WWE RAW Results – 1/7/13 (Punk vs. Ryback, Rock returns)

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WWE Monday Night Raw
Tampa, Florida
January 7, 2012
Commentators: Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He welcomes in the New Year and then puts over tonight’s card. Punk will face Ryback in a TLC match and The Rock will be live on RAW. Cena sells the upcoming Royal Rumble match and his participation in the match.

Ziggler’s music hits and he hits the entrance ramp with AJ & Big E. Langston. AJ is not pleased that Cena broke her heart. She also refers to Ziggler as “Ziggy” at one point. AJ calls Cena a “small man. He laughs it off with an Andrew Dice Clay impression. Ziggler tells him to cut the crap. Cena points out that he pretty much did that last week. Ziggler proclaims that he will be in the Rumble match this year. Cena challenges Ziggler to a match right now. Langston grabs the microphone and submits to Cena’s request. Cena vs. Ziggler is up next.


John Cena v. Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ Lee & Big E. Langston

They lock up and Cena twists the arm of Ziggler. Dolph gets to his feet and drops an elbow to the upper plateau of Cena’s back. Cena turns the momentum and applies a front headlock. Cena hits a vertical suplex and goes for the cover. Ziggler kicks out. Dolph backs Cena into a corner and connects with a couple punches and a splash. Cena kicks out of the cover. Ziggler connects with a punch to the head and then jumps high for a dropkick. Cover, but Cena kicks out.

Dolph attempts a hurricarana, but Cena counters and whips him towards the corner. Dolph knocks Cena in the jaw and then distracts the ref as Big E. hits a cheap shot.


Ziggler performs his handstand headlock. AJ distracts the referee as Dolph hits a dropkick. Cena kicks out of a cover so Dolph drops a series of jumping elbows to Cena’s sternum. AJ jumps up on to the apron and slaps Cena. The referee doesn’t see but he does eject AJ and Langston from ringside.

Cena hits a couple of shoulder blocks, but Ziggler is able to counter and drop Cena to the match. Ziggler attempts a cover, but Cena kicks out. Ziggler attempts a super kick, but Cena counters and attempts a STF. Ziggler counters into a DDT. Cena kicks out of the cover. Cena attempts an AA, but Ziggler counters and attempts another pin. Cena kicks out.

They trade blows back and forth until Ziggler leaps onto the back of Cena to apply a Sleeper Hold. Cena eventually frees himself, but knocks out the referee in the process. Langston runs down to the ring and delivers his finisher to Cena. It doesn’t end up being enough as Cena kicks out of the cover. John hits the Attitude Adjustment and this match is over.

Winner via Attitude Adjustment: John Cena


Divas Title Match
Kaitlyn def. Eve Torres via Countout, Eve retains the Championship


Santino is in the back talking to Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Wade Barrett comes into the shot and berates Santino for talking to a has been. Ricky will be in Santino’s corner tonight.

Matt Striker is ready to interview Randy Orton. Slater and 3MB walk up and let Randy know that they are all in the Rumble. One of them will be main eventing Wrestlemania.


Team Hell No v. Rhodes Scholars

Kane and Rhodes start the match. Cody tags in Sandow to help with the size differential. Kane slams him to the ground and attempts a cover. Sandow kicks out. Kane tags in Bryan and whips him into Sandow. Bryan goes for a cover, but Sandow kicks out. Bryan applies an arm bar. Sandow escapes and kicks Bryan hard in the midsection. Sandow returns to the ring off of a tag and stomps on Bryan in the corner. The team exchanges tags once again while taking shots at Bryan along the way. Sandow drops his ridiculous elbow, which is fantastic by the way, and goes for a cover. Bryan kicks out. Kane gets the tag and climbs to the top rope. He stumbles a bit, but then connects with the flying arm lariat. Kane connects with a big boot and goes for the cover. Sandow kicks out. Kane signals for the chokeslam. Bryan gets the tag and flips up out of the corner to avoid Sandow. He appears to tweak his knee on the landing. Rhodes gets the tag and goes to work on Bryan’s knee. Kane runs over to attack Sandow. Rhodes hits Cross Rhodes and goes for the cover. This match is over.

Winners: Rhodes Scholars


Randy Orton v. Heath Slater

They exchange control of the match several times. Slater takes control, but Orton takes Slater up to the top rope. Orton connects with a huge Superplex. Orton takes his time in getting to his feet. Orton hits a couple of clotheslines followed by a snap power slam. Orton knocks the other members of 3MB off the apron. Orton connects with the suspended DDT. Orton falls to the mat and signals for the RKO. This match is over.

Winner via RKO: Randy Orton

After the match Orton hits RKOs on McIntyre and Mahal.


Santino v. Wade Barrett

Barrett maintains control for most of the match. Santino’s only chance comes off of a finisher counter which allows a cover. Wade kicks out. Santino hits a hip toss and then puts on the Cobra sock. Wade knocks him over and then hits his Elbow finisher. This match is over.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After the match, Ricky Steamboat gets into the ring and stares down Wade.

Sheamus is in the back with the members of 3MB and Matt Striker. Sheamus invites them out to the ring and says that if any of them can survive a Brogue Kick, then they can sing Danny Boy with him tonight.


Antonio Cesaro v. The Great Khali

The Miz is on commentary for this match.

Khali backs Cesaro into the corner and attempts to control the large man. Antonio Cesaro is grabbed by the neck, but counters by setting Khali up and hitting a flying uppercut. Cesaro somehow manages to lift Khali up and hold him in position for The Neutralizer.

Winner via Neutralizer: Antonio Cesaro

Paul Heyman is on the phone as Brad Maddox comes in to interrupt. Heyman says that he doesn’t want him in his life. Maddox says he wants to convince Vickie to make him the referee for Punk’s TLC match against Ryback. Heyman isn’t pleased and tells Maddox to go away.


Sheamus v. Jinder Mahal

Sheamus stays in control for the vast majority of the match. All three members of 3MB find themselves on the receiving end of a Brogue Kick at some point during the match. Sheamus unloads on the chest of Mahal with a series of clubbing blows before finishing him off with a Brogue Kick to pick up the victory.

Winner: Sheamus


TLC Match for the WWE Championship
Ryback v. CM Punk

Punk backs Ryback into the corner but is reversed and whipped hard into the turnbuckle. The *Goldberg* chants start in the arena. Ryback stomps at Punk as Punk rolls out of the ring. Ryback grabs a steel chair and swings at Punk. Punk is able to kick Ryback and grab the chair. He hits Ryback with the seat and then grabs a ladder from under the ring. Punk drops Ryback backwards onto the steel of the ladder. Ryback has the steel steps and looks to attack Punk. Instead, Punk jumps off the steps and takes out Ryback with a crossbody. Punk grabs a chair and hits Ryback several times. Punk stands on the steps to gloat as we head to commercial.


Punk grabs Ryback, but the new comer tosses Punk at the announce table. Ryback slams the hood of the table over Punk several times. Punk rolls back into the ring and regains control of the match with a chair. He places Ryback’s ankle in the chair and leaps from the ropes to the chair. Ryback rolls out of the way and then brawls to the outside with Punk. Ryback charges at Punk, but crashes head first into a table on the outside.

Punk reenters the ring and climbs a ladder to get the belt. Ryback comes into the ring and meets up with him at the top. Punk is tossed off the ladder first, but then knocks Ryback over. Ryback picks up Punk and drops him onto the side of the ladder. Punk is tossed out of the ring.

Ryback begins to climb up the ladder, but when he gets to the top the lights go off in the arena. When they come back on, The Shield is on the ladder with Ryback. Ryback is able to toss them off at first but Roman pulls him down and they go to work. Ryback is beaten with a chair and thrown through a table on the outside.

Punk gets back into the ring and slowly climbs to the top of the ladder. Ryback is still laid out on the outside of the ring. Punk grabs the Championship and will face The Rock at the Royal Rumble!

Winner: CM Punk


Punk is in the back and proclaims that he is going to go out and drop a pipebomb before The Rock addresses the crowd tonight.

Kane and Daniel Bryan are arguing in the back over who cost their team tonight’s match. Vickie says that she is going to force Kane and Bryan to go back to Dr. Shelby. She walks away as the team argues amongst themselves.


Big Show v. Kofi Kingston

This match lasted less than 60 seconds. Kofi kicks the Big Show repeatedly but gets caught with a strong punch and this match is over.

Winner: Big Show


CM Punk makes his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman. He has a microphone and begins to speak as Heyman holds the Title in the air. Punk takes the WWE symbol off of the mic and tosses it to the side. He bemoans the fact that for the past year people have misunderstood what a pipe bomb meant. Punk says that it is all about honesty. The perception of Punk is that he has a big ego and decided to air his grievances. Punk says that he meant everything that he said, except about the ice cream. Punk says that no one in attendance needs to eat any more ice cream. Punk says that he created an anti-hero for people to cheer for because he knows people like to support their heroes. Punk goes on to says that it doesn’t matter how good you are, there is a glass ceiling that almost no one can break. The more popular you are the more money you make the company and the more you are used. That’s the reason that a guy like Cena, who had a terrible year, still gets Title shot after Title shot.

That’s why an accomplished technical wrestler like Daniel Bryan has to surround himself with catch phrases. That’s why Brodus Clay has to portray such a joke and a workhorse like Tyson Kidd is not used correctly. Punk says that no one has ever gotten anywhere without the fans. Punk says that his successful one year run is equal to a 30 year run in the old times. Punk says that he doesn’t need the fans; he is just going to be honest. Punk says that he doesn’t care about the people. There are good guys and bad guys in this world, and Punk is a bad man.

Punk goes down the list of great wrestlers from the past who have always claimed to do it for the fans. Punk says that unlike them he is not weak or dishonest; he is the best in the world. Punk says there are two types of people on this earth: those who are in the spotlight, and those who pay to see those in the spotlight. Punk says that he has never done anything for the fans.

A production member is standing on the apron. Punk laughs at the fact that he is being told to go to break. Punk he starts to call the audience losers as the show cuts to commercial.

**** Commercial****

Back from the break, Punk is still in the ring and he is unhappy that the show went to break. He promises to stand in the ring a year from today and still hold the WWE Championship. Punk says The Rock may be coming back, but he won’t take away his Title. Punk says that the audience is full of losers who do not get to win.

The Rock’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring as the crowd roars. Rock says he wanted to wait until Punk had said everything that he had to say. Rock says it is crystal clear that Punk is straight up delusional. Rock says that the number Punk should fear is 20, because in 20 days his reign is over. Rock says that Punk didn’t reject the people, the people rejected him. Rock says that Punk is not the voice of the voiceless. Rock says there is no such thing as the voiceless, everyone has a voice and the fans love to use their voices. Rock says that they know something special is going to happen. The fans are going to chant, “Cookie Puss”. The crowd obliges. Rock talks about his day and then launches into a few catch phrases. Rock says he is back to entertain the fans, stop Punk, and win the WWE Championship. Rock says that Punk looks like Popeye on crack. Michael Cole laughed loudly on commentary at that one.

Rock says that Punk has one of the most creative and innovative minds in the WWE. Punk people Champion as well as the biggest jerk in the world. Rock tells Punk not to say that the people don’t matter, because they’re the ones that make the difference. Rock says that there is no way that Punk will keep him from winning the Championship at the Royal Rumble.

Punk says that he is actually glad that The Rock is back because he is going to kick his ass. It doesn’t matter how many days a year Rock works, Punk is going to beat him. Rock says that the last time he was in the ring with Punk, he was knocked out with a GTS. Rock says that in 20 days, Punk’s time is up. At the Royal Rumble Rock is going to kick Punk’s candy ass. Rock lifts Punk up and hits a Rock Bottom to close out the show.

David Stephens


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