WWE RAW Results – 9/29/14 (Tag Team Main Event)

WWE RAW Results 9/29/14

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
September 29, 2014
Chicago, Illinois
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video highlights the events from last week’s RAW. Dean Ambrose and John Cena attacked Seth Rollins at the start of the show only for Rollins to escape. The Authority had Ambrose locked in a room to prevent him from getting to Rollins. During the main event of John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Rollins and Kane attacked Cena. Rollins took the cover off a box of what he thought were cinder blocks only for Ambrose to be under there. Cena and Ambrose then attacked Rollins until he ran away. Then this past Friday on Smackdown, Ambrose attacked Rollins and stole the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way out to the ring to boos from the crowd. The middle rope is colored pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There is also a logo on the ramp. A “CM Punk” chant breaks out as Stephanie McMahon greets them. She says she always wonders why people chant for quitters. It’s because they’re quitters themselves. Rather than fighting for what they believe in, they quit. Things get hard at work; they just quit their jobs. They have an argument with their wife or husband, and they quit on their families. They take the easy way out. They either quit or steal, just like Dean Ambrose on Smackdown when he stole the Money in the Bank briefcase from Seth Rollins. That was unnecessary because the contract is still intact and belongs to Seth Rollins. Ambrose just wants to send a message to The Authority. They’re here to send a message to Ambrose because it will not be tolerated. Triple H says the briefcase is a symbol. It’s a symbol that represents this business. They will not let anybody, and they mean anybody, disrespect this business.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and pardon the interruption, but I am the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, Brock Lesnar!” Heyman comes out to the stage to a mix of cheers and boos. Heyman says it’s ironic that Triple H used the word “disrespected” because his client feels disrespected. He’s disrespected by the preposterous notion that John Cena was within a moment of becoming the champion at the expense of his client. He’s also disrespected by the fact that their boy, Seth Rollins, not only got involved in what was surely to be a successful title defense, but Curb Stomped his client from behind. Then Rollins attempted to actually cash in the Money in the Bank contract, which is why, with all due respect, his client, Brock Lesnar, has instructed him to come here tonight to Chicago and find out first hand if his client has a problem that he needs to deal with involving Seth Rollins or… Stephanie interrupts him and says Heyman is a shrewd businessman. She warns Heyman to choose his next words carefully because if he’s threatening them…

Seth Rollins’ music hits, and he makes his way out to the ring. Rollins gets in the ring, and the crowd chants, “You sold out!” Rollins says he wants to get something straight. No one in The Authority told him to run down and cash in the contract on his client. He did that on his own. Further, no one suggested that he Curb Stomp Brock Lesnar’s face into the mat either. He acted alone, and he’s kind of disappointed because he figured Heyman would respect his decision at Night of Champions. Rollins is trying to build a career like Heyman did on opportunity. Heyman is an opportunist, and he figured he’d understand that he was making the most of his opportunity at Night of Champions. Rollins thinks he speaks for everyone here when he says that no one wanted to see John Cena win the world title again. There is a mix of boos and cheers for that. Rollins says he wanted to become champion by beating the best, and the best is his client, Brock Lesnar. A “CM Punk” chant breaks out. Rollins says Lesnar should be flattered and complimented by what happened at Night of Champions, not insulted. If Lesnar is offended in any way, from the bottom of his heart, he is truly sorry. Rollins puts a hand on Heyman’s shoulder to drive it home, and they shake hands. Heyman says what Rollins did took a lot of hutzpah, but if it ever happens again, he won’t be dealing with him – he’ll be dealing with Brock Lesnar.

Heyman goes to leave, but Triple H tells him to stop and gets in his face. Heyman looks terrified. Triple H then says he enjoyed their conversation before shaking hands with him. Triple H tells him to have a nice night, and Heyman quickly scurries off.

Rollins says he appreciates The Authority coming out to chastise Dean Ambrose over what happened on Smackdown. He knows Ambrose, and he is the furthest thing from normal. He won’t respond to this like normal people do. Ambrose is probably backstage laughing, but it’s not funny. There are personal items of his in that briefcase that need to be returned to him immediately. If Ambrose does not come down to this ring right now, stomping his head through cinder blocks is going to look like nothing when he gets his hands on him.

Dean Ambrose appears on the titantron and asks if he’s looking for this, and he holds up the briefcase. These days, every time he looks at Rollins, he wants to sew his eyes shut. Rollins used to be a man, but now that he’s letting his corporate mommy and daddy fight for him, he has a message for all three of them. If they want the briefcase back, they need to come get it. Triple H, Stephanie, and Rollins leave the ring and make their way backstage. John Cena’s music hits, and he attacks Rollins. Cena knocks him down the ramp and gets him in the ring, but Rollins immediately slides out and runs out through the crowd. Rollins rejoins The Authority at the top of the stage, and they taunt Cena.

-Commercial Break-

A video of some WWE Superstars talking about putting an end to breast cancer is shown.

Replays are shown of what just happened with Seth Rollins and John Cena.

Seth Rollins is backstage with The Authority. Triple H says he’s giving Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury the authority to get the briefcase back. Triple H wants it back in one piece. He doesn’t care how many pieces Ambrose comes back in. This ends tonight. He doesn’t care how. Jamie Noble says he understands and asks if they can have some sledgehammers. Triple H says Noble and thinking aren’t a cohesive unit. He just wants them to get the briefcase back.

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Triple Threat
Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. The Miz

Replays are shown of Cesaro winning a battle royal on Smackdown to face Ziggler later in the night. Cesaro then faced Ziggler and got rolled up, but he got his hand on the bottom rope. The referee was out of position and didn’t see, costing Cesaro the match.

The bell rings, and Miz and Cesaro quickly kick Ziggler down in the corner. Cesaro pushes Miz away and continues to kick Ziggler. Miz rolls him up for a one count. Cesaro quickly knees Miz in the midsection, sends him shoulder first into Ziggler, and hits Miz with a deadlift gutwrench suplex for a two count. Ziggler elbows him in the head, but Cesaro quickly takes him down and goes for the Cesaro Swing, but Miz hits him with a big boot. That kick causes Cesaro to catapult Ziggler into the corner, allowing Miz to pin him for a two count. Miz stomps him, but Ziggler chops the chest. Miz counters with a Reality Check attempt, but Ziggler pushes him into Cesaro, who hits him with an overhead backbreaker. Cesaro quickly throws Ziggler out of the ring and pins Miz for a two count. Cesaro scares Sandow away. Cesaro gorilla presses Miz, but Ziggler dropkicks him down for a two count.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Miz attempt to roll Cesaro up, but Ziggler rolls Miz up with a sunset flip. They all take turns rolling one another up before Ziggler takes them down with a double DDT. Cesaro goes for a short-arm clothesline, but Ziggler ducks and hits a stinger splash on Miz. Ziggler dropkicks Cesaro down and hits a stinger splash on him. Ziggler then hits a neckbreaker on Cesaro while simultaneously hitting a DDT on Miz for a near fall. Cesaro rolls out of the ring to recover. The crowd chants, “This is awesome.” Ziggler hits the ropes, but Sandow grabs his leg. Miz rolls him up for a near fall. Ziggler baseball slides Sandow before clotheslining Cesaro at ringside. Miz counters a famouser into a powerbomb attempt, but Ziggler rolls him up for a near fall. Miz runs into a back elbow, but he catches him coming off the second rope. Miz goes for a Figure Four Leglock, but Ziggler pushes him into the ropes where he eats an uppercut from Cesaro. Cesaro boots Ziggler down and goes for a sunset flip on Miz, but Miz holds on. Ziggler then catapults Cesaro’s head into Miz’ nether regions. Ziggler then takes Miz down and “applies” a really poor looking Figure Four Leglock. Miz screams in pain, and the crowd is buzzing. Cesaro then takes Ziggler out with a big double stomp. Cesaro covers Ziggler for a near fall. Cesaro tries again for the same result before kicking him out of the ring.

Miz sidesteps an avalanche from Cesaro before hitting his patented corner clothesline. Miz comes off the top rope into A Very European Uppercut! Cesaro punches Sandow off the apron before eating a superkick from Ziggler. Ziggler then covers The Miz for the win.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: ***

Dolph Ziggler celebrates at ringside with the fans while Sandow lies next to Miz and imitates him with a hurt knee.

Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury ask The Exotic Express if they’ve seen Dean Ambrose. They then see The Great Khali and ask him. Khali says he can’t hear them. Noble loudly asks, and Khali says something unintelligible. They then walk off.

-Commercial Break-

Michael Cole talks about WWE teaming up with Susan G. Komen for the third straight year. They then show the logo on the ramp, the pink middle rope, and talk about how superstar apparel will be in pink.

A video cuts in that features Bray Wyatt talking about Luke Harper and how he fixed the man who had nothing. Harper finishes the video by saying, “Peekaboo – you’re doomed.”

Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are backstage with The Authority. They say they’ve been to catering, the male locker room and the female locker room, but they can’t find Dean Ambrose. Stephanie asks if Noble has mustard on his face, and he does. She asks if they stopped for a hamburger. She gives them some inspiration – find Dean Ambrose or they’re fired. They scurry away. The Miz and Damien Sandow burst in. Sandow does the talking for The Miz. Sandow says he is an A-list Hollywood celebrity. They demand action, and Triple H laughs in their faces. Triple H says this is the kind of thing he needs. They’re here to make him laugh. In the meantime, the stunt double can have a match with Sheamus. If The Miz ever walks in here barking orders, his little Straight-To-DVD career comes to an end. Triple H then kicks him out.

-Commercial Break-

Layla w/ Summer Rae vs. Rosa Mendes w/ Natalya and Tyson Kidd

A clip from “Total Divas” of Natalya and Tyson Kidd having marital problems is shown. Tyson Kidd is then seen ignoring Natalya in the ring.

They lock up, and Layla pushes her into the ropes. Layla takes her down and kicks her before bouncing her head off the mat. Natalya and Kidd are seen arguing at ringside. Layla chokes Rosa while Summer Rae takes some pictures on her cell phone. Layla applies a chin lock while Tyson Kidd puts his headphones on. Rosa knees and punches her back. Something happens and an extension falls out of one of them. Layla throws Rosa out of the ring. A brawl breaks out with Summer and Natalya. Rosa and Layla get in the ring. Layla hits the Lay Out for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Layla
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Natalya walks off on Kidd while he belittles her. Summer and Layla celebrate in the ring.

Dean Ambrose is seen walking backstage with the Money in the Bank briefcase. He’ll be out, next.

-Commercial Break-

Dean Ambrose talks about stealing the Money in the Bank briefcase

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring with a travel bag and the Money in the Bank briefcase. Ambrose throws them in the ring and grabs a table from under the ring. Ambrose sets it up and puts the briefcase on top. Ambrose says for those that were looking for him earlier. He was in the concession stands earlier, but they walked right by him. While he was up there, he decided he doesn’t like the way The Authority runs their merchandise stands. Now we’re going to have a Dean Ambrose Clearance Sale – everything must go! Everything but the briefcase, which is priceless. During his time with the briefcase, he found Rollins’ personal effects. They were close in The Shield, but he never knew this side of him. Ambrose then asks someone to make an offer on the merchandise. Ambrose picks up his own t-shirt and cannot believe they call him unstable.

Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury come out to ringside. Ambrose says, “Uh oh, they sent the cruiserweight division out to get me.” Noble and Mercury get on the apron and ask him to toss the briefcase to him. The crowd chants Ambrose’s name. Ambrose sarcastically says they’re going to have to stop being so intimidating. If they want the briefcase, they can come in the ring and get it. Noble and Mercury get off the apron, and they cowardly back up the ramp. Ambrose then says he’ll give the merchandise away for free. Ambrose wildly throws the merchandise into the crowd.

Seth Rollins’ music hits, and he makes his way to the ring with Noble, Mercury, and some security guards. Ambrose says he’s busted before asking if they’re real security because he could have sworn they were rosebuds last week. Ambrose says he’s had his fun and is sorry. Ambrose tells Rollins to take the briefcase. Ambrose says he doesn’t want any problems before leaving the ring. Ambrose goes over the barricade and into the crowd. Rollins gets on the apron and stares at him. Rollins gets in the ring as Ambrose goes up the stairs of the arena. Rollins opens up the briefcase, and the case explodes green goo all over him! Rollins shakes in anger as Ambrose says he had nothing to do with that before laughing. The crowd chants for Ambrose as Rollins flips out. Rollins says he looks like a jerk before blaming it on Noble and Mercury.

Replays are shown of what just happened. They even show a slow motion replay of Rollins having a lot of trouble taking his jacket off.

Big Show knocked Rusev out on Smackdown. Rusev will address that later tonight. Hulk Hogan will be out later on as well.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of what just happened with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins is complaining to Triple H, Stephanie, Kane, and Randy Orton. Kane and Orton are laughing. Rollins says his eyes are burning, so Triple H sends him to the trainer’s room. Triple H asks where Ambrose is, and Kane says the last report was he was in John Cena’s locker room. Triple H tells them to tell Ambrose and Cena they’ll face Kane and Orton later tonight. Orton is angry that they have to fight Rollins’ battles again. A loud vibrating sound is heard again. They look around and realize it’s the briefcase. Rollins runs in and says it’s an electric razor.

Replays are shown of Rusev beating Mark Henry at Night of Champions and then the next night on RAW.

Mark Henry makes his way to the ring. Henry says the past week has been very emotional for him. Henry goes to apologize, but Bo Dallas interrupts him. Dallas comes out to the stage and tells Henry not to apologize to the WWE Universe. Henry has to apologize to himself. Henry lost to Rusev… twice. He’s been knocked out, passed out, and he’s even cried his eyes out. Henry isn’t living up to his potential. It’s time to close the Hall of Pain and join the Hall of Bolievers. Being a Boliever means never having to say you’re sorry.

Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas

Dallas ducks a lock up, but Henry head-butts and punches him down. Henry sends him into the corner before punching him down again. Henry talks some trash before kicking him in the ribs. Henry whips him hard into the opposite corner, and Dallas crumbles into the corner. Henry hits a body slam and talks more trash. Henry head-butts him to the corner and stands on him. Henry goes for a slingshot splash from the second rope, but Dallas avoids it. Dallas hits the Running Bo-Dog for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bo Dallas
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Rusev will address being knocked out by Big Show later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of Bo Dallas defeating Mark Henry.

Bo Dallas is walking backstage when Renee Young stops him. She asks how he accomplished the biggest win of his career so far. Dallas says all you have to do is Bolieve! Mark Henry attacks him from behind. Henry sends him into the walls before slamming him into some crates. Henry viciously clubs him down before rolling a heavy crate into him. Henry does it again before saying, “That’s what I do!” Henry then walks off as Dallas lays there unconscious.

The commentators talk about all the features of the WWE Network.

Stardust is staring into a plasma globe. Goldust tells him to stop. They have obtained the cosmic key and only it will determine their fate. All of this is just science fiction. Stardust holds the Tag Title and says that is science fact.

Brie Bella makes her way to the ring. She’ll be in action, next.

-Commercial Break-

Brie Bella is waiting for her opponent when Nikki Bella makes her way out to the stage. Nikki says it’s so appropriate that the quitter is getting ready for a match in the same place where she quit. So many things have changed and for what? Oh yeah, for her little precious Daniel Bryan. A big “YES!” chant breaks out. Nikki says that really worked out. It worked out so well that he’s sitting at home on the couch recovering. Brie didn’t quit for Daniel. She quit for the people who are uglier trolls than her stay at home husband. When Brie quit, she was put in handicap matches every week as punishment. Where was Brie? She was nowhere to be found. Nikki feels like some payback. Per The Authority, who was nice enough to allow her this announcement, she’ll be in a handicap match.

Brie Bella vs. Cameron and Eva Marie

Eva Marie will start against Brie Bella. They lock up, and Brie throws Eva to the corner. Eva runs into an arm drag, and Brie kneels on her face while applying an arm bar. Eva fights up and grabs the hair before kneeing her in the midsection. Eva sends her into the ropes, but she lowers her head and eats a kick. Brie kicks Cameron off the apron, and Eva takes her down by the hair. Eva chokes her in the corner before tagging Cameron in. Cameron stomps her before tagging Eva back in. Nikki is seen pacing at the top of the stage. They trade tags before Cameron hits a suplex for a two count. Cameron applies a chin lock as the crowd chants for JBL. Brie fights up and elbows out. Cameron knees her before sending her to the corner. Brie punches them away before booting her. The crowd chants for Lawler and Cole. Brie sends Cameron into Eva before rolling her up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Brie Bella
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Nikki furiously stares down at her as Brie starts a huge “YES!” chant.

Hulk Hogan will be out later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Adam Rose and The Bunny are sitting by the commentary table. Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil come out with Hornswoggle dressed as a mini-gator.

Los Matadores vs. Slater-Gator

Titus O’Neil hugs the Reverend Jesse Jackson at ringside.

Titus O’Neil will start the match against Fernando. Fernando chops the chest in the corner before O’Neil knees him. O’Neil sends him to the corner, but he runs into a back elbow. O’Neil catches him and hits a backbreaker. O’Neil hits an over-the-shoulder backbreaker before taunting the crowd. Heath Slater blind tags in and argues with O’Neil. Fernando flips through a back suplex and tags in Diego. Diego hits a head-scissor takeover. Diego hits a pair of running back elbows before chopping the chest. Slater reverses a whip, but Diego quickly comes back with a clothesline. Diego gets on the second rope, and Gator comes it. El Torito comes in, and the Gator runs away. Slater rips Diego off the ropes and pins him.

Winners by Pinfall: Slater-Gator
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Slater and O’Neil attack Los Matadores before slamming El Torito down. The Gator then comes up and does a gator roll on El Torito. Rose and The Bunny get on the apron. O’Neil charges him, but Rose pulls the top rope down. Los Matadores then take Slater down before the Bunny hits him with a top rope splash.

John Cena and Dean Ambrose will face Kane and Randy Orton in the main event. Rusev will be out, next.

-Commercial Break-

Mark Henry will face Bo Dallas tomorrow night on WWE Main Event.

Rusev and Lana talk about The Big Show

Rusev and Lana make their way to the ring as they show replays of Big Show knocking him out on Smackdown. A giant Russian Federation flag unfurls above the ring. A USA chant breaks out, and Lana tells them to shut up. Lana speaks in her native tongue before saying what they’re about to show speaks for the rapid decline of the pathetic American society. A still photo is shown of Big Show on the mat as Rusev was standing. She then says Big Show is a sore loser before showing photos of him knocking out Rusev.

Big Show’s music hits, and he comes out to the stage laughing. Big Show says that was really good. Lana twisted the facts. Their propaganda machine runs well. They talk about how great Russia and Vladimir Putin are, but we all know it’s a bunch of crap. A USA chant breaks out. The thing is Lana can’t handle the truth. Big Show says he’s always wanted to say that line. The truth is what he’s about to show is what really happened. A video then shows Big Show consoling an angry Mark Henry before promising to knock Rusev out. Rusev got himself disqualified on Smackdown, but Big Show still was able to knock him out after the match. Another USA chant breaks out.

Big Show goes to speak, but Rusev cuts him off. Rusev says in English, “I want to jam my fist down your throat and pull out your guts. I will bite your ear. I will kick you in your groin. Big Show, I will break every bone in your body.” Rusev finishes by speaking in his native tongue. Big Show yells that he’s talked enough. No one understands Russian. Big Show says it’s time for the Big Lebowski to go down there and knock out the White Russian. Big Show goes to the ring, but Rusev gets out and walks off with Lana. Big Show stares at them before looking at the flag hanging over the ring. Big Show teases ripping it up as Lana and Rusev scream from the ramp. Big Show grabs it and rips it down to a great reaction. Rusev charges the ring, but Big Show stops him. Rusev then backs away from the ring. Rusev then gets in, and Big Show immediately tosses him back out.

Replays are shown from earlier in the night when Dean Ambrose challenged The Authority to come and get the briefcase. John Cena then attacked Rollins. Later in the night, Ambrose gave the case back. When Rollins opened it, green goo exploded all over his face.

Renee Young is backstage with John Cena, who is greeted with jeers from the crowd. Renee says he’ll team with Ambrose to face Kane and Orton. She asks how he thinks that will go. Cena says he loves Chicago and says it’s his kind of town. Tonight, the Windy City seems unstable. They heard the entire WWE Universe chanting Ambrose’s name. As far as tonight is concerned, he’s glad he’s fighting with him rather than against him. That’s just for Orton and Kane. They both have their eyes set on Rollins. If he’s unstable enough to get in between… Dean Ambrose walks up. Cena asks if he wants to add something. Ambrose says, “Not really.” Ambrose says after they’re done with Kane and Orton, Rollins is his. Cena says if Rollins shows his face before, during, or after their match, he’s got a beat down coming by his hands, and he’ll be cashing in. Ambrose tells Cena to remember that no one takes food off his plate – not even Cena.

-Commercial Break-

AJ Lee makes her way to the ring to a great reception. Paige then comes out to the stage as a “CM Punk” chant breaks out. She says when she first started, she couldn’t see that certain individuals were preying on her trusting nature and mistook her kindness for weakness. That was a big mistake. After very careful consideration, she would love to present AJ Lee’s opponent, her new best friend, Alicia Fox.

AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox w/ Paige

They stand face-to-face before bumping one another. Alicia sends her into the ropes, but AJ takes her down with a head-scissor takeover. AJ clotheslines her in the corner before hitting a spinning heel kick. Alicia rolls out of the ring to recover. Paige checks on her, and AJ takes them both out with a flying cross-body block. AJ rolls Alicia into the ring. Paige distracts AJ, and Alicia hits her with a Scissor Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Alicia Fox
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Paige stomps AJ as Alicia goes under the ring and grabs two cans of Mountain Dew. Alicia shakes them up. AJ tries to fight them off, but Alicia big boots her. Paige then hits the Ram-Paige on her.

The Luke Harper video is shown with Bray Wyatt saying Luke Harper has been set free.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring. He’ll be in action against Damien Sandow, next.

-Commercial Break-

Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler will face The Miz and Damien Mizdow on Friday Night Smackdown.

The Miz will be on commentary for the next match.

Sheamus vs. Damien Mizdow

Mizdow avoids a punch and shouts about his moneymaker. They lock up, and Sheamus powers him to the corner. Mizdow pushes him away and puts himself through the ropes to keep Sheamus away. They lock up, and Sheamus takes him down with a headlock. Sheamus repeats it again before Mizdow knees him in the midsection. Mizdow applies a side headlock, but Sheamus gets out and goes for a punch. Mizdow stands by Miz and imitates everything he does. Mizdow gets on the apron, and Sheamus goes for the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán, but Mizdow snaps him off the top rope. Mizdow stomps and punches him in the corner. Mizdow slaps him, and Sheamus looks like he’s happy about it. Mizdow punches away at him in the corner before throwing him across the ring. Sheamus does it again before running into a boot. Mizdow kicks him in the face and hits a kneeling DDT for a two count. Mizdow punches away at him before applying a chin lock. Sheamus elbows out, but he runs into a knee to the midsection. Mizdow clubs away at him before the referee backs him up. Mizdow knees him in the face before backing away. Mizdow points to The Miz at the commentary table.

Mizdow sizes Sheamus up, and he runs into a pair of Irish hammers. Sheamus knees him in the face before hitting a high running knee in the corner. Sheamus then throws him to the apron before hitting the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán. The Miz gets up from the commentary table and helps Mizdow. Sheamus scares him away before throwing Mizdow into Miz. Sheamus throws him into the ring and hits the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sheamus
Match Rating: * 1/2

John Cena will team with Dean Ambrose to take on Kane and Randy Orton in the main event. Hulk Hogan will be out, next.

-Commercial Break-

Hulk Hogan appears before the live crowd

Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring to a tremendous reception from the crowd. Hogan has traded in his red and yellow for pink and black in honor of Susan G. Komen. Hogan says, “Well let me tell you something, brother!” Hogan says Hulkamania has been running wild for thirty years. He’s had some very special moments in his career, especially in Chicago, brother. Not only is it an honor standing in this ring, it’s an honor to make this huge announcement. This is the third year the WWE has teamed up with Susan G. Komen to fight cancer and save lives. He’s turned in his red and yellow because the whole WWE has gone pink to honor National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They can sit and watch the WWE Superstars and Divas. They’re all heroes to us, but the real heroes are the ones who fight this disease head on and search for a cure. Hogan asks for them to give a huge round of applause to the breast cancer survivors in attendance. They show them and some of them are moved to tears as the crowd cheers for them.

Hogan says he wants all of his Hulkamaniacs to help Susan G. Komen by purchasing pink merchandise from WWEShop.com. The proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen and other community outreach programs. Hogan says, “Whatcha gonna do when Komenmania and the WWE run wild on you, brother?”

Randy Orton is backstage with Kane. Orton is complaining about fighting Seth Rollins’ battles. Orton says he’s tired of this. Kane says he’s supposed to be the Director of Operations, but he’s only been putting out the fires of Rollins. Stephanie McMahon walks in and says they’re going to do their jobs. When John Cena and Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins, they were attacking The Authority. The Authority is more than just a moniker – they’re a family that stands by one another through thick and thin. Tonight, Ambrose embarrassed Rollins. She figured they’d be looking forward to this since they weren’t successful last week. She tells them to reestablish their dominance and squash what people are saying about them. Orton asks what people are saying. Stephanie says the people say they’ve gone soft and don’t have the killer instinct. Kane asks if “they’re” saying that or if it’s Stephanie trying to get what she wants. She asks if it really matters before walking off.

They show a sneak peek of The Monday Night Wars featuring the Austin Era, which will air after RAW on the WWE Network.

-Commercial Break-

There will be an exclusive interview with Roman Reigns next week on RAW. We’ll also see Big Show take on Rusev next week.

Dean Ambrose and John Cena vs. Kane and Randy Orton

John Cena will start the match against Randy Orton. A “Let’s go Cena/Cena Sucks” chant breaks out. They lock up, and Orton elbows him in the face. Orton stomps him down in the corner before having a whip reversed on him. Cena hits a bulldog for a two count. Orton knees him in the midsection before tagging Kane in. Kane punches him before delivering an uppercut. Kane continues to punch him down before Cena comes back with some punches of his own. Cena hits a flying shoulder block before attempting an Attitude Adjustment. Cena collapses, and Orton is tagged in. Orton stomps him before taunting Ambrose. Orton rubs his bootlaces on Cena’s face before kicking him in the corner.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Cena fighting Orton and Kane away before running into a powerslam from Orton for a two count. Orton goes for an RKO, but Cena pushes him off. Orton quickly comes back with his trademark backbreaker for a near fall. Orton kicks him in the chest before tagging Kane in. Kane big boots him down for a two count. Kane applies a nerve hold while they show a replay of Seth Rollins getting sprayed with slime earlier tonight. Cena powers out of the nerve hold and dropkicks him. Kane stumbles into the ropes before catching Cena with a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Orton is tagged in, and he stomps him before slamming his arm on the mat. Orton taunts Ambrose before stomping Cena’s ankle. Orton covers for a two count. Orton applies a chin lock, but Cena powers up. Orton kicks him before attempting a hanging DDT, but Cena gives him a back body drop over the top rope.

Ambrose is tagged in, and he clotheslines Orton before knocking Kane off the apron. Ambrose gives Orton a back elbow before having a whip reversed. Ambrose comes right back with a running cross-body and some punches. Ambrose then clotheslines Orton out of the ring. Ambrose hits the ropes, but Kane pulls the leg. Ambrose takes him out with a plancha before getting in the ring and hitting Orton with a suicide dive. Orton throws him into the ring, but Orton kicks him in the face coming back in. Ambrose rebounds off the ropes with a clothesline. Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and goes for the win, but Seth Rollins runs in for yet another RAW main event disqualification.

Winners by Disqualification: Dean Ambrose and John Cena
Match Rating: **

Kane attacks Cena in the corner and kicks him down. Ambrose knocks Rollins out of the ring before pulling the top rope down to get Kane out of the ring. Ambrose goes for a suicide dive on Kane, but he gets hung up and misses Kane, who still goes down. Ambrose chases Rollins and clotheslines him down. Rollins knees Cena in the face, and Ambrose punches away at Rollins. Orton runs in, and Cena knocks Orton out of the ring. Cena punches away at Rollins in the corner. Ambrose jumps over Cena and punches Rollins. Cena pulls Ambrose away, and he punches Rollins. Ambrose throws Cena out of the ring and grabs the briefcase. Orton turns Ambrose around and gives him an RKO.

Kane gets in the ring, and the three of them surround Ambrose. Kane gives Ambrose a Chokeslam. Orton says it’s Rollins’ call for what he wants to do. Rollins has Kane and Orton hold Ambrose up. Rollins gives Ambrose a Curb Stomp on the briefcase. Cena runs in for the save, but Orton soon takes him out with an RKO. Orton laughs in his face before Kane picks him up by the throat. Kane gives Cena a big Chokeslam. Rollins, Kane, and Orton stand tall in the ring as the crowd is still buzzing. Rollins has Kane get Cena up. Rollins hits a Curb Stomp on Cena into the briefcase. A “Thank you Rollins” chant breaks out as his music plays. Replays are shown of what just happened. The show ends with Rollins, Kane, and Orton standing tall over a broken Cena and Ambrose.


Highlights: http://www.wwe.com/videos/playlists/raw-september-29-2014-highlights

Exclusive Videos: http://www.wwe.com/videos/playlists/raw-september-29-2014-exclusives

Quick Match Results

Dolph Ziggler def. Cesaro and The Miz to retain the WWE IC Title
Layla def. Rosa Mendes
Bo Dallas def. Mark Henry
Brie Bella def. Cameron and Eva Marie
Slater-Gator def. Los Matadores
Alicia Fox def. AJ Lee (non-title)
Sheamus def. Damien Mizdow (non-title)
Dean Ambrose and John Cena def. Kane and Randy Orton via DQ

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