WWE RAW Results – 10/28/13 (WWE Title Celebration)

WWE RAW Results 10/28/13

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Orlando, Florida
October 28, 2013
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, JBL & Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Justin Roberts’ voice introduces the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. John Cena’s music strikes. This marks Cena’s 14th World Title reign. The Champion grabs a microphone and soaks up the glorious cheers and jeers. He triumphantly proclaims his return. Cena acknowledges the mixed reaction and plays to it. Cena addresses the ‘haters’, in particular, John Bradshaw Layfield. Cena tosses out a JBL impersonation. JBL is not amused. Cena credits JBL’s jabs about his early return for their extra motivation to return stronger than ever. Cena is fired up.

John Cena moves on to address the crowning of the NEW WWE Champion. Cena promises the fans that he is back. Cena says that Alberto Del Rio will be granted his rematch. If you want some, come get some.

Damien Sandow’s music hits. He makes his way down to the ring with his briefcase, but also picks up a microphone. Sandow claims that Cena is far more hurt than he is letting on. Damien won’t be fooled like the fans and the doctors. Sandow is an intellectual after all. Sandow teases a cash-in, but claims that he will do it any night but tonight.

Sandow turns to leave but instead attacks Cena’s arm with his briefcase. The onslaught commences. Sandow sends Cena out of the ring. Sandow tosses him into the barricade and then breaks the steel steps apart. Sandow grabs a steel chair. He places Cena’s arm on the exposed steel of the steps and slams the chair down hard.

Sandow motions towards his battered briefcase and signals that his time is now. Justin Roberts makes the announcement official.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena v. Damien Sandow

During the commercial Cena made it back into the ring. The uncrowned Champion faces off against his injured foe. Sandow immediately continues the attack on the arm. Cena tries to gain a reprieve with a belly to belly suplex. Sandow is fazed for a moment. The crowd boos. Sandow makes it to his feet and goes back on the attack. Sandow kicks the arm and slams it repeatedly into the mat.


After yet another commercial, the match continues. Cena uses his left shoulder for a block that knocks Sandow to the ground. Cena connects with a side slam and signals for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Sandow halts it with an attack on the bad arm. Sandow flips through for a cover. Cena kicks out. Sandow kicks at Cena’s head and then lifts him back to his feet. Cena is staggered. Cena connects with an Attitude Adjustment, but can’t use his left arm for leverage. Sandow rolls out of the ring. Instead of allowing the Count Out, Cena pushes Sandow back into the ring. Cena tries to apply an STF but without his left arm for leverage he can’t make the stretch. Cena with a reverse DDT and tries for the cover. Sandow kicks out.

Damien gets behind Cena and applies an STF. Cena reverses out after a struggle. Sandow responds with You’re Welcome. Cover, but Cena kicks out. Sandow sets Cena up on the top turnbuckle. Cena pushes Sandow back and leaps for a top rope crossbody. Cena lands hard on his knee as Sandow moves out of the way. Cena gets to his feet and snaps forward for an AA. Cover – Cena wins!

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena

Dean Ambrose is in the back with the rest of the Shield. Ambrose addresses his match later tonight with Big E. Langston. Ambrose vows to retain his Title. Seth Rollins says that it is time to return to basics. Believe in the Shield.


WWE United States Championship
Dean Ambrose w/ The Shield v. Big E. Langston

Ambrose is pushed into the corner. They separate. Ambrose knocks Langston to the mat and attempts a cover. Langston kicks out. Dean lifts Big to his feet by the straps of his unitard. Langston responds by whipping Ambrose into the ropes and connecting with a belly-to-belly suplex. Langston runs the ropes for a splash. The Shield pulls down on the top rope which sends Langston flying out of the ring. Rollins and Reigns go on the attack.

Dean Ambrose has been Disqualified, but retains his United States Championship

Winner via DQ: Big E. Langston

After the match The Shield rolls Langston into the ring and continues the attack. The Usos run down to make the save.

Brad Maddox appears on the entrance ramp and declares that there is a simple solution for this situation. This singles match is now a 6 Man Tag.


The Shield v. Big E. Langston & The Usos

Dean Ambrose is in the ring with Jimmy after a tag from Reigns. Ambrose slams Jimmy and brings in Seth. Uso tries to fight to his feet but is met with a dropkick to the face. Reigns is tagged in for some strong offense. The Shield continues to keep Jimmy isolated as they exchange tags. Reigns side swiped by Jimmy which allows Jey to receive the hot tag. Uso charges into the ring as Seth also gets the tag. The Shield is cleared from the apron. Ambrose charges into the ring for the pin save as Jey tries to pick up the win. Langston clotheslines him to the outside. Rollins is heading to the top rope with Jey. Rollins is pushed back from a Superplex attempt. Jey leaps but meets knees on a splash. Jimmy comes in to help his brother. They deliver a double kick to Rollins. Reigns spears his way into the middle of the ring and through both Uso brothers. Roman covers the legal man and picks the win up for the Shield.

Winners: The Shield


The Heartbreak Kid makes his way into the ring. His normal and boisterous ovation is lacking on the heels of his treachery to his former student. Shawn Michaels is about to explain his rational for last night’s actions. Michael’s acknowledges that he owes an explanation to the WWE Universe. He would also like Bryan to make his way down to the ring.

Bryan’s music hits and he joins his former mentor. Bryan looks ready to fight as he is only wearing his trunks. Bryan does not chant on his way to the ring. Michaels claims that he called the match right down the middle. He did not want to have to kick Bryan last night. Triple H is Shawn’s best friend. Michaels proclaims nothing in the business will ever come between that friendship. Hunter was there to help him in his darkest times. Nothing can change that. Triple H needed help, so Michaels obliged. Shawn wants Bryan to accept his apology and shake his hand. Michaels warns Bryan that no one in the business can be trusted. Shawn taught Bryan the basics, but last night was his finishing school. Michaels stretches out his hand, but Bryan refuses.

Michaels gets right in the face of Bryan. Michaels is gritty as he demands that Bryan shake his hand. The crowd roars for Bryan to walk away. Daniel reaches out his hand to accept Michaels’ shake. Bryan pulls HBK forward and trips him into a Yes Lock! Shawn struggles and begins to tap to try and force Bryan to release. Several referees charge down to the ring to separate the men. Bryan’s music hits and he heads back up the ramp. Shawn is left injured in the ring.


Daniel Bryan is in the back with Renee Young for an interview. The lights go out as the Wyatt sounder hits. When the lights come back Rowan and Harper start to attack Bryan. They toss him hard into a ladder. Bray finishes off the hunt by hitting his finisher and sending Bryan into a steel gate. Wyatt claims that the devil made him do it. Bray grabs a light cart and charges forward and bashes it into Bryan’s head.


Los Matadores w/ El Torito v. 3MB

Slater starts off the match and then brings in Drew. He works on the Matadore before returning to his corner for Slater. Slater drops a knee. The other Matadore gets the tag and charges into the ring at the freshly tagged McIntyre. 3MB is cleared from the ringside area as Matadore hits a dropkick. Slater has a giant net at ringside. He uses it to try and sneak over catch the little bull. Instead El Torito heads under the ring. Slater tries to find him, but instead finds a fire extinguisher sprayed directly into his face. Torito charges around and gores Slater from behind. Back inside the ring, Los Matadores hit their double back drop finisher on Drew for the win.

Winners: Los Matadores

After the match, The Matadores toss Slater back into the ring and grab the net. Slater is caught in the net. Torito bounces from rope to rope for a shoulder block.


AJ Lee & Tamina v. Brie Bella & Nikki Bella

AJ starts the match off against Brie. AJ takes the early lead but is knocked back by a dropkick. Tamina gets the tag and uses her power to go on the attack. Brie is tossed from the corner into the middle of the ring. Tamina wrenches on a tight headlock. Brie spins for a kick to free herself. Nikki gets the tag and launches herself into the ring. She connects with a dropkick and looks for a monkey flip. Tamina pushes her back. Brie is knocked off the apron. Nikki charges towards the corner at Tamina, but Tamina dodges. Nikki jumps but is caught for a Samoan Drop. Tamina drags her towards AJ and tags her partner. AJ applies the Black Widow.

Winners: Tamina & AJ Lee


Kane v. The Miz

Kane has no time to fool around in this match. Miz connects with a splash in the corner and then climbs to the top rope. Kane grabs him by the neck and then hits a brutal chokeslam.

Winner: Kane

After the match, Kane motions for a microphone. Kane calls out Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie’s music hits and she appears on the ramp. She says that she won’t come any closer, whatever Kane has to say can be said from the distance. Kane claims that Stephanie has ruined lives through her manipulation and lies. Kane says that in this day in age it is all about doing what is best for business. The monster is Stephanie’s to unleash. Kane drops him microphone and heads out of the ring towards Stephanie. Kane takes off his mask and hands it to Stephanie before walking towards the back. His face is never shown on camera. Stephanie holds the mask and accompanying hair up in the air victoriously. The Authority has a new weapon.


CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way into the ring. Punk says that he proved his word last night by devastating Paul Heyman and defeating Ryback. Punk is confident that he will beat Ryback in their match tonight. The fans will vote on the WWE App for the match stipulation.


Street Fight
CM Punk v. Ryback

Punk hits a crossbody and goes for a cover. Ryback kicks out. Punk knocks Ryback out of the ring. Punk leaps to the outside but is caught by Ryback. Punk is slammed first into the steel post and then the barricade. Ryback continues the attack on the outside. He searches for a weapon and grabs a table. Ryback slides it into the ring. Punk tries to reenter himself and counter with a kendo stick. At first Ryback is able to push him away but Punk is focused. Punk sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Ryback grabs Punk in a Powerbomb position and looks to send him through the table but instead opts for the turnbuckle. Punk counters a Superplex attempt and knocks Ryback down to his feet. Punk kicks Ryback which knocks him up and onto the table. Punk heads up top. Punk leaps and connects with a big elbow. Punk immediately applies the Anaconda Vice. Ryback is forced to tap.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match the Wyatt promo hits. Bray and Family make their way down to the ring. As the lights come back on Rowan and Harper are on the sides of the ring. Punk grabs a kendo stick for protection. The numbers game proves too much. Bray approaches for the finish. Punk headbutts him and tries to fight free. Harper hits a strong clothesline that ends the escape. Bray kisses Punk and hits Sister Abigail. Wyatt says that the devil made him do it.


The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter v. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Cesaro and Goldust start the match. Goldust huffs in his face. Antonio decides to bring in Swagger. Dust hits an arm drag. Swagger pushes Dust towards the corner to tag in Cesaro. Goldust is whipped across the ring, but bounces back for an elbow. Rhodes gets the tag and hits a knee to the face of Cesaro. Cover, but Cesaro kicks out. Cody keeps control and brings in Goldust. A running bulldog sets up a cover, but Cesaro kicks out. The Real Americans regroup outside of the ring.


Back from the break Cesaro tosses Cody to the side and covers. Cody kicks out. Swagger gets the tag. Swagger hits Goldust off the apron. He tags Cesaro back in. Cody is hit by a Swagger bomb followed by a leapfrog stomp from Cesaro. Cody kicks out. Zeb is furious. Goldust is forced to come in for the save after a huge uppercut drills his brother. Cesaro is upset by the interference and delivers blow after blow to Cody. Rhodes fights back up to his feet. Cesaro looks for a shoulder block, but is instead knocked outside of the ring.

Cody needs to make it to his corner for the tag. Cesaro reenters the ring in time to tag in Swagger. Goldust gets the hot tag as well. Goldust connects with a huge ten count punch. Goldust is in the ring with Swagger and jumps from the top rope for a crossbody. Swagger kicks out of the cover. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock. Goldust rolls through for a cover, but Cesaro makes the save. Cody runs in to help. Cody clotheslines Cesaro to the outside. Swagger locks on his submission so Goldust is forced to tap.

Winners: The Real Americans


Alberto Del Rio appears on the entrance ramp. He is determined, hell bent in fact, to regain his Title. Rio will be able to utilize his rematch clause.


Summer Rae w/ Fandango v. Natalya w/ The Great Khali & Hornswoggle

Natalya looks for a quick submission, but Summer has it scouted. Summer Rae attempts a roll up, but Natalya reverses. They remain back to back as Summer pushes her opponent towards the corner. Cover, but Natalya kicks out. Summer uses her foot to choke Natalya in the corner. Summer attempts a leg submission and rolls for a cover. Natalya kicks out. Summer is pushed back into the corner. JBL and the commentators’ note that they are impressed with Summer’s showing. Summer stays on the offensive. She hits a strong kick and goes for a cover. Natalya kicks out. Summer dances to Fandango. He jumps up on the apron and they exchange air kisses. Hornswoggle pulls him down. Fandango tosses Hornswoggle to the side. Khali is not amused and chops Fandango across the head. The distraction allows Natalya to roll up her opponent into a Sharpshooter for the submission.

Winner: Natalya


The locker room is present on the entrance ramp for Randy Orton’s coronation. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way down to the ring accompanied by The Shield. Triple H says that Vince once asked him who he thought could lead the WWE. Hunter chose Orton and placed him in Evolution. Randy did heinous things to his family, but over time he became the A+ player. Triple H mocks Bryan for being in the hospital after the attack from the Wyatt Family. Triple H says that Orton fulfilled his prophecy when he last night when he truly became the face of the WWE.

Randy Orton’s music hits. He makes his way down to the ring with his WWE Championship slung over his shoulder. Orton addresses the roster on the stage saying some people are born champions and he is now their superior. Big Show’s music hits. He runs down the ramp and The Shield cuts him off. The Usos, Goldust and Cody Rhodes run down to clear house on The Shield. Big Show hits the ring. Triple H, Randy Orton and Stephanie bail. Big Show gets on the mic and said he is sick of what is going on and he doesn’t care if he gets arrested. Orton then sneaks in and levels Big Show with the WWE Championship belt. Orton goes to hit Big Show a second time with the belt and Big Show hits the knockout punch on Orton. Big Show dares Triple H to come in the ring. Triple H takes off his jacket and teases he will, but then jumps down. The show goes off the air with a fired up Big Show staring down Triple H and Stephanie at ringside.

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