WWE Monday Night Raw
Nashville, Tennessee
October 15, 2012
Commentators: Jim Ross & Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

My computer had to be restarted near the end of RAW and I lost my saved copies of the recap. I apologize for the brevity.

Big Show kicks off RAW by discussing the Brogue Kick. He is tired of Sheamus discussing the 45 seconds and demands to face Daniel Bryan.

We cut to the back where Daniel Bryan is coaxed into the match by Kane and other Superstars.

Big Show def. Daniel Bryan

After the match Kane came down and scares away Big Show.

Paul Heyman is in the ring with a portrait stand draped by a cloth. It is hiding a photo of Punk’s opponent.

Punk comes out and talks about respect. Vince McMahon appears and gives him the once over regarding the whole issue of respect. Vince tells Punk that the decision is no longer his, and instead it will be McMahon’s.

Alberto Del Rio def. Brodus Clay

Punk and Heyman argue in the back as Punk demands Heyman ask Vince for another match, tonight.

Darren Young & Titus O’Neil def. Zack Ryder & Santino

After the match Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre run down and attack Santino & Ryder. Slater decrees that their name is 3MB.

Vickie Guerrero is out with Dolph Ziggler. He says that he deserves a WWE Title shot just as much as Ryback. He wants to win the WWE Title & Cash in for the World Title.

Otunga come out and agree about Ryback, but doesn’t think Ziggler deserves a shot either. It’s Otunga time.

AJ Lee prances out and makes a handicap match, up next.

Ryback def. David Otunga & Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler decided to hightail it instead of get tagged into the match. This left Otunga alone to be demolished.

Vince McMahon is on his phone as Heyman enters his office to propose a match. If Punk wins he gets to pick his opponent for Hell in a Cell. Vince says that for him to agree that match would have to be against Heyman instead. Heyman declines and Vince kicks him out.

Matt Striker is backstage complaining to AJ about getting attacked by Daniel Bryan on Smackdown. AJ puts him in a match against Kane.

Antonio Cesaro def. Justin Gabriel

Kane def. Matt Striker

Matt Striker tried to hug it out with Kane during the match, but ended up in a bear hug for his struggles.

After the match, Kane pretended to interview Striker and yelled about being the Tag Team Champions.


Kofi was the guest and challenges Miz to an IC Title match on this Wednesday’s Main Event.

Sheamus v. Wade Barrett

Big Show comes down to the ring at the end and pulls down on the top rope which sends Sheamus to the outside. Sheamus wins via DQ.

Eve Torres def. Layla to retain WWE Divas Title

Vince is in his office with Ryback and puts over his personality.

Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes def. Primo & Epico

Kofi Kingston def. The Miz

Vince McMahon comes down to the ring to reveal his decision. He first brings out Punk, then Ryback, then Cena. Punk says it doesn’t matter who Vince picks. There is a table set up for a contract signing. Cena cuts off Vince’s announcement to ask if Ryback actually cares about the Title. Vince makes it official as Ryback signs the contract. Ryback grabs Punk and slams him head first into the table. Ryback throws the table out of the ring and roars up the crowd. He lifts up Punk for shell shocked. The crowd chants *Feed Me More* as RAW goes off the air.