WWE RAW Results – 10/14/13 (New Tag Team Champions)

WWE RAW Results for 10/14/13

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
October 14, 2013
St. Louis, Missouri
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Justin Roberts does the introduction for the special guest referee at Hell in a Cell, the WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. HBK comes out to a tremendous reception from the St. Louis crowd, and he dances around the ring as Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and John “Bradshaw” Layfield talk about him refereeing the Hell in a Cell WWE Championship match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. The crowd chants “HBK.” Michaels thanks everyone who voted for him last week on the WWE App to be the special guest referee for Hell in a Cell. It’s nice that no one has forgotten about “H-B-Shizzle.”

Now, he knows everyone is concerned regarding the personal feelings he has regarding the competitors in the Hell in a Cell match. Many moons ago, he trained a young man who had aspirations of becoming a WWE Superstar: Daniel Bryan. The crowd chants “YES!” HBK says he’s always liked Bryan. He’s never liked Randy Orton, and, yes, his best friend is Triple H. He can see why everyone is concerned, but this Hell in a Cell match is not about him. It’s about the two competitors and crowning a new WWE Champion. He respects the two competitors and the Hell in a Cell. He was in the first Hell in a Cell in this very building. He’s been inside, on top, and he’s fallen off it. Thinking about it, he’s glad he’s retired. Michaels says he saw what happened at WWE Battleground. That was a crock, and it will not happen again. Two men will walk into the Hell in a Cell, and he guarantees that one man will walk out as the WWE Champion.

Randy Orton’s music hits, and the hometown boy comes out to a very nice reception. Orton gets in the ring, and he says that he has a match up next against The Miz, so he’ll make this real quick. HBK has got everyone in the crowd convinced. That’s great, but Orton wants to fill him in on a little secret. He was born and raised right here in St. Louis, and he knows the people of the city better than anyone else, especially HBK. Orton says that the people of St. Louis aren’t all that bright. Orton smirks as the crowd boos him. Orton says he can see right through Michaels. It’s not that he doesn’t like him; he resents him. No matter how great HBK once was, Orton will always be that much better than him. That fact eats HBK up inside. HBK pretends like he wasn’t listening. HBK says he knows that Orton is all rattled by what is going on, but he needs to worry about Daniel Bryan.

Orton cannot believe what HBK just said. He said he won’t only just beat Bryan at Hell in a Cell; he’s going to hurt him real bad. He’s going to destroy Bryan. HBK will have to count the pin, and he’ll have to raise his hand. Orton says he’ll enjoy every second of it. The crowd chants “NO!” and Orton tells them to shut up. Orton says he’s no fool. Everyone knows that HBK is no stranger to screw jobs. If HBK screws him over at Hell in a Cell, there will be no coming back from what he does to him. Orton asks if he’s clear. HBK asks if Orton is trying to intimidate the special guest referee for his Hell in a Cell match. A lot of people have tried, but you can’t intimidate him. Orton may try to put his hands on him at Hell in a Cell or even right now, but he warns him that if he does, he will kick his pretty head off his pretty shoulders. If you’re not down with that, he’s got two words for ya… SUCK IT!

HBK turns around, so Orton tries to blindside him with an RKO. HBK pushes him off and goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Orton ducks out of the ring. Orton stares at HBK until he’s attack from behind by The Miz. Miz sends him into the barricade and punches away at him until referees run down to break it up. The Miz will face Randy Orton, next.

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Randy Orton vs. The Miz

We join the match in progress. Orton puts Miz in the corner and tries for it again, but Miz blocks it. Miz puts him in the corner and punches him. Miz knees him in the midsection a few times until Orton punches him away. Orton clotheslines him in the corner, stares at the crowd, and does it again. Orton goes for a third clothesline, but Miz elbows him in the face. Miz punches away at him before clotheslining him over the top rope. Miz waits for Orton to get to his feet before attempting a baseball slide, but Orton moves. Orton then clotheslines him outside the ring. Orton gets in the ring to break the count before going back outside to throw Miz into the steel steps. Orton then picks him up and sends him into the other set of steps. Orton puts him back in the ring and covers for a two count.

Orton walks around The Miz while staring at the crowd. Orton then hits the Garvin Stomps for a two count. Orton applies a rear chin lock, and the crowd wills The Miz on to get up. Miz gets to his feet and elbows out. Orton reverses a whip and sends Miz over the top rope to the outside. Orton follows him out of the ring before setting him up on the barricade. Orton goes for a hanging DDT to the floor, but Miz counters by driving Orton spine-first into the ring post. Orton rolls into the ring to recover. Miz gets in the ring, and he ducks a clothesline before hitting a running forearm. Miz hits a million dollar knee lift before kicking him down to his knees and in the face. Miz then catches him with his trademark corner clothesline. Miz goes to the top rope and catches him with a double axe handle. Miz signals for his finisher. Orton counters out of the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz charges him in the corner and blocks Orton’s attempt at a kick. Miz kicks him in the back of the left leg and goes for a Figure Four Leglock.

All of a sudden, the Wyatt Family’s video flicks on the screen, and the lights go out. When they come back on, the Wyatt Family is on the stage. The Miz stares at them before turning around into an RKO for the loss.

Winner by Pinfall: Randy Orton
Match Rating: * 3/4

Bray Wyatt speaks from his rocking chair. Wyatt says that Miz is the epitome of everything that he loathes about this world: the limelight, the diamonds, and the red carpet. How much is it going to take to satisfy Miz’ craving – his obsession with fame? They’re tangled in this moment in a spider’s web. Wyatt tells “his child” to not be afraid. He does not wish to see him suffer. He’s just going to put him down. Follow the buzzards!

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Fandango w/ Summer Rae vs. Santino Marella

They circle the ring and lock up. Fandango quickly pushes Santino down as Summer Rae claps. Santino shakes his hips, and Fandango pushes him. Fandango sidesteps a push from Santino, and Santino claps for him before threatening him with the Cobra. Fandango quickly gets to the ropes. Fandango quickly kicks him down and punches away at him. Fandango then uppercuts him before wiggling his hips. Fandango sends him into the ropes for a back elbow, and he picks up a two count. Fandango applies a chin lock, but Santino soon fights up and punches out. Fandango reverses a whip to the corner, and he avoids Santino trying to slingshot over him. Fandango clubs him in the back of the neck before hitting a suplex. Fandango dances for the crowd before going to the top rope. Santino gets to his feet, so Fandango jumps over him. Santino ducks a clothesline, and he drops Fandango with a stunner.

Both men are down. Santino hits some punches when they get up, splits under a clothesline, and hits a hip toss. Santino hits a falling head-butt before taking the Cobra out. Santino goes to hit him with the Cobra, but Fandango moves, and Summer Rae nearly gets hit. Santino stops himself, and Fandango rolls him up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Fandango
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Cody Rhodes and Goldust will face The Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championships later tonight.

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Brad Maddox is backstage with Paul Heyman. Heyman shows him footage from WWE Battleground when CM Punk gave Ryback a low blow while the referee wasn’t looking. Punk then pinned Ryback. Heyman says that is cheating. Now it’s incumbent upon Maddox to do something about it. Maddox says Ryback already has his rematch at Hell in a Cell, so he’s not really sure what he wants. Heyman says he’s looking for more than a rematch. Punk is a cheater, and he pulled this cheating victory off on Maddox’s watch. He made Maddox look ridiculous, and a man in his position cannot be made to look ridiculous. Heyman says Maddox will let him pick the stipulation at Hell in a Cell. He’s envisioning CM Punk against Ryback and Curtis Axel. That’s what’s best for business.

Maddox says he’s not sure that’s very fair. Heyman says Punk is a cheating weasel. Punk doesn’t even know the meaning of the word “fair.” Maddox says he never thought he would hear a walrus call a punk a weasel. Maddox says they’ll put Heyman’s faith in Ryback to the test. They’ll play Beat the Clock: Ryback versus R-Truth, and CM Punk versus Curtis Axel. If Ryback beats the clock, then Heyman can choose the stipulation. If Punk wins, then CM Punk will make the stipulation. Heyman doesn’t like that much.

Michael Cole mentions that Xavier Woods of WWE NXT started an online petition to bring back the Big Show. A lot of WWE Superstars have signed it, including John Cena. A video showcasing the heart of John Cena is aired afterward. He’ll face Alberto Del Rio for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell.

Los Matadores make their way to the ring with their mascot, El Torito. They’ll be in action, next.

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Los Matadores w/ El Torito vs. Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre w/ Jinder Mahal

Diego will start off the match against Drew McIntyre. Diego ducks a lock up and yells, “Olé!” They lock up, and McIntyre powers him to the corner. Diego ducks a punch and chops the chest. McIntyre reverses a whip to the corner, but he runs into a boot. Diego catches him with a flying hurricanrana. Diego chops him to his corner and tags in Fernando. They sends him into the ropes for a double-team back body drop. McIntyre kicks him and tags in Heath Slater. Slater punches and kicks him before having a whip reversed. They crisscross the ropes until Fernando catches him with a spinning head-scissor takeover. Slater flies out of the ring in front of El Torito. El Torito mocks Slater’s dance. Slater chases him, and Fernando takes him out with a suicide dive. Fernando puts him in the ring and gets in to eat a roundhouse kick from Slater.

Slater kicks away at Fernando before tagging McIntyre in. They hit a double-team slingshot suplex for a near fall. McIntyre chops the chest and kicks him in the corner. McIntyre slaps him in the face, and Fernando comes back wildly with some punches. McIntyre quickly boots him in the face before stomping the face. McIntyre applies a modified chin lock. Diego and El Torito get the crowd going. Fernando fights up and hits a jawbreaker. Fernando then comes back with a tilt-a-whirl DDT.

Diego and Slater are tagged in. Diego catches him with a pair of flying forearms before dropkicking McIntyre off the apron. Diego chops the chest, but he has a whip reversed. Diego backflips over him and shouts, “Olé!” Diego then sweeps the legs out. Diego catches him with a second rope punch. Fernando is tagged in, and they hit a double-team back suplex for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Los Matadores
Match Rating: *

Jinder Mahal shouts at them from the apron, so El Torito “gores” him off. Mahal runs in, and Los Matadores attack him. They then hit Mahal with their double-team back suplex as El Torito simultaneously hits him with a senton. JBL calls it a “Bull-ton.”

A video recaps Stephanie McMahon firing Big Show at the beginning of last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. It then shows how Big Show made an appearance later in the night, and he knocked out Triple H.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will discuss what happened last week, next.

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Triple H’s music hits, and the COO of WWE makes his way to the ring alongside his wife, Stephanie McMahon, one of the principal owners of WWE. They are not well received by the St. Louis crowd. Stephanie says last week on RAW, she learned a very valuable lesson. She learned to never allow her kindness to be mistaken for weakness. She stops as the crowd chants, “You got knocked out!” Triple H stares at them coldly. Stephanie says she and her husband have bailed out the Big Show more times than they can remember, most recently buying the mortgage on his house. How are they repaid? With disrespect and insubordination. Last week, the Big Show, after he was fired, came down to the ring, and he struck her husband in the face. The crowd cheers wildly. Stephanie says Big Show did the same thing as the crowd, but where is he now? He’s unemployed. They are selling his house and repossessing anything of value that he owns. They are also formally pressing charges for trespassing and assault. Let that be a lesson to anyone in the WWE locker room, because insolence will not be tolerated.

Stephanie says that Michael Cole gave an interview on WWE.com saying that sources close to the COO reported a concussion and a broken jaw that needed to be wired shut. She reminds them of who this is. This is Triple H, a thirteen-time world champion, the King of Kings, the Cerebral Assassin, and The Game. Triple H earned those names. He ruled the Attitude Era with an iron fist, and now he’s defining a new era. With her power and support, Triple H is the WWE.

Triple H takes the microphone, and he says that rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. He’s been the COO of WWE for two years now. As ridiculous as it sounds, he did it all for the fans. He put aside all of his personal and professional needs to ensure that the WWE will be here in the future for everyone. He became The Authority here, knowing what he would have to endure with that role because nobody likes the boss. He put up with a lot. He’s endured the questioning and accusations, the walkouts, and the insubordination. Every man has his breaking point, and his was last week when he was lying in the center of the ring unconscious while all of the fans chanted, “YES!” While the whole world chanted, “YES!” The crowd wildly chants it, and Triple H is livid.

Triple H supposes that this is the way it is. After all they’ve done, he and his wife are just the villains. If they want him to be the bad guy, fine. He’ll be the bad guy, but he’ll give them something that they’ve never seen before. Big Show will grovel at his feet to avoid incarceration or financial ruin. Anybody in that locker room that defies their authority will beg to keep their job. Anyone that even thought the word “yes” had better start to pray as of now. The crowd chants, “YES!”

Daniel Bryan’s music hits, and he comes out to a tremendous reception. Bryan leads the crowd in a “YES!” chant. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon stare at him angrily from the center of the ring. All of a sudden, Alberto Del Rio attacks Bryan from behind and kicks him down the ramp! Del Rio nods toward Triple H and Stephanie before kicking Bryan in the temple. Stephanie asks if Bryan was going to say something. Stephanie guesses that he’s finished before introducing him to his opponent tonight, the World Champion Alberto Del Rio! Del Rio and Triple H mock the “YES!” chant. The crowd chants “NO!”

Ryback is walking with a purpose backstage with Paul Heyman trailing him. He’ll face R-Truth in a Beat the Clock Challenge, next.

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Beat the Clock Challenge
R-Truth vs. Ryback w/ Paul Heyman

The bell rings, and R-Truth leaves the ring to high-five some fans. The clock is ticking. Ryback chases him back into the ring, and R-Truth attacks him as he comes in. Ryback reverses a whip, but R-Truth hangs on to the ropes, dances, and leaves the ring. Ryback chases him back into the ring, but he misses a clothesline. R-Truth leaves the ring. Ryback follows him out, and R-Truth gets back in the ring. Heyman is going crazy at ringside. Ryback gets in the ring, and R-Truth catches him with a jumping calf kick for a no count. R-Truth then rolls out of the ring again. R-Truth goes to run away from Ryback, but Heyman stands in his way. Ryback then clubs him down.

Ryback puts him in the ring for a pair of one counts. 1:45 has already passed as Ryback whips him hard into the corner for a one count. Ryback punches him back to the corner before hitting some shoulder thrusts. Ryback body slams him down and hits a big splash for a two count. A “Goldberg” chant fires up. Ryback kicks him in the back and stomps the head. R-Truth tries to fight back, but Ryback takes him down with a back elbow for a one count. Ryback covers again for another one count. Ryback slams R-Truth into the corner a few times before picking up a near fall. Ryback covers again for a one count. 3:32 have already passed. Ryback clubs him down before hitting a schoolboy for a two count. The fans are chanting for the commentators now. R-Truth counters a body slam and punches him in the face. Ryback counters a whip by sending him hard into the corner. Ryback covers for a one count, and 4:15 have passed. Ryback goes for a powerslam, but R-Truth slides off and hits a dropkick. R-Truth dropkicks him in the knee and hits a DDT. R-Truth punches him in the face and dropkicks him down for a two count.

5:00 have passed as R-Truth goes to the top rope. R-Truth hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Ryback avoids a Scissor Kick before catching him with the Shell Shocked for the win at 5:44.

Winner by Pinfall at 5:44: Ryback
Match Rating: *

CM Punk must defeat Curtis Axel in 5:44 in order to choose the stipulation for his match at Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust will challenge The Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championships later tonight.

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Stephanie McMahon is walking backstage when she runs into the Bella Twins. Stephanie hugs Brie and congratulates her on the engagement. Last week on RAW, after her husband was laying in the middle of the ring, her fiancée was in the ring chanting, “YES!” Bryan isn’t chanting anymore. She does wonder what he will say after Brie’s match against Tamina Snuka. Nikki Bella will have to stay backstage, but AJ Lee will have a bird’s eye view. Stephanie wishes her luck and congratulates her again before walking off.

The announcers talk about “The Streak Mode” on the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game.

Tons of Funk makes their entrance with the Funkadactyls. They’ll be in action, next.

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Tons of Funk vs. The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter

Before the match begins, a pre-taped interview with Zeb Colter airs. Colter says the government may be shut down, but the Real Americans are still on the job. Los Matadores are Los Illegals. They didn’t sneak across the border; they ran across it. Soon, they will expose them and their pet friend. That’s no bull. We the people!

Brodus Clay pushes Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro kicks and punches him before getting clubbed down a few times. Brodus hits a delayed body slam before tagging in Tensai. They send him into the ropes and hit a double chop. Tensai puts him in the corner and punches him a few times. Tensai then hits him with a monkey flip. Cesaro sidesteps a splash in the corner, and Jack Swagger blind tags in. Tensai takes down Cesaro, and Swagger chop blocks Tensai. Swagger DDTs the leg of Tensai before dropping an elbow on it. Swagger drops a knee on it before stomping him a few times. Cesaro is tagged in, and he kicks him in the face before applying a chin lock. Tensai fights up before Cesaro uppercuts him. Swagger is tagged in, and he shoulders him in the midsection a few times. Swagger backs up, and Cesaro catches Tensai with a cheap shot. Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb, and Cesaro tags in. Cesaro leapfrogs Swagger and double stomps Tensai for a near fall. Swagger is tagged back in, and he applies a leg lock. Tensai kicks him away before they take each other out with a double clothesline.

Cesaro is tagged in, and he dead lifts Tensai for an incredible gutwrench suplex! Cesaro picks up a near fall. Swagger is tagged back in, and he punches away at Tensai. Tensai begins to fight them off, and he tags in Brodus Clay. Cesaro is tagged in as well. Brodus catches him with a clothesline before punching Swagger off the apron. Brodus hits a running head-butt before hitting a T-bone she-plex. Brodus avalanches him in the corner before hitting a fisherman’s suplex. Swagger breaks up the pinfall. Brodus takes him down and throws him out of the ring. Cesaro quickly uppercuts Brodus before hitting him with the Neutralizer for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Real Americans
Match Rating: * 1/4

Antonio Cesaro grabs Brodus Clay by the legs. Jack Swagger punches and kicks Tensai down, and Cesaro turns his attention to Tensai. Cesaro signals for it, and he executes the Cesaro Swing on Tensai with three revolutions!

Daniel Bryan will face Alberto Del Rio later in the night.

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Tamina Snuka w/ AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella

Brie quickly clotheslines Tamina down before punching away at her. Brie sends her to the corner and kicks her down. Tamina quickly leaves the ring to recovers. Brie catches her with a Lou Thesz Press off the apron. Tamina quickly pushes her into the apron and clotheslines her in the back of the head. Tamina puts her in the ring, and she kicks Brie in the ribs. Tamina chokes her before Brie catches her with a version of the single leg crab. Tamina makes it to the bottom rope. Tamina kicks her in the midsection and slams her down before whipping her jacket off her a few times. Tamina chokes her on the ropes before picking up a two count. Tamina applies a chin lock, but Brie soon fights up. Brie tries to elbow out, but Tamina slams her down. Tamina hits a suplex for a two count. Tamina clubs her before hitting a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Tamina reapplies the chin lock as the crowd chants, “AJ’s crazy!” AJ taunts Brie with the WWE Divas Championship. Brie fights up, but Tamina takes her down. Tamina puts the chin lock back on, and she knees Brie in the midsection.

Tamina sends her into the corner, and she runs into Brie’s boot. Brie hits a missile dropkick before hitting a running clothesline. Brie hits a dropkick and knees her in the face. Brie knees her in the face again before going to the second rope. Brie goes for a flying X-Factor, but Tamina pushes her off. Tamina then big boots her down for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Tamina Snuka
Match Rating: *

Tamina drops Brie with a Samoan Drop after the match. Tamina picks her up again, and she hits a shoulder breaker. Tamina then goes to the top rope, and she hits the Superfly Splash. AJ Lee gets in the ring, and Tamina lifts Brie up by the hair. AJ then applies the Black Widow. Referees have to come out to separate her. Nikki Bella runs down to check on Brie as AJ and Tamina leave the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Stephanie McMahon is backstage with Brad Maddox watching Triple H facing Goldberg on the new Goldberg DVD. Daniel Bryan runs in, and he’s really upset about what happened to Brie Bella. Stephanie says he’s letting his emotions get to him. Bryan asks what she knows about emotions. Stephanie tells him not to blame her for what happened to Brie. Speaking of which, doesn’t he have a fiancée to attend to?

Beat the Clock Challenge – Time to beat: 5:44
CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman

They lock up, and Punk quickly applies a side headlock. Axel whips him off, and Punk shoulder blocks him down for a no count. They circle the ring and lock up again. Axel powers Punk to the corner, and Punk turns him there. Punk backs up and blocks a kick from Axel. Punk catches him with a jackknife pin for a one count. Punk punches and chops him a few times in the corner. Axel comes back with a kick and some chops of his own. Axel hits a snapmare and a rolling neck snapper for a one count. Axel punches him before hitting a body slam for a one count. Axel hits another body slam and drops an elbow for a one count. 4:00 are left. Axel punches him in the corner a few times before sending him to the corner. Axel runs into some boots, and Punk catches him with a springboard cross-body for a one count. Axel quickly comes back with a clothesline for a one count. Axel rubs his forearm on his face for another one count. 3:15 is left.

Axel hits a backbreaker and goes for a second rope elbow drop, but Punk moves. Punk knees him in the midsection a few times before sending him to the corner for a high knee lift. Punk follows up with a short-arm clothesline for a near fall. Punk goes to the top rope before dropping an elbow for a near fall. 2:00 are left, and Heyman is not happy. He’s been shouting for Axel to leave the ring for a while. Punk goes for a GTS, but Axel slides off and hits his old McGillicutter for a near fall. Axel rubs his face in the mat before Punk comes back with some punches and chops. Punk sends him into the ropes, but Axel is able to catch him with a clothesline in the back of the head for a near fall. 56 seconds are left. Axel hits the Perfect Plex for a near fall. Axel goes for another Perfect Plex, but Punk catches him with an inside cradle for a near fall. Axel misses a clothesline and avoids a neckbreaker, but Punk is able to catch him with a roundhouse kick to the skull. Punk then hits the GTS for the win with 11 seconds left!

Winner by Pinfall at 5:33: CM Punk
Match Rating: * 1/4

Paul Heyman is furious at ringside, and he throws Axel’s WWE Intercontinental Championship down. Heyman stands at the top of the ramp screaming that he cannot believe this. Punk grabs a microphone, and he says the party has just started in St. Louis. He doesn’t know if Heyman knows, but he just beat Heyman’s guy, so he gets to pick the stipulation at the Hell in a Cell PPV. This is where Heyman becomes proud of him because he learned from watching the mad scientist of professional wrestling. Punk likes Heyman’s idea. At Hell in a Cell, there will be a handicap match. Ryback and Paul Heyman versus CM Punk in a Hell in a Cell match!

Daniel Bryan will face Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match, next.

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Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio

The bell rings, and Bryan immediately attacks Del Rio. Bryan kicks away at him in the corner until the referee backs him up. Del Rio kicks him before applying a side headlock. Bryan whips him off, but Del Rio quickly shoulder blocks him down for a one count. Del Rio powers him to the corner, but Bryan quickly turns him. Bryan kicks him down before hitting a head-butt. Bryan knees him in the midsection before sending him into the ropes and turning him inside out with a knee to the midsection. Bryan wrenches the arm and snaps it off his shoulder. Del Rio quickly catches him in the corner with a pair of boots. Del Rio then kicks him in the head for a two count. Del Rio hits a snap suplex for another two count. Del Rio quickly follows up with a chin lock. Bryan fights up and counters out with a back suplex.

Bryan gets himself fired up, and the crowd responds. Bryan kicks him in the chest a few times. Del Rio ducks the big kick to the head and catches him with a backstabber for a near fall. Del Rio stomps away at him before sending him into the corner hard. Del Rio chokes him with his boot before kicking him down in the corner. The referee backs Del Rio up, and Bryan begins to unload on him with some kicks. The referee backs Bryan up, and Del Rio sidesteps a running dropkick in the corner. Del Rio kicks away at him before the referee backs him up again.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Del Rio move out of the way of a Flying Goat head-butt. Del Rio quickly covers him for a near fall. Del Rio then follows up with a kick to the back of the head. Del Rio talks some trash before nearly being caught with the Yes! Lock. Del Rio quickly claws to the bottom rope. Bryan kicks away at him before choking him with his boot. Bryan uppercuts him in the corner a few times before having a whip to the opposite corner reversed on him. Bryan catches him charging with a pair of boots before running into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio hits a double stomp to the back before taking some time to recover. Del Rio then covers him for a near fall. Del Rio applies a modified rear chin lock, but Bryan fights up. Del Rio head-butts him to the corner and kicks him down. Del Rio is bleeding from the lip as he flexes his pectorals. Del Rio mocks the “YES!” chant before running into a flying elbow from Bryan.

Bryan pumps himself up as he goes for a Yes! Lock. Del Rio counters with a double knee arm breaker for a near fall. Del Rio punches away at him before going to the second rope. Del Rio then hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Del Rio reapplies the chin lock, but Bryan fights up and elbows out. Bryan kicks away at him in the corner before backing up. Del Rio then sidesteps him, causing Bryan to hit the ring post shoulder first. Bryan then is able to duck a step-up enzuigiri. Bryan kicks away at Del Rio as he is on his knees. Del Rio reverses a whip to the corner, but Bryan back flips over him, ducks a clothesline, and hits a flying clothesline. Bryan is really pumped up as he hits a big running dropkick in the corner. Bryan sets him up on the top rope and hits a super-hurricanrana for a near fall!

Bryan sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Del Rio charges, but Bryan pulls the top rope down, sending him to the outside. Bryan then catches him with a suicide dive. Bryan throws him into the ring and goes to the top rope. Bryan hit a missile dropkick for another near fall. All of a sudden, Randy Orton appears on the titantron. Orton says he saw what happened to Bryan’s sweet fiancée earlier in the evening. Orton is going to check on her right now and see if she’s ok. Orton then walks into the trainer’s room and closes the door. The sound of the Bella Twins screaming is heard.

Del Rio quickly rolls Bryan up for a near fall. Del Rio then kicks him in the side of the head and punches away at him. Del Rio signals for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Bryan pushes him off. Bryan ducks a clothesline and kicks him in the back of the head. Bryan then leaves the ring and runs to the back. The referee counts Bryan out, and the unconscious Del Rio picks up the win.

Winner by Count-Out: Alberto Del Rio
Match Rating: **

Bryan runs into the trainer’s room, and the Bella Twins are standing there. They say they don’t know where Orton went. Orton then attacks him from behind and sends him into a steel tub. Orton stands over Bryan as referees run in to keep him away. Brie Bella checks on him as do the trainers.

-Commercial Break-

The Shield is laughing about what happened to Daniel Bryan. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H walk up to them, and they remind them that the Rhodes boys defeated them to get their jobs back. Triple H says their match is no disqualification. The gloves are off. Triple H tells them to finish it. The Shield leaves, and Triple H shares a kiss with Stephanie.

Another video airs that showcases John Cena’s comeback from a torn triceps.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust make their way to the ring. They’ll face The Shield for the WWE Tag Team Championships, next.

-Commercial Break-

CM Punk will make an appearance this week on Friday Night Smackdown.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Shield (c)

Seth Rollins will start out against Cody Rhodes. Rhodes punches him back to the corner and whips him hard to the opposite side. Goldust is tagged in, and he hits a punch off the second rope. Goldust punches away at him before sending him to the corner again. Goldust hits a snapmare before dropping a knee for a one count. Rhodes is tagged back in, and he hits Rollins with a dropkick for a near fall. Rhodes punches him to the corner before hitting a snapmare and a knee to the face for a two count. Goldust is tagged back in, and they hit a double-team punch to the gut. Goldust catches him with the rear view for a two count. Rhodes tags himself in, and he kicks Rollins in the midsection. Rhodes kicks away at him before hitting a front suplex for a two count. Rhodes punches him before going to the ropes. Dean Ambrose grabs the leg, and Rhodes catches Rollins with a back elbow. Roman Reigns then clotheslines him down from the apron.

Rollins dropkicks Rhodes before tagging Reigns in. Reigns kicks away at Rhodes kicking him out of the ring. Reigns clubs the back before clubbing the chest. Reigns puts him in the ring for a two count. Rollins is tagged back in, and he kicks Rhodes in the midsection. Rollins mounts him and punches him a few times before stomping the back. Rhodes tries to fight back with some kicks, but Rollins answers back with a kick of his own. Rollins puts him in the corner and hits a back suplex for a two count. Rollins applies an arm bar, and Goldust starts clapping to get the fans into it. Rhodes fights up and arm drags out. Rollins charges him in the corner, and Rhodes attempts an Alabama Slam. Rollins counters with a rollup, but Rhodes gets out and tags in Goldust.

Goldust hits a pair of clotheslines before catching him with a back body drop. Goldust sets Rollins up for the Shattered Dreams, but Reigns distracts him. Goldust punches Reigns off the apron and clotheslines Rollins in the corner. Goldust follows up with a bulldog for a two count. Rollins comes back with a kick to the midsection. Rollins sends him to the ropes, misses two clotheslines, and ducks under a running cross-body. Goldust flies out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Reigns punching away at Goldust in the corner. Rollins is tagged in, and he watches Reigns stomp Goldust down. Rollins then stands on Goldust’s head. Rollins covers for a near fall that is broken up by Rhodes. Rhodes punches away at Rollins. Rhodes leaves the ring, and Rollins applies an arm bar to Goldust. Goldust fights up and punches out. Goldust hits the ropes, counters a neckbreaker, and executes a backslide pin for a near fall. Rollins then clotheslines him down for a two count. Reigns is tagged in, and Goldust tries to fight back and tag Rhodes, but Reigns clubs him down as Rollins holds him. Reigns applies a chin lock, but Goldust soon fights up. Reigns knees him in the face and sends him to the corner, but Goldust comes back with a springboard back elbow.

Rollins is tagged in, and he knocks Rhodes off the apron. Rollins goes to the top rope, mocks Goldust’s taunt, and jumps into a powerslam! Rhodes kicks Ambrose away from him, and he’s tagged in. Reigns is tagged in as well. Rhodes ducks a clothesline and hits some punches. Rhodes catches him with a high knee to the face and an uppercut. Rhodes sidesteps Reigns as he charges, and Reigns hits the ring post shoulder first. Rhodes picks up a near fall. Rhodes hits a moonsault block for another near fall. Rhodes catches Ambrose on the apron with a Disaster Kick, and he kicks Reigns in the face. Rhodes springboards off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Rhodes covers, but Rollins breaks it up. Goldust punches Rollins out of the ring, and they brawl at ringside.

Rhodes goes for the Cross Rhodes on Reigns, but Ambrose attacks him from behind. Goldust runs in to help, but The Shield soon begins to triple-team them, especially Rhodes. Reigns signals for the Triple Powerbomb, but Goldust comes in and cracks him on the back with a steel chair. Goldust hits the other members with the chair before throwing Ambrose out of the ring. Reigns then takes him down. Reigns talks some trash before picking up the steel chair. Reigns yells for him to get up. Goldust gets to his feet, ducks the swinging chair, and catches Reigns with a running cross-body block, sandwiching the chair between them!

Outside the ring, Rhodes and Rollins are trading punches. Rhodes goes for a Disaster Kick off the steel steps, but Rollins catches him and powerbombs him into the barricade! Goldust punches away at Reigns before taking a kick. Goldust ducks a clothesline and hits an inverted atomic drop. Rollins jumps off the top rope and into an inverted atomic drop as well. Goldust uppercuts him down before clotheslining him out of the ring. Goldust then takes himself and Reigns over the top rope with a clothesline! Ambrose attacks Goldust from behind and punches away at him. Goldust punches back until Reigns powers him into the ring apron. Goldust comes back by sending Reigns into the barricade. Goldust punches away at Ambrose before Reigns spears him through the barricade!

Ambrose puts Rhodes into the ring and goes to put Reigns in the ring when the Big Show runs into the ring through the crowd! Ambrose grabs a chair, and Big Show kicks him down before hitting a Knockout Punch. Big Show grabs Rollins, and he gives him a Knockout Punch. Reigns stares at him from inside the ring. Reigns ducks a Disaster Kick, and Big Show punches him in the face! Rhodes then covers him for the win!

Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions: Cody Rhodes and Goldust
Match Rating: ** 3/4

Triple H runs into the ring absolutely livid. Big Show leaves through the crowd and does a “YES!” chant with the crowd. Triple H stares at him and points as the show ends.


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Ryback def. R-Truth at 5:44 (Beat the Clock)
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Cody Rhodes and Goldust def. The Shield to become the WWE Tag Team Champions

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