WWE RAW Results 11/18/13

WWE RAW: Country Edition
Nashville, Tennessee
November 18, 2013
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, JBL & Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

A track from Florida Georgia Line kicks off the show. So begins the country edition of Monday Night RAW.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon walk hand and hand towards the ring. They are fresh off their week-long vacation. Triple H explains that their absence from the show last week resulted in chaos. While Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero have avoided them so far today, they will be dealt with later tonight.

Randy Orton’s music hits and storms down to the ring. Orton says that he blames Triple H and Stephanie for last week’s chaos. They are the ones that gave Big Show a Title shot and did not tell the Shield to watch his back. As the face of the WWE, Orton feels that the company should be protecting him. Stephanie says that Orton is probably right. Orton retorts that he is still fired up from getting put through the announce table last week. Triple H is not pleased that Orton is getting up in his face. Orton is fired up as he screams in the face of Triple that he is the face of the company. Triple H responds that it is “his” company.

Vickie Guerrero walks out to sheepishly say excuse me. Brad Maddox follows behind. Maddox takes the moment to share that last week was Vickie’s fault. Triple H responds that regardless of whose fault it was, they will pay tonight. Stephanie adds that because of the handicap matches that they put so many people in last week, they will have to pay their penance tonight. Vickie will go one on one with AJ Lee. Brad Maddox will also have a match tonight. Maddox will face Randy Orton. That match will take place right now, in the very suit that Maddox is wearing. Maddox attempts to walk away as he looks queasy. Kane appears from behind and ensures that Maddox has no escape. Oh, and the match will be no disqualification.


No Disqualification
Brad Maddox v. Randy Orton

Maddox scoots out of the ring at the start. He hides behind the commentators table and grabs a microphone. He pleads with Orton that they do not need to do this tonight. Orton runs at Maddox and begins to chase. Maddox swipes with the microphone and knocks Orton across the head. Maddox then pushes Orton towards the steel post. Maddox rolls Orton into the ring. Maddox follows after and hits a spot perfect DDT. Cover, but Orton kicks out.

The tide turns for Maddox. Orton grabs him by the throat and tosses him to the outside of the ring. Orton tosses Maddox over the announcers’ booth and then tosses him roundabout the ringside area. Steel steps and barricades are ample foreign instruments. Orton grabs the microphone that Maddox had struck him with early in the evening and heads back into the ring with his foe. Orton mounts Maddox and begins to pound relentlessly with the microphone across the RAW General Manager’s head. The referee stops the match and declares Orton the winner.

Winner: Randy Orton


WWE Intercontinental Championship
Big E. Langston v. Curtis Axel

Langston tries to capitalize at the start with a backbreaker. Cover, but Axel kicks out. Langston stays on the attack which forces Axel to roll to the outside for a reprieve. Langston follows after so Axel slides back into the ring. Axel uses the corner as a barrier to allow for more breathing room. At first chance Langston muddles Axel’s stomach with several hard punches. Langston tosses Axel over his shoulder and goes for a cover. Axel kicks out.


Back from the break Axel is in control. He hits a dropkick. Axel transfers to a ground game to try and keep Langston from gaining momentum. Langston uses his speed and strength to thwart the attempt. Langston first runs for a high splash. The crowd roars their approval. Cover, but Axel kicks out. The Intercontinental Champion attempts a counter but ultimately cannot escape an explosion from Langston that results in a Big Ending.

Winner & NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Big E. Langston

Randy Orton is in a locker room with The Shield. Orton says that he and the Authority have come to an understanding. The Shield says that they will follow the wishes of The Authority. But, if they have Orton’s back then he must have theirs as well.


Jerry Lawler is in the ring with the majority of the Divas locker room. There are several chairs set up and – yes indeed it is time for musical chairs. Natalya is first eliminated and then Alicia Fox follows suit. Sadly the game breaks down on the next turn. The Total Divas girls and the non-reality show stars fight back and forth until only the Total Divas stars are left in the ring. No one will ever know which Diva had the full potential to successfully sit down more than their peers.

Big Show v. Ryback

Ryback is dwarfed by the giant. Show goes to work on his opponent and kicks and punches to his heart’s content. Ryback is pushed toward the corner. The audience hushes as Show chops Ryback across the chest. Ryback runs the ropes and senses an opening. He shoulder blocks Show right in the leg. The monster crashes to the mat. Ryback applies a side headlock and chokes the air from Big Show. Show lifts Ryback up and drops him from the side. Ryback responds with a swift spinebuster. Ryback is fired up as he sets up for the Meathook in the corner. A first attempt does not bring Show down. Ryback bounces off the ropes and clotheslines the hell out of Show. Ryback is not finished and seeks a fatality. Ryback uses all of his strength to lift Big Show up on his shoulders. Ryback connects with Shellshock and this match is – no – Big Show kicks out. Ryback tries to lift Show back to his feet for another attempt but is really struggling with the weight. Show surprises Ryback with a Knockout.

Winner: The Big Show

Randy Orton flies into the ring with his belt for a sneak attack as soon as the match is finished. Show charges directly at his Survivor Series opponents and guts him with a spear. Orton is forced to roll out of the ring and clutch his abdomen.

3MB approach Florida Georgia Line in the back. 3MB is dressed as Rhinestone Cowboys and even sings some Glenn Campbell to boot. Florida Georgia Line is not so impressed.


The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter v. Kofi Kingston & The Miz

It is announced that The Real Americans will face The Rhodes Brothers for the Tag Team Championships on Smackdown.

Antonio Cesaro starts the match off against Miz. Cesaro is tripped up which allows Miz to climb to the top turnbuckle. Miz connects with an axe-handle. Cesaro grabs Miz and lifts him up for a backbreaker. Miz flies out of the ring. Swagger gets the tag and heads to the outside after Miz. Swagger brings Miz back in and then sets him up in the corner. Cesaro connects with a cheap shot that sets up for a tag and a Swagger Bomb/Cesaro Leap combination. Cover, but Miz kicks out. Cesaro kicks Miz a few times then brings in Swagger. Cesaro and Swagger keep the tag control. Miz finally escapes and brings Kofi in off of the hot tag. Kofi clears house and goes to work on Swagger. Kofi hits a Boom Drop and then looks for Trouble in Paradise. Cesaro jumps up on the apron for the save but gets kicked off. Kofi leaps in for a Crossbody but gets caught by Swagger. Swagger slams Kofi to the mat. Kofi counters out of Swagger grab and crawls towards The Miz.

The Miz is only a fingertip length away from Kofi’s reach when then unthinkable happens. The Miz pulls his hand away and smirks. Miz abandons his friend and jumps off the apron and watches on from ringside. Kofi Kingston is first astonished and then helpless as his predicament becomes obvious. Jack Swagger grabs Kofi’s ankle and forces the submission.

Winners: The Real Americans

Vickie Guerrero is shown banging on a trainer’s door backstage. She claims that she needs help. When the trainer appears – Vickie has fainted.


Stephanie McMahon has appeared with the medics. Vickie has been placed on a stretcher during the commercial break. Stephanie tells the medics that Vickie should be sent to the hospital. Vickie’s head moves up and she smirks to the camera. The doctors are confused as Vickie shows no true signs of trauma. Stephanie continues that Vickie must first be taken down to the ring. Her match is up next.

AJ Lee w/ Tamina v. Vickie Guerrero

Vickie was wheeled down to the ring on her stretcher. The doctors unstrap the Smackdown General Manager and place her in the ring. The referee brings Vickie water before the match gets underway. Vickie takes the water and not only drinks but also rubs it over her face and chest.

The bell rings for the match to start. Vickie immediately heads out of the ring. Tamina stands in the way of her exit. Vickie tries to slip away but her opponent is not fooled. AJ cockily skips her way towards Vickie. AJ grabs her opponent by the hair and brings her all the way back to the ring. AJ at first seems to help her opponent, but then has enough of this nonsense. AJ applies the Black Widow forcing Vickie to quickly tap. AJ picks up the win and skips away.

Winner: AJ Lee

After the match, Vickie faints again.

Triple H is in an office with Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow. Triple H announces that they will face each other tonight in a Broadway Brawl. Triple H finds it fitting with the country theme.


Broadway Brawl
Dolph Ziggler v. Damien Sandow

There are several guitars, some string instruments and a drum set are set up in the ring. Sandow first grabs an electric guitar and tries to use it on Ziggler outside the ring. He connects with the steps instead. Back inside the ring Sandow is able to able to toss Ziggler from the top rope onto a keyboard.


Back from the break several more instruments have been broken. Sandow and Ziggler charge at each other with fiddles. Ziggler goes for the pin but Sandow kicks out. Ziggler grabs a violin and smashes it across Sandow’s back. Ziggler hits a Fame-Asser and goes for the cover. Cover, but Sandow kicks out. Ziggler tries for a Zig Zag but is tossed across the ring. A steel chair had been placed between the ropes earlier which Ziggler crashes head first into thanks to a toss from Sandow. Damien throws Ziggler into a cello. Sandow has an electric guitar in hand and charges towards Ziggler in the corner. Dolph moves out of the way so Sandow crashes into the post. Cover, but Sandow kicks out. Dolph grabs a snare drum and tosses it at Sandow’s head. Damien’s head comes through the drum. Sandow takes it off just in time for Dolph to take a bass drum and drive Sandow’s body halfway through the percussion instrument. Dolph grabs an acoustic guitar. Ziggler does a Jeff Jarrett strut and then smashes the guitar over the head of Sandow. Ziggler covers Sandow, who is still trapped in the bass drum, and picks up the victory.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Triple H and Stephanie are in the office as Randy Orton walks in. Orton believes that he should be respected. He demands to know why Show was allowed to spear him without repercussion earlier in the evening. He asks if they have their full confidence in him as face of the company. Stephanie says that they have been talking about the recently and doesn’t give Orton an answer.

John Cena is backstage with Florida Georgia Line. He says he is looking forward to their performance later tonight.


John Cena makes his way down to the ring. He claims that the reactions from the WWE Universe are a large part of why he fought to come back as soon as possible from his injury. Cena’s arm is currently in a sling as a result of an attack at the hands of Alberto Del Rio. He says that the footage of the attack has plagued his mind. Cena vows to fight in his hometown at the PPV and retain the Championship in front of his friends and family.

Alberto Del Rio comes out onto the entrance ramp. He says that we have a real Superhero in the house. He claims that Cena’s speech almost made him cry. Cena retorts that on Sunday he will make him tap. Alberto continues down towards ringside. He mocks the fact that Cena has his arm in a sling. Cena says that he will be ready come Sunday. Alberto claims he will be embarrassed and humiliated in front of mom and dad. Rio says that a Champion takes advantage of every opportunity and gets into the ring. Cena concurs. Cena then throws off his sling and lifts up Alberto for an Attitude Adjustment. Alberto scurries off his back and flies out of the ring to safety. Both men will face off for the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series.

Michael Strahan will be the guest host of next week’s RAW.


Rhinestone Cowboys (Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre w/ Heath Slater) v. R-Truth & Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods is from NXT Developmental. Truth starts the match against Jinder Mahal but tags in Woods. Xavier hits a high dropkick and then runs the ropes for a tilt-a-whirl headscissor. The commentators share that Woods is working on a doctorate. Drew McIntyre gets a tag and uses his size to dominate the rookie. Jinder tags back in and hits a double suplex with his partner. Cover, but Woods kicks out. Drew gets the tag and puts on an armbar. Woods escapes and tags in Truth. Drew is hit with a dropkick and then a face plant. Slater jumps up on the apron for a distraction but Woods pulls him down. Truth connects with a flip stunner and then tags in Woods. Xavier hits the Honor Roll followed by Dust in the Woods.

Winners: R-Truth & Xavier Woods

Stephanie & Triple H are once again in the office with Randy Orton. They share that they have decided that they have full confidence in him as the face of the WWE. They feel so strongly that there will be no Shield on Sunday. Randy Orton will have no help. If Orton is as confidence in his ability at Triple H is then it shouldn’t be a problem. Orton pulls in close and says that he will show him confidence.


The Shield & The Wyatt Family v. The Rhodes Brothers, The Usos, Daniel Bryan & CM Punk

Ambrose and Jimmy start the match. Ambrose keeps control so Jimmy brings in his brother. Roman Reigns also gets the tag and faces off against Jey Uso. Cody and then Goldust get tags in succession. They hit a double team suplex on Reigns. Roman uses his strength to push towards the corner which brings in Seth. Goldust fights off the initial attack and connects with an inverted atomic drop and split punch for a cover. Seth connects. Jey gets the tag and whips Rollins towards the corner. Luke Harper tags himself into the match. Rollins and Harper start to yell at each other outside the ring. The full Shield and Wyatts start to argue as the show cuts to commercial.


Back from the break Goldust is in the ring with Seth Rollins. Goldust is working his opponent’s arm. The Shield and Wyatts must have come to an agreement because they are back on the apron in unison, if not segregated by the turnbuckle. Cody gets the tag and counters Cody in order to send Cody’s head straight towards the second turnbuckle. Ambrose gets the tag and drops an elbow. Cover, but Rhodes kicks out. Rollins pulls Cody towards the corner and tags in Reigns. Cody is hit with a headbutt. Ambrose tags in and goes for a cover. Cody kicks out. Ambrose works the hand of Cody and then steps on his throat. Ambrose stomps on Cody and then brings Rollins into the match. Cody flies forward with a couple of punches and a headbutt but gets kicked in the gut. Cody blocks a couple of suplexes and then hits a faceplant. Cody is too far to make a tag.

Harper tags himself in which does not please Rollins. Cody connects with a disaster kick that knocks Harper to the ground. Bryan gets the tag and flies in with a huge missile dropkick. Bryan kicks Harper repeatedly in the chest. Ambrose distracts but Bryan uses a drop toe hold to send Harper into the corner. Rollins flies into the ring but is hit with a German Suplex that sends him on his head. Harper catches a running Daniel Bryan and lifts him up high for a devastating Powerbomb. Cover, but Bryan kicks out. Bray Wyatt gets the tag and chokes Bryan from behind. Bray is looking to work together with The Shield so he tags in Reigns. Roman keeps Bryan isolated in the corner and then tags in Ambrose. Dean keeps Bryan in the corner and smiles as Rowan gets the tag. The Shield and Wyatts are now mixed together on the apron instead of staying on separate sides. They have found team unity. Rowan slams Bryan to the mat. Rowan keeps Bryan from reaching the corner and then slaps Ambrose hard on the tag.

Ambrose works the gut of Bryan and then runs the ropes. Bryan gets up his knee which sends Ambrose flying. Bryan finally has a chance to make a tag. All the members of The Shield and Wyatt Family charge across the ring and knock the opposing team off the apron so that Bryan cannot make the tag.


Back from the break the crowd is on Bryan’s side as he faces off against Roman Reigns. Bryan counters a suplex and starts to charge himself up. CM Punk gets the hot tag as Ambrose comes into the ring. Punk springboards inside with an arm lariat. An advancing Harper is kicked off the apron. Punk kicks at Ambrose again. Rollins charges into the ring. Punk kicks Seth in the gut and also grabs Ambrose to connect for neckbreakers at the same time. Punk has Ambrose and Rollins in separate corners now and hits one high knee after another. Ambrose is stranded in the middle of the ring. Punk climbs up top and leaps for an elbow. Punk looks for the GTS but is interrupted as Bray comes into the ring. Punk kicks Wyatt across the skull. Punk locks an Anaconda Vice on Ambrose.

Harper and Rowan make the save. The Usos come in to help and toss the Wyatts out of the ring. The Usos fly out over top to clobber Rowan and Harper. Ambrose hits a DDT and covers Punk. Goldust makes the save. All hell breaks loose. Rollins catches Rhodes on a disaster kick and Suplex him into the corner. Bryan and Punk get in a Hart Attack followed by Bryan flying out with a suicide dive on other Shield members. Ambrose is now alone in the ring with CM Punk. Punk lifts Ambrose up for the GTS and the finish.

Winners: The Rhodes Brothers, The Usos, Daniel Bryan & CM Punk

After the match, The Real Americans run down to the ring. To help their Survivor Series partners. One member of the opposite team has yet to be revealed. Rey Mysterio’s music hits. Rey runs down to the ring and hurricaranas Luke Harper out of the ring. Rey next sends Rowan to the outside. The crowd roars as it becomes obvious that he will be joining the Survivor Series team this Sunday on PPV. Punk hits Harper with a GTS and Bryan follows with a running knee for good measure. The Usos, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, The Rhodes Brothers and Rey Mysterio celebrate in the ring as RAW goes off the air.


Card for Survivor Series

Survivor Series Elimination Match
The Rhodes Brothers, The Usos & Rey Mysterio v. The Shield & The Real Americans

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan w/ Bray Wyatt v. Daniel Bryan & CM Punk

Alicia Fox, Aksana, Tamina, Summer Rae, AJ Lee & Rosa Mendes v. Jojo, The Funkadactyls, The Bella Twins & Eva Maria

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena v. Alberto Del Rio

WWE Championship
Randy Orton v. The Big Show

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