WWE RAW Results 4/13/15

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
April 13, 2015
London, England
Results by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

The RAW opening hits complete with UK flags.

We go inside The O2 Arena in London where a big display of pyro goes off. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show.

WWE United States Champion John Cena is out first. Cena is welcomed by a very hostile crowd in London chanting, “JOHN CENA SUCKS” along with his theme. JBL asks Cole at ringside how his neck is doing. Cole said he will discuss that later tonight. Cole points out they are in London tonight and they show photos of various sights. Cena said RAW is live from London and London is live. More booing for Cena. “Unfortunately for me there is times when London and I don’t exactly get along,” adds Cena. Cena talks about the O2 still being sold out tonight and how great of a crowd London is every year. He talks about getting heat for saying this before adding, “I think London deserves WrestleMania. Tell me I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong,” shouts Cena. Huge “YES!” reaction to this. Cena says just like those in charge of WWE will make you wait for that, Rusev is also waiting and he wants less talk. He said his open challenge remains open and he is ready now.

Bad News Barrett answers the open challenge. Huge reaction for Barrett inside the O2. Barrett said for once he actually agrees with Cena. “Why should we wait? Why should I wait to meet Daniel Bryan for the Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules when I can just go ahead and beat you tonight for the United States Championship…in front of the greatest nation in the world, England!” Another big reaction for Barrett.

Eden Stiles did introductions for the challenger Bad News Barrett and the champion John Cena. The title match is coming up next.

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WWE United States Championship
John Cena (c) vs. Bad News Barrett

We return with the referee calling for the bell and here we go. Lock up and Cena with a quick headlock. Cena with a quick headlock takedown keeping Barrett grounded. Barrett catches Cena with a big boot to the face. Cena with another headlock takedown. Barrett fires back with a big boot that drops Cena. Cena with a shoulder tackle, Barrett avoids a second attempt and drives repeated knees into Cena. Barrett finishes off Cena with another big boot sending Cena to the outside. Barrett drops a flying elbow off the ring apron yelling out a Cactus Jack, “Bang! Bang!” Barrett connects, tosses Cena in and gets a two count. Cena with a dropkick. Cnea goes up top and connects with a cross body. Cena drops Barrett with a quick powerbomb. Barrett rolls out when Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Outside, Barrett sends Cena shoulder first into the steel ring steps and tosses Cena back in. Barrett misses an elbow from the second rope and gets planted by Cena with a twisting powerbomb. Cena with Five Knuckle Shuffle, Barrett avoids an AA and connects with Winds of Change on Cena for a two count. Barrett catches Cena with an elbow, jumps off the second rope and catches Cena with a snap suplex. Cena counters after the pinfall and gets the STF locked in. Barrett gets to the bottom rope. Barrett with a big kick to the gut of Cena and then follows with a kick to the head of Cena. Cena and Barrett exchange rights. Barrett gets the better of Cena. Barrett kicks Cena in the face and connects with Wasteland. Barrett hooks the leg and Cena kicks out. Barrett attempts the Bull Hammer. Cena counters and catches Barrett with the AA. Barrett kicks out. Barrett catches Cena with the Bull Hammer and Cena somehow kicks out. Barrett can’t believe it. Cena with the second rope stunner and AA combo on Barrett. Cena gets the pin.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: John Cena

After the match, Rusev’s music hits and Lana walks out to a big reaction. “John Cena…you despise Rusev to wait to invoke his rematch.” Rusev hits the ring and hits Cena in the head with a chain. Lana says The Authority has granted the rematch and at Extreme Rules, it will be a Russian Chain match. Lana smiles as Rusev taunts over Cena holding up a chain. Rusev grabs the United States Championship and holds it high as the Russian flag drops.

JBL brings up Michael Cole’s lawsuit against Brock Lesnar. Cole calls it a personal matter and it’s something he may discuss later.

We see footage from RAW last week of Roman Reigns vs. Ryback vs. Randy Orton. Orton got the win and will face Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Later tonight on RAW: Randy Orton takes on Cesaro and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins takes on Dolph Ziggler.

The Bella Twins are out next and will join commentary at ringside.

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Next week, Triple H has a “Tough Enough” announcement.

No. 1 Contenders Divas Battle Royal
Paige vs. Natalya vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Naomi vs. Alicia Fox vs. Summer Rae vs. Cameron vs. Emma

Big reaction for Paige in London. The bell rings and a big brawl breaks out. Summer Rae and Natalya are out early. Rosa is kicked out next. Emma is eliminated next when she is dropkicked out by Alicia Fox. Fox drops a big leg over the back of Naomi’s neck. Fox and Cameron try to eliminate Paige. Cameron with a big kick to Paige. Paige hangs on when Cameron and Fox try to toss her out again. Naomi takes out both Fox and Cameron with a double rear view. Cameron and Fox are tossed out by Naomi and Paige. Paige lifts up Naomi to the ropes. Naomi fights off. Naomi with a kick to Paige from the ring apron. Naomi tries to pull Paige out of the ring. Paige hangs on. Paige with big knees to Naomi. Paige eats another kick from Naomi. Paige hangs on. Naomi with a kick to the back of Paige’s head. Paige counters Naomi and catches her with a big superkick. Paige kicks Naomi out.

Winner and new No. Contender for the WWE Divas Title: Paige

It will be Nikki Bella vs. Paige at Extreme Rules for the WWE Divas Championship.

Later tonight, Roman Reigns will give his first comments about what went down at WrestleMania 31 two weeks ago involving Seth Rollins.

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We return with Byron Saxton in the ring with Paige. Saxton talks about Paige becoming the new No. 1 contender tonight. Paige talks about winning the Divas Championship on her first day in the WWE. She talks about teaming with AJ Lee to winning at her first ever WrestleMania. Paige said nothing feels better than to win tonight in her home country. “This is where I started with my family. I started here in carnivals. I started here in high school gyms. Just to make it to the WWE. This is my house!” Naomi hits the ring and starts attacking Paige. They roll to the outside and Naomi tosses Paige repeatedly into the ring barricade. Naomi slaps Paige on the ground and then tosses her back first into the timekeepers barricade at ringside. Naomi screams, “This is my house!”

Bray Wyatt appears on the screen. He talks about how love can be clouding and it can consume your judgment. Wyatt said he plans to use good old fashion fear. “So pay close attention friend. I’m talking to you. Behold the new face of fear.” Wyatt laughs.

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The Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension

We start with Konnor and Sin Cara. Konnor with stops and quick tag to Viktor. Viktor gets in a few shots and tag back to Konnor. Konnor keeps Sin Cara grounded and tags Viktor in who works over Sin Cara in the corner. Konnor tags himself in and he misses a shot on Kalisto on the ring apron. Sin Cara with a dropkick to Konnor. Tag to Kalisto who catches Viktor (who got the tag) with a big kick. Kalisto with his face first huricanrana. Konnor breaks up a pinfall. Kalisto with a huge kick to the face of Konnor and then a big twisting dive taking out Viktor. Sin Cara with a suicide dive to Konnor through the legs of Kalisto. Tag to Sin Cara. Kalisto with a neckbreaker and Sin Cara with a senton splash for the win.

Winners: The Lucha Dragons

Michael Cole plugs that the month of April is free for the WWE Network.

Up next, Roman Reigns.

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Booker T interviews Roman Reigns

We return and Booker T introduces Roman Reigns to a mixed reaction. Booker talks about WrestleMania taking place two weeks ago when Reigns faced Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and having that opportunity “ripped away” from him. Booker asks what Reigns’ mental state is right now. “As you can see, I’m mentally strong for a reason,” adds Reigns. A loud “SUPLEX CITY” chant starts up. “Yeah, I went there.” Reigns said going to suplex city hurt and they gave everyone a fight. He said he was going to hit the beast in the mouth and taste his own blood. “I made Brock Lesnar look different.” Reigns said he was close to beating Lesnar and Rollins capitalized on the moment. He talks about how he has beaten Seth Rollins before and he will become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Booker says he believes that and brings up Big Show getting involved last week to prevent Reigns from facing Rollins at Extreme Rules. Reigns said Big Show has done great things in his career, but lately he has been “Seth’s big bitch.”

Big Show shows up on the screen. He said Reigns failed at WrestleMania. Big Show said while Reigns was losing the biggest match of his life, he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. “You…you’re a bum Roman. You’re potential that never will be.” Big Show said his new mission is to make Reigns the most epic failure in WWE history. He said every time Reigns tries to get up, he will be waiting and he will knock him down again. A loud “BORING” chant starts up. Reigns laughs and talks about Big Show saying big things on a big screen. He thinks Big Show doesn’t have the balls to say any of that to his face. Reigns said if Big Show continues to get in his business, he’ll shove that tropy down his throat and retire him. “And you can believe…that.” Reigns drops the mic and stares down the screen.

As Reigns heads up the ramp to the back, Big Show shows up and tosses Reigns into the LED screens. Big Show sends Reigns shoulder first into the side of a taxi on the stage. Big Show picks up Reigns and sends him into the side of the tax yet again. Big Show with a big knee to the head of Reigns against the taxi. Big Show picks up Reigns and tosses him on top of the taxi. Big Show climbs up and gives Reigns a chokeslam over the top of the taxi.

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Randy Orton vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Cesaro w/ Tyson Kidd & Natalya

Lock up and both exchange turns shoving in the corner. Orton with a headlock. Cesaro pushes Orton to the corner and gets in a few shots. Cesaro with repeated uppercuts. Cesaro catches Orton with a shoulder tackle and big stomp combo. Cesaro counters a DDT attempt from Orton. Orton fires back with a clothesline to Cesaro from the ring apron. Tyson Kidd pulls Orton off the ring apron in front of the referee. Orton drops Kidd with a clothesline.

The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

After the match, Kane walks out and tells Orton not to celebrate yet. Kane said The Authority has returned from vacation, but they did not come to London. He said he is in charge tonight. Kane said he can’t allow this match to end in a DQ with such implications for the title match at Extreme Rules on the line. He orders the match to restart as a 2 on 1 handicap match.

2-on-1 Handicap Match
Randy Orton vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

The bell rings and both Cesaro and Kidd attack Orton right away.

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We return with Kidd getting the tag and working over Orton. Tag to Cesaro who works in some stomps to Orton in the corner. Orton with elbows to both. Orton attempts his DDT through the ropes on Cesaro. Kidd slips off the ropes and drops Orton with a neckbreaker. Orton fights out of a Sharpshooter attempt and Kidd tags in Cesaro. Cesaro with a quick uppercut and right hands to Orton. Orton drops Cesaro off his back. Tag to Kidd who catches Orton with a quick dropkick. Orton fires back with his DDT through the ropes. Cesaro pulls Kidd out when Orton was going for an RKO. Orton drops Cesaro off the ring barricade. Kidd with a big kick to the face of Orton. Kidd tosses Orton back in and connects with a springboard elbow drop. Kidd misses a springboard leg drop. Orton with a powerslam on Cesaro. Kidd springoboads off the top rope. RKO on Kidd. Orton hooks the leg to get the pinfall.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Michael Cole talks about how Orton will now be able to set a stipulation for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules.

Backstage, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins asks Kane if he has any other bright ideas. Kane suggests Rollins win in his match against Dolph Ziggler tonight. Rollins has a better idea and says he will not be facing Ziggler tonight. He said he will instead face Jamie Noble as Noble will lay down for him. Noble talks about how everything is Kane’s fault. Rollins said Noble has a point. Kane asks Rollins if he is afraid of Ziggler. Rollins laughs saying no way, but he doesn’t want to take any chances tonight. He suggests that Kane be his opponent tonight instead as the number one priority is to protect him and his title. “Maybe you are the man for the job,” adds Rollins.

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Dean Ambrose vs. Adam Rose

We see footage of Ambrose getting injured at WrestleMania two weeks ago and then Luke Harper sending Ambrose through an announce table on Smackdown.

We return with a lock up and Ambrose working over Rose in the corner with kicks. Ambrose with repeated chops to Rose. Rose with a quick spinebuster. Rose applies a headlock. Ambrose with a headbutt and more chops. Ambrose with a splash and running bulldog combo on Rose. Ambrose goes up to the top turnbuckle and Rose rolls out. Ambrose jumps down, hits the ropes and takes out Rose with a suicide dive. Ambrose tosses Rose back in the ring and eats a kick from Rose. Rose with a big elbow, Ambrose bounces off the ropes and levels Rose with a clothesline. Ambrose with Dirty Deeds and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Backstage, we see Kane on the phone when Big Show walks up. He brings up what he did at Survivor Series by knocking out John Cena to be part of the winning team. Big Show said they made a commitment to join The Authority. “Do what needs to be done, please.” Kane confirms he will face Seth Rollins and he will do what is best for business.

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We return with Stardust making his entrance.

Stardust vs. Fandango w/ Rosa Mendes

The bell rings and Stardust with quick right hands. The London crowd instantly starts a “CODY” chant and Stardust screams, “No!” Stardust with a front face suplex. Fandango comes off the top, Stardust avoids and springboard kicks Fandango in the face.

Winner: Stardust

After the match, Fandango grabs a mic and says he’s been wasting his talents by dancing with Rosa. He realizes he should be dancing with the audience instead. The London crowd sings along with Fandango’s theme as he walks across the ring barricade. Fandango puts on JBL’s hat and dances a bit at ringside near the announce table. Rosa is not happy.

Backstage, we see Kane when Daniel Bryan walks up. Kane tells him to please go away. Bryan is shocked he said please. He asks why Kane thinks laying down for Seth Rollins, something that helped kill WCW, would make sense. Bryan suggests Kane give Rollins a Tombstone Piledriver. He said he feels sorry for Kane. Kane yells at him to leave. “If you have any ounce of pride when you go out there, don’t be a stooge, be a man,” adds Bryan.

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John Cena will have another United States Open Challenge on Smackdown this Thursday.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins w/ J&J Security vs. Kane

Kane enters the ring in his suit. The bell rings as Kane removes his jacket. Kane removes his tie and shirt, steps up and gets in the face of Rollins. Kane gets down on one knee as the fans boo. Kane lays down on his back, Rollins hooks the leg and Kane powers out at two. J and J Security enter the ring confronting Kane. Kane grabs both Noble and Mercury by the throats and pushes them down. Rollins starts yelling at Kane. Rollins turns Kane around and Kane drops him with a quick uppercut. Kane is calling for a chokeslam. Rollins stays down yelling, “Think about your job! Don’t do it!” Rollins yells at Kane to lay down. Kane gets back down on one knee, then grabs Rollins and gives him a big chokeslam. Kane teases he is going to give Rollins a Tombstone Piledriver, but stops himself. Kane lays down and puts the arm of Rollins over his chest. The referee counts the pinfall.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, Kane leaves the ring and heads up the ramp. JBL says he has lost all kind of respect for Kane after what he did tonight in the ring. Cole reminds us that Seth Rollins, like Randy Orton, also gets to pick a stipulation for the title match at Extreme Rules.

Up next, Damien Mizdow.

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Footage from Smackdown of Damien Mizdown attacking The Miz is shown.

The Miz vs. Damien Mizdow w/ Summer Rae

The Miz and Damien Mizdow take turns removing sunglasses and ring attire. The crowd loves everything Mizdow does and hates everything Miz does. The Miz with a big boot and left hand to Mizdow early. Mizdow with a reverse DDT and neckbreaker combo on Miz. Miz drops Mizdow off the top rope. Mizdow rolls up Miz for the pinfall.

Winner: Damien Mizdow

After the match, Damien Mizdow laughs at The Miz as Summer Rae gives him a kiss.

The Prime Time Players talk about tag teams in WWE. They put on masks making fun of Los Matadores with cricket noises playing. Titus O’Neil holds up a rainbow bear acting like it is El Torito. Darren Young says rainbow is his favorite color. Titus asks who ever heard of a Puerto Rican bull fighter anyway. They end the segment with a millions of dollars chant.

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We return with Ryback heading to the ring.

Ryback vs. Luke Harper

Lock up and Luke Harper with a slap. Ryback fires back with a slap and rights. Ryback with a shoulder block and Harper fires back with a huge kick to the head. Harper gets a close two count on Ryback. Harper with uppercuts to Ryback. Harper with his Gator Roll. Harper hits the ropes, jumps up and Ryback catches him dropping Harper down in a powerbomb. Harper bails when Ryback was firing up in the corner. Ryback rolls out and Harper hits Ryback in the face with the top portion of the announce table.

Winner via DQ: Ryback

After the match, Dean Ambrose runs down and tackles Luke Harper dropping rights. Harper avoids a Dirty Deeds attempt and bails through the crowd. Harper picks up a chair in the crowd and launches it at the ring towards Ambrose who is up on the corner.

Backstage, Naomi is with Byron Saxton. Byron asks about Naomi attacking Paige. Naomi said this isn’t about the country they are in – it’s about her. She talks about beating the current Divas Champion twice and asks why a Divas Battle Royal even took place. “Do wins and losses mean anything around here?” She talks about being on the same season of NXT as AJ Lee and how AJ is now retired. Naomi said she is taking things from now on.

Dolph Ziggler is out next.

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Before the match, Ziggler gets on the mic and says if Kane thinks laying down for Rollins is best for business, he may want to change his nickname to the Devil’s Favorite Dumbass. Ziggler said he is going to issue an open challenge tonight. Neville answers the challenge.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville

Lock up and Dolph Ziggler works over the left arm of Neville. Neville counters and flips Ziggler forward quickly. Ziggler with a dropkick that drops Neville. Neville catches Ziggler with a boot and standing moonsault combo. Ziggler plants Neville with a huge spike DDT for a close two count. We head to commercial with Neville holding his head.

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We are back with Neville fighting to his feet in a headlock by Ziggler. Neville plants Ziggler face first over the mat. Neville clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope. Neville with a springboard top rope moonsault catching Ziggler on the outside! Neville walks across the ring barricade and connects with a 450 Splash on Ziggler on the outside! Neville tosses Ziggler back in and gets a two count. Ziggler with a release german suplex. Neville lands on his feet and catches Ziggler with a kick. Ziggler with a huge superkick on Neville. Neville kicks out after two. Neville plants Ziggler in the corner. Neville misses off the top, lands on his feet and hits the steel ring post when Ziggler moves. Zig Zag and Ziggler gets the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Sheamus attacks Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler fights back at ringside. Ziggler jumps off the announce table dropping big rights on Sheamus. Sheamus sends Ziggler face first into the steel ring post. Sheamus follows with a Brogue Kick to Ziggler. Sheamus clears off the announce table, stands on top, slaps his chest and lets out a, “Fella!”

Big Show will be on Smackdown this Thursday to address his attack on Roman Reigns.

Up next, Extreme Rules stipulations are decided between Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.

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Extreme Rules main event stipulations revealed

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is out first with J&J Security. Three chairs are setup in the ring as all three take a seat. Rollins said they can boo him all they want, but it doesn’t change that he is the future of WWE and the greatest WWE World Heavyweight Champion of all time. Rollins talks about beating Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in the same night. He talks about Kane taking the rest of the night off and how a real man knows when to lay down. Rollins talks about how he gets to pick a stipulation for his match at Extreme Rules with Randy Orton. “And Randy oh Randy, do I have a doozy for you,” adds Rollins. Rollins invites Orton to come out so he can deliver the news to his face.

Randy Orton is out next. Orton enters the ring as all three remain in their seats. He talks about how Rollins gets a stipulation and that he gets one as well. Orton suggests clearing out the ring and having a fight so the news can be delivered over the other. Rollins said he likes complicated things because he’s done that his entire WWE career. “This is what power looks like and this is how you wield that power,” adds Rollins. Rollins announces that at Extreme Rules, his stipulation is to eliminate Orton’s greatest weapon. He announces that at Extreme Rules, the RKO will be banned. Rollins adds that The Authority always wins. Orton says that was well played. He talks about Rollins’ greatest weapon is his connection with The Authority. “What if The Authority couldn’t get to you? What if it was just left up to you and me to see who the better man was.” Orton said his stipulation is to fight inside of a steel cage.

Rollins is not happy with this announcement. He asks Orton if he thinks that scares him and says Orton will just be his first victim as champion. Orton turns over the chair Rollins is in and attacks J&J Security. Orton jumps on Rollins and drops rights. J&J Security pull Orton back. Orton tosses Mercury out and Noble into the corner. Orton with a snap powerslam on Rollins. Orton grabs Rollins attempting his DDT. Mercury pulls Orton back and Orton drops Mercury with an RKO. Rollins runs up the ramp holding his title.

The show closes with Orton celebrating and Rollins clutching his title.

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