WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Green Bay, Wisconsin
February 24, 2014
Results by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

I am a Real American –

“Let me tell you something brother,” tonight is historic. Hogan proudly announces that he is home. Tonight marks the launch of the WWE Universe – which launched the WWE Network. Close enough. Hogan goes on to plug the WWE Network. He notes that users can experience matches from all eras of wrestling’s legacy. The Hulkster also announces that he is the official host for Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans. Whatcha gonna do brother, when the WWE Network runs wild on you? Hogan heads up the ramp and poses at the top while the audience receives its first lecture of the night on how to access the WWE Network.

Alberto Del Rio v. Batista

During his entrance Batista glances at the crowd and licks his lips, noting and accepting the negative reaction for the evening. Batista and Alberto brawl to the outside at the start. Rio tosses Batista into the barricade and then rolls him back in the ring. After only a few kicks Batista appears heavily winded. Batista sloppily suplexes Del Rio and the crowd boos harder. Rio is clotheslined out of the ring, but Batista’s angle is off causing Rio to hit his shoulder. The crowd again boos as the show heads to commercial.

Back from the break and Del Rio is taunting the crowd. Alberto goes for a kick but Batista dodges causing Rio to fly to the outside. Batista is jaw jacked from the apron. Rio starts to climb up to the top rope. Batista punches away to stagger his opponent. Batista follows for a Superplex. Both men get to their feet and exchange blows. The crowd boos with each Batista swing and cheers with each one from Rio. Batista attempts a cover but Rio kicks out.

Del Rio springs back with an arm breaker. Rio runs across the ring for a kick and whiffs. No, the announcers decide that it was a graze and heavily emphasize that point despite not showing a replay. Randy Orton’s music hits and the crowd has never been happier for his appearance. Del Rio scoops up Batista for a quick pin.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match Randy Orton stands on the entrance ramp and laughs at Batista. Orton claims that Batista has always been easily distracted going back to their Evolution days together. Orton next turns to the crowd reaction. He mocks Batista for the fact that the WWE Universe really doesn’t like him.

Batista responds, with labored breath, that Orton is wrong. Batista says that he loves this business. The crowd heavily boos and then chants for CM Punk. Batista claims he loves that the Universe has their own voice. When they cheer him he cheers them back, when they boo him he boos them back. Batista claims that he is being real, something Orton knows nothing about. Batista vows to defeat Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania.

Big E v. Cesaro

Both men slug each other hard at the start. Big E hits a belly to belly suplex followed by a belly to back suplex. Cover, but Cesaro kicks out. Both men in this match have had part of their name removed by the company in recent weeks. Cesaro lost Antonio and Big E lost Langston.

Cesaro charges towards Big E and takes him out with a boot. Cesaro knees him in the back. JBL and Cole try to figure out what the E in Big E stands for so JBL offers up “Elephant” as a possibility to Cole’s bemusement. Cesaro applies a chinlock. Big E responds by lifting Cesaro up for a triple backbreaker. Cover, but Cesaro kicks out. Big E stays on the attack with several carefully placed punches. Cesaro catches Big E in mid run and tilts him around for a crazy backbreaker as the show heads to commercial.

Back from the break and Big E is punching away. Cesaro sends his opponent into the corner. Cesaro charges after and delivers a hard elbow. Cesaro arches back far for a beautiful powerslam. Swagger cheers on from the outside. Both men are on their feet and trade blows. Cesaro looks for a Sleeper. Big E tosses him off his back. Big E hits a pair of shoulder blocks and then another suplex. Big runs the ropes and delivers a 300 lb splash. Cover, but Cesaro kicks out.

Big E pulls down his straps and looks for the Big Ending. Cesaro is lifted up on E’s shoulder but scurries free. Cesaro tosses Big E up into the air and clobbers him with an uppercut. Cesaro signals for the Big Swing and then crowd cheers. Big E kicks Cesaro away and the crowd boos. Cesaro charges at Big E but gets slammed to the mat for his efforts. Big E heads towards Cesaro but gets tossed to the outside. Swagger tries to run over for a cheap shot while the referee isn’t looking. Instead, Big E hits him with a clothesline.

Big E gets back in the ring only to a walk right into a Big Swing. Cesaro gets him around about ten times before tossing him across the ring. Swagger decides to hop into the ring and apply a Patriot Lock to Big E.

Winner via DQ: Big E Langston

Zeb Colter gets into the ring as his men begin to quarrel. Big E hops up to his feet and attacks Swagger. Cesaro hits a Neutralizer that nearly drops Big E on his head.

John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Cena says that the child inside of him is thrilled that Hulk Hogan is back and hosting Wrestlemania XXX. Cena says that anyone who wants to be the future of the WWE needs to go through him first. Cena then addresses the attack by Bray Wyatt last night. Cena didn’t expect to be attacked given that the he thought the Chamber would be locked, but nonetheless here we are. Cena says it was a bold move by the Wyatts and calls Bray out to make another bold move right now.

The lights go out and the Wyatt promo plays on the Titantron. Bray walks down with his family and takes a seat on the entrance ramp. Bray says that world has a virus and the virus is the human race. Somewhere in Texas Alex Jones just started screaming: IT’S A CONSPIRACY – I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS!!

Bray Wyatt says that John Cena is a liar. Cena is a phony, Bray is the truth. Bray welcomes the challenge of going through Cena in order to be the future of the company. Wyatt formally introduces himself to Cena and says that he will cut through the lies.

Cena responds that if Bray or family decides to slide through the ropes it will be go time. The Wyatts decide – well it is three on one after all – and charge into the ring. Cena is quickly beaten back and into the corner. Cena tries to surge forward but is swatted back down. Cena begins to heavily limp on his leg as he uses the ropes to get to his feet. The Wyatts slowly back away from the ring. Rowan then starts to come inside which brings John across the ring. Bray sneaks in from behind and knocks Cena back down. The Wyatts stand over Cena to gloat. Bray raises his hands and shouts, “follow the buzzards.”

Christian v. Sheamus

Christian gets tossed out of the ring near the start. The audience is treated to a replay of the RAW Pre-Show in which the reason that this match was created is revealed. Apparently Sheamus and Christian were arguing – and now we have a match.

Sheamus gets behind the man who eliminated him at last night’s PPV and applies a chinlock. Christian escapes and drags Sheamus towards the corner. Christian looks to use the steel post for a massive ball tap, but Sheamus counters. Christian uses the top rope to hit Sheamus in the neck. He flies out of the corner with a missile dropkick and cover. Sheamus kicks out.

Sheamus is placed on the apron and exchanges blows with Christian. Sheamus uses his head to lift up Christian and throw him out of the ring. Christian tries to get back inside but is knocked off the apron with a shoulder tackle.

Back from the break and Christian is in control. Christian attempts a Bearhug that takes Sheamus down to the mat. Sheamus begins to fight his way back. Sheamus whips Christian into the ropes but gets tripped up and caught with a hard punch from the outside. Christian tries to come back in with a crossbody but Sheamus catches him in midair and slams him down. Sheamus is sent out to the apron. Christian charges but Sheamus grabs him for clobbering blows. Sheamus leaps back inside with a battering ram. Cover, but Christian kicks out.

Christian heads to the corner, but Sheamus grabs him and places him in a Cloverleaf Submission. Christian grabs the bottom rope for the break and heads out for a breather. Sheamus doesn’t let him have his moment and stays hard on the offensive. Sheamus charges for a Brogue Kick, but Christian ducks. Christian climbs to the second rope and leaps forward for a crossbody. Sheamus kicks him out of his boots in midair with a devastating Brogue Kick.

Winner: Sheamus

Video is shown of earlier tonight when Daniel Bryan confronted The Authority. Bryan is furious that he keeps being screwed over time and again. Bryan calls for a match against Triple H at Wrestlemania to finally end the debate. Triple H walks away laughing with Stephanie at the notion.

Dean Ambrose is in the back with The Shield. Ambrose says that he is getting sick of defending and explaining himself to his partners. Ambrose says that he is out of here and walks away. Rollins and Reigns start to talk to each other, not sure whether or not to believe Ambrose. Bray Wyatt walks forward and tells them not to worry. Reigns challenges Bray to a one on one match tonight. No Family and no Hounds of Justice.

The camera cuts to the panel for tonight’s broadcast. It consists of Josh Mathews, Booker T & Ric Flair. They share their thoughts on the show. For more, check out Backstage Pass after RAW on the WWE Network.

Daniel Bryan v. Kane

Bryan’s shoulder is heavily taped. Kane immediately targets the area by tossing Bryan into the corner. Bryan responds by sending Kane into the corner and then kicking away. Bryan places Kane’s leg on the second rope and then dropkicks it. Bryan grabs Kane back to the middle of the ring and twists and stomps away at the leg. Bryan cinches on a leg lock. Kane breaks free and goes back to targeting Bryan’s shoulder. Kane lifts Bryan up and then slams him down to the mat shoulder first. Cover, but Bryan kicks out.

Bryan sends Kane out of the ring. Bryan attempts a suicide dive. Kane is up to block the dive from his former tag team partner. Kane brings Bryan outside and tosses him shoulder first into the steel steps as RAW heads to commercial.

Back from the break and Kane is in control. Bryan is placed in an arm bar to work the injured shoulder area. Bryan attempts to fight his way free, but Kane punches back. Bryan is whipped towards the corner but flips free. Bryan connects with a clothesline. The crowd gets behind Bryan as he gets to his feet. Bryan starts his kick series. Kane dodges the last kick and converts it into a Sidewalk Slam. Cover, but Bryan kicks out.

Kane is in the corner. Bryan charges across the ring three times for dropkicks. The first two connect, but the third is interrupted by a big right hand from the Big Red Machine. Kane runs at Bryan but Bryan pulls down the rope to send him outside. Bryan follows right after with a suicide dive. Bryan runs towards Kane as he gets up and kicks him into the barricade. Bryan rolls his opponent back into the ring.

Bryan heads to the top rope for a missile dropkick. It connects, but Bryan lands hard on his shoulder. Bryan kicks up and kicks Kane in the face. Cover, but Kane kicks out. Bryan again climbs to the top rope. Bryan leaps for a headbutt. Kane gets his hand up and catches Bryan for a chokeslam! Bryan kicks out of the cover!

The crowd is on their feet chanting, “YES!” Kane tries to lift up Bryan. Daniel attempts to counter into the Yes Lock. They struggle back and forth until Bryan breaks free. Bryan charges hard for a knee to Kane’s face. Cover, and this match is over.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Bryan grabs a microphone. The goat is furious. Bryan says that ever since Triple H has put on his suit he stopped caring about the people. All that Triple H does is hide behind Stephanie’s skirt. Bryan gets the crowd riled up and demands that Triple H listen to the chants. Bryan screams that there is an entire arena chanting. Bryan demands a match against Triple H at Wrestlemania XXX.

Summer Rae w/ Fandango v. Emma w/ Santino

Emma is dancing around the ring at the start. Summer Rae pushes Emma, so Emma pushes her right back. Summer charges towards Emma in the corner but Emma slides under for a roll up. Summer kicks out and then unleashes a heel kick. Summer attempts a cover but Emma kicks out. Summer wraps Emma’s arm around her neck and begins to choke. Emma escapes at first but is put right back in the hold. Emma is finally able break free. It’s time for some crazy dancing and then the #EmmaLock makes its RAW debut. Summer has no choice but to tap.

Winner: Emma

New Age Outlaws v. The Usos

At the start of the match Road Dogg asks why they are in such a hurry. Dogg requests The Usos leave the ring for a moment, so they comply. The New Age Outlaws run down their opening monologue. Part way through Road Dogg receives a kick to the face. One of the Usos flies from up high and does a crotch chop while hitting his splash. Usos quickly pick up the victory.

Winners: The Usos

Roman Reigns v. Bray Wyatt

Reigns delivers a punch so Wyatt heads out of the ring. Wyatt gets back inside and headbutts Reigns. Reigns responds with a clothesline. Wyatt is on the apron so Reigns knocks him to the outside. Wyatt gets back inside and kicks Reigns in the gut. Reigns hits a few punches but gets hit in the throat. Bray uses the top rope to scrape Reigns’ forehead. Bray gets behind Reigns and starts to choke him out. Reigns fights back to his feet. Reigns is sent to the mat with a shoulder block. Reigns reverses an Irish Whip and tosses Bray outside of the ring. Roman follows after and charges for a hard clothesline as the show heads to commercial.

Back from the break and physicality is still at its peak. Wyatt pounds away on Roman and then rubs his face into the tope. Bray hits a vertical suplex and covers. Roman kicks out. As the pace of the match starts to slow the crowd begins to chant for just about everything under the sun. Reigns moves out of the way of a charging Wyatt. Roman pushes Wyatt back and leaps for a clothesline. Roman hits a splash in the corner and then punches away. Reigns slides out of the ring and hits his apron dropkick. Reigns with a sideslam back inside the ring and a cover. Wyatt kicks out.

Reigns slinks back to the corner and sizes up his opponent. The lights go out in the arena and the Wyatt family promo airs. When the lights come back on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are standing at ringside. Seth Rollins appears out of nowhere and flies onto the Wyatts.

The Wyatts begin to attack Rollins outside of the ring. Dean Ambrose charges down from the back to help his team. The action eventually brawls in the ring and Dean Ambrose pulls a Jack Swagger by attacking Bray Wyatt and costing his teammate the match.

Winner via DQ: Bray Wyatt

The Shield stands together in the ring as unit. The commentators note that it is hard to blame Ambrose given that he came down for the save. The show cuts to its final commercial of the night.

Heyman is shown with Brock Lesnar in the back preparing to come down to the ring.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Lesnar walks down to the ring with Paul Heyman. Inside the ring there is a black table set up. Heyman says that Lesnar is not in a good mood this evening. This is because Lesnar is the rightful #1 Contender. Heyman believes, and the crowd agrees, that Orton and Batista should get their Championship match out of the way. The winner should go on to fight Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the Title. Heyman says that The Authority would not agree. Instead, they offered him an open contract to fight whoever he wants at Wrestlemania. Heyman refers to this as a conciliation prize. Heyman starts to run down a litany of things that Brock Lesnar has conquered in his life. Heyman demands that Lesnar receive his chance to conquer history. Heyman says that The Authority likes to play their games, but he won’t play this one. Heymans says that on behalf of his client they are not interested in the open challenge. Lesnar is not going to choose his opponent, because he needs to conquer history. If that isn’t allowed, then Lesnar will not appear at Wrestlemania.

A chilling gong sounds throughout the arena. The lights go out. The stirring music of the Deadman fills the arena. Taker appears amidst the smoke on the entrance ramp and stares towards Lesnar. Taker slowly makes his way down to the ring. He brings the lights up and enters the ring. Taker and Lesnar stand toe to toe and stare each down. Lesnar tells Taker to sign the contract. Brock signs it himself and then thrusts the pen into Taker’s chest. Taker slowly takes the pen. Heyman tells Taker to sign the contract. Lesnar slams his hand down and demands that Taker sign it. Taker takes the pen – and slams it into Lesnar’s hand! Taker then grabs Lesnar and chokeslams him straight through the table! Heyman can only watch on in disbelief as the beast incarnate has fallen. Taker’s music hits and he heads to the back as RAW goes off the air.

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