WWE RAW Results – 2/10/14 (John Cena vs. Randy Orton)

WWE RAW Results 2/10/14

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Los Angeles, California
February 10, 2014
Commentators: JBL, Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole
Reported by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Justin Roberts introduces Betty White to kick off the show. Betty White walks out arm in arm with Big Show. Standing on the entrance ramp, White says that tonight she is going to kick some ass.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon walk out not to speak to Betty, but to walk by her and make their way to the ring. Big Show scowls at Triple H as he passes. Triple H shares that he is reconsidering the true face of the WWE. After his victory last week, Daniel Bryan certainly made a case for himself. However, they are also considering the rest of the members of the Elimination Chamber match.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he slowly walks to the ring. Stephanie tells him that he should go to the back and prepare for his match tonight. Orton says that he has been doing some thinking which resulted in him wanting to apologize to Stephanie and Triple H. Orton admits he has been childish, selfish and foolish as of late. If he wants to make them happy then he needs to do what they want. From here on out he vows to be the true Viper. Stephanie asks where this is coming from and Orton responds “the heart”. Orton began his Championship reign in this arena and wants to seize that momentum once again.

Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring. Stephanie tells him not to interrupt her and Triple H. In fact, from this point forward an appointment will be needed to speak with them. Bryan reminds the audience that he defeated Orton last night, despite the interference with Kane. Bryan claims to not be able to find Kane in the back. He demands a match against the Big Red Machine. Stephanie says that Kane is on administrative leave because of his actions last week. Yet, she points out that Bryan attacked Kane first (technically). Orton tells him that he should just be honored to be in the ring with Triple H, Stephanie and himself. Bryan reminds the audience that it wasn’t so long ago that Orton handcuffed Triple H in the ring and kissed Stephanie in front of him. Triple H responds by giving Daniel Bryan the night off.

The Wyatt Family v. Goldust, Rey Mysterio & Cody Rhodes

Cody starts the match against Erick Rowan. He nails a couple kicks and a dropkick before tagging in Goldust. Rowan tosses Goldust aside at first before Dust gets in a couple blows. Harper gets the tag. Goldust kicks him in the gut and hits a drop punch. Dust hits a hurricarana as Cody gets the tags and hits a springboard dropkick. Harper flies out of the ring. Cody grabs Rey and tosses him out of the ring so that he lands on his foe as the show goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Rowan has Goldust caught in a chinlock. Rowan punches Dust in the corner and tags in Harper. They hit a clothesline together before Cody Rhodes comes in to interrupt. The referee makes him leave the ring. Bray gets the tag and continues the assault on Goldust. They two men trade punches back and forth before Rowan gets the tag. He drops a knee on Goldust and goes for the cover. Goldust kicks out. Goldust is whipped hard into the corner and he drops to the mat. Rowan stomps on his face. Rowan whips Dust into the corner but Dust bounces back with an elbow. Dust knocks Rowan out of the ring, but Harper rolls him inside in time to tag himself into the match and keep Dust from making the tag. A split second later Dust trips up Harper and tags in Rey. Mysterio sends him into the corner and then jumps from the top for a seated senton. HE follows with a tornado DDT and cover. Wyatt makes the save. Rey sets both Harper and Wyatt up for a 619 but Wyatt rolls out of the ring. The rest of Rey’s team comes over to make the save. Bodies fly to the outside. Bray and Rey are left inside. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

After the match Wyatt takes a seat at ringside in his rocking chair. He tells The Shield that they will fall. It is time for his next game to begin. Follow the buzzards.

The Shield is in a back with Renee Young. They say that they do not talk in riddles like the Wyatt Family. Young asks Ambrose about not having defended his United States Championship. Ambrose tries to brush it off but Reigns calls him out on it. Ambrose announces that he will issue an open invitation for the Title tonight.

Betty White is in the back with the Divas. The New Age Outlaws approach and warn her that some of the younger stars are planning to play a trick on her tonight. Instead, they invite her to join them for some tea. She does.

Santino w/ Emma v. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

Fandango whips Santino into the corner and then elbows him in the back. The Miz walks down to commentary like last week. He plugs himself, smirks, and leaves. Meanwhile in the ring Santino does a split followed by a hip toss. Santino goes for a headbutt but Fandango gets his knees up to block. Fandango heads to the top rope but Santino follows after. Santino is knocked back into the middle. Fandango leaps and hits his leg drop for the win.

Winner: Fandango

Byron Saxton is in the back with Sheamus. He asks him about his slot in the Elimination Chamber match as well as teaming with Christian tonight. Sheamus says that the Elimination Chamber is no joke. It’s the last opportunity to headline Wrestlemania XXX and he doesn’t take that lightly.

Sheamus & Christian v. The Real Americans

Zeb decides that Cesaro will start the match. Christian starts for his team. Swagger quickly gets the tag and walks into a slap. Swagger grabs Christian and tosses him towards the corner only to be hit with a see-saw kick. Christian hits a crossbody and goes for the cover but Swagger kicks out. Sheamus gets the tag and hits a vertical suplex. Cover but Swagger kicks out. Swagger knees Sheamus and tags in Cesaro. Sheamus hits a neckbreaker. Cover, but Cesaro kicks out. Christian gets the tag and comes in with an axe-handle. Sheamus gets the tag back and exchanges uppercuts with Cesaro. Cesaro sends him into the corner. Sheamus whips Cesaro across the ring. Sheamus climbs to the top rope and leaps for a battering ram. Sheamus gets tossed to the outside. Sheamus is on the apron. Swagger provides a bit of distraction which allows Cesaro to knock Sheamus off. The crowd chants for Cesaro as the show heads to commercial.

Christian gets the tag from Sheamus and hits a Sunset Flip on Cesaro. Christian leaps out of the ring to deliver a punch. Christian next jumps from the second rope for an uppercut. Christian flips over Cesaro’s back but then gets tossed up high in the air for an Uppercut. Cover, but Christian kicks out. Swagger gets the tag and comes in roaring. Swagger takes Christian in a headlock and rolls on the mat. Christian escapes and manages to hit a punch. Swagger stops him from tagging in Sheamus. Cesaro gets the tag and hits a Swagger Bomb/Stomp combo with his partner. Cover, but Christian kicks out. Cesaro stomps on Christian in the corner. Cesaro next grabs Christian in the middle of the ring for a Big Swing. Swagger comes in to work Christian before tagging Cesaro back in. A double team effort fails which allows Christian to finally make the tag. Swagger does as well. Sheamus pounds on Cesaro and hits a shoulder thrust in the corner. Sheamus hits a rolling Samoan Drop and goes or the cover. Swagger kicks out. Swagger is set up on the apron and is hit with clubbing blows. Sheamus tosses him back in the ring and sets up for the Brogue Kick. Cesaro runs in to the ring to interrupt with an Uppercut. Sheamus responds by going for more clubbing blows but Swagger makes the save. Christian hits a big crossbody on Swagger to stop the momentum. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winners: Sheamus & Christian

Renee Young interviews John Cena about his match tonight against Randy Orton. Cena says that there is great change ahead with the coming WWE Network. Cena says that the WWE Universe has taken to Daniel Bryan as well as several new stars. Cena claims that his match tonight against Orton is about the future. Cena vows to close his rivalry tonight with Randy Orton by beating him in the middle of the ring. Cena says that anyone who wants to be the face of the company will first have to go through him.

Dolph Ziggler v. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto starts to pound on Dolph’s skull at the start. Ziggler hits a high dropkick and drops a few elbows. Cover, but Rio kicks out. Ziggler counters a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a Fameasser. Cover, but Rio kicks out. Rio hits a drop arm bar followed by a kick to the skull.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Rio continues the attack with a Cross-Arm Breaker. Batista’s music hits and he runs down to the ring to make the save. Batista hits a weak spear and the fans begin to boo. Rio is tossed into the steel steps. Batista rips the commentator’s booth apart. Rio is tossed into the barricade. Batista sends Rio through the table with a bomb.

Backstage Triple H approaches Batista. He tells him that he can’t be going off and putting Del Rio through tables. HHH says that things have changed since Batista was last around. Triple H is just looking out for what is best for business. Triple H announces Batista versus Del Rio for the Elimination Chamber PPV.

LITA is the next inductee for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014.

In the back, Betty White has tea with the New Age Outlaws.

The New Age Outlaws join in for commentary during the next match. Road Dogg starts off with a Miley Cyrus reference. That is the second Miley mention of the night. Fantastic.

Curtis Axel & Ryback v. The Usos

Axel starts the match against Jey. Uso mocks the NAOs as he punches Axel. Jey is whipped into the ropes and hit with a dropkick. Ryback gets the tag and stomps away. Billy is holding his stomach. Turns out Betty may have done a switcheroo with her tea and reversed a NAO prank on Gunn. Back in the ring Axel is legal and exchanging chops. Axel leaps for a flying forearm and tags Ryback. Uso has his face smashed into the turnbuckle. Ryback lifts him up to a seated position on top. Uso fights him off and then springs inside with a corkscrew dive. The other Uso gets the tag and heel kicks the newly tagged Axel. Uso delivers a Samoan drop and goes for a cover. Axel kicks out. Ryback tries to make the save but gets tossed to the outside. Jimmy Uso is the legal man and flies from the top turnbuckle with a crossbody to pin Axel.

Winners: The Usos

After the match, Billy Gunn is shown running towards the back holding his butt. Indigestion. Cause he’s an Ass Man. GET IT?!? Thanks, WWE Creative.

Dean Ambrose comes down to the ring with The Shield to issue his open challenge. Mark Henry accepts. Roman Reigns laughs.

WWE United States Championship
Dean Ambrose (c) v. Mark Henry

Ambrose is immediately pushed back so he exits the ring to catch his bearings. Ambrose ducks under Henry in the corner and lands some punches. Henry responds with a big boot to the face. Ambrose is tossed into the corner arm first. Henry repeats the move a few times. Ambrose continues to be manhandled until he is tossed out of the ring as the show heads to commercial.

Back from the break and Ambrose has managed to capitalize. Ambrose works the formerly injured arm of Mark Henry. Henry responds by fighting back and hitting a World’s Strongest Slam. Cover, but Seth Rollins comes in to make the save. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Mark Henry

After the match, Reigns hits a spear to keep Mark Henry down.

The Wyatt Family slowly makes their way down to the ring and towards The Shield. Both groups are outside the ring and staring at each other from opposite sides. The Shield is the first group to climb up on the apron. The Wyatts join them. Reigns enters the ring first. Bray looks to join him, but instead gets off the apron. The rest of The Shield joins Reigns in the ring.

The Bellas & Cameron w/ Eva Marie v. AJ Lee, Alicia Fox & Aksana w/ Tamina

Nikki starts the match against AJ Lee. AJ forgot to unclip her hat from her shorts once again. AJ is lifted off the mat and put over Nikki’s shoulder. AJ scurries off and heads out of the ring. Once back in Aksana gets the tag. Nikki does the worm and follows with a dropkick. Brie gets the tag but is tossed into the air by Aksana. Alicia gets the tag and goes for the cover. Brie kicks out. Brie goes for a roll up but Alicia kicks out. Alicia tries to choke Brie but has to release the hold. Brie connects with a dropkick. Cameron gets the tag and hits a Thesz Press. Cameron slaps away and follows with another dropkick. Aksana gets the tag. Cameron responds by hitting a DDT. Girl Why.

Winners: The Bella Twins

Alexander Rusev is in the back with Lana and she talks him up as the next big thing.

Turns out Kane is at the building tonight, so he makes his way to the ring. He says that he accepts his one week punishment. Kane admits to interfering with Bryan but claims the Authority was not involved.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits. He charges into the ring and goes after Kane. Kane fights back and starts to take off his suit jacket. Kane looks for a chokeslam but Bryan counters and sends Kane out of the ring. Bryan charges after with a suicide dive. Bryan continues the attack outside the ring. Kane is dropkicked into the crowd.

Non-title Match
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton v. John Cena

The match starts off with a headlock from Orton. Cena is sporting some new shorts. Still of the jean variety, but tighter and looser. Cena will be damned if Batista is the only tight clothed top star. Orton is tossed out of the ring for an early break. Back inside and Cena applies a headlock of his own. Cena hits a hip toss and goes for a cover. Orton kicks out. The two men go back and forth exchanging blows. Cena hits a bull dog and goes for another cover to no avail. Orton goes for a vertical suplex but it is reversed by Cena. Orton moves out of the way as Cena goes for a shoulder block. They brawl to the outside of the ring. Orton sends Cena into the barricade and then back into the ring. Cover, but Cena kicks out. Orton stomps and then taunts the crowd as the show heads to commercial.

Back from the break and the crowd is chanting “boring”. Orton asks them to hush. Cena lifts Orton up for a big scoop slam. Cena starts to get fired up only to be tossed out of the ring by Orton. Cena makes his way back inside and straight into a headlock. Orton follows with a DDT. Cena kicks out of the cover. Cena starts to take a beating from Orton. He is placed on the apron for a suspended DDT. Cena counters by tossing Orton to the outside. Orton gets back inside and is caught in Cena’s arms. Cena lifts him up on his shoulders but Orton gets out and hits a power slam. Cena kicks out of the cover.

Orton sends Cena into the corner. Orton looks for a Superplex but Cena fights him back. Orton stops him from before he can leap for a leg drop. Orton uses the top rope to hit a suspended DDT. Randy starts to laugh after the move. Orton attempts an RKO but Cena trips him up and locks on an STF. Orton makes it to the bottom rope for the break. Cena is still hurting from the earlier DDT. Cena attempts a desperation AA but Orton counters it into an RKO. Cover, but Cena kicks out! Cena springs to his feet after a breather and hits an AA. Cover, but Orton kicks out!

Cena and Orton fight their way into the corner. Cena attempts an AA from the second rope, but Orton fights his way off. Cena leaps halfway across the ring at Orton to connect with a Leg Drop. John Cena hits an Attitude Adjustment. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion is cleanly pinned in the middle of the ring for the second week in a row.

Winner: John Cena

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