WWE RAW Results – 9/16/13 (Bryan stripped of WWE Title)

WWE RAW Results 9/16/13

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Cleveland, Ohio
September 16, 2013
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, JBL & Michael Cole
Reported by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Justin Roberts introduces the NEW holder of the WWE Championship – Daniel Bryan.

The crowd is lifted to their feet as they enthusiastically point their fingers towards the sky and chant along with the versatile star. Yes, yes, yes.

Bryan enters the ring with a microphone. He soaks up the chanting and cheering as the ruckus crescendos towards its peak. His first words as the new Champ are directed towards the audience: “You guys are awesome”. He claims that his feelings can be summed up by one word, “YES”.

Triple H’s music hits. The King of Kings makes his way down to the ring in a suit and tie. Hunter wants to stop Bryan before he goes too far into his celebration. Triple H needs to address the so-called fast count from the end of last night’s match. HHH claims that social media is full of that controversy. The victory is tainted because of the count. Triple H calls down the official from last night’s match.

Scott Armstrong makes his way down to the ring. Triple H first shows Armstrong making a count while Orton was pinning Bryan. He next compares that count to the count from the finish. Hunter plays them side-by-side to illustrate that the final three count was the same duration as a two count earlier in the match.

Armstrong has no explanation other than to admit that it was a fast count and he doesn’t know what happened. Hunter mocks his reply. Armstrong admits that he made a mistake. Hunter asks for the truth behind the count. Armstrong looks to Bryan and mouths, “they are on to us”. Hunter stops him in his tracks and Bryan looks flabbergasted. Hunter sends Armstrong to the back.

Hunter says that Bryan was clearly involved in a conspiracy. He strips Daniel Bryan of the Title due to the tainted victory and supposed corruption. HHH claims that he is not going to give them belt to Orton. Instead, there will be no Champion at the present. There may be a rematch in the future. He asks Bryan to hand over the belt.

Bryan is beside himself as he shakes his head. Hunter is disappointed and says that he would have thought that Shawn Michaels would have taught him better. Hunter demands the Title, but Bryan refuses. He begins to yell at HHH saying that he has no idea what is going on.

Randy Orton’s music hits. Triple H tells him to calm down as he jumps up to the apron. Hunter says that there will not be a fight as he is in control of the situation. Orton steps into the ring. Hunter tells Bryan that he is no longer the WWE Champion. As of this moment there is no Champion until Hunter can get to the bottom of the conspiracy. He demands that Bryan hand the belt over. If he does not, then Hunter will take it from him by force.

Bryan stares down as he clutches the Championship in his hands. With a look of resignation he glances towards Hunter as the crowd screams, “NO”. Bryan refuses to hand over the belt. In one swift motion Hunter grabs the Title as Orton hits Bryan with an RKO. As the show heads towards commercial the fans are chanting, “Randy Sucks”.


Stephanie McMahon is in the back with Triple H. She says that she can’t believe what happened. Orton approaches and gets in Triple H’s face and demands the Title. Stephanie asks, what happened last night? What happened to the man that psychologically and physically tortured both her and her husband? She is disappointed in his showing last night. Orton does not deserve the Title until he can find is old beast of a self.

Night of Champions Rematch (Non-Title)
Dean Ambrose v. Dolph Ziggler

They brawl back and forth at the start. Ziggler leaps on Ambrose back to try and weaken him with a Sleeper. Ambrose stays on his feet and whips Ziggler into the ropes. Ambrose applies a Sleeper of his own. Ziggler breaks free with a jawbreaker. Ziggler pushes Dean towards the corner and stomps him repeatedly. The referee separates them. Ambrose tosses Ziggler out of the ring.


Back from the break Ambrose is in control with a rear headlock. Ziggler escapes and goes for a cover. Ambrose kicks out. Dean drops an elbow and covers. Ziggler kicks out. Ambrose locks on an arm bar. Ziggler attempts to free himself with headbutts. Ambrose responds but knocking him down to the mat. Ambrose lifts him to his feet and sets him up, hanging over the top rope. After a few punches, Ziggler senses an opportunity. Ziggler connects with a high swinging DDT. Cover, but Ambrose kicks out.

Ziggler mounts Ambrose in the corner and sets in for a swift ten-count punch. Ziggler follows with a running clothesline. Dolph next drops a series of elbows. The crowd goes wild as he delivers the final blow. Ambrose retakes control and pounds on Ziggler. Ambrose tries to hit a similar finish as in last night’s match. Ziggler has the move scouted and hits a Zig Zag.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Brad Maddox and The Big Show are in an office together. Maddox says that Stephanie and Triple H will address him later.


The show returns to the office with Big Show and Brad Maddox. Stephanie and Triple H have joined them. Stephanie addresses Big Show and reminds him of his financially broken state. She tells him that he is to remain in the office tonight, unless she needs him and summons his services.

Daniel Bryan will face Roman Reigns later tonight on RAW.


R-Truth v. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

Truth catches his opponent’s leg and punches him in the face. Truth hits a big hip toss. He follows with a split punch and then drops a leg. Cover, but Fandango kicks out. Truth tosses Fandango over the top rope. Back inside, Fandango tries to take control. He whips Truth hard into the turnbuckle. Fandango gets behind him on the mat to apply a rear headlock. Truth responds by fighting free and hitting a clothesline. Cover, but Fandango kicks out. Fandango climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps for a leg drop. Cover and this match is over.

Winner: Fandango

Dusty Rhodes is backstage with several Superstars. His appearance will be featured in the next segment.


The American Dream theme hits for Dusty Rhodes. He makes his way into the ring. He thanks the fans for their ovation, but says he is not here as the American Dream. Tonight he is here as Virgil Runnels. This is not about him; this is about his son’s job. Dusty paints a picture of life outside the ring and the struggle to raise his sons. Virgil asks, “what the hell is good for business?”. He is upset that the hard work and dedication of Cody has been mitigated by Hunter’s personal bias. Runnels puts over Goldust’s showing last week on RAW. He claims that God’s greatest gift is the gift of children to raise and teach them to be the best. Runnels states that he did not ask for a conversation with Stephanie McMahon tonight. All that he is interested in is finding out how his son can have a chance to earn back his job. Stephanie has a business proposal, so he is ready to hear it.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring. She applauds Virgil’s speech. She acknowledges the wedding from this past week. She apologizes if the recent happenings cast a shadow over the proceedings. She hands Virgil a gift card for Bed Bath & Beyond for Cody Rhodes. He is not amused. Stephanie is confused seeing as how that is where the wedding gifts were registered.

Stephanie cuts to the chase. She says that she is out here to offer Cody his job back. Runnels nods in agreement and says that they are finished. Stephanie stops him in his tracks. She offers him another option. There is only one roster spot available. Virgil has the choice between either Goldust or Cody. It’s a choice between the son that was fired and the son that he neglected for years while he was on the road. Runnels is not pleased with the ultimatum. He says that he is not going to make that choice. Stephanie rebukes a speech from Runnels in which he tries to involve her children. Runnels refuses to decide. He tells Stephanie to go to hell. Stephanie claims that she is sorry to hear that decision.

The Shield’s music hits. They come down and surround Runnels. Stephanie says that she has someone in the back that can help even things out. Big Show’s music hits. Instead of being brought in to assist, Stephanie has other ideas. Since Runnels will not make a choice between sons, he is presented with another choice. He can either be beaten down by The Shield or knocked out by The Big Show.

The Big Show is furious. Since Runnels won’t make a decision, and Show is starting to tear up, she tells The Shield to attack. Show stands in their way and commands them not to touch the Hall of Famer. Roman Reigns heads out of the ring and grabs three chairs for The Shield. Knowing that Runnels may not survive an attack by The Shield, Show has no choice. He whispers that he is sorry to Virgil. Show delivers a brutal Weapon of Mass Destruction. Show catches Virgil in his arms as he starts to fall and sets him down gently on the mat. Medics race toward the ring. Show kneels over Runnels bawling his eyes out.


The Funkadactyls & Brie Bella v. Layla, Alicia Fox & Aksana

AJ Lee is on commentary. Naomi starts the match against Layla. She hits a Rear View and then tags in Cameron. Layla takes control and takes the action towards her corner. Alicia Fox and Aksana are tagged in turn. They hit a couple of punches and continue to work on Cameron. Fox gets the tag again but misses a Steen Flip. Cameron makes it over to the corner and brings in Brie. Aksana gets the tag as well. Brie plants Aksana in the middle of the ring. There must be a spontaneous shoe sale because all of the Divas hit the ring at the same time. Bella goes for the cover and this match is over.

Winners: The Funkadactyls & Brie Bella


Damien Sandow v. RVD w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

They lock up and RVD is pushed towards the corner. Sandow stomps and goes for a cover. RVD kicks out at one. Sandow plays with his face and then covers again. RVD kicks out. Sandow is placed in the corner. He counters a whip and hits Rob with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Cover, but RVD kicks out. After a few headlocks, RVD begins to fight back. RVD heads to the top rope and looks for the finish. He flies halfway across the ring to hit a 5 Star Frog Splash.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Triple H is in an office with referee Scott Armstrong. Hunter claims to be a in a jam. He reminds the audience that because of the actions on last night’s show there is no current WWE Champion. Hunter says that Armstrong has been a loyal employee for 20 years. Given his years of dedication HHH is going to give him a generous severance package, but his time with the company is complete. Armstrong appears broken hearted. Triple H assures him that he will take care of him.

The Miz v. Randy Orton

Orton enters first. The Miz is in his hometown and says hello to friends and family members around ringside. Orton attacks him from behind and tosses him into the steel steps. Ringside crewmembers try and separate them.


The Miz flies at Randy at the start of the match. Orton is taken aback at first. Randy is able to reverse in the corner and begins to pound on his foe. Miz is sent to the apron to set up for a suspended DDT. Miz counters and sends Orton out of the ring. He pushes him into the apron and then tosses him into the barricade. Orton is able to retake control by pushing Miz head first into the steel post. The referee calls for the bell as a double count out is reached.

Winner: No Contest

Orton tosses Miz over the commentators’ table. Orton beats on Miz directly in front of Miz’s parents. At no point during any of this attack does Miz’s father show any emotion. Orton culminates the attack by using the barricade to deliver a suspended DDT. Miz’s mother begins to cry. At this point the camera starts to crop Miz’s father out of the shot due to his lack of any emotion or storytelling. Orton lifts up the lifeless body of The Miz and rolls him into the ring. Orton grabs a steel chair and takes it into the ring. Orton opens the chair and places Miz’s head between the seat and back rest. Orton takes a running start and then leaps to deliver a knee to the chair and decapitate The Miz.


Ryback’s music hits. He makes his way onto the entrance ramp with a wheelchair bound Paul Heyman. Heyman introduces himself as the best in the world. He tells the fans that they can boo him all they want. Heyman is proud to say that he pinned CM Punk. Heyman can say it over and over again, because every single time it will be true. The crowd starts to chant for Punk. Heyman claims that the best part is that the history books will reflect that the first time he and Punk came face to face resulted in a victory for the walrus-esque star. The loser was CM Punk. Heyman admits that Punk gave him one of the most vicious beatings in the history of the WWE. Heyman says that when all other Heyman guys sat down, Ryback came to the rescue. Ryback saved his life. Heyman gives Ryback a peck on the cheek. Ryback takes the mic and says that he will have no problem dissecting CM Punk. Ryback Rules.

Los Matadores promo airs.


No. 1 Contender’s Match
The Real Americans v. Tons of Funk v. The Usos

This is a three way in which only two men are eligible at a time. Swagger and Clay start the match. Swagger gets in a bit of offense and then tags in Jimmy. He pushes Clay towards the corner and leaps up for a crossbody. Clay catches him and slams him down to the mat. He follows with another scoop slam. He hits a back breaker and drops an elbow.

Trent Richardson is sitting at ringside. Michael Cole reveals that Richardson is married to a cousin of The Usos.

Cesaro gets the tag. He hits a hard uppercut. Tensai tags himself in off of Uso. He grabs Cesaro with a double underhook and holds him suspended in the air before slamming him to the mat. Jey tags himself in off of Cesaro. Sweet T winds up and pops Uso in the mouth. He goes for a cover. Cesaro has apparently tagged himself into the match off of Uso. Antonio slides behind Sweet T and rolls him.

Tons of Funk has been eliminated.


Cesaro delivered a Big Swing during the break. Swagger jumps and stomps on Jey’s chest. Cesaro gets the tag and falls down to the mat to apply a rear headlock. Cesaro lifts up Uso and stops him from making a tag. Cesaro blocks a Sunset flip but is pushed back towards the corner. Swagger and Jimmy get the tag. Jimmy flies in with a huge springboard clothesline. He follows with a Samoan drop. Cesaro tries to make the save but is sent out of the ring with Swagger. The Usos both fly out of the ring over the top rope to knock down their opponents. Jimmy rolls Swagger back into the ring and follows after. Swagger applies a Patriot Lock. Jimmy escapes and hits a Superkick. He climbs to the top rope. Swagger leaps up after and throws him towards the middle with hip toss. Jey trips Cesaro into the apron. Jey climbs to the top turnbuckle as he tags himself in off of his brother’s back before his brother was hit with the hip toss. Jey hits a splash and picks up the win.

Winners: The Usos


Promo airs for Bray Wyatt.

Daniel Bryan v. Roman Reigns w/ The Shield

Randy Orton’s music hits before the match can get started. He joins the auxiliary members of The Shield at ringside. They hold a pow wow and then Orton takes a seat in a rolling chair near the commentators.

Reigns and Bryan lock up. Roman sets in with a few punches but is pushed away by a retaliating Bryan. Bryan grabs the leg of Roman and twists it around. He pulls back to cinch on a leg bar. Roman escapes and throws Bryan into the corner. Daniel hits the turnbuckle front first and is clubbed in the back. Bryan uses his feet and speed to fight back. Reigns tries to shake off the kicks and gets to his feet. Bryan returns to twisting back on his opponent’s leg.

Reigns gets to his feet and pushes Bryan towards the corner. He hits him with a few arm lariats and then sets up and connects with a vertical suplex. Bryan is whipped into the corner. He counters a Reigns charge by tripping him into the ropes. Bryan climbs to the top rope. Orton gets to his feet. Bryan jumps for a big missile dropkick. Reigns rolls out of the ring. Bryan leaps to the outside with a suicide dive. Reigns tries to catch him. He misses at first but is able to relocate his grip and tosses Bryan hard into the barricade.


Back from the break Bryan flips through for a roll up. Reigns kicks out. Bryan plants Reigns and looks for a high-risk spot. Orton clutches his head, as Bryan looks ready to capitalize. Bryan leaps for a headbutt. Reigns rolls out of the way and covers the damaged star. Bryan kicks out. Roman doubles down and goes for another cover. Bryan kicks out again.

Reigns whips Bryan into the ropes but is caught with a kick to the gut. He catches Bryan on a crossbody attempt. He hits a modified fall away slam and a cover. Bryan kicks out. Reigns whips him towards the corner but Bryan flips free. The crowd gets behind Bryan as he starts to hulk up. Bryan unleashes with a series of hard kicks. Bryan misses the last kick and is caught with a Samoan Drop. Bryan quickly kicks out. Bryan sneaks in a roll up, but Reigns kicks out. Bryan kicks him square in the jaw and goes for another cover. Reigns kicks out again. Seth pulls Roman to the outside for comfort. Bryan flies at them both and hits a baseball slide. Rollins’ head crashes hard into the commentators’ booth. Bryan knocks Ambrose off the apron. Reigns catches Bryan with a vicious arm lariat. Bryan responds by locking on the Yes Lock.

Randy Orton charges into the ring to attack Bryan. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

Bryan is at first able to keep Orton down and try for the Yes Lock. The rest of The Shield make the save. Orton and The Shield take control. Orton brings a steel chair into the ring. He looks to hit Bryan with the same devastating attack as Miz fell victim to later in the meeting.

The Usos charge down to the ring. Following them are the Primetime Players, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel & Rob Van Dam. Together they take control and clear the ring. The crowd is on their feet. Rollins is staggered on his feet. Bryan charges across the ring and hits him with a vicious knee lift. The Primetime Players lift Bryan up into the air to celebrate. The Superstars and the crowd join in with chants of, “Yes”.

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