WWE RAW Results 8/5/13

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Green Bay, Wisconsin
August 5, 2013
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, JBL & Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Justin Roberts is in the ring and introduces Stephanie McMahon. She is already in the ring and welcomes the fans to the show. She restates the fact that her father, Vince McMahon, does not view Daniel Bryan as Championship material. She says that both she and her husband, Triple H, disagree. Stephanie proposed a corporate makeover for Daniel Bryan. The show cuts to a video of Daniel Bryan at a spa and working out lifting weights. He hair is slicked back as the vegan eats a stake and then is fitted by a tailor for a suit. Stephanie then brings out Daniel Bryan.

Bryan’s music hits and the bearded Superstar has is hair fashioned like Damien Sandow and is in a shiny new suit. Stephanie says that he looks sharp and hands him a microphone. Stephanie says the floor is his and then pats him on the back before exiting the ring. Bryan asks if the fans like it, but it is clear that they don’t. He thanks Stephanie for the time put into his look. But, Bryan says that he doesn’t think the look is what the company wants. Bryan says that the company really wants someone jacked up and wearing cargo shorts and a bright yellow T-shirt. Bryan says it seems to him like the company wants a John Cena.

Bryan claims that he respects John Cena for choosing him for the Summerslam match. Bryan says that Cena doesn’t believe he will be defeated. Bryan puts over the accolades of John Cena and compares Cena with himself. Bryan points out that he is much smaller and has a scraggly beard. Bryan says that difference is that John Cena is an entertainer – while Daniel Bryan is a wrestler. While Cena has been in sold out arenas for the last ten years he hasn’t seen the holes that Bryan has been forced to climb out of. Bryan points out that if Cena is fired tomorrow he will go back to his mansion and twenty cars and never wrestle again. Bryan says that if he were fired he would be back in every armory and small arena because he loves wrestling. The crowd cheers. Bryan says that it seems as though the fans love wrestling as well. They chant, “yes”. Bryan says that he will dress up in the suit and comb his hair for now, because at Summerslam he is going to make John Cena tap out and win the WWE Championship.

Vince McMahon’s music hits. The Chairman of the Board struts his way down to the ring and manages not to tear a quad. Vince says that Bryan gave it the old college try. Vince points out the problems with Bryan’s new attire and jokes that he just needs a pink bow for his hair. Vince admits that he doesn’t want John Cena to be Champion and he wants Bryan to be Champion even less. Vince says that he is starting to warm up to Bryan. After all there has never been a dwarf as Champion before. Vince says that Bryan looks like a miniature Mick Foley. Vince concedes that at least Bryan is giving it his all. Vince says that if Bryan is willing to work with him then he can help him win the Championship. But, the makeover needs one more thing. Vince jokes that Bryan has a bird’s nest in his beard and demands that Bryan has it cut off on RAW tonight. If Bryan wants to be Champion he is going to need to shave his beard right here and right now. Vince calls for a chair to be brought down to ringside.

A gaggle of crewmembers walk a barber’s chair down to the ring. Bryan uses his arms to signal no and the crowd cheers along with the action. Vince says that the fans don’t know what they want but as the head of the WWE he knows what the crowd really wants. Vince says that if the crowd truly wants Bryan to be Champion than Bryan will need to do what he is told. Vince even hints of a threat of firing the star if he doesn’t comply. Vince says that it won’t hurt to have the beard shaved. Vince asks if Bryan really wants to be the Champion more than anything in life then he needs to take the first step. Vince gruffly tells Bryan to get in the chair.

Bryan puts down his mic and heads out of the towards the chair and takes a seat. Vince says that they need a barber. No it’s not Brutus the Beefcake, it’s Wade Barrett that will do the trimming. Vince points out that Wade’s grandfather used to be a barber. Wade has a set of electric razors and looks to start. He pushes back on Bryan’s head, but Bryan resists at first. He tells Wade not to miss a spot. As Wade leans in Bryan headbutts him. Bryan pushes Wade into the chair and grabs a razor. After a punch to subdue Barrett, Bryan shaves off his would-be-barber’s beard. Bryan then throws Wade over the guardrail into the crowd and then celebrates as he heads up the ramp.

Bryan walks up the ramp and says that if Vince wants him to change then he says no. Bryan is going to be what he has always been and he is going to be WWE Champion. Bryan takes off his shirt and reveals that underneath he is sporting a new T-shirt in the vein of Cena’s that says, “The Beard is Here,” with an arrow pointing up.


RVD v. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

This is Ricardo’s first appearance on RAW following his injury at the hands of Dolph Ziggler (aka is returning from a 30-day suspension for violating the company’s wellness policy).

The Miz is on commentary for this match.

Rob Van Dam gets in the first major offense with a monkey flip. Rob tosses Alberto to the corner and hits a kick followed by a standing moonsault. Del Rio tries to fight back but is knocked out onto the apron. RVD sends him to the outside and then leaps from the apron with another moonsault.


Back from the break Rob Van Dam is fighting back. Rob hits a split legged moonsault and goes for the cover. Del Rio kicks out. Ricardo sets up his steel bucket in the corner. It falls and Ricardo is forced to replace it. Rob sees it when it falls and takes advantage by chucking Rio into the bucket. Rob rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match Ricardo gets into the ring to talk to Del Rio and apologize for the mishap. Rio is not in the mood and attacks his friend. Rio smacks him multiple times with the bucket before chucking him out of the ring. Rio places Ricardo’s head between the steel steps and the steel post. Rio charges and kick the stairs clear apart and crushes Ricardo’s head. Rio rolls back in the ring and climbs the turnbuckle with his Title to celebrate.


Cody Rhodes is in the ring and complains that Sandow is no longer his friend. Cody shows a video clip recapping the feud with Damien Sandow. Last the MitB case was seen Cody was chucking it into a body of water. Cody is now in the ring with something in a brown box and says that it is a gift for Damien. Cody reaches into the box and reveals the briefcase. It is wet and has a branch sticking out of it. How the case managed to open and reclose itself around a branch is actually quite impressive.

Sandow’s music this and he walks down to ringside. Cody sets down the case and backs out of the ring. Sandow slides into the ring and Cody charges right back inside and fights Sandow out of the ring. Cody opens the case and dumps the damp contract out on the floor with some other debris. The case managing to open and reclose around all that gunk while still keeping the contract inside is even more impressive than just trapping the branch.


WrestleMania Rematch
Mark Henry v. Ryback

Their WrestleMania encounter was a contest of strength and this encounter looks to be no different. Ryback is strong at the start and gets the advantage. Ryback looks for a shoulder block but Henry stays on his feet. Ryback dodges an elbow from Henry and rolls out of the ring. Ryback decides not to reenter the ring and takes the countout.

Winner via Countout: Mark Henry


The Bella Twins are in the back and are being all glitzy and glamoury. Eva Marie walks into the shot and offers hairspray. Eva makes fun of the way the Bella’s treated Natalya last week. Natalya walks into the shot and is not pleased by the cattiness. She smacks one of the Bella Twins in the face. The Bella Twins were not nearly that nice to Eva Marie on last night’s episode of Total Divas.

The Champ’s music hits and John Cena makes his way down to eh ring to address the crowd. Cena notes that it is a Summerslam season. Cena says that he is used to being a target. Cena says that usually the people challenging for his Title are bad people, but occasionally he has to face a fan favorite. Cena says that the WWE Universe if forced to choose between two good guys and the crowd looks like they want Daniel Bryan. Cena says that even though the WWE brass doesn’t like the pick he still picked Bryan because he deserves the shot. Cena says that Bryan went after Cena’s appearance and lifestyle, which makes him just like CM Punk and The Rock. Cena isn’t going to change for anyone. Bryan tried to glorify wrestling in a gymnasium but that’s because that’s where he is the most comfortable. Cena tells Bryan to stop glorifying the past because that’s like comparing the WWE to the arena football league. Bryan says that Cena can’t wrestle which is no different from the millions of fan that like to chant that sentiment. Bryan can say he can’t wrestle but the fact is that he is the Champion. Cena says that everyone who has underestimated him has lost. The crowd starts to chant boring. Cena says it sounds like people want him and Bryan to fight right now. Bryan does not realize the opportunity that is in front of him Either Bryan wins the belt or he has to wake up the net day and admit that he is no good. Cena closes by saying, “Our time is now and the Champ is here”.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he walks down to the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Orton says that Cena always ceases to amaze him. Cena is aware of the target on his back but not Orton. It doesn’t matter who wins at Summerslam because Orton has a contract that essentially guarantees that he will be WWE Champion. Orton holds up his case and claims that the Champ is truly in his case.

The Shield’s music hits and they make their way down to ringside to surround Orton and Cena. Cena is holding the belt and Orton has the case. Daniel Bryan runs down and into the ring to even the numbers.

Brad Maddox walks out onto the entrance ramp and tells everyone to take a deep a breath. Maddox proposes a six-man tag match for tonight’s main event.


Tons of Funk v. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper w/ Bray Wyatt

Harper starts the match against Tensai. It took Bray Wyatt longer to walk to the ring and blow out his electric candle than it took for this match to occur. Tensai is dismantled and Rowan picks up the pinfall.

Winners: Wyatt Family

After the match Bray gets in the ring and bends his body backwards in the corner. Brodus is brought over to him and he kisses him before hitting his finisher. Bray has a mic and claims to be the eater of worlds again. Bray calls out to Kane and tells him to follow the buzzards.

The lights go out in the arena and Kane’s fire explodes. Kane appears on the screen. He says that when you pull the wings off of buzzards it is impossible to follow their flight. Kane says that he likes that Bryan is here to dismantle and dismember everyone in his path. Kane says that he does the same thing. The difference is that Kane does not do those things to spread a message; he does it because he enjoys it. Kane says that at Summerslam Bray will not be saved by his family. Kane says that the ring will be surrounded by fire. Bray will learn that no one does the Devil’s work better than Kane.


Josh Mathews is in the back with CM Punk. He asks for Punk’s thought on his match tonight against Curtis Axel. Punk talks instead about Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan. Punk says that Axel has so much blind loyalty to Heyman that he is going to get his ass kicked. Punk is going to take care of Axel and then go after Heyman. Punk says he is going to neuter the beast.

Kaitlyn v. Layla

Layla comes out to Tiffany’s old music. It’s possible that Layla has been using this music for a while because I’m not going to pretend that I noticed.

Kaitlyn goes for a quick cover but Layla kicks out. Layla tries to run out of the ring at the start and then holds on to the top rope to hide. Layla gets in a strike and the rest of the commentary crew call it the sloth. Cover but Kaitlyn kicks out. The crowd is all but dead for this match until Kaitlyn hits a vicious backbreaker. Kaitlyn follows with a clothesline and a shoulder block. Kaitlyn lifts Layla up on her shoulders and then drops Layla stomach first onto her knee. AJ’s music hits and she skips her way down to eh ring. She jumps up on the apron to distract Kaitlyn. Layla goes for a kick but whiffs. Apparently that was the finish because Kaitlyn lays down for the pin despite the lack of contact. WWE doesn’t even try to fool the fans as they can’t get a shot that makes it look believable and can’t show a replay. AJ’s music hits and Layla skips around the ring with her.

Winner: Layla


Christian v. Heath Slater w/ 3MB

Christian and Heath go back and forth at the start. Slater looks to gain an advantage as he tosses Christian down and into the corner. Slater taunts the audience as he turns his back for a moment. Christian charges out of the corner with a spear and picks up the win.

Winner: Christian

After the match Christian makes his way up the ramp and signals that he is coming for the World Championship.


CM Punk v. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman

Punk walks up the entrance ramp as Curtis makes his entrance and is clearly only interested in Heyman. Curtis attacks Punk as he tries to head after his manager and Heyman runs into the back. They continue to brawl around ringside until Punk rolls Axel into the ring. After the referee scolds the competitors the match gets started. Curtis starts with some chops. Punk is whipped into the ropes but reverses and sends Axel to the mat. They continue back and forth until Punk knocks Axel out of the ring. Punk flies out after with a suicide dive. Punk is pumped up as the show goes to commercial.


Punk is held in a headlock as the show returns from break. Axel hits a scoop slam and then climbs to the second rope to drop an elbow. Cover, but Punk kicks out. Axel returns to the headlock. Punk tries to roll through but remains trapped. Heyman seems pleased with Axel’s progress in the ring and comes down to watch the match. Punk is furious as he gets taunted and hits a backdrop. Punk crawls towards Heyman but Curtis pulls him back. Axel hits a hard clothesline and goes for the pin. Punk kicks out. Axel stomps on Punk and then whips him towards the corner. Punk blocks an attack and then leaps back for a crossbody. Cover, but Axel kicks out. Punk slides out of the ring and runs after Heyman. Curtis gets up to cut him off.

Back inside the ring Punk loos to take control as the ten o’clock hour begins. Punk hits Axel and then has him flat in the middle of the ring. Punk climbs to the top rope and looks for his elbow. Curtis springs to his feet and knocks Punk down. A bunch of guys wearing Cena Sucks and now shirts applaud at ringside. 2 Sweet.

Axel keeps up the attack but Punk is able to seize an opportunity and punches Axel hard. Punk flies towards Heyman and the referee rings for the dq as Punk drags Heyman into the ring.

Winner via DQ: Curtis Axel

Punk looks to fight Heyman but Lesnar’s music hits. Punk stands ready in the ring but Axel grabs him out from behind. Punk hits a GTS on Axel at the ringside area. Lesnar is ready to fight as Punk grabs a steel chair. Lesnar grabs it out of Punk’s hands. Punk is able to send Lesnar into a steel post, but the reprieve is short lived. Lesnar sends Punk into the ring and Heyman joins. Lesnar lifts Brock up for an F-5 but Punk scurries off and grabs the steel chair and hits Brock. Heyman looks shocked that his big man is down. Punk holds up the chair and looks to attack Heyman. Lesnar jumps up and lifts Punk up into the air. Punk flies through the air, as he is smashed with an F-5. Heyman yells for Brock to hurt Punk. Lesnar hits Punk with the steel chair over and over for good measure. Punk is left bleeding from the chin as Heyman and Brock head up the ramp.


Heyman is with Curtis Axel and Brock Lesnar as they are being interviewed in the back. Heyman says that he is looking for a one on one fight against Punk next week. Heyman versus Punk next week on RAW.

Fandango and Summer Tae dance their way down to the ring.

Fandango w/ Summer Rae v. Kofi Kingston

Kofi rolls around at the start and Fandango tries for a quick cover. Kofi kicks out. Fandango dances a bit and then whips Kofi into the ropes. Shoulder tackle and cover but the Ghana star kicks out. Fandango with an overhead slam and an elbow. Kofi is caught in a headlock. Summer watches on from ringside as her man dances his way through a counter and another pin attempt. Kofi kicks out again. Fandango leaps from the second rope for a knee but Kofi moves out of the way. Kofi hits a springboard elbow and follows with some slams. It’s time for the Boom Drop as Kofi pumps up the crowd. Kofi charges for Paradise but Fandango moves out of the way and then uses the ropes for leverage on a pin. Kofi kicks out. Fandango climbs up the turnbuckle again but Kofi moves out of the way. Kofi connects with a crossbody but Fandango kicks out of the cover. Kofi Kingston finishes off the match with Trouble in Paradise. Fandango is the real winner though as he has Summer to comfort him right after the match.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Stephanie McMahon walks into an office where HHH is on the phone. She is crying because he dad yelled at her for the fact that the first segment of the night was a disaster. HHH says that no one wants to say it but the great Vince McMahon is gone. He is getting too old. HHH says that Vince can’t just have a hissy fit because Bryan didn’t shave his beard. HHH says that he is tired of this whole damn thing. He is not going to watch this ship go down because of Vince. He doesn’t’ know what Vince is going to do at Summerslam but he is going to stop him.


Zeb Colter is in the ring to cut a promo with Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro AMERIKA. We the People.

Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter v. The Usos

Swagger starts the match off against Jimmy. He whips him towards the corner but is caught by a clothesline. Cover but Swagger kicks out. Cesaro gets the tag. Uso is flattened and hit with a cover. Jimmy kicks out. Cesaro tosses him overhead and then pledges to the crowd. Swagger gets the attack and keeps the attack in the corner. the ref is distracted so Cesaro gets in a few cheap shots. Cesaro gets the tag and hits a nice leapfrog move before bringing Swagger back into the match to hit Jimmy with a shoulder thrust. Cover, but Uso kicks out. Swagger traps Usos hands behind his back and then pushes him towards the corner. Jimmy fights his way back and gets the tag to Jey.

All hell breaks lose as action spills out of the ring. Cesaro is almost caught with a pin but kicks out. Swagger gets in a hard punch that sets up a Neutralizer from Cesaro to end the match.

Winners: Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger


Dolph Ziggler v. Big E. Langston w/ AJ

Ziggler tries to use his speed to escape Langston. Big is able to get in a strong overhand toss. Ziggler scurries away at first until Langston uses his strength to toss Dolph out of the ring. Langston slides him back in and then applies an abdominal stretch. Ziggler escapes with an elbow. Langston misses a shoulder thrust and meets steel post. Ziggler with a neckbreaker and a cover. Langston kicks out. Ziggler misses a Zig Zag and gets caught with a backbreaker. Ziggler kicks out of the cover. Langston misses a splash to the mat and Ziggler tries for a cover. Langston kicks out. Langston rolls out of the ring and AJ comes over to check on her man.

Kaitlyn runs down to the ring and AJ leaps up into her arms. They start to brawl around the ringside area. AJ rolls into the ring and Kaitlyn follows after her. The referee tries to make sense of the chaos as Langston gets to his feet and Kaitlyn sends AJ out. Langston hits his finisher on Dolph and picks up the win. Kaitlyn looks shocked as AJ laughs.

Winner: Big E. Langston

Langston tosses around some smack talk after the match for good measure.


The Shield v. Randy Orton, John Cena & Daniel Bryan

Rollins and Orton start the match. Orton suplexes Rollins and goes for a cover. Rollins kicks out. Bryan gets the tag and comes in with a big missile dropkick. Bryan charges at Reigns and knocks him off the apron as Ambrose gets the tag. Bryan still has his hair in a pony tailed as he charges around the ring. Bryan flips out of the corner and then sends Ambrose out of the ring. Bryan flies right out after with a suicide dive. Bryan turns his attention the other members of the Shield and tries to run off the apron with a knee. Ambrose intercepts and then climbs out of the ring. Ambrose knocks Bryan into the apron and then rolls him into the ring.

Reigns gets the tag and tries to get a cover. Bryan kicks out. Cena wants the tag but Bryan is being held on the other side of the ring. Rollins gets the tag and hits a back senton. Cover, but Bryan kicks out. Reigns gets the tag and drops Bryan onto the knees of Rollins. Reigns covers but Bryan kicks out. Reigns yells at Bryan to stay down. Reigns lifts Bryan up and then pushes him back towards the corner. Bryan knocks the other members of the Shield off the apron and then flips away from Reigns. Roman is able to get the tag to Rollins who tries to hold back Bryan. The referee has his back turned as Bryan makes the tag to Cena. John tries to clean house but the referee didn’t see the tag and makes Cena get out of the ring. Orton comes into the ring but is knocked out. Cena and Orton are on the outside as Bryan is rolled up. Bryan counters into a Yes Lock. The other members of the Shield try to make the save and the referee calls for the bell.

After the match Randy Orton delivers an RKO to Daniel Bryan. Randy Orton is sporting a bit of grey in his beard. The Shield charges back in but quick work is made of the members. Cena and Orton look victorious but Orton hits Cena with an RKO.

Orton heads out to ringside and calls for his briefcase. He looks to get back in the ring and cash in but The Shield decides to make their way back down to the ring. Roman spears Cena as Orton heads up the ramp. The members of the Shield lift of Daniel Bryan and Powerbomb him down hard to the mat. The Shield members stand over Bryan with their fists together as the show goes off the air.

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