WWE RAW Results – 7/27/15 (John Cena vs. Seth Rollins)

WWE RAW Results 7/27/15

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
July 27, 2015
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

The show opens with highlights from last week featuring the return of The Undertaker to RAW and that brawl that broke out between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

We are live in Oklahoma City as Triple H’s music hits. The Authority (Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins) head to the ring. Triple H welcomes everyone to Monday Night RAW. He said tonight begins with a “massive announcement.” Triple H brings up SummerSlam in a few weeks and how this year will be bigger than ever. He announces that three hours just won’t cut it and live on the WWE Network this year, SummerSlam will now be a “four hour monumental event.” Stephanie hypes the main event: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. Triple H says tonight will be epic as well and tonight will be a night of firsts announcing Big Show vs. Dean Ambrose. Stephanie announces Paige vs. NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Triple H also announces Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton for tonight. Stephanie says Alicia Fox and WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella will team tonight to face Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Seth Rollins gets on the mic revisiting his accomplishments as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He said he did exactly what he said he would do at Battleground against Brock Lesnar: walk in WWE Champion and walk out WWE Champion. Rollins wants to involve the WWE Universe tonight and stand up and admit that he may go down as one of – if not the – greatest WWE World Heavyweight Champions of all time. The fans boo loudly.

John Cena’s music hits to interrupt. The WWE United States Champion says he did mean to interrupt Seth Rollins calling him an arrogant jackass. Cena questions Rollins calling himself the greatest ever and calls him a joke. He wants to find out who is telling the truth and brings up Rollins bailing on him last week. Cena said he is here to talk with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He wants to find out tonight if Rollins can become a man proposing Rollins vs. Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins tells Cena to “shut the hell up.” He said this isn’t the little United States Championship. “This is THE WWE World Heavyweight Championship and you have to earn your opportunities.” Stephanie cuts off Rollins and wants to put it to the people. She asks if the audience wants to see John Cena vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The fans in Oklahoma City cheer loudly. “Then for the first time ever I say…no!” Stephanie says no to everyone around the world and says Cena needs to earn it.

Triple H said he gets that and books John Cena vs. Seth Rollins for tonight with Cena’s WWE United States Championship on the line. Triple H says that is what’s best for business.

Later tonight: Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens, Paige vs. NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and up next, Big Show vs. Dean Ambrose.

Stone Cold Podcast returns with Paige next Monday on the WWE Network.

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The Miz is on commentary when we return live.

Big Show vs. Dean Ambrose

Big Show with body shots to Dean Ambrose early. Ambrose dumps Big Show through the ropes to the outside, connects with a baseball slide and suicide dive combo. Ambrose jumps back in, gets up on the top turnbuckle, jumps and Big Show catches him with a chest chop.

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We are back live as Big Show drops Ambrose with a big scoop slam. Big Show is lifting the ankle/leg of Ambrose. Ambrose starts untying the boots of Big Show. Ambrose with kicks and catches Big Show with a boot in the corner. Ambrose jumps on the back of Big Show applying a sleeper hold. Ambrose drops the jaw of Big Show off the top rope, heads up to the top turnbuckle and Big Show catches Ambrose. Big Show drops back and drops Ambrose face first off the mat resulting in a two count. Ambrose counters a chokeslam attempt by Big Show into a DDT. Ambrose with slaps and body shots. Ambrose eats a big chokeslam from Big Show, hooks the leg and Ambrose somehow kicks out. Big Show can’t believe it. Big Show with a second chokeslam on Ambrose. Ambrose rolls out. The referee starts the count. Ambrose slides in at 8 and Big Show catches Ambrose with a kick. Big Show leaves the ring and spears Ambrose on the outside. The referee starts the count. Ambrose slides back in at 9. Ambrose falls out again and Big Show picks him up. Big Show tosses Ambrose in, kicks Big Show in the face, goes for a suicide dive and Big Show catches him with a knockout punch. The referee begins the count and Ambrose can’t answer it.

Winner via count out: Big Show

After the match, we see Dean Ambrose struggling to his feet at ringside. Big Show stares him down and starts to walk off. Big Show stops, turns back around and tries to spear Ambrose when Ambrose moves out of the way. Big Show crashes through the wall surrounding the timekeepers area. Ambrose limps away from the scene.

Up next: Neville in action.

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Neville vs. Fandango

Fandango counters an early huricanrana attempt by Neville and connects with a big clothesline. Fandango with big chops and applies a full body submission over his back. Neville quickly counters out and drops the jaw of Fandango off his head. Neville with quick body shots and a shot to the head off the ropes. Fandango bails and Neville takes him out leaping over the top rope. Neville tosses Fandango back in, jumps up to the top turnbuckle and leaps off connecting with the Red Arrow over Fandango to get the win.

Winner: Neville

After the match, Stardust is on the screen mocking another win by Neville. He promises to rescue and save the WWE Universe. Stardust said Neville won’t be able to stop him.

Later tonight on RAW: Randy Orton takes on Kevin Owens, Paige vs. NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, The Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores and John Cena defending the WWE United States Championship against Seth Rollins.

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Backstage, Paige is with Charlotte and Becky Lynch talking about the positive response on social media. Naomi, Tamina and Sasha Banks interrupt.

Paige heads to the ring with Charlotte and Becky Lynch in her corner tonight.

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We are back as NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks walks out with Naomi and Tamina in her corner. A video package runs looking at Sasha Banks in NXT.

Paige w/ Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks w/ Naomi & Tamina

Lock up and Paige tosses Sasha Banks down. Banks pushes Paige to the corner and they get in another lock up. Both roll out staying locked up. We get a stare down between both as they get back in the ring. Paige catches Banks with a knee to the chest. Paige starts working over the left arm of Banks. Banks with a big elbow to Paige. We get a double dropkick spot from both as they have a stare down. Paige keeps Banks grounded working over her left arm again. Banks tries to fight out and Paige rolls through keeping it locked on. Paige with a big superkick to the body of Banks sending her to the outside. Paige gets up on the top turnbuckle, jumps and takes out Banks, Naomi and Tamina at ringside.

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We see the referee sending Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Naomi and Tamina to the back during the back. Back live, Banks sends Paige to the corner and chokes her with her boot. We see a shot of Team Bella looking on backstage. Banks props Paige up in the corner and stomps down over her chest resulting in a two count. Paige with a series of clotheslines on Banks and follows with a dropkick. Banks eats a big boot from Paige. Paige with a high knee to the chest of Banks and Paige gets a two count. Banks with double knees to Paige in the corner and also gets a two count of her own. Paige drops Banks face first and applies a modified crossface. Banks reaches the ropes to break it up. Banks drops knees over the back of Paige and then applies the Bank Statement. Paige taps out.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Backstage, Renee Young is with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. She talks about how Rollins could leave tonight with the WWE United States Championship. Rollins talks about beating the best WWE has to offer and says we have seen enough of Cena.

Rusev and Summer Rae are on the way to the arena.

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We return live with Rusev and Summer Rae in the ring. Rusev said he is smitten and his “heart wants to burst out for the women that healed my soul.” He said tonight he teaches the American men how to treat a special woman. Rusev presents Summer with a dog and names him Dog Ziggler due to his tiny legs and ugly looks. He presents Summer next with a fish and tells her to pick it up. Rusev said it is a cold fish and names it Lana.

Lana walks out cutting off Rusev. She said women can lead by example and don’t need to take orders. Lana calls Summer a wannabe Lana and a cheap imitation. Lana kicks Summer, takes her back and pulls back on her hair. Lana rubs the face of Summer into the dead fish on the mat. Lana slaps Rusev and smiles leaving the ring. Rusev throws the fish at Lana as she heads to the back. Rusev is upset as we see Summer enraged.

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A video package runs focusing on the brawl on RAW last week between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. We see a graphic hyping Undertaker vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam on 8/23.

Brock Lesnar returns to RAW live next week in San Jose.

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The Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores

We start with Sin Cara and Fernando. Series of counters between the two early. Sin Cara with a backbreaker and tag to Kalisto who drops over Fernando. Kalisto with a huricanrana takedown into a cover for a two count. Diego tags himself in and hits a high running knee. Tag to Sin Cara who launches himself in splashing over Diego. Tag to Fernando. Sin Cara splashes both Matadores and gets caught dumping one out. Sin Cara takes a shot in the corner. Diego with a big chop on Sin Cara on the outside. Back in the ring, Diego tags in Fernando who dropkicks Sin Cara in the head. Tag to Diego who splashes over the back of Sin Cara and Fernando splashes back in getting the tag. Fernando with a hook suplex and tags in Diego. Diego comes off the top rope with a quick elbow. Fernando with the tag and dropping a quick elbow. Hot tag to Kalisto as Diego gets the tag. Kalisto with a big body splash and springboard DDT. Fernando breaks it up. Kalisto with a kick to Fernando that Sin Cara follws up with a splash. The New Day’s music hits as they come out holding up a “Real Mega Dad of the Year” sign over Kofi. Kalisto rolls up Fernando for the win.

Winners: The Lucha Dragons

Luke Harper returns to The Wyatt Family next.

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Bray Wyatt is on his way out to the ring with Luke Harper as the fireflies fill the arena. Wyatt said he isn’t a betting man, but feels it is safe to say that everyone here tonight has a family. He said your mommies and your daddies do not love you. Wyatt said the sooner people realize this then the faster they can be set free. He tells a story about trying to set his pet free as a child and how it returned with a scar. “Luke Harper was a damaged man. And I did what I had to do. I fixed him. Just like you would fix a broken toy.” Wyatt talked about setting Harper free at one point and knowing he would come back one day.

Harper grabs the mic and talked about being confused about his purpose in life. “My family found me. He showed me the truth and the truth is: this is all of your fault,” said Harper. “Bray Wyatt saved me. He opened my eyes. He made me stronger than ever. And he showed me my path in life. And now I know when you pray for the rain, you best be prepared for the mud,” added Harper. Harper said his life is for Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt said Harper would go through hell and back for him. He talks about trying to warn Roman Reigns repeatedly. Wyatt tells Ambrose to stay out of their business. “Roman Reigns, we’re here.” Wyatt drops to his knees yelling, “Follow the buzzards.”

Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Paige are out next live.

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Charlotte & Becky Lynch w/ Paige vs. Nikki Bella & Alicia Fox w/ Brie Bella

We start with Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella. Nikki works over the left arm of Lynch. Lynch with a quick arm drag takedown on Nikki. Tag to Charlotte. Charlotte and Lynch connect with a double dropkick to Nikki. Charlotte with chops to Nikki. Tag to Alicia Fox who works over the left arm of Charlotte. Charlotte trips up Fox and drops a knee. Fox with a big boot that drops Charlotte over the ring apron. Fox with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Tag to Nikki who kicks out the legs of Charlotte. Nikki with a quick clothesline on Charlotte and then does some push ups to mock her. Nikki bounces Charlotte off the top rope and connects with a suplex. Tag to Fox who keeps Charlotte grounded. Tag to Lynch who explodes on Fox and Nikki with clotheslines. Lynch with an overhead t-bone suplex on Fox. Nikki breaks it up sending Lynch to the corner. Charlotte spears Nikki. Fox with a roll up on Lynch. Lynch counters into an arm bar. Fox taps.

Winners: Charlotte & Becky Lynch

We see footage of Patrick being eliminated from Tough Enough last week. NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina will join the show tomorrow night.

Up next: Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens.

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Sheamus is on commentary for this match at ringside.

Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens

The bell rings and we get a stare down. Owens pushes Orton. Orton fires back. Orton with a quick uppercut, kick and another big uppercut. Owens bails to recover. Orton rolls out and Owens cuts him off. Orton irish whips Owens to the barricade and then follows it up with a clothesline. Back in the ring, Owens drops Orton with a quick clothesline. Orton fires back with a standing dropkick. Owens bails to the outside again and Orton follows. Orton with more uppercuts to Owens. Owens sends Orton into the steel ring post. Owens with a fallaway slam on Orton against the barricade on the outside.

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Back live, Owens has Orton in a headlock. Orton with body shots to break free. Owens drops Orton with a clothesline and then connects with a body splash. Owens does Orton’s pose mocking him as he gets in a few kicks. Orton with a backbreaker over his body on Owens to slow things down. Owens drops Orton in the corner with a clothesline and then drops knees over Orton’s chest. Owens misses his cannonball in the corner when Orton moves. Orton with clotheslines on Owens. Orton with his snap powerslam that requires some extra power with Owens. Orton with an overhead belly to belly suplex on Owens. They brawl to the outside and Orton sends Owens back first into the barricade.

Sheamus with a Brogue Kick on Orton and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

After the bell rings Sheamus yells at the audience, “Are you not entertained!?” Sheamus tosses Randy Orton in the ring and Cesaro hits the ring. Cesaro gets in shots on Sheamus and then tackles Kevin Owens at ringside. Cesaro kicks Sheamus away. Owens with a Pop Up Powerbomb on Cesaro. Owens stands over Cesaro as we see Sheamus smiling.

Backstage, Renee Young is with WWE United States Champion John Cena. Cena said it is put up or shut up time tonight. He said tonight means everything despite his many title defenses the last four months. Cena said he plans to shock the world tonight.

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WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. Becky Lynch is set for Smackdown this week.

WWE United States Championship Match
John Cena (c) vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins

The bell rings and both circle the ring. Cena with a shoulder tackle early and Rollins rolls out of the ring. Rollins returns, Cena with another shoulder tackle and hip toss combo. Rollins quickly takes Cena off his feet. Rollins applies a headlock as we head to a break.

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Back live, Cena with rights to Rollins. Cena misses a corner splash. Rollins hooks the leg and Cena quickly kicks out after two. Rollins with a quick snap suplex. Cena with shoulder tackles off the ropes and Rollins counters the twisting powerbomb attempt with a roll up for two. Rollins again counters the powerbomb attempt and drops Cena. Rollins splashes Cena in the corner. Cena finally connects with his twisting powerbomb. Rollins kicks Cena in the face to avoid a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena with a tornado DDT from the corner on Rollins. Rollins tosses Cena out of the ring, hits the ropes and then connects with a suicide dive into Cena against the barricade. Rollins sends Cena back in the ring and Rollins catches Cena with a knee to the head off the top turnbuckle. Cover and Cena kicks out. Cena gets Rollins on his shoulders and drops him down face first. Cena and Rollins exchange shots. Rollins gets the better of Cena throwing a big knee. Cena is bleeding from his nose. Rollins kicks Cena in the face from the ring apron when Cena tossed him over the top rope. Rollins powerbombs Cena into the opposite corner, covers and gets another two count. A WWE doctor checks on the nose of Cena and leaves. Rollins counters an AA, kick to the gut and then kick to the face. Rollins hooks the leg and Cena kicks out. AA out of no where. Cena hooks the leg. Rollins somehow kicks out. Rollins with superplex from the top turnbuckle on Cena, rolls through and then plants Cena with a sitdown suplex. Cena kicks out. Rollins can’t believe it. Rollins is back up top and misses his twisting 450 splash. Cena locks in the STF. Rollins is reaching for the ropes. Cena pulls Rollins back and locks it back in. Rollins taps.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: John Cena

After the match, doctors at ringside check on John Cena’s busted nose again. The show goes off the air with Cena holding up the United States Championship in the corner.

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