WWE RAW Results – 1/14/13 (20th Anniversary)

WWE RAW Results 1/14/13

WWE Monday Night Raw
Houston, Texas
January 14, 2013
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, JBL and Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Vince’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He puts over the successes of RAW over the years, including a claim that over 4 billion people have watched RAW since its inception. He claims it is because he is a brilliant genius, but begrudgingly puts over the fans in his usual good spirited vibe. Vince announces Ziggler v. Cena in a steel cage tonight as well as The Rock’s concert. Vince tells everyone to enjoy the show.

Big Show’s music hits and he makes his way into the ring before Vince can leave. Show says that he is sorry, but the celebration is going to have to wait because he needs to address the travesty that happened to him this past week on Smackdown.

Vince says that certain things haven’t changed including that he doesn’t like being interrupted or when certain people address him as Vince. Show counters by calling him sir. Vince says Show has lost some weight, mainly in the fact that he doesn’t hold the World Heavyweight Championship anymore. Show tries to get Vince to not show the footage of his loss, but Vince forges on with the clip.

Show says that he shouldn’t have been in that match in the first place. Show says that it is ridiculous and takes a jab at Latinos.

Ricardo Rodriguez hits the ramp to introduce the WHC, Alberto Del Rio. The Champion makes his way into the ring and tells Show to do something about it if he has a problem. How about Show gets his rematch tonight? The crowd chants *Si*, but Show says no. He claims not to be prepared for the match tonight. Rio tells Show to grow some balls. Show says that he isn’t going to fight Rio until he is ready. He believes that the right place for that match will be at the Royal Rumble PPV. Rio refers to Show as a “fat jackass”. Ricardo picks up a bucket and Show warns him not to throw water on him. Ricardo tosses it and it contains confetti. Show responds by trying to attack Ricardo, but Del Rio clears him out of the ring.


Wade Barrett v. Randy Orton

Orton jumps on Wade with a Thesz press. Wade rolls out of the ring and Orton follows after. He bounces Wade’s head off the commentators’ table and then drops him onto the barricade before rolling him back into the ring. Orton tries for a cover, but Wade kicks out. Orton tosses him out of the ring as we head to commercial.


Back from the break, Wade is in control of the match. He has Orton grounded with a rear headlock. Orton escapes and kicks Wade in the gut, but gets hit with a return kick as Wade attempts as a cover. Orton kicks out.

Orton fights his way back and connects with a suspended DDT. Orton falls to the mat and starts to pound. Wade counters by tossing Orton into the turnbuckle. Wade is looking for the bull hammer punch. This match is over.

Winner via Bull Hammer: Wade Barrett


Booker T is in the back with Eve and Teddy Long. Booker stipulates that if Eve gets counted out tonight she will lose the Championship. She tries to flirt her way out of it, but Booker laughs it off.

# We cut to a video of Daniel Bryan and Kane. They are talking before meeting with Dr. Shelby. He walks into the shot and they begrudgingly go along with his requests. Sandow & Rhodes enter the shot and complicate matters.


Kane v. Damien Sandow

Sandow starts the match off against Kane. The Big Red Machine is in control and ultimately chokeslams Sandow down hard to the mat. This match is over quickly. 

Winner via Chokeslam: Kane


The first inductee for the WWE Hall of Fame is announced to be the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley. He makes his way down to the ring. He drops a cheap pop, but before he can continue the music of The Shield hits. They begin to slink their way to the ring from the crowd. When they make it into the ring, Ryback’s music hits. He runs into the ring, and tosses two members of The Shield to the outside. The numbers game is eventually too much as The Shield retakes control of the situation. Orton runs down to the ring to make the save. Sheamus follows after and The Shield is finally beaten back into submission. 

Josh Mathews hops into the ring and asks Ryback about The Shield. Ryback says that every time he has gotten into the ring with CM Punk it seems as though The Shield has helped him escape. Ryback says that he cannot rest until he gives back to The Shield what they have taken from him. He starts screaming Feed Me Shield and the crowd joins in. 


Eve v. Kaitlyn 

Reports going around today revealed that this could well be Eve’s last match in the WWE. We shall see as the match progresses. Eve and Kaitlyn lock up and Eve takes a walk around the ring. she gets back into the match and kicks Kaitlyn back and away. Eve hits a running frontflip and goes for the cover. Kaitlyn kicks out. Eve traps Kaitlyn in a head scissors in the middle of the ring. Kaitlyn pushes back and gets a quick roll up. Eve fights free. Kaitlyn tosses Eve up into the air and drops her over her knee. Eve rolls out of the ring, but on her re-entrance is hit with a hard spear. 

Winner & NEW Divas Champion: Kaitlyn

Josh Mathews is in the back with Brodus Clay. Josh asks about the comments CM Punk made Clay last week. Clay said that his pipe bomb is about to blow up in his face. 


Brodus Clay v. CM Punk

Clay goes right at Punk, and the Champion rolls out of the ring. Punk re-enters and Clay tosses him toward the corner. Punk flies off the turnbuckle with a crossbody. Punk connects with a neckbreaker. Clay absorbs a couple of kicks and then tosses Punk across the ring with a suplex. Punk dodges a splash and kicks the knee out of Clay and drops him down to the mat. Punk climbs to the top rope and leaps for the elbow. It hits straight to the heart and Punk locks in an Anaconda Vice. This match is over.  

Winner via Submission: CM Punk 

After the match, Punk grabs a mic and says that he came out here and did what he does every week. Later, The Rock will come out and do whatever it is that he does. Punk says he holds the most important Title in the world and the fact is that he has held it longer than anyone has in the past 25 years. That’s a fact, not an opinion. Punk says that no matter what, Rock will not leave the Royal Rumble as the WWE Champion. 


Foley is on the phone in the back and The Rock walks into the shot. Foley extends his hand, but Rock laughs it off and congratulates Foley on his Hall of Fame induction. Rock cuts a promo about how great Foley is, but Vickie walks into the shot. She says WWE should be like baseball and not induct anybody. She says that this is her show, not theirs. She asks if Rock has anything to say to her. Rock says that he doesn’t, and Vickie walks away. Rock tells Foley to trust him, Foley retorts that he Rock Bottomed him last year, but Rock says nobody remembers that. He tells him to enjoy the Rock Concert tonight. 


Sheamus v. 3MB

Sheamus is outnumbered, but is able to toss Jinder Mahal and then Drew McIntyre out of the ring. Apparently this is a Royal Rumble preview match and is over the top rope elimination. Sheamus tries for a Brogue Kick, but misses and ends up on the apron. He attempts to pull Slater over the top, but the eliminated members of 3MB pull him out of the ring. 

Winner: Heath Slater

After the match, Sheamus gets back into the ring and Brogue Kicks Drew, who was holding Slater up on his shoulders. 

Josh Mathews is in the back and asks Cena about his recent history with Big E. Langston and if the steel cage match with keep him out. Cena goes on a rant about the history of RAW which includes an amusing jab at Braden Walker. 

The Miz is on the entrance ramp and announces that something Awesome is about to happen on MizTV which is up next. He drops a hint: Wooooo. 



The Miz introduces Ric Flair. They converse back and forth and manage to avoid any scuffling. They show a highlight video. Antonio Cesaro comes out and says that he doesn’t need a catch phrase because he is talented. He says that Flair has put himself into debt trying to maintain his illusion of greatness. Cesaro also calls him out on having four ex-wives. Miz says that he’ll pay Flair’s bar tab tonight, but how about he gives Cesaro the reciept right now. Cesaro says he is going to be the bigger man and walk away. Flair decides to hit him with a couple of chops and then Miz hits a SKull Crushing Finale. Flair is looking for the figure four, but asks Miz to do it instead. Flair drops a few elbows on the mat for good measure. 


 Cody Rhodes v. Daniel Bryan 

Rhodes knocks Bryan to the mat and connects with a couple of punches. Bryan locks on the Yes Lock and this match is quickly over. 

Winner via Submission: Daniel Bryan 

We find out that Eve has announces on the WWE App that she is quitting the company. As expected. 


 AJ Lee is in the back with Big E. Langston and plays clips of WWE weddings over the years. AJ then starts to freak out about John Cena and Ziggler shows up to console her. He says that he has been preparing for this match his entire life. Tonight he will prove that he is just too damn good. When he wins it will o down as the greatest show stealing performance in the history of Monday Night RAW. 


Steel Cage Match: John Cena v. Dolph Ziggler 

Cena grabs ahold of Ziggler and locks on a side headlock. Ziggler escapes and responds with a dropkick and cover. Cena kicks out. Dolph tosses Cena into the cage. Ziggler charges towards the corner and connects with a splash followed by a neckbreaker. Ziggler attempts a cover, but Cena kicks out. 

Cena tries a toss, but Ziggler attempts to vault over the cage. Ziggler is pulled down into the ring. Cena tries to escape but is attacked by Ziggler. 


Cena is climbing over the top of the cage, but Langston pushes him back inside. Ziggler squares off with Cena, but Cena connects with a few shoulder blocks and looks for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena connects and lifts Ziggler up for an AA, but Ziggler kicks him in the face and tries for a cover. Cena kicks out at the last second. Ziggler is caught in an STF, but counters into a Sleeper Hold. Cena gets to his feet and starts to climb the cage with Ziggler still on his back. Cena falls to the mat and knocks Cena off as he crashes to the mat. Cena gets to his feet and tries to walk out, but Langston slams the door in Cena’s face. Cena tries to climb over and shoves the door in Ziggler’s face, but Langston swings a chair at Cena and he is forced back into the cage. AJ throws a fit on the outside of the ring and attempts to climb insie. The referees try and convince her to come down. Langston runs into the ring with the MitB briefcase, but Cena sees him and knocks him down. Cena grabs Dolph and hits the AA. This match is over. 

Winner: John Cena 


Rock Concert 

Rock comes down to the ring and soaks up the crowd. He shows a picture from his debut and says that it proves if you put your mind to it, you can overcome anything. Rock sings his song tonight to the theme of “Heartbreak Hotel”. Rock then shouts out a member of ZZ Top in the audience. Rock says that his favorite curve on a woman is her smile. Rock grabs his guitar and sings a little song for Vickie, who comes out to the entrance ramp. It concludes by saying “biatch, you look horrible tonight”. 

Rock next calls out CM Punk. He comes out onto the ramp with Paul Heyman. Rock takes a knock at Heyman and then says that with God as his witness he will beat CM Punk in 13 days for the WWE Championship. Punk whispers something into Heyman’s ear and then runs down to the ring. Rock comes out to meet him and they start to brawl on the outside. Referees come down to break them up.