WWE RAW Results 4/15/13

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Greenville, South Carolina
April 15, 2013
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, JBL and Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

I’d like to start this recap by delivering a big FU, or Attitude Adjustment I suppose, to Comcast. For some reason RAW was listed as a rerun in the cable listings this week. I DVR RAW and start at the 9 o’clock hour and was surprised to see that the first hour of RAW did not record this week due to the cable listing of “rerun”. I missed Lesnar and Kofi winning the strap – so thanks for that one Comcast, so annoying.

Credit to WWE.com for the first hour’s recap. I’ll rejoin at the 9 o’clock break.

Sheamus & Randy Orton def. Big Show

There wasn’t much of a WrestleMania afterglow for Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show following their disastrous Six-Man Tag defeat to The Shield on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Tensions collapsed their group at The Show of Shows, and a bout between Orton and Sheamus to decide who would have the right to face Big Show later suffered a similar fate when the giant laid waste to The Apex Predator at ringside.

Happily, there was no such confusion to be had in South Carolina when Orton & Sheamus put their squabbles aside and challenged The World’s Largest Athlete in a Handicap Match. The two former World Champions were hardly dominant, as Big Show wisely spent the majority of the bout blocking Sheamus from tagging Orton in. But thanks to a last-ditch effort, Sheamus made the tag and Orton’s speed turned the tide, with The Viper sealing the deal via a plus-sized RKO that left the giant looking at the lights for the three-count.

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman challenged Triple H to a Steel Cage Match

What began as a form of protest by 3MB turned into something much more sinister, as Brock Lesnar made his first appearance since WrestleMania 29 with an ominous challenge for the man who defeated him.

The would-be rockers had come to Raw to demand an apology for The Shield for their attack on SmackDown, but all they got was another thrashing at The Anomaly’s hands. It appears Lesnar’s loss to The King of Kings has done nothing to diminish his craving for mayhem: standing amid the wreckage of 3MB, Paul Heyman took hold of the mic and laid a challenge at Triple H’s feet: a match inside of a Steel Cage at Extreme Rules to settle the two titans’ brutal rivalry for good.

Kofi Kingston def. Antonio Cesaro to become the new WWE U.S. Champion

Antonio Cesaro has always boasted that no American could defeat him with the United States Championship at stake, and it turns out he was right: It took Ghanaian-bred, Boston College–educated Kofi Kingston to finish the job, prying Old Glory from The Swiss Superman after a hard-fought contest to bring Kingston his third U.S. Title.

Cesaro’s 239-day stint with the Stars and Stripes has left myriad Superstars ruined in his wake, but Kingston — who had struck up a recent rivalry with the powerhouse champion — seemed determined not to fall into the same traps as Santino, R-Truth and The Miz. The Dreadlocked Dynamo toughed his way through Cesaro’s mighty barrage, using his speed to his advantage and landing a Trouble in Paradise to Cesaro’s chin to ground The Swiss Superman to the mat.

Jack Swagger interrupted World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler’s rematch with Alberto Del Rio

One week after setting the WWE Universe ablaze with his historic Money in the Bank cash-in, Dolph Ziggler strutted into South Carolina like a man who’d already stolen the show, even though Raw had begun mere moments earlier. As Ziggler preened his way through his inaugural trip to the same show where he’d won the World Title, though, he found himself interrupted for the second time in as many weeks by Alberto Del Rio, who demanded The Showoff grant him a rematch for the coveted title on the spot.

Although SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero supported Del Rio’s demand, but former No. 1 contender Jack Swagger was quick to object, crashing the contest before it even began and attacking the weakened leg of The Pride of Mexico in the process. The fracas allowed Ziggler to escape with title in hand, but the show-stealer’s clean getaway is clearly far from complete.

Annnnndddd I’m back!

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No v. The Prime Time Players

Young attempts a cover on Bryan, but Bryan kicks out. Titus gets the tag and tosses Bryan back into the corner. He connects with a couple of stomps before taunting the crowd. Titus lifts Bryan up and just tosses him overhead. Young is in off the tag and is suplexed by Young onto Bryan. Cover, but Bryan kicks out.

Kane gets the tag and whips Young into the corner followed by a couple of splashes. Side slam and cover, Young kicks out. Kane heads to the apron and climbs to the top rope. He leaps and connects with his signature rolling arm lariat. Kane looks for the chokeslam. Titus runs into the ring so Kane tosses him right out. Bryan leaps from the apron with a running knee on Titus. Back inside the ring Kane delivers a chokeslam on Young. Bryan gets the tag and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He leaps and hits a flying goatbutt. This match is over.

Winners: Team Hell No

Next week Team Hell No will team with The Undertaker to take on The Shield in a huge 6 man match.


Video Package: Ryback explaining his actions against Cena last week. It was pre-recorded and had an odd amount of facial annunciation from the one-named fighter. Essentially Ryback is annoyed of being in Cena’s shadow.


Wade Barrett v. R-Truth

Truth backs Wade into the corner but the referee backs him up. Wade takes advantage with a couple of shots to the midsection. Wade sets Truth up on the ropes and punches him repeatedly in the gut. Wade follows with a knee to the gut and a cover. Truth kicks out. Wade gets behind the seated Truth and applies a stretch. Truth punches him way free and attempts a cover. Wade kicks out. Truth is fired up and unloads with some kicks and punches. Truth looks for the heel kick, but Wade counters and kicks him in the gut. Wade looks for a pump handle, but Truth counters and hits a DDT. Cover and this match is over.

Winner: R-Truth

Teddy Long is in the office with Brad and Vickie. He proposes that Dolph Ziggler go one on one with Jack Swagger tonight. Vickie and Brad agree so Brad is sent out to inform the participants.


The Great Khali and Santino v. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow

Khali and Sandow start the match. Khali backs him into the corner and connects with a few hard chops. Cody gets the tag so Khali brings in Santino. Rhodes quickly gains the advantage and tags back in his partner. Damien stomps on the chest of Santino before bringing Cody back. Cody quickly tags back in Sandow and they hit a stereo arm drag. Sandow hits his flippant elbow drop and goes for the cover. Santino kicks out. Santino starts to fight back and slips over Sandow’s shoulders. Santino is pumped up and hits a big arm drag. Santino hits a headbutt and then pulls out the cobra. Santino strikes Sandow. Rhodes tries to run in to make the save but Santino tosses him out. On the outside Hornswoggle grabs a small cobra sock and puts it on his hand. He strikes Rhodes but it isn’t very effective. Khali comes over to make the save for ‘swoggle. However, Sandow takes advantage of the distraction with a roll up and picks up the win.

Winners: Rhodes Scholars


Jerry Lawler is in the ring to promote the appearance of Fandango. He puts over the fact that Fandango debuted at Wrestlemania and beat Chris Jericho, the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion. Lawler plays clips from RAW and other media outlets of people Fandango’ing.

Fandango’s entrance hits – and the crowd reacts with about the same vigor that they would for Drew McIntyre. This reaction is pathetic.

Fandango dances his way out and down into the ring. He goes back and forth with Lawler for a moment before teaching the crowd how to correctly pronounce his name. He tries a few times before telling the crowd to go Fandango themselves. Most of the crowd watches in silence as Fandango’s theme hits and he makes his way to the back.


Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter v. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ & Big E. Langston

They brawl at the start as their chemistry is reminiscent of the days when Vickie held them both under her tutelage. After a couple blows outside of the ring they re-enter and Swagger is in control. Swagger whips Dolph into the corner, but Ziggler counters a splash and hits a neckbreaker. Swagger fights back and lifts Ziggler up and drops him on the top rope. Swagger clotheslines him out of the ring as the show heads to commercial.


Swagger hits a Belly to Belly Suplex and goes for the cover. Ziggler kicks out. AJ watches on from the apron. Swagger leaps for his second rope splash but Ziggler gets his knees up. Swagger is staggered but is the first one to his feet. Ziggler hits a couple of punches and then connects with a huge dropkick. Ziggler connects with a DDT and goes for the cover. Swagger kicks out. Ziggler charges but Swagger lifts him up in the air and drops him on the top rope. Cover and this match is over.

Winner: Jack Swagger

As Swagger is heading up the ramp, Alberto and Ricardo come out to stop him. Rio starts to attack Swagger and then applies a Cross Arm Breaker. Rio is on the ramp, but Swagger is on the ground as Rio wrenches back on the arm. Referees run out to break up the scuffle.


Matt Striker is in the back with Sheamus for an interview. Before Sheamus can share his insight, Mark Henry appears and spears Sheamus back into the set. Henry shouts, “That’s What I Do”.

CM Punk makes his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman. He is limping as a result of his grueling Wrestlemania match against The Undertaker. Punk starts to speak and says that during his lengthy Title reign he never had a chance to enjoy his success. Instead, Punk was always searching for his next step. First it was The Rock, and then Punk moved on to Taker. CM puts himself over by saying that he pushed Taker to the limit.

A loud *Undertaker/CM Punk* chant breaks out in the arena. Punk turns to Heyman and gives him a hug. Punk walks out of the ring and heads to the back. Punk pauses as he is part way up the ramp and looks around. Instead of heading through the apron at the top of the ramp Punk walks over to the side to make his exit.


Booker T is in the back with Teddy Long. Booker is upset that Long did not ask for his permission regarding the Ziggler/Swagger angle tonight. Swagger is now the #1 Contender according to Long. Booker is not pleased. He says the only course of action is to have Ziggler defend his Title in a Triple Threat Match

WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn v. Nikki Bella w/ Brie

They square off and trade some slaps and roll ups. Ultimately the Bellas hit Twin Magic and this match is over.

Winner: Nikki Bella


Orton & Sheamus will fight Big Show & Henry on Smackdown this week.

John Cena’s music hits and the WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring.

John Cena holds up the mic to listen to the crowd respond. He then begins by saying, “The Champ is Here”. Cena says “The Ryback” is in the back. The Champ has some business with The Ryback and calls The Ryback down to the ring.

Ryback’s music hits and he makes his way onto the entrance ramp and then down to the ring. Cena says that Ryback is 290 pounds and has destroyed everything in his path. When Ryback comes out the crowd knows that someone is about to get hurt. Cena says maybe he should be shaking in his boots because he is not. Cena says that Ryback is not the biggest threat that he’s ever faced.

The camera quickly cuts to a shot of what appears to be The Shield in the backstage area. Whoops.

Cena says that the Championship means everything to him. He understands why Ryback did what he did last week, but he doesn’t like it. Cena continues to express his frustration with Ryback’s direction. Cena then takes his shirt off and looks at Ryback square in the nose. Ryback turns and heads out of the ring.

The Shield’s music hits and they appear in the crowd. They make their way down to surround the ring. Ryback is halfway up the ramp and looks on as Cena is alone in the ring. The Shield gets in the ring and begins their attack on Cena. Ryback resists coming to Cena’s aide and turns his back on his former friend.