September 28, 2009
Albany, NY
Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry ?The King? Lawler
Report by: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

MVP and Mark Henry are in the VIP lounge. They get ready to interview Guest Host Al Sharpton before Chris Jericho and Big Show interrupt. They get into a fight over who’ll introduce him. Sharpton comes out to ?Living in America?.

Sharpton is getting himself some heat. They cut a promo putting over his new organization for education reform with Newt Gingrich. Jericho began running down the crowd, that they had no right to education and that they were gelatinous tape worms. MVP interjected and talked about opportunity and that we wanted a title shot. Sharpton talked about empowering people and asked them if they wanted a title match, and the crowd popped. He made an immediate title match right now, saying America was the land of opportunity.


Unified World Tag Team Championship
Big Show & Chris Jericho vs. MVP & Mark Henry

The winner faces the Rey Mysterio/Batista team at Hell in a Cell. MVP and Jericho went back and forth in the early going only for MVP to gain the advantage. Henry tagged in and went to work on Jericho. He hit a pair of headbutts before throwing Jericho clean across the ring. Jericho ducked under a clothesline attempt and scurried to Big Show and tagged him in.

Henry shoved Show back, but Show responded with a series of body blows. Henry caught Show trying an avalanche before connecting with a big lariat. MVP tagged in and hit a series of right hands before attempting a clothesline. MVP hit his face buster, only to eat a Big Show clothesline.

Jericho tagged in and grabbed a rear chin lock. MVP quickly fought out and hit a clothesline to buy himself some time. MVP attempted a cover, only for Jericho to kick out and go on the assault with kicks to the stomach. Jericho choked MVP out on the ropes before tagging Big Show in once more. Show hit a side headlock take down and torqued away on MVP’s neck on the mat.

Show walked over MVP and tagged Jericho back in and connected with a big back elbow. He missed a lion sault and allowed MVP to finally make the tag to Mark Henry. Henry caught the hot tag and cleaned house before head butting Jericho hard to the mat. Henry picked up Jericho and tossed him right into Big Show who caught him and smiled.


Show and Henry went at it in the early going, only for Show to hit a big spear. Show hit a big splash for a two count, but Henry kicked out. Show slapped on an arm bar. Jericho tagged in and tried a sleeper hold, but couldn’t cinch it in. Henry eventually fought out and tagged in MVP who got a two count on a pin fall attempt.

MVP backed Jericho into the corner and dropped him with a series of right hands until he connected with a ballin’ elbow. He went for a play maker only for Show to come in and hit a right hand. Henry speared Show out of the ring before being rushed out by Jericho. MVP snagged a roll up for a molten near-fall. The two had a criss cross before MVP hit a DDT for another near fall. He went for something off the ropes, only for Big Show to hit an overhead right to his head from the floor. MVP staggered into the middle of the ring and got nailed with a Jericho code breaker. Jericho covered him for the 1,2,3.

Winners and STILL Unified World Tag Team Champions: Big Show & Chris Jericho via pin fall


Al Sharpton is in the back with Primo when Chavo chases Hornswoggle into the room. Chris Masters and Santino end up in there as well. They go back and forth before Sharpton announces a Santino/Hornswoggle-Masters/Chavo match tonight. He kids with Primo that he had no idea what he was getting into coming here.

Randy Orton cut a promo on John Cena saying he wouldn’t survive tonight.


Rosa Mendes vs. Mickie James

The two locked up and Rosa slapped on a scissor lock. Mickie fought out only for them to botch a head scissors. Mickie hit a neck breaker for a two count before Rosa caught her with a face buster and a kick to the back.

Rosa yanked on her hair and went for a pin fall only to get a two count. Rosa slapped on a rear chin lock and a bow and arrow as Alicia cheered her on. Alicia hit some shoulder thrusts on Mickie’s back in the corner before Mickie fought her off and then hit a hurricanranna. Mickie hit a series of forearms before botching a thesz press. Rosa charged Mickie and fell into the ropes. Mickie hit her implant DDT and that’s that.

Winner: Mickie James via pin fall


The Legacy came out to the ring to cut a promo. They showed a video of them beating DX. They said every single one of those moments had one thing in common: that no one expected them to do any of them. Rhodes said Raw has been their sandbox for a decade, both first ballot hall of famers. Rhodes said Triple H could sit behind his desk with his relatives now. He said Michaels is one of the greatest ring performers to ever breathe. He said Michaels was a shell of his former self.

Triple H and Michaels showed up in the luxury box upstairs making fun of them. They ran down the two before coming down to the ring and chasing the Legacy out of it. They said this Sunday, no one would be running anywhere.


Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

Swagger took Bourne down before twisting Bourne’s leg up on the mat. Bourne made a comeback with a sit out drop kick for a one count. Swagger dead lifted Bourne and went for the doctor bomb, only for Bourne to reach the rope rope and double knees to Swagger’s face. Bourne went to the top rope and avoided the Swagger cut off, then hit him with a huricannranna. Swagger rolled through and held on for a huge Doctor bomb and the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger via pin fall

The Miz cut a promo on the triple threat match on Sunday.


Santino Marella came out doing his best Chris Masters poses.

Santino Marella & Hornswoggle vs. Chris Masters & Chavo Guererro

Chavo-Hornswoggle rages on!

Masters and Chavo worked over Santino in the early going. Chavo grabbed a rear chin lock before Santino came back and hulked up, hitting an eye poke as the capper. His momentum didn’t last long though, as Masters slapped on a master lock. Santino sold it like death and he passed out.

Winners: Chavo Guererro & Chris Masters via pin fall

After the match, Chavo and Masters tried to get Hornswoggle. Chavo chases Hornswoggle.

Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Big Show are backstage talking strategy.


They announced the special guest host for next week: Ben Rothlisberger, QB for the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler ran down the pay per view card in the ring.

Al Sharpton was in the back when Jillian Hall interrupted and sang him a song. Sharpton wasn’t too impressed and told her to get lost. The Bella Twins then interrupted and asked him to dance. Even a man of God apparently can’t resist that.


Gauntlet Match
John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Chris Jericho & the Big Show

Cena and Jericho started things up, working on the mat. Jericho hit a back elbow smash and opened things up in his favor. Jericho worked the back over with some kicks and knees to the back. He eventually slapped on a rear chin lock. Cena fought out and went quickly into his victory sequence. After capping off the comeback with a five knuckle shuffle, he got a little overzealous and got caught in a Walls of Jericho attempt and fought out.

Jericho slapped on the hold in the second attempt and wouldn’t let go. The referee disqualified him. Jericho waited for Big Show to waltz down to the ring before leaving what was left to the big man.

Show continued to work over Cena’s back with a pair of clubbing blows.


When we came back, Cena was caught in a bear hug. Cena fought back and almost got caught in a choke slam, only to wiggle out and hit a DDT. Cena barely got Show up for an FU. Only for Jericho to leap into the ring and cause the DQ. Show stuck him in the camel clutch and left him a mess for Randy Orton.

Orton’s music hit and he very slowly came down to the ring. As he got in, he and Cena had a stare down before Cena pointed up to the rafters of the building. The Cell was being lowered. Cena pounced on Orton, desperately trying to keep him in the middle of the ring and prevent him from escaping. Finally Orton broke free, but it was too late. After a prolonged stare down in the ring, Orton went for the door, but Cena blocked him. Eventually Orton fought out the door, but Cena chased him. Orton fled to the top of the cell and Cena pursued him. Once up top, Cena blocked a punch and then hit an FU, leaving Orton motionless with Cena celebrating above him as we went off the air.

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