WWE RAW Results – 5/19/14 (John Cena vs. Luke Harper)

WWE RAW Results 5/19/14

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
May 19, 2014
London, England
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show…

…and it’s interrupted by The Wyatt Family’s video flash. We’re brought into the arena to see Bray Wyatt standing in the ring with his family singing “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” People are holding up their cellphones, and the entire place is singing along. It’s a great visual. Wyatt says we lay our heads down every night to dream, and that’s when our minds really start to tick. We start remembering all the travesties that happened to us in our lives, but in our dreams, we’re superheroes. We can fix everything and dream of revenge and payback. Just like that, we wake up and reality sets in. Then we go to the mirror and remember that we are not superheroes that can fix everything. We bottle all the rage up inside of us and go on living our lives like nothing is wrong, but everything is wrong.

Wyatt says he plans on fixing that. He used to have a mean old teacher. This teacher used to look down on him and force him to remember that he was just a piece of trash. She believed that everything she read in a book was true, and everything he believed in was a lie. Wyatt asked her what it is about her that makes her think she’s better than him. Is it because her mommy and daddy paid for her to go to a fancy school and get a diploma? She looked at him and said that he was rotten. She said that he stands for nothing. The first time she looked in his eyes, she knew that he was evil. Wyatt laughs, and the crowd gives him a round of applause. Wyatt says he’s proud to say that the teacher is rotting in some retirement home filled with regrets, but he stands here as a conqueror and a revolutionary. Wyatt says he is the man of a thousand truths, and he says to the teacher lady that he has the whole damn world in his hands. The entire crowd starts to sing again.

Wyatt says that is his payback. His ends justify his means. The teacher was right about one thing: he is evil. He is the necessary evil that must exist in this world to balance everything out. He is evil. His tongue is the scorpion’s tail, and when it starts striking, people get behind him. All of them hope to see everything die. John Cena hides behind his plastic smile and plays the role of hero while everything burns. The crowd chants, “Cena sucks!” Wyatt promises at WWE Payback that this fairy tale is going to end. He’ll be the last man standing where no one will ever stand again. Tonight, Luke Harper is going to put John Cena down.

John Cena’s music hits, and the crowd loudly boos. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan stand at the foot of the ramp, and they wait for John Cena to come down. Instead, John Cena comes in through the crowd and gives Bray Wyatt an Attitude Adjustment. The crowd boos as Cena escapes the ring and goes up the ramp. The crowd is loudly chanting, “Cena sucks!”

The commentators talk about what just happened before transitioning to talking about Daniel Bryan’s successful neck surgery. This then goes to a video recap of last week’s events. Stephanie McMahon used the injury was an excuse to say that Daniel Bryan cannot cut it as champion. Kane then brought Bryan out to the stage unconscious. Bryan was rushed to the hospital. McMahon was apologizing to him on the stretcher as the loaded him in the ambulance. Brie Bella then pushed her back and told her to stay away.

The state of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be given later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Paul Heyman is in the ring with his client, Cesaro. They follow along in unison as Heyman says his name. Heyman says he wants to get something straight with the crowd. They chant “ECW.” Heyman says the cameras broadcast live around the world. It’s time to define the roles. Him and Cesaro are the stars, and they are the wannabes. They shall worship the ground he walks on and the microphone in which he speaks. Heyman goes to say that his client, Brock Lesnar, conquered the streak, but they say it along with him. Heyman lies down in the ring. Heyman says he isn’t their queen dying and giving the throne to Charles. He is the Undertaker at WrestleMania, except he can sit up, and the Undertaker can’t. Why? Because his client, Brock Lesnar, conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. Tonight, the WWE United States Champion will be annihilated by another Paul Heyman Guy, the “King of Swing,” Cesaro!

Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman vs. Sheamus

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee ever, is the official for this match. They lock up, and they try to get position, but they instead push off one another. They lock up again, and Cesaro backs him to the corner. Cesaro slaps him in the face instead of giving a clean break. Sheamus quickly clotheslines him down before putting him on the apron for the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán, but Cesaro gets off the apron. Cesaro consults with Heyman at ringside. Sheamus follows him out of the ring and chases him back in. Cesaro attacks as Sheamus gets back in, and he stomps away at him. Cesaro sends him into the ropes and goes for a hip toss, but Sheamus counters into a short-arm clothesline. Sheamus then puts him on the apron and hits the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán. Cesaro clutches his chest in pain as Sheamus brings him back into the ring on his shoulders. Cesaro quickly slides off and gets out of the ring to talk with Heyman again. Sheamus chases him around ringside and punches him in the midsection. Sheamus throws him into the ring, and Cesaro rolls out again. Sheamus grabs him, and Cesaro snaps him off the top rope. Cesaro powers him to the corner and punches away at him. The crowd starts chanting for JBL. Sheamus reverses a whip to the corner, and he hits Cesaro with a running high knee. Sheamus then takes him down with a slingshot battering ram for a two count. The crowd starts chanting for Jerry Lawler. Cesaro reverses a whip, but he misses a clothesline. Sheamus goes for a running cross-body, but Cesaro moves, causing Sheamus to fly into the ropes and out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Cesaro kicking Sheamus away. Cesaro knees him in the midsection a few times before sending him into the corner and applying a chin lock. Heyman shouts in support of this move. Heyman screams that Sheamus can’t fight if he can’t breathe. Sheamus begins to fight up and punch out. Cesaro reverse a whip into the ropes, but Sheamus comes back with a pair of Irish Hammers. Sheamus goes for a shoulder thrust in the corner, but Cesaro moves, and Sheamus hits the ring post shoulder first. Cesaro then hits an impressive superplex while Sheamus was standing on the apron for a near fall. Cesaro covers again for a two count. Cesaro charges him in the corner, and Sheamus catches him with an Irish Curse Backbreaker for a near fall.

Sheamus has a wild look in his eyes. Sheamus powers him to the corner before hitting a knee lift. Sheamus hits a rolling fireman’s carry for a near fall. Sheamus gets to his feet and goes for a powerslam, but Cesaro slides off and uppercuts him in the back. Cesaro runs into a back elbow. Cesaro then reverses a whip into the turnbuckle, and Sheamus hits sternum first. Sheamus quickly kicks him in the knee and face before pulling himself up to the top rope. Sheamus stands on the top rope and leaps into a European Uppercut for a near fall! Heyman cannot believe it at ringside. Cesaro picks him up, and Sheamus connects with a short-arm clothesline. They trade punches and uppercuts. Sheamus ducks a clothesline and hits a powerslam for a near fall.

Heyman gets on the apron and angrily takes his jacket off. Sheamus scares him off the apron, and Cesaro catches him with a German Suplex with a bridge for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Cesaro
Match Rating: ** 1/4

Cesaro and Paul Heyman celebrate in the ring as Sheamus angrily looks on. Sheamus then gives him a sarcastic round of applause before offering a handshake for “getting him.” Cesaro sidesteps the handshake and shows him up before getting out of the ring. Sheamus doesn’t look happy with the slight as Cesaro goes up the ramp with Heyman.

The commentators talk about how Evolution versus The Shield at WWE Payback will be a No Holds Barred Match. A recap is then shown of The Shield laying Evolution out three different times last week. After the video, they show Roman Reigns’ tweet from this past week, which showed his eyebrow busted wide open.

Seth Rollins will take on Batista later tonight. The Shield is banned from ringside by order of Triple H. Only official personnel can be there.

-Commercial Break-

The German announcers are shown at ringside.

Justin Roberts announces there will be a series of Beat the Clock Challenges with the winner going on to face Bad News Barrett at WWE Payback.

Beat the Clock Challenge
Big E vs. Ryback w/ Curtis Axel

A pre-taped promo with Ryback is shown. Ryback says the only thing bigger than Big Ben is the Big Guy. Just like that clicking clock, the clock is ticking away on his opponent. Ryback says, “Time’s up, Big E.”

They lock up, and Ryback applies a side headlock. Big E whips him off, and Ryback takes him down with a shoulder block for a one count. They lock up again, and Big E applies a side headlock. Ryback whips him off, and Big E hits a shoulder block for a one count. Ryback powers him to the corner and knees away at him. Ryback punches him before sending him to the opposite corner. Big E quickly comes back with a clothesline for a two count. Big E punches away at him before hitting a running shoulder thrust. Big E then runs into a back elbow for a two count. Ryback kicks him in the chest and punches him down. 1:15 has already passed. Ryback then runs into a belly-to-belly overhead suplex for a one count. Big E kicks him in the midsection before scaring Curtis Axel off the apron. Ryback chop blocks him and kicks away at him.

Ryback hits a suplex at the 2:00 mark for a one count. Ryback clubs away at the chest for another one count. Ryback head-butts him and punches him in the corner before hitting some back elbows. Ryback punches away at him before chopping the chest a few times. Ryback connects with a snapmare and kicks him for a two count. Big E punches back at him, but Ryback comes right back with a short-arm shoulder block. Ryback hits it again before going for it a third time, but Big E counters with a belly-to-belly side suplex. Big E goes for a big splash, but Ryback pops up and hits a big spinebuster for a near fall. We’re at the 4:00 mark as Ryback pounds his chest. Ryback hits a big Meat Hook Clothesline for a near fall. Ryback covers again for another two count. Ryback pins one more time for a one count. 4:30 has gone by. Ryback goes for a powerbomb, but Big E slides out. Big E hits a clothesline before knocking Axel off the apron. Big E then hits Ryback with the Big Ending for the win at 5:02.

Winner by Pinfall at 5:02: Big E
Match Rating: * 1/4

John Cena will face Luke Harper in tonight’s main event.

-Commercial Break-

A video is shown of some Special Olympics athletes touring the WWE Performance Center from this past week.

R-Truth comes out rapping with the Funkadactyls. Fandango then comes out with Layla, and the entire crowd starts “Fandangoing.” When they get to the ring, Fandango passionately kisses her in the ring. Summer Rae’s music then hits, and she makes her way to the ring looking none too happy. Summer gets in the ring, and she grabs Fandango and kisses him. Summer then takes Layla down and punches away at her. Fandango quickly rips Layla off, but not before she grabbed a handful of Summer’s hair. Fandango and Layla then go up the ramp.

The State of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be given, next.

A Bo Dallas vignette is shown, and he will debut this Friday on Smackdown.

-Commercial Break-

They announce that “Total Divas” has been renewed for a third season on the E! Network.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship situation is addressed

Daniel Bryan’s music hits, and the crowd comes unglued. Stephanie McMahon then comes out to the stage jumping around doing a “YES!” Taunt. The crowd begins to chant “NO!” Stephanie gets in the ring, and the crowd boos as she says they should all be chanting “YES!” because Daniel Bryan underwent successful neck surgery on Thursday. Bryan truly has an incredible story. At WrestleMania, he became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion before marrying Brie Bella later in the week. Part one of that wedding will be shown this Sunday on “Total Divas.” Bryan has overcome every obstacle. Even his chant has inspired millions around the world. It’s inspired entertainers, celebrities, athletes, professional sports leagues, and everyday people like her and the fans… well more the fans.

Bryan is doing everything he can to get back to active competition because he is their champion, and he knows that they need an ACTIVE champion. Therefore, since she knows Bryan is convalescing at home, hanging on her every word. She’s afraid she’s got some… well, someone can say it better than she can. A video is then shown of Bad News Barrett saying his famous line. McMahon then imitates the line. She said she’s contemplating stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and awarding it to the demon Kane. The crowd loudly chants “NO!” She could also strip him of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and award it to Bad News Barrett. They loudly cheer, and she says that’s so predictable because Barrett is from England. She could award it to Batista, and the crowd very loudly boos this. Seriously, if anyone is deserving of being champion, it is the COO of WWE, her husband Triple H! This draws an even louder jeer from the crowd. In all seriousness, she is NOT going to strip Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. She is going to demand that Bryan show up at RAW next week and do the right thing: personally surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship because that’s what’s best for business. McMahon then leaves the ring and goes up the ramp doing a sarcastic “YES!” taunt.

Seth Rollins will take on Batista. The Shield and Evolution are banned from ringside. Only official personnel are allowed at ringside. We’ll also see John Cena take on Luke Harper in the main event of the evening.

-Commercial Break-

3MB comes out under the name “The Union Jacks.” The crowd gives them a great hand. Heath Slater says The Union Jacks are home. Slater tells them to get up and get ready…

…but he’s interrupted by Lana’s music. She comes out to the stage posing. Lana says they’re similar to mindless Americans attempting to interfere with something far more superior. Their lack of comprehension will be their downfall. She says they cannot stop or alter the destiny of a great leader like Vladimir Putin. Putin’s face is then shown on the titantron. Putin succeed in resurrecting Mother Russia as a great powerhouse. America has failed. America’s future will be this, and a picture of the White House is shown with a Russian flag on the roof. She says England is no different, and the Parliament is shown with a Russian flag on the roof. She then introduces Rusev to the crowd.

Rusev comes out, and he says something in his native tongue. Rusev marches to the ring, and Slater tries to take him out with a plancha, but Rusev catches him and drives him into the apron. Rusev then viciously body slams him down. Drew McIntyre runs into a thrust kick. Rusev then throws Jinder Mahal into the barricade before sending him into the steel steps. Rusev throws Slater into the ring, and he stomps around. The referee checks on Slater, and he tells him to ring the bell.

Heath Slater vs. Rusev w/ Lana

Slater boots Rusev in the face and punches him in the face before hitting the ropes. Slater then runs into a knee to the midsection. Rusev then hits a vicious side slam. Lana orders Rusev to crush him. Rusev stomps the spine before applying the Accolade for the easy win.

Winner by Submission: Rusev
Match Rating: 1/4 *

The Shield is shown backstage. Dean Ambrose says Triple H talked about humbling them and teaching them a lesson. Triple H then hid behind his goons. That looks like Evolution might be afraid of The Shield. Ambrose hopes not because they want an Evolution that isn’t afraid. This 20-on-3 crap isn’t their brand of justice. Roman Reigns then shows his black eye and stitches. Reigns says he has nine stiches before asking if that’s all they’ve got. If that’s their best shot, then they have a lot of problems. They try to knock them down, but they keep standing tall. Seth Rollins says that’s what Evolution doesn’t understand. They can try to keep them down and put them out. For example, he made a mistake two weeks ago on Smackdown against Batista, and he lost. Then Batista beat the hell out of him when he could barely stand. Batista tried to end his career, but he didn’t get the job done. Rollins says he won’t make any mistakes tonight. Rollins tells him to believe that and in The Shield. They then put their fists together.

Rob Van Dam will take on Alberto Del Rio in a Beat the Clock Challenge. They have to beat Big E’s time of 5:02.

-Commercial Break-

Beat the Clock Challenge
Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

5:02 is the time to beat for this match. A pre-taped promo is shown with Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio says he was bred to be a champion. This is for the children. They need someone to look up to and can achieve greatness. The future of the planet depends on it.

They lock up, and Del Rio applies a waistlock. RVD comes back with a schoolboy for a one count. RVD applies an inside cradle for another one count. RVD then rolls him up with his legs for a one count. Del Rio quickly kicks him down. Del Rio then gets out of the ring and kicks him in the face. Del Rio gets in the ring and gets a one count. Big E is seen watching backstage. Del Rio hits a suplex for a two count. RVD reverses a whip to the corner, and he hits a monkey flip. 4:00 are left. Del Rio rolls out of the ring, and RVD chases him. RVD throws him back in, but Del Rio kicks him in the skull as he gets back in. Del Rio puts him in the ring for a near fall. Del Rio then applies a chin lock. 3:20 is left. RVD fights up and punches out with 3:00 left. RVD ducks a clothesline and hits a pair of clotheslines before kicking him in the face. RVD drops a lame leg drop for a one count. Del Rio then hits a backstabber for a near fall. 2:25 is left.

Del Rio taunts the crowd and goes for a Cross Arm Breaker, but RVD twists out and kicks him in the face. RVD then connects with Rolling Thunder. RVD goes for the top rope and jumps off for a Five Star Frog Splash, but Del Rio moves. Del Rio then picks up a near fall. Del Rio argues with the referee. 1:30 is left. Del Rio shoves him to the corner and hits a step-up enzuigiri for a near fall. 1:00 is left before Big E survives. RVD ducks a kick to the face and rolls him up for the win with 47 seconds left!

Winner by Pinfall at 4:15: Rob Van Dam
Match Rating: * 1/4

Alberto Del Rio angrily chases him from the ring. RVD then stands at the top of the ramp and does his taunt for the crowd.

John Cena will take on Luke Harper in tonight’s main event.

-Commercial Break-

NXT Takeover will happen live on the WWE Network on Thursday May 29. Adrian Neville will defend the NXT Championship against Tyson Kidd.

Replays are shown of Bray Wyatt talking in the ring earlier in the show. John Cena then snuck into the ring and hit an Attitude Adjustment on Wyatt.

Renee Young is backstage with John Cena. She mentions that he was successful against Bray Wyatt earlier in the evening. She asks if he has a game plan for facing Luke Harper. Cena says if it isn’t broken, then you don’t fix it. Step one; you get the WWE Tag Team Champions. It keeps things fair. They’re in an arena full of Wyatt followers, so while it’s even in the ring, there is a feeling of desperation in the ring. At WWE Payback, he feels like he’ll be in another arena full of Wyatt supporters. Cena loves desperation. He says he fears no man. He will stay, fight, and win. They are the Tag Team Champions. Cena pounds his chest, and he says they have the hearts of champions. They then pound their chests and hum a song.

Elsewhere backstage, Triple H is talking with Evolution. Triple H says if The Shield thinks that’s all they have, then they’re dumber than he thought. This is just the beginning. Triple H says what Randy Orton did to Roman Reigns’ eye is just the start, and they know it. Randy Orton says they need to take these guys out one by one at WWE Payback. Triple H says it starts tonight. There is already blood in the water. Triple H tells Batista to finish off Seth Rollins and make sure he doesn’t make it to WWE Payback. Batista says he’s on it, and he’ll do it all by himself.

-Commercial Break-

Cesaro will take on Mark Henry tomorrow night on WWE Main Event live on the WWE Network.

Seth Rollins comes out to the ring for his match. Triple H’s music then hits, and Justin Roberts announces that he is the special guest ring announcer. Triple H says as the COO of WWE, it is his job to ensure that all matches are as big as possible. That’s why he’s adding a special guest timekeeper to this match, Randy Orton. They then make their way to ringside. Triple H then makes the introduction for Batista.

Seth Rollins stands on the steel steps, and he says he has some guests of his own to make this even bigger. Rollins then introduces the special guest commentators, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns! Triple H is not happy about this.

Seth Rollins vs. Batista

Orton rings the bell, and they circle the ring. Batista kicks and clubs him before sending him into the ropes for a clothesline. Batista hits a shoulder thrust before Rollins knees him in the face. Rollins punches him to the corner and hits the ten punches. Rollins stomps away at him, and Batista rolls out of the ring to recover. Batista pulls him out and throws him into the barricade before putting him in the ring. Rollins gets out of a powerslam and hits a step-up enzuigiri.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Rollins lying down at ringside. Batista then throws him into the steel steps. Batista bounces him off the steps before getting in the ring. Batista then snaps him off the top rope. Batista then baseball slides him out of the ring. The referee warns Triple H and Orton to get back as Batista puts Rollins in the ring. Batista applies a chin lock with a body scissor for good measure. Rollins tries to get out, but Batista just rolls him over. Rollins fights out and gets out with a jawbreaker. Rollins punches and chops him before having a whip reversed on him. Batista then hits him with a back elbow that turns him inside out for a near fall. Batista then viciously whips him into the turnbuckle. Triple H talks trash to Rollins before Batista begins choking him on the ropes. Batista punches him as he sets him up on the top rope. Rollins fights out of a superplex attempt, and he head-butts Batista down. Rollins then hits a diving neckbreaker.

Rollins runs into a boot from Batista. Batista sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Rollins then connects with a sleeper slam. Triple H isn’t happy about this at ringside. Batista pulls himself up, and Rollins connects with a forearm splash in the corner. Rollins repeats the move. Rollins tries for a third time, but Batista ducks and goes for a back suplex. Rollins flips through and dropkicks him out of the ring. Rollins then connects with a suicide dive. Rollins throws him into the ring, and he scares Orton back. The Shield gets off commentary, and they begin to stalk Triple H and Orton. In the ring, Batista avoids a diving curb stomp, and he hits a spinebuster. Batista goes for a spear, but Rollins kicks him in the face. Rollins then takes him out with a diving high knee for a near fall!

Rollins goes to the top rope as the fans chant, “Let’s go Rollins.” Triple H then pushes him off the top rope. Dean Ambrose attacks Triple H, and Orton sends him over the German commentary table. Roman Reigns attacks Orton, but Orton quickly comes back with a chair to the spine. Orton grabs another chair, and Ambrose runs across the two tables to take him out. Triple H then grabs him and sends him headfirst into the ring post. Triple H then punches Rollins in the face. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Seth Rollins
Match Rating: **

Batista spears Rollins down and signals for his finisher. Triple H goes for a Pedigree on Ambrose at ringside, but Ambrose gives him a back body drop onto the commentary table. Ambrose gets on the apron, and Batista punches him off. Reigns then spears Batista down! The Shield signals for a Triple Powerbomb on Batista, but Triple H quickly makes the save. Evolution retreats up the ramp.

John Cena will take on Luke Harper in tonight’s main event.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of Alicia Fox having a meltdown after losing to Paige last week on RAW.

Alicia Fox vs. Paige

Paige received a great reaction from the crowd as she made her entrance. They circle the ring, and Alicia Fox big boots her down. Alicia punches her before sending her into the ropes. She lowers her head and eats a kick. Paige head-butts her before throwing her by the hair a few times. Paige screams, and the crowd cheers her. Alicia quickly gets out of the ring to recover. Paige follows her out, and Alicia puts her on the barricade before pushing her off. Alicia angrily yells at the crowd before sending her into the ring. Alicia covers for a two count. Alicia bounces her off the mat before hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Alicia stands over her and slaps her in the face. Alicia then wrenches the arm and sends her into the turnbuckle. Alicia shoves her around before applying a headlock. Paige gets out of it with a slam, but Alicia kicks out. Paige cannot believe it.

Alicia hits another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before lifting her up and sending her ribs first into the ring post. Alicia kicks her before taunting the crowd. Alicia drags her into the ring and covers her for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Alicia Fox
Match Rating: *

Alicia Fox flips out a bit and screams that she won. She then takes Jerry Lawler’s crown and yells that she’s the Queen. Alicia then walks on the barricade and takes some fan’s soda before drinking it and pouring it on her face.

Replays are shown of John Cena surprising Bray Wyatt with an Attitude Adjustment earlier tonight.

Erick Rowan is shown backstage with his sheep mask on. Luke Harper is then shown. Harper says, “You are playing a very dangerous game, little mouse, and the snake is growing very tired of it.” Harper tells him to come out wherever he is. Bray Wyatt says it appears the great hero has brought reinforcements to the battle. The Usos are brothers by blood, but they’re fools. They’re just dominos, and one by one, they all fall down. Rowan then says, “Run.”

-Commercial Break-

Beat the Clock Challenge
Mark Henry vs. Dolph Ziggler

The time to beat is 4:15 set by Rob Van Dam. They show a pre-taped promo with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler says Beat the Clock allows him to do what he does better than anyone else: show-off. He does it quick and slick. Mark Henry then walked up and stared at him. Henry then walked off, and Ziggler made a face like he smelled bad.

The bell ring, and Ziggler ducks a lock up and punches him, but Henry quickly knocks him down. Henry sends him into the ropes, but Ziggler ducks a clothesline. Ziggler then runs into a shoulder block. Henry lifts Ziggler up and powerslams him down for a two count. 3:35 is left. Henry grabs him as he rolls to the apron and hip tosses him back into the ring. Henry talks a little trash, and Ziggler rolls out of the ring to recover. Rob Van Dam is seen watching backstage. Henry wants a count-out, but Ziggler gets in at six. Henry sends him into the corner, but he runs into a back elbow. Ziggler leapfrogs him and hits a sloppy famouser, but Henry kicks out. The kick out was so powerful that Ziggler flew out of the ring. Under 2:00 left. Ziggler gets in the ring and connects with a nice dropkick. 1:30 is left as Ziggler hits a second dropkick. Ziggler looks out of it from the beating Henry has given him so far. Ziggler then covers, but Henry kicks out while pressing Ziggler off him.

Under a minute remains in this match as the crowd chants for Ziggler. Ziggler goes to the top rope and dives, but Henry catches him and hits a powerslam for a near fall. 25 seconds are left. Henry goes for the World’s Strongest Slam, but Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag with 6 seconds left. Ziggler slowly covers, but time runs out!

No Contest
Match Rating: *

Rob Van Dam is the winner of the Beat the Clock Challenge, and he comes out to the stage. He’ll face Bad News Barrett for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at WWE Payback. Bad News Barrett then blindsides him with a Bull Hammer Elbow to the back of the head. The crowd loudly cheers for him. Barrett says he’s afraid he’s got some bad news, and the crowd loves it. Barrett says because Rob Van Dam beat the clock, he has to face him for the Intercontinental Championship, but not right now. Right now, we’re in London, his capital city. It just so happens that this is the home of Greenwich Mean Time. RVD may have set the best time, but it is in fact the English that set the time for the entire world. The crowd approves of this and chant for Barrett. Barrett says there is no way in the world that this Englishman will lose to a bloody Yank at WWE Payback. “Rule Britannia” plays as he holds up the Intercontinental Championship.

John Cena will take on Luke Harper later tonight in the main event.

-Commercial Break-

A replay is shown of Stephanie McMahon announcing that she wants Daniel Bryan to come to RAW next week to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship because that’s what’s best for business.

Renee Young is in the ring, and she introduces Adam Rose. Rose comes to the ring dancing with his entourage, and the crowd sings his theme song. Rose says hello to Renee and London. Rose asks for his cheeseburger, and a man dressed as a cheeseburger comes to him. Rose says he has sesame seeds on his buns, but a doctor will look at that. Renee asks what it means to be a rosebud. Rose tells her it’s about not being a lemon. It’s about being a rosebud. The crowd sings his theme song, and the entourage dances. Renee asks why he’s been targeting Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter since he’s been here. Rose says targeting is a strong world. He hasn’t been targeting them. He just wants them to have some fun and stop being bitter lemons. Rose then has his bunny dance around.

Jack Swagger’s music hits, and he comes out with Zeb Colter. The crowd sings Swagger’s theme song as well. Colter tells them to shut up. Colter asks what Renee is doing in the ring with that “thing” that has questionable morals who runs up and down the road with 1969 Woodstock rejects. Colter says he has a bone to pick with Rose. Colter gets in the ring with Swagger. Colter tells Swagger to stand back because this is between him and Rose. Colter says Rose and the vermin that he travels with are the problem with his country. If Rose hangs around here long enough, he’ll be the problem here. Colter says he doesn’t know how Rose got to America, but he knows that he fits in better with the freaks in England. The crowd enthusiastically sings Rose’s theme song. Colter says, “Enough you hedonistic people!” Colter says he doesn’t know how Rose got into America, and he doesn’t know what kind of germs are in the ring. Rose embarrassed him over the past two weeks, and he doesn’t take embarrassment easily. Colter tells Rose to get his people out of the ring, and he’ll have Swagger get out of the ring. Colter says they’ll settle this issue tonight. The crowd chants, “YES!”

Colter removes his vest to show that he’s serious. Rose turns around, and Swagger punches him in the back of the head and stomps him. Swagger intimidates Rose’s entourage, and he turns around to be taken down by Rose. Rose gets him out of the ring, and he says sometimes you have to fight, but it’s party time all the time. Rose dances with Renee and his entourage.

John Cena will take on Luke Harper in the main event, next.

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Bo Dallas will debut this Friday on Smackdown. Hulk Hogan will also appear on the show!

John Cena w/ The Usos vs. Luke Harper w/ The Wyatt Family

The bell rings, and Harper drives Cena into the corner and punches him down. Harper lifts him up and sends him hard into the turnbuckle. Cena reverses a whip to the corner and hits a bulldog. Cena quickly follows up with a big boot for a two count. Cena sends him into the turnbuckle, but he misses a splash. Harper hits a modified pump-handle slam for a near fall.

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We come back from the break to see Cena down on the mat. Harper picks him up and uppercuts him down. Cena ducks a clothesline and hits a diving shoulder block. Cena goes for it again, but Harper counters with a big boot for a two count. Harper does the gator roll before hitting a suplex for another two count. The crowd sings Cena’s theme song with the lyrics, “John Cena sucks.” Harper kicks him away, but Cena pops up with a back suplex powerbomb. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Harper counters into a vicious German Suplex for a near fall. The crowd sings Adam Rose’s theme song as Harper goes for a big boot in the corner, but Cena moves. Harper then falls out of the ring.

Harper quickly gets back in, and Cena catches him with a back suplex powerbomb. Cena then hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Harper gets off and hits a wheelbarrow face-buster for a near fall. Harper goes for a powerbomb, but Cena gets out with a back body drop. Harper ducks a clothesline and hits a hurricanrana followed by a dropkick! Cena gets out of the ring to recover. Harper then takes Cena out with a suicide dive!

Harper sends him into the ring and goes for a corner splash, but Cena catches him with a back elbow. Cena then hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. The referee is counting both men down. The crowd is chanting “Fruity Pebbles” toward Cena. They get to their feet, and Cena catches Harper with a hurricanrana. Harper then hits a superkick for a near fall. Harper puts Cena on the top rope and clubs away at him. Harper then hits a torture rack neckbreaker for a near fall. Harper twists his head and goes into a trance. Harper stares at Bray Wyatt, who is sitting in his rocking chair, and he runs into a clothesline from Cena. The crowd sings, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” Harper goes for a sunset flip, but Cena counters into an STF! Harper desperately claws his way to the bottom rope.

Erick Rowan jumps on the apron, and one of the Usos superkicks him to the floor. The other Uso then hits Rowan and Bray Wyatt with a splash off the apron. Wyatt gets in the ring, and he hits one of the Usos with Sister Abigail. The other Uso runs in, and he meets the same fate. Cena then pulls the top rope down to get Wyatt out of the ring. Harper then hits a sit-out body slam for a near fall! Harper looks like he’s in disbelief. The crowd chants, “This is awesome.” Cena then surprises Harper with the AA! Rowan then attacks Cena from behind, and the referee throws the match out.

Winner by Disqualification: John Cena
Match Rating: ** 1/2

Rowan stomps away at Cena before Wyatt gets in the ring. Wyatt bends backwards to look at him. Cena manages to fight Rowan off, but Wyatt quickly takes him out with Sister Abigail. The crowd sings, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.” Wyatt instructs Harper and Rowan to attack. They throw Cena out of the ring and punch away at him. They punch him up the ramp. The crowd chants, “Bray is gonna kill you.” Rowan then hits Cena with a fall-away slam on the ramp! They get to the top of the stage, and Wyatt hits him with Sister Abigail on the stage. Cena loses a shoe, and Harper throws it out into the crowd.

Wyatt sings “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” as Luke Harper slowly counts to ten. The crowd cheers them on as the show comes to an end.


Quick Match Results

Cesaro def. Sheamus (non-title)
Big E def. Ryback at 5:02 in a Beat the Clock Challenge
Rusev def. Heath Slater via Submission
Rob Van Dam def. Alberto Del Rio at 4:15 in a Beat the Clock Challenge
Seth Rollins def. Batista via DQ
Alicia Fox def. Paige (non-title)
Mark Henry NC Dolph Ziggler in a Beat the Clock Challenge
John Cena def. Luke Harper via DQ

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