separated shoulder.

Video Package: Bianca Belair defeats Becky Lynch to retain the Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam. Bayley then returned alongside Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky. Lynch stood alongside Belair to keep them back.

Lynch stands in the ring with a microphone. A loud “Becky” chant picks up. Lynch says, “Houston, welcome to the big time!” In everything she does, she gives it her all. She’s talked about hitting rock bottom in the past and not knowing who she was after losing the title at WrestleMania. At SummerSlam, she finally remembered who the hell she is. It’s not in the fancy clothes or the need for glory and validation. It’s in the determination, persistence, relentlessness, and owning every mistake she’s made. It’s the pursuit to be better than she was yesterday. When she separated her shoulder at SummerSlam, she had two choices: give up or give it all she had. Lynch grit her teeth and fought through 20 of the most painful minutes of her career. As painful as they were, it wasn’t as painful as the realization that she became separated from reality. They’ve created the greatest Women’s Division they’ve ever had, and she fought for that. When the referee counted to three with her shoulders flat on the mat, she gave her best, but it wasn’t good enough that night. She’s not defined by one match. She defines the match. She’s not defined by a title. She defines the title. She will not be defined by any man. She defines the man. So we start a new era and comeback story. It starts now.

First, she wants to give credit and thanks to the woman who has pushed her for the past year to be the B-E-S-T she can be. Lynch calls out Bianca Belair.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair comes out to a big ovation. An “EST” chant picks up. Belair stands on the apron and says Becky Lynch doesn’t just define the man… she is THE man. Belair is in the ring and shakes Lynch’s good arm before hugging her. Lynch says she’ll see Belair soon. Lynch walks off. A loud “Becky” chant fires up.

Belair has nothing but respect for Lynch. Some people have wondered how that’s possible. She hasn’t forgotten all the times Lynch attacked her, but she’s never wanted to be handed anything. This title is only worth the amount of work she puts into it. Lynch made her work for that. She shook Becky Lynch’s hand at SummerSlam because of mutual respect. To get respect from someone like Becky Lynch means something. She has learned so much from her. There’s a target on her back, but she won’t be slipping. That’s why she’s standing here as the Raw Women’s Champion. She stays ready, so she doesn’t have to get ready.

We go backstage to see Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky attacking Becky Lynch with a chair! They put her injured arm in a steel chair and stomp it. They run off before Belair charges back there.

The Usos will defend the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship against The Mysterios later tonight. Edge will also appear on Raw tonight after returning at SummerSlam. We’ll also see two triple threat matches: Dolph Ziggler vs. Ciampa vs. Chad Gable, and The Miz vs. Mustafa Ali vs. AJ Styles. The winners of the two matches will face each other later tonight to determine who is next in line for Bobby Lashley’s United States Championship.

Photos from SummerSlam are shown.

Video Package: United States Championship history

Triple Threat Match
AJ Styles vs. Mustafa Ali vs. The Miz

The Miz’s ribs are taped up from his SummerSlam match against Logan Paul.

The bell rings, and The Miz immediately gets out of the ring. Ali hits Styles with a hurricanrana. Miz snaps Ali off the top rope and sweeps the feet. Styles hits Miz with a baseball slide. Styles hits Ali with a sunset flip and goes for a Styles Clash. Miz quickly pulls Styles out of the ring before he hits the move and bounces him off the commentary table. Ali wipes out Miz with a suicide dive. Ali puts Miz in the ring and drives him to the corner. Miz quickly snaps Ali into the turnbuckles face-first. Styles attacks Miz’s injured ribs and chops him to the corner. Miz fights back and bounces Styles face-first into the turnbuckles. Miz stomps away at Styles and chops the chest. A “Tiny balls” chant picks up. Miz hits Styles with his patented corner clothesline before booting Ali off the apron. Miz rolls Styles up for a two-count. Styles punches Miz and sends him to the corner. Styles stomps Miz, but Miz quickly whips him to the corner. Miz goes for a monkey flip, but Styles turns him onto the top rope. Miz punches Styles off, but Ali quickly attacks him. Ali climbs to the top rope, but Miz pushes him off. Styles hits Ali with an inverted suplex. Miz big boots Styles and hits Ali with a kneeling DDT for a near fall.

Miz starts the IT Kicks on Styles, but Styles hits him with a Pele Kick. Styles and Ali get into a brawl before Styles absolutely crushes him with a strike combo. Styles whips Ali to the corner, and Ali dropkicks Miz off the apron. Ali goes for a rolling dropkick, but Styles catches him. Styles grabs Miz for a reverse DDT. As he hits the move, Ali hits Styles with a neckbreaker. Ali covers Styles for a two-count. Ali then goes to Miz and picks up a two-count. Ali goes for a 450 splash on The Miz but lands on his feet when Miz moves. Styles catches Ali and hits an ushigoroshi. Styles then knocks Miz out of the ring.

Styles sets up for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Miz pulls him off the apron. Styles attacks Miz and sends him ribs-first into the corner of the commentary table. Miz gasps in pain. Styles turns and Ali KILLS him with a springboard tornado DDT on the floor! Holy!!

Ali puts The Miz in the ring, but Miz hits him with a Skull Crushing Finale as he gets in the ring. Miz’s ribs are too injured to capitalize on the cover. Miz covers, but Ali kicks out at two. Miz puts Ali in the corner and stomps him. Ali shoves him away and hits a superkick. Ali pulls himself to the top rope. Ali hits Miz with a 450 Splash. Styles immediately catches Ali with a Styles Clash ONTO The Miz for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles


Replays are shown of Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Sky attacking Becky Lynch’s separated shoulder with a chair at the start of the show.

Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky are walking backstage when Sarah Schreiber asks why they targeted Becky Lynch. Bayley says this is about them. She’ll know what they mean soon enough.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos walk into the arena. Sarah Schreiber asks how they feel about facing The Mysterios tonight. They say they’ll beat The Mysterios again just like they beat The Street Profits again at SummerSlam. They’re the 2s, and The Usos are the 1s.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Video Package: Seth “Freakin” Rollins injures Riddle last week on Raw, and destroys him later on at SummerSlam

Rollins welcomes everyone to Monday Night Rollins. He is the host of tonight’s festivities. He is the visionary and the revolutionary. Tonight is a night of celebration. They don’t have to see and hear that idiot, the Original Bro, Riddle. It takes a lot of guts for Riddle to do what he did at SummerSlam. It was gutsy to show up, but he crossed the stupid line more times than he can count. There’s a silver lining to all of this. Riddle has wanted so badly to be like his big bro, Randy Orton. Now he’s on the shelf with a career-threatening injury, just like Randy! There’s another silver lining to all of this as well.

Now that Riddle is out of the picture, he can turn his attention to Roman Reigns and the Undisputed WWE Championship. The Street Profits interrupt him and come out to the stage looking angry. Rollins tells the production team to shut off their music and not to say a word. Rollins gets upset when the crowd cheers the Street Profits. Rollins knows they’re in Houston and the Rockets building. They’re used to watching losers all the time, but he doesn’t want to share space with the biggest losers in all of WWE. How many times have they lost to The Usos? They suck so much as a tag team, they should probably break up. Rollins tells them to pack it in and go back through the curtain. This is Seth “Freakin” Rollins’ time.

Angelo Dawkins asks if they beat Rollins to become World Tag Team Champions. Montez Ford says this is the same guy that got his ass kicked by Cody Rhodes when Cody Rhodes only had one arm. Rollins asks if they came out here for a fight. Rollins would love nothing more than to go down there and Stomp their heads into the stage. There’s two of them and one of him, so that’s not fair. Ford says there’s another way. Dawkins asks Houston if they want to see one of the Profits beat the crap out of Seth tonight. Dawkins tells Rollins to be careful what he wishes for. They’ll settle this with a game of Rock, Paper, and Scissors. A referee comes out to officiate this important competition.

Ford starts to play, but then grabs the referee and charges to the ring. Ford slides into the ring and avoids a Stomp from Rollins. Ford gets in the ring, as Rollins gets out.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Montez Ford

The bell rings, and Ford clotheslines Rollins out of the ring. Ford gets out of the ring and punches Rollins in the face. Ford bounces Rollins into the barricade. Rollins quickly strikes Ford and puts him in the ring. Rollins charges, but Ford superkicks him for a two-count. Rollins gets out of the ring. Ford follows, so Rollins attacks and goes for a Pedigree on the floor. Ford counters with a back body drop. Ford gets Rollins in the ring, but Rollins quickly flapjacks him onto the top rope. Ford falls out of the ring. Rollins picks Ford up and drives him ribs-first into the ring post. Rollins gets in the ring for a count-out, but Ford gets back in at nine.

Rollins kicks Ford in the ribs and chokes him on the middle rope. Rollins clubs Ford before chopping the chest. Ford fights back with some chops. Rollins reverses a whip and knees him in the ribs a few times. Rollins lifts Ford and hits a gutbuster for a two-count. Rollins applies a grounded bearhug, but Ford fights up. Ford elbows him, but Rollins drops him with a back suplex. Rollins talks trash and slaps him a few times. Ford is on the apron. Rollins goes to suplex him into the ring, but Ford gets out and kicks him back. Ford goes to the top rope and hits a high cross-body block for a two-count.

Ford punches away at Rollins, but Rollins knees him in the midsection. Ford then unwinds with a big right hand. Ford hits the ropes and clotheslines Rollins. Ford kicks him in the head and hits a back suplex. Ford kips up, but loses his balance for a moment. Ford connects with a standing moonsault for a two-count. Ford flips through a back suplex attempt and hits a standing blockbuster for another two-count. Ford heads to the top rope, but Rollins cuts him off. Ford punches him back and gets in the ring. Rollins blindsides him with a high kick and rolls him up for a two-count. Rollins immediately hits a superkick for another two-count.

Rollins sets up for a Stomp, but Ford avoids it. Ford fights him, but Rollins attempts a Buckle Bomb. Ford fights him and lands on the second rope. Ford then connects with a tornado DDT. Ford covers, but Rollins gets a foot on the bottom rope to break the pin attempt. Ford goes to the top rope, but Rollins sweeps the feet. Rollins powers him up for a Buckle Bomb. Rollins immediately follows up with a falcon arrow for a near fall. Rollins looks incensed. Rollins goes to the top rope and talks some trash. Rollins goes for a frog splash, but Ford moves. Ford goes to the top rope for a frog splash, but Rollins gets the knees up. Rollins quickly connects with a Stomp for the victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Rollins sizes Ford up for another attack, but Angelo Dawkins makes the save. Rollins instantly gets out of the ring to save himself and backs up the ramp.

Video Package: The insane Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam

Roman Reigns will next defend the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle.

Highlights from major news outlets covering SummerSlam are shown.

Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. They lock up, and Bliss wrenches the arm. Asuka applies a hammerlock, but Bliss elbows her. Asuka sends her into the ropes, but Bliss takes her down and rolls her up for a two-count. Bliss dropkicks her and poses. Bliss avoids a kick, but Asuka quickly takes her down and mocks Bliss’ pose. Asuka comes off the second rope for a missile dropkick, but Bliss moves. Bliss knees her in the face for a two-count. Bliss punches and knees Asuka for another two-count. Bliss applies a chin lock, but Asuka fights up. Bliss takes her down and hits the double knees. Asuka avoids a standing moonsault and hits a sliding knee. Asuka hits a strike combo followed by a German Suplex. Asuka knees her in the face and hits a missile dropkick.

Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky run down and attack both women. The referee throws the match out.

No Contest

Sky and Kai hold Bliss up, and Bayley knees her in the face. They then attack Asuka. Iyo Sky goes to the top rope, and Kai hands her a steel chair. Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair runs down to make the save. Baylay, Kai, and Sky quickly get out of the ring and run into the crowd. Belair says she doesn’t care which one of them it is. She wants a match tonight. Iyo Sky indicates that she’ll face Belair tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai attacking Asuka and Alexa Bliss before Bianca Belair made the save.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair will battle Iyo Sky later tonight.

Chad Gable comes out and shushes the crowd before saying, “Houston, we have a problem.” His brain is twice the size of Texas. Gable says he’ll dispose of the two in the ring and beat that ignoramis AJ Styles. Gable will win the United States Championship and put this country on his back again. When he does it, he won’t have to cheat like that failure of an organization known as the Houston Astros. “A-thank you!”

Triple Threat Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Ciampa vs. Chad Gable

The bell rings, and Ciampa quickly blindsides Ziggle. Gable rolls Ziggler up with his feet on the ropes for a two-count. Ziggler connects with a dropkick on Gable, but Ciampa quickly attacks him. Ciampa grabs Ziggler by the hair and sends him to the corner. Gable attacks Ziggler from behind. Gable and Ciampa double-team Ziggler with stomps. They attack Ziggler’s legs before whipping him into the ropes for a double back elbow. Gable covers, but Ciampa pulls him off and shoves him. Ziggler fights back, but Ciampa counters a dropkick into a slingshot into the corner. Gable lifts Ciampa and hits a double chicken-wing slam followed by a surfboard stomp. Ziggler blindsides Gable with a famouser for a near fall.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Gable apply an ankle lock to Ziggler. Ziggler tries to roll Gable off, but Gable holds onto the lock. Ciampa runs in and applies a crossface to Ziggler as well. Gable stomps Ciampa away and keeps the ankle lock on Ziggler. Ziggler counters into a roll-up for a two-count. Gable kicks out and keeps the ankle lock on. Ciampa catches Gable with a leg lariat for a near fall.

Ciampa stomps away at Ziggler and puts him on the top rope. Ciampa chops the chest and hits a belly-to-back slam off the second rope. Gable breaks it up with a diving head-butt. Ziggler hits Gable with a Zig-Zag as Gable hits Ciampa with a German Suplex. Ziggler picks up a near fall on Gable. Gable is knocked out of the ring. Ciampa and Ziggler exchange roll-ups before Ciampa goes for a Fairy Tale Ending. Ziggler gets out and superkicks him. Gable throws Ziggler out of the ring and covers Ciampa for a two-count. Ziggler pulls Gable out of the ring. Ciampa knees Ziggler off the apron. Gable backslides Ciampa for a two-count. Ciampa knees Gable in the face and hits the Fairy Tale Ending for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Ciampa

Ciampa will face AJ Styles later tonight. The winner earns an opportunity at United States Champion Bobby Lashley.

Video Package: Edge returns at SummerSlam for vengeance against the Judgment Day

Edge returns to Raw next.

-Commercial Break-

More photos from SummerSlam are shown.

Edge comes out to his old theme song to a big ovation from the crowd. Edge gets in the ring, and the crowd chants his name. Edge thanks Houston for the ovation. To be fair, for the past few months, he’s been a bit of an asshole. That all changes now. Now we all get what we want. Edge will keep this real simple. He created Judgment Day to help underutilized talent reach their full potential. He wanted to pass on his knowledge from his 30-year career to Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley. It felt like we were just getting started, but that first taste of power clouded their judgment. They thought they learned all there is to know from him, but they were damn wrong. To be fair, they pulled one over on him. That’s rare. They put him on the shelf for a few months. If you witnessed SummerSlam, he pulled himself out of the hell they put him in. Now it’s time to kill what he created. Edge says to Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley that he will end Judgment Day. Edge walks off and high-fives some fans.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio are backstage. Kevin Patrick asks them about their preparation for their match against The Usos. Rey Mysterio says Judgment Day is in their rearview mirror. He knows Edge for a long time. Judgment Day is in trouble. As far as tonight goes, they’re focused on beating The Usos and becoming the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions in Houston.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair battles Iyo Sky in a non-title match next.

-Commercial Break-

Video Package: WWE Tryouts during SummerSlam week

Sarah Schreiber is with Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky, and Bayley. Bayley says people are talking about them coming out of SummerSlam. This Women’s Division has been on a downward spiral since she left. They needed a role model, and she outsourced to bring in two of the very best. Kai says they know how to play the game. Bayley says soon they will be in full control. Iyo Sky says, “Bianca, see you out there!”

Non-Title Match
Iyo Sky vs. Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair

The bell rings, and Sky charges her. Belair quickly powers her to the corner and shoulders her. Belair stomps and shoulders her in the corner before Sky shoves her back. Sky reverses a whip to the corner, but Belair backflips over her. Belair dropkicks her to the corner and kips up. Sky puts her on the apron and snaps her off the top rope. Belair is knocked to the floor. Sky gets on the apron and hits an Asai Moonsault!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Belair hit Sky with a scoop slam. Belair hits a shoulder block and a forearm before dropkicking her down. Belair gets fired up and lifts her, but Sky counters into a roll-through into the ropes. Sky avalanches her with double knees. Sky stomps away at Belair and digs her feet into Belair before hitting a slingshot strike. Sky covers for a two-count. Belair fights back, but Sky takes her down with a submission attempt. Belair fights up, but Sky connects with a leg sweep for a two-count. Sky goes for a cross-body block, but Belair rolls through, lifts her, and hits a fallaway slam.

Belair hits a double chicken wing slam and follows up with a handspring standing moonsault for a near fall. Belair hits a scoop slam and goes to the top rope, but she sneers when she sees Bayley and Dakota Kai have come to ringside. Sky attacks Belair on the top rope and hits a top rope hurricanrana for a near fall. Belair fights up and goes for a suplex, but Sky counters into an inside cradle for a two-count. Belair fights up and hits a vertical suplex. Belair goes for a KOD, but Sky lands on her feet. Sky gets Belair on the apron. Belair pulls her onto the apron and goes for a German Suplex to the floor. Sky holds the ropes and knocks her to the floor. Sky goes for a diving hurricanrana, but Belair catches her and swings her hard into the barricade.

Bayley and Kai approach Belair and sit on the apron. Asuka and Alexa Bliss march down to ringside to even the odds.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Belair hits a wild release superplex on Sky. Belair gets down from the ropes and hits a standing moonsault for a two-count. Belair grabs Sky for a German Suplex, but Sky elbows out. Sky rolls through and double stomps Belair’s midsection. Sky backs up and connects with double knees to Belair’s chest. Sky tries again, but Belair slams her with a spinebuster. Belair goes for a handspring standing moonsault, but Sky gets the knees up.

Alexa Bliss and Asuka cheer for Belair at ringside. Belair knocks Sky back. Sky distracts the referee, and Bayley sweeps the feet. Sky avoids a boot and rolls Belair up with her feet on the ropes, but Bliss knocks them off. Bliss and Asuka get in the ring and brawl with Bayley and Dakota Sky. The referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

Asuka knees Bayley in the face, and Bliss gets Kai out of the ring. The wild brawl continues before WWE referees and producers run down to try to break it all up. They eventually separate them.

The Miz is giving Ciampa a pep talk. Kevin Patrick says nothing has gone Miz’s way lately. Miz asks what hasn’t gone his way. Miz had Logan Paul right where he wanted him until AJ Styles blindsided Ciampa to distract him. Was Styles training Logan Paul? Ciampa says Styles will know he chose the wrong side at SummerSlam. Ciampa admired what Styles did to get to WWE, but at SummerSlam, he helped a social media star who paid no dues. Ciampa will make Styles pay. Miz says Ciampa may not have helped him win at SummerSlam, but he’ll turn him into the United States Champion.

Ciampa battles AJ Styles next.

-Commercial Break-

2-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is on commentary for this next match.

Ciampa w/ The Miz vs. AJ Styles

The winner will face Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship.

The bell rings, and they lock up. Ciampa hooks a side headlock and cinches it in. Styles fights up and whips him off, but Ciampa shoulder blocks him down. Ciampa stomps him a few times before putting the side headlock back on. Ciampa sends him into the ropes, but Styles puts the brakes on and hits a backbreaker. Styles hits a second backbreaker. Styles goes for a vertical suplex, but Ciampa gets out and slides Styles shoulder-first into the ring post! The Miz talks some trash. Ciampa boots Styles and hits a knee. Ciampa covers for a two-count. They trade blows before Ciampa stuns him with a boot. Styles misses a Pele Kick, but he quickly rebounds with a backbreaker and a flatliner. Ciampa holds his eye and gets out of the ring. The Miz checks on him. Ciampa says his eye is hurt.

Styles chases Ciampa into the ring. Ciampa hits the ropes, but Styles hits a picture-perfect dropkick. Ciampa quickly gets out of the ring. Styles hits him with a forearm plancha.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Styles hit a strike before hitting an ushigoroshi. Styles follows up with a sit-out facebuster for a two-count. Styles sets up for a Styles Clash, but Ciampa gets out. Ciampa hits a nice forearm and a leg lariat for a near fall. Ciampa sizes Styles up, but Styles avoids the knee and goes for a Styles Clash. Ciampa fights out and knees him in the head. Styles then hits a snap suplex into the turnbuckles. Ciampa looks like he landed directly on the top of his head upon landing.

Ciampa puts Styles on the apron, but Styles knocks him back. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Ciampa hits a nasty knee out of midair for a near fall! Ciampa connects with Project Ciampa for another near fall! Ciampa cuts Styles off on the top rope and goes for an Air Raid Crash, but Styles counters into a Styles Clash! Miz puts Ciampa’s foot on the bottom rope to break the count. An irate Styles attacks Miz at ringside and sends him into the timekeeper’s area. Ciampa attacks Styles and sends him into the ring post before throwing him into the timekeeper’s area. Ciampa gets in the ring for a count-out. Miz holds Styles’ ankle, but Styles escapes and gets in the ring. Ciampa knees Styles and hits the Fairy Tale Ending for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Ciampa

Ciampa will face United States Champion Bobby Lashley for the title next week on Raw.

Kevin Patrick is backstage with United States Champion Bobby Lashley. Lashley says he’ll defend the title every week on Raw because he lives for this. Ciampa proved he’s a brawler, that he’s tough, and that he’s hungry. That makes him dangerous, especially with The Miz. Lashley will fight him and bring prestige to this title. Lashley beat Theory with the Hurt Lock. He’ll do the same to Ciampa.

The Usos defend the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship against The Mysterios next.

-Commercial Break-

Footage is shown of Brock Lesnar getting into the destroyed ring at SummerSlam and tipping his cap to the crowd.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship
The Mysterios (Rey and Dominik Mysterio) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) (c’s)

Rey Mysterio starts against Jey Uso. Rey avoids shots from him. Jey slides him out of the ring, but Rey kicks him back. Jimmy Uso is knocked out of the ring as well. Dominik Mysterio tags in and takes out The Usos with a top rope cross-body block to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Jimmy give Rey a vicious chop in the corner. Jimmy whips him sternum-first into the turnbuckles. During the break, Rey was knocked into the tree of woe. Jimmy hits a snapmare and applies a chin lock. Rey fights up and elbows out. Jey tags himself in and blindsides Rey. Jey eyes Dominik before turning to his father. Jey hits Rey with a backbreaker for a two-count. Jey puts Rey down in the corner and hits a hip attack for another two-count. Jimmy tags back in, but Rey punches him back. Jimmy shoves him back to the corner. Rey boots him back and hits a head-scissor that sends him shoulder-first into the ring post.

Dominik tags in, and he hits Jimmy with a springboard cross-body block. Jimmy reverses a whip, but Dominik hits a diving clothesline and a back elbow. Jey runs in, but Dominik hits him with a neckbreaker. Dominik also gives Jimmy a neckbreaker for a two-count. Dominik kicks Jimmy in the face and hits a facebuster. Dominik connects with a dropkick to put Jimmy in position. Jimmy avoids a 619. Dominik goes to hit The Usos with a plancha, but they catch him and drive his back into the ring post.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back from the final break of the evening. Jimmy has Dominik on the top rope and goes for a Samoan Drop off the second rope. Dominik fights out and hits a tornado DDT.

Rey and Jey (hey, that rhymes) tag in. Rey takes Jey down and baseball slides Jimmy. Rey shoulders Jey back and kicks him in the head. Rey hits a top rope seated senton and goes for a springboard cross-body, but Jey superkicks him out of midair for a near fall! The Usos go for 1D, but Rey breaks it up. Rey gets Jey out of the ring, and Jimmy is knocked into the ropes. The Mysterios hit stereo 619s. Dominik hits a frog splash, but Jey breaks it up!

Jey pulls Rey out of the ring and superkicks him. Dominik hits a wild suicide dive on Jey before going to the top rope. Jimmy cuts him off and goes for a superplex. Dominik holds on and fights him. Dominik knocks him down to the canvas and dives, but Jimmy moves. Dominik saves himself and knocks Jimmy into the ropes. Jey blind tags in. Dominik goes for a 619, but The Usos hit the 1D for the win.

Winners by Pinfall and still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: The Usos

The Judgment Day runs into the ring and attacks The Mysterios. Rhea Ripley grapevines Dominik’s neck and chokes him out. Damian Priest and Finn Bálor double-team Rey Mysterio. Edge’s music hits, and he runs down to a huge pop. Edge gets Priest out of the ring and hits Bálor with an Edgecution. Edge is fired up, and the crowd loves it. Edge sizes Bálor up for a Spear, but Ripley shoves Dominik in the way. Edge accidentally hits Dominik. Edge chases Bálor and Priest into the crowd. Rey is irate and thinks Edge hit Dominik on purpose.

Replays are shown of what just happened. Ringside doctors come into the ring to check on Dominik as the show ends.

Quick Match Results

— AJ Styles def. Mustafa Ali and The Miz in a Triple Threat Match
— Seth “Freakin” Rollins def. Montez Ford
— Alexa Bliss NC Asuka
— Ciampa def. Dolph Ziggler and Chad Gable in a Triple Threat Match
— Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair NC Iyo Sky in a non-title match
— Ciampa def. AJ Styles
— The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) def. The Mysterios (Rey and Dominik Mysterio) to retain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

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