WWE RAW Results – 4/14/14 (Tribute to the Ultimate Warrior)

WWE RAW Results 4/14/14

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
April 14, 2014
Birmingham, Alabama
Results by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

RAW opens with the roster standing on the entrance ramp. Many are wearing Ultimate Warrior shirts. A video package highlights the life and journey of Warrior. His words from RAW cap it off: “The spirit of the Ultimate Warrior will run forever!” Jerry Lawler announces that tonight will be in tribute to the Ultimate Warrior. Warrior’s music plays and then the fans begin to chant his name.

Michael Cole announces that tonight will feature a #1 Contender’s Tournament for the Intercontinental Championship. The first round will feature: Henry v. Cesaro, Rob Van Dam v. Del Rio, Sheamus v. Swagger, and Ziggler v. Barrett.


Intercontinental #1 Contender’s Tournament
First Round
Rob Van Dam v. Alberto Del Rio

Rob starts out strong with a spin kick into the corner. Rio tries to get his bearings and sends RVD into the corner. Rio hits a snap kick and goes for the cover. RVD kicks out. Rio hits a suplex and another cover. Rob kicks out. RVD’s head is hanging over the apron. Rio charges and kicks him in the temple. Rio gets back into the ring and charges at RVD only to be tossed to the outside. RVD follows with a baseball slide. Rio takes control on the outside and tossed RVD into the barricade as the show heads to commercial.


Back from the break and Rio hits a hard DDT. Rob is whipped into the corner and barely connects with Rio on a kick. Rob attempts a split legged moonsault but Rio gets his knees up. Rio immediately follows with a backstabber and goes for the cover. RVD kicks out. RVD goes for a desperation spin kick and this time it does connect. Rob jumps up to the top turnbuckle. Rio runs right after and knocks out his legs. Rio leaps up for a kick and goes for the cover. RVD kicks out at the last second. Rio rolls out of the ring to catch his breath.

Rio gets back into the ring and starts to climb up the ropes but Rob tosses him down. RVD leaps from the top rope for a Five Star Frog Splash and connects. This match is over.

Winner & Advancing: Rob Van Dam

Randy Orton and Batista are shown shaking hands with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in an office.

Warrior Moment: Summerslam 1988 – Ultimate Warrior v. The Honky Tonk Man


Triple H tells those in his office that Daniel Bryan is not on RAW tonight. But, their problem is now The Shield. It reminds Triple H of the way that he Orton and Batista used to be. Triple H doesn’t know if anyone can stop them. Stephanie believes the three men in front of her can take them down. Triple H confirms her point and says that if they are united that no one can stop them. Batista says that that is great and all but all he cares about is being Champion. Orton agrees with Batista and says that Triple H is on his own and walks out. Stephanie tells Triple H that she has an idea.

Rybaxel v. The Rhodes Brothers

Goldust starts the match with a shoulder block and atomic drop on Curtis Axel. Cody gets the tag and comes in with an elbow. Rhodes follows with a forward falling suplex and goes for the cover. Curtis kicks out. Cody keeps Curtis from making a tag and wrenches his arm. Goldust gets the tag and punches Axel in the gut. Goldust drops a knee and goes for the cover. Goldust kicks out. Goldust drops down to punch Curtis and then hits Ryback on the apron. Axel hits Goldust and then tags in Ryback.

Ryback jumps off the turnbuckle with a splash and then Axel hits an elbow. They continue the quick back and forth until Ryback locks on a rear choke. Goldust escapes and tags in his brother. Cody tosses Ryback out of the ring and then follows after with a double lindy. Cody tosses Ryback back into the ring and goes for the cover. Curtis makes the save. Goldust tries to knock out Axel but is tossed out of the ring. Cody hits a Disaster Kick on Curtis. Cody goes for a Disaster Kick on Ryback but is caught with a vicious Meathook. Ryback covers Cody for the win.

Winners: Rybaxel


Paige v. Alicia Fox

Alicia tries to get in Paige’s face so Paige resorts to some hair pulling and then slams Alicia to the mat. Fox responds with a pair of spinning back breakers. Fox kicks Paige out of the ring and then pulls her back in. Fox hits an elbow and then a bridging Northern Lights Suplex. Paige kicks out. Alicia keeps up the attack with a series of slaps and elbows. Fox approaches Paige in the corner but gets slapped across the chest. Paige hits a clothesline and follows with three more. Paige hits a dropkick. Alicia tries to squirm but Paige catches her in a Scorpion Cross Lock for the submission victory.

Winner: Paige


The Usos v. Randy Orton & Batista

The Usos attack Orton and Batista at the start and knock them out of the ring. Both brothers fly over the top rope with dives to take out their opponents. Orton heads into the ring to start the match against one of the Usos. They exchange blows back and forth. Orton hits a neckbreaker. Orton tags in Batista. Together they kick Uso. Batista drops his weight on Uso a few times and then whips him hard into the corner. Batista hits a Suplex and goes for the cover. Uso kicks out. Orton gets a tag and hits a couple punches before tagging Batista back in. Uso manages a gut kick but then gets hit with a Spinebuster. Cover, but Uso kicks out. Batista continues to fight Uso but —

No Contest

The Shield comes in from the crowd and attacks Orton. By the time Batista realizes what has happened his partner has been neutralized. The Shield hits the ring and jumps Batista. Roman hits a Superman Punch that sends Batista out of the ring.

Warrior Moment: Wrestlemania VI – Ultimate Warrior v. Hulk Hogan


Randy Orton and Batista are walking in the back when they are approached by Triple H and Stephanie. Triple H says that he told them so.

Paul Heyman walks out onto the entrance ramp. He introduces himself and then pounds the point home that Brock Lesnar beat The Undertaker and conquered the streak. Heyman shows a slideshow of pictures that illustrate Taker’s loss. Heyman brings out the “King of Swing” Cesaro. They walk to the ring without entrance music.

Intercontinental #1 Contender’s Tournament
First Round
Mark Henry v. Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman

Both men lock up at the start. Cesaro uses the leverage of the ropes to back Henry up but gets tossed across the ring. Henry hits a clothesline and then throws Cesaro out of the ring. He takes his time to get back inside. Cesaro hits a few uppercuts and then throws some forearms but Henry pushes him back. Cesaro comes right back in with more uppercuts and punches. Every time that Henry pushes him away Cesaro comes back even harder until Cesaro is laid out with a clothesline. Cover, but Cesaro kicks out.

Henry tries to pick up Cesaro but Cesaro scurries off. He then leaps from the second rope with a big Uppercut. Cesaro uses all of his strength to lift Henry up for a Neutralizer.

Winner & Advancing: Cesaro

After Cesaro’s victory, Heyman announces him the winner in lieu of music.


Triple H and Stephanie are in their office with Brad Maddox. They tell him to inform The Shield that they are in tonight’s main event. However, The Shield will not know who their opponents are until the match.

Lana introduces Rusev for his match.

Alexander Rusev v. Xavier Woods

Rusev takes knees to Xavier at the start and then spins him around and slams him hard to the mat. Rusev locks on his version of the Camel Clutch for the win. It’s called the Accolade.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

After the match R-Truth tries to attack Rusev but Lane gets in between to separate the men. Lana then changes her mind and tells Rusev to attack. He charges across the ring and kicks R-Truth in the face.


Intercontinental #1 Contender’s Tournament
First Round
Sheamus v. Swagger

Sheamus backs Swagger into the corner at the start and swings away. Swagger tries to fight back but Sheamus catches him on the apron to set up for his clubbing blows. Zeb gets up on the apron to distract. Swagger jumps off the apron. Sheamus jumps after him but Swagger catches him and pounds him into the floor. Both men get back in the ring. Swagger pulls back both of Sheamus’ arms for a stretch. Swagger hits a belly to belly suplex. Cover, but Sheamus kicks out .Swagger hits a clothesline and another cover. Sheamus kicks out. Swagger returns to the stretch. Sheamus breaks free and attacks Swagger with a high running knee. Sheamus follows up with one in the corner. Sheamus hits a snapmare and then kicks Swagger in the back. Cover, but Swagger kicks out. Sheamus climbs up in the corner and leaps out with a battering ram. Cover, but Swagger kicks out.

Sheamus is on the apron and flies into the ring but Swagger steps to the side and grabs his leg. Sheamus is in the middle of the ring and is caught in a Patriot Lock. Sheamus finally is able to kick free. Swagger charges and knocks him out of the ring. Swagger speeds at Sheamus and runs his knee into Sheamus’ knee. Sheamus is tossed into the steel steps and then back into the ring. Swagger runs in after Sheamus but runs right into a Brogue Kick!

Winner & Advancing: Sheamus

Adam Rose Promo airs


Damien Sandow is in the ring. He claims that he is the most deserving guy in the WWE. Sandow is not finished talking but The Big Show’s music hits. Sandow continues talking as Big Show makes it down to the ring. He puts himself over as a former Money in the Bank winner and was seconds away from being the Champion. Sandow tells Show that if he has something to say then he should keep it to himself. The fans boo. Sandow asks why? Is it because Big Show comes out and shakes people’s hands? Sandow says that when he walks down the ring people should be reaching out trying to touch him because he deserves it. He has earned it. The fans actually start to chant, “you deserve it”. Sandow asks what Show has to say about all this and offers him the mic. Show doesn’t say anything. Sandow says that when people look at Sandow they should see a future Champion. They should see greatness.

Big Show punches Sandow in the face. Sandow falls down to the mat, out cold. Show’s music hits and he high fives the fans on his way out.

The Wyatts appear on the Titantron. Bray says, “We’re next”.


Bray and Family make their way to the ring. He says that society as a whole has become a useless thing. People do what they are told and see what “they” want you to see. Bray preaches himself up and then says that John Cena is not a man, but rather a beast. Bray promises to not let Cena do his harm anymore. He has Cena on the edge and all he needs is one final push. Bray doesn’t wish to slay this monster yet, he just wants to come out and play. Bray calls out John Cena.

Cena’s music hits. John says that he wants to have some fun. Cena says that these guys come down to the ring and they’re always so serious. Cena says that they tried their best to bring out the “monster” at Wrestlemania but it doesn’t exist. If it was happy hour the Wyatts would be the life of the party. Cena rides down Bray’s clothing and says that he secretly a ladies man. You get him around some of these Birmingham women and, “Roll Tide”! The crowd erupts. Cena says that the crowd likes to have fun.

Cena says that he found Sister Abigail on MySpace. He shows a picture of her on the Tron. It’s basically Bray in Drag. Cena says he wondered what Bray’s mom looked like – and he found her on Tinder! She’s one hot mama. It’s Luke Harper’s face on an old lady in a chair. He says there is a new member of the family born a couple months ago. Chastity Lynn. She’s Rowan’s face on a baby. Bray tells Cena to get serious.

Cena says he can be serious. He says that he was pushed against the wall at Wrestlemania and found out that when John Cena gets serious – Bray Wyatt gets beat. Cena tells Bray to be careful what he wishes for. But, this time the tables are turned. What if Bray loses again? This time it will be Bray that is fighting for anything. Cena proposes that Bray do something that he hasn’t done yet in the WWE. He has to fight by a man, by himself. No family. Cena says at Extreme Rules he wants to fight Bray Wyatt in a Steel Cage! Bray accepts the challenge. Bray drops to his knees and sings, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”.


Fandango makes his entrance. But, he no longer has Summer Rae after their very Twitter break up. Welcome to 2014 I guess. Fandango now comes out with – Layla! She dances her way down to the ring with her new man. A video plays of Fandango telling Summer Rae that it was not him, but her.

Fandango & Emma v. Fandango & Layla

Fandango and Santino start the match. Santino hits a nice hip toss and then catches Fandango’s leg. Fandango is caught with another high hip toss. Santino reaches for the cobra. Fandango saves himself by tagging in Layla. This also brings in Emma. Emma gets Layla in the corner for the DilEMMA. Emma climbs to the second turnbuckle and Fandango walks towards her. Santino runs at him and knocks him off the apron. Layla pulls Emma down and immediately picks up a pin.

Winners: Fandango & Layla

Stephanie McMahon is in her office yelling at Kane for his actions over the past few weeks. She believed that Kane would be a man that would have no moral compass and be able to decimate people. He failed to take down Daniel Bryan on three different occasions. Kane tries to object. Stephanie yells at him that he used to make children cry at his presence. Stephanie asks where that Kane went. Kane is furious and gets up in her face. His mask is sitting in a case on a desk. He stares at it intently. He reaches for the box and grabs the mask. Kane holds the mask up to Stephanie. Kane says that he is going to eviscerate Daniel Bryan and send him to the depths of hell.


Bo Dallas promo airs.

Ultimate Warrior’s in-ring promo airs from last week’s RAW.


Intercontinental #1 Contender’s Tournament
First Round
Bad News Barrett v. Dolph Ziggler

The crowd starts a chant for Barrett. Dolph gets behind Barrett but gets taken to the mat. Dolph stands him back up and dodges and elbow. Dolph rolls out of the ring. Bad News laughs at him. Barrett tries to start a Bad News chant. He punches Ziggler in the face. Ziggler dodges a knee and cinches on a side headlock. Barrett escapes and tries for a cover. Ziggler kicks out. He punches Ziggler hard and then lifts him from the mat by his hair. Bad News chokes him out against the second rope and then the third. Dolph punches his way back into the match and hits a high drop kick. Dolph clotheslines Bad News out of the ring and flies out with him. Ziggler punches away as they begin to exchange blows. Dolph is launched head first into the steel post as the show fades to commercial.


Back from the break and Ziggler is whipped into the corner. Ziggler sidesteps which sends Barrett shoulder first into the steel post. Ziggler hits a high cross body and then hits a ten count punch in the corner. Neckbreaker and a cover. Barrett kicks out. Dolph misses a knee and ends up on Barrett’s shoulders. Bad News hits Wasteland for the – Ziggler kicks out!

Wade lifts Ziggler up and tries a pump handle slam. Dolph hits a Fameasser and covers. But Barrett kicks out. Ziggler charges towards the corner but Barrett moves out of the way. Bad News climbs to the second rope but Ziggler punches him. Ziggler sets up for a Superplex.

Barrett blocks and knocks Ziggler into the ring. Dolph jumps right back up and pulls Barrett down to the mat face first! Barrett spins Ziggler around and hits the Winds of Change! Cover, but Ziggler kicks out! Barrett can’t believe it. Barrett is looking for the Bull Hammer and charges. Ziggler gets a roll up, but Barrett kicks out. Barrett throws Ziggler away and then hits a devastating Bull Hammer for the win.

Winner & Advancing: Bad News Barrett

After the match Barrett grabs a microphone and says that he is afraid he has some bad news. He vows to be the next Intercontinental Champion.

Kane apparently went right to work making a video package with production because a video airs highlighting his soon to be masked return.


The Shield makes their entrance for their match. They are still sporting their new masks with skulls. They literally have faces because they are now faces. I love it.

The Shield v. ???

The opponents are revealed to be: Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Fandango, 3MB, Titus O’Neill, Rybaxel, Alexander Rusev, and Bad News Barrett.

Everyone charges at the ring but The Shield holds them back and an actual match begins. Rollins starts the match against Heath Slater. Dean Ambrose gets a quick tag as Heath is backed into the corner and keeps him there to bring in Roman. Rollins gets the tag back ultimately but Slater is able to tag in Drew McIntyre. He stomps away and then Titus gets the tag. Titus hits a back breaker and then tosses Rollins back towards the corner. Rusev gets the tag and drops some powerful elbows. Rusev hits a headbutt and then Swagger tags himself in. He knees Rollins in the gut until the referee backs him off. This provides a distraction for Del Rio to choke Rollins. Ryback gets the tag and hits some punches. Rollins is lifted high overhead and then hit with a drop slam. Ryback throws Rollins out of the ring and heads out after him.

Roman Reigns has had enough and spears Ryback on the outside. All hell breaks loose as everyone goes on the attack outside the ring. Dean Ambrose flies out with a dive and literally lands in a sea of humanity. Rollins had made it back inside the ring and leaps out onto everybody with a somersault plancha. The Shield regroups inside the ring.

Everyone tries to charge to the inside. The Shield tries their best to hold their foes back, but the numbers game proves too much. One by one the members of The Shield are taken apart.

EVOLUTION! Evolution’s theme hits.

Randy Orton, Batista and Triple H walk out on the entrance ramp. They slowly make their way down to the ring. The rest of the superstars leave The Shield alone in the ring. Evolution climbs up to the apron and then enters the ring. Rollins is the first to his feet and is the first one mugged. Reigns tries to run in to help but Orton hits him with an RKO. Evolution’s music accidentally hits for a second but the attack continues. Batista grabs Roman and hits a Batista Bomb. Rollins stills tries to get up but Triple H punches away while Orton holds him back. Batista throws him into an RKO. Batista tries to lift him but Ambrose runs at him. Triple H and Orton hold him off so Batista can hits the Bomb on Rollins. Ambrose is the last one up. He is hit with the Batista Bomb/RKO combination.

Triple H yells at Reigns to get up. Orton and Batista lift him up off the mat. Triple H puts him between his legs and hits a Pedigree. Evolution’s theme plays as the reunited stable stands triumphant in the ring.

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