WWE RAW Results – 9/28/15 (Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt)

WWE RAW Results 9/28/15

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
September 28, 2015
Buffalo, New York
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video recaps what’s been going on with Seth Rollins and Kane over the past eight days. Demon Kane made his return at WWE Night Of Champions last Sunday and gave Rollins a Tombstone Piledriver. The next night on RAW, Corporate Kane claimed to have no knowledge of what happened between them. He booked Rollins in a rematch for the WWE United States Championship against John Cena. Rollins lost that match before being attacked by Demon Kane and dragged under the ring.

The RAW video plays, and we go into the arena. Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and JBL welcome us to the show. John Cena’s music hits, and we’ll be kicking off the show with a WWE United States Championship Open Challenge. Tonight, we’ll see Roman Reigns take on Bray Wyatt. Cena grabs a microphone and stands in the center of the ring as the crowd gives him a mixed reception. Cena says the crowd sounds salty tonight, but they should have no fear as the champ is here. Cena says this championship is a symbol of excellence, opportunity, and it will be defended here tonight right now. Cena says Buffalo is the place to be, he’s the man to beat, so the John Cena US Open Challenge starts now. If you want some, come get some.

We hear John Cena’s theme played on a trombone and the crowd starts to buzz. Big E is heard on the microphone telling Cena that his title reign has been booty so he must get beat like it’s his duty. The New Day makes their entrance to the stage. Xavier Woods says (in the style of John Cena) the WWE Tag Team Champions are here. Big E says The New Day is here to make WWE great again. Big E promotes that they’ll be facing The Dudley Boyz this Saturday in Madison Square Garden. Big E says tonight, they’re here to answer Cena’s open challenge. Also, they want to give him a new slogan. The new slogan is, “Hustle, loyalty, BOOTY!” Kofi Kingston says The New Day are the WWE Tag Team Champions and the WWE United States Champion at the same damn time. Woods says they should tell the WWE Universe what they’re going to do. They sing to the theme of John Cena’s theme song, “New US Champs!” Cena tells them to choose one and get in the ring. There’s a time to joke and a time to be serious. If they don’t take him seriously, he’ll beat all their asses. The New Day forms a huddle, and Woods emerges from it. Woods says John Cena is about to get lost in the woods.

WWE United States Championship Match
John Cena (c) vs. Xavier Woods w/ Big E and Kofi Kingston

Before the match begins, Woods blows a musical taunt at Cena with the trombone. The bell rings, and Cena annihilates Woods with a clothesline. Woods immediately rolls out of the ring and screams that he wasn’t ready. The New Day helps him up, and they all get on the apron. Cena knocks Big E off the apron and takes Woods out with a back suplex powerbomb. Cena scares Kingston back and hits the ropes, but Kingston sweeps the feet. The referee then ejects Kingston and Big E from ringside.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Cena drop Woods with a back suplex powerbomb before connecting with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Woods slides off and hits a big right hand. Woods follows up with an enzuigiri for a two count. Woods makes his way to the top rope, but Cena cuts him off. Cena goes for an AA off the second rope, but Woods slides off. Cena goes for a cross-body block, but Woods moves out of the way. Woods then dives off the top rope with a DDT for a near fall. Woods taunts the fans and goes for the Honor Roll, but Cena counters into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Cena goes for the AA again, but Woods slides off and kicks him in the midsection before kneeing him in the face. Woods hits an inverted suplex for another near fall. Woods goes to the second rope, but Cena catches him before hitting a sloppy facebuster for a near fall. Cena once again goes for the AA, but Woods gets out and connects with Eat Defeat for another near fall. Cena surprises him with an inside cradle for a two count. Woods hits a running DDT for a near fall. Woods shouts in frustration.

Woods goes to the top rope, but Cena avoids what appears to be a super senton splash attempt. Cena takes his head off with a clothesline and applies an STF. Woods is in the center of the ring and in trouble. Big E and Kofi Kingston run down to attack Cena for the disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: John Cena
Match Rating: * 1/4

The Dudley Boyz’ music hits, and they run down to quickly even the odds. Cena and The Dudley Boyz clear the ring of The New Day. The New Day drag D-Von Dudley out of the ring and attack him. Bubba Ray Dudley and Cena go outside the ring to help, and The New Day takes the high ground in the ring. We’re at a stalemate as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

John Cena and The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day

We join this match in progress to see Bubba Ray Dudley send Kofi Kingston into the corner for an avalanche. D-Von Dudley is tagged in, and he punches Kingston down. Bubba tags back in, and he punches away at Kingston. John Cena tags in, and he kicks away at Kingston for good measure. D-Von is tagged back in, and he chokes Kingston. Bubba comes in and does his version of the Bionic Elbow. D-Von is tagged in, and they send Kingston into the ropes for a double back elbow/elbow drop combination for a two count. Cena is tagged in, and the crowd boos him as he hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Kingston quickly pops up and stumbles into a tag to Big E. Big E stares at Cena and gyrates his hips. They lock up, and Big E applies a side headlock. Big E stomps his feet to the rhythm of “New Day Rocks.” Cena whips him off, but Big E comes right back with a shoulder block. Big E gyrates before stomping away at Cena. Kingston tags in, and he stomps Cena. Woods tags in, and he does the same. They take turns tagging in and out before Big E whips Kingston into Cena with a dropkick. Woods finds his trombone and plays a tune as Big E wiggles his hips. Kingston kicks Cena in the ribs for a two count. Kingston applies a chin lock, but Cena fights up and powers out. Cena punches him before hitting the ropes, but Kingston quickly sweeps the feet. Big E tags back in and hits a big splash for a near fall. Big E pulls his straps down and dances. Big E goes for another big splash, but Cena rolls out of the way.

Kingston and D-Von are tagged in. D-Von clotheslines Kingston and gives him a back elbow. D-Von knees Big E in the face before taking Kingston out with a flying shoulder tackle. Woods runs in, but D-Von clotheslines him down. Kingston quickly sends D-Von into the corner, but he misses a monkey flip attempt. D-Von then takes Kingston out with a neckbreaker off the second rope. Big E runs in, but D-Von sidesteps him and accidentally sends him into Cena, who Big E spears off the apron to the floor! Kingston springboards off the top rope into a clothesline from D-Von for a near fall. Bubba is tagged in, and he picks Kingston up. Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Bubba avoids it and hits a Bubba Bomb. Woods breaks up the pinfall attempt. Bubba throws Woods out of the ring and tags in D-Von. Bubba body slams Kingston and holds his legs up for D-Von to hit a diving head-butt to his groin. Bubba signals for a 3D, but Woods sweeps his feet. Kingston takes D-Von out with Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The New Day
Match Rating: * 1/2

Footage is shown from last week of Paige saying Charlotte wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Ric Flair. Charlotte and Becky Lynch will be on Miz TV to talk about Paige later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

The Authority is in their office talking to someone from HR. Corporate Kane walks in, and The Authority introduces him to Ashley from HR. Stephanie McMahon explains that Ashley is here due to an anonymous complaint that was filed against Kane. Kane cannot believe it. Stephanie says the complaint says Kane has created an unsafe working environment. Stephanie says Ashley is here to help manage the situation. Seth Rollins walks in and says this is an outrage. Rollins cannot believe what a coward this person is that submitted this anonymous claim. Stephanie says Ashley will be observing Kane tonight. Her evaluation could determine Kane’s future as Director of Operations. Kane says he will take it seriously because his job is very important to him. Rollins says this sounds like a lot of pressure. Kane scowls at him and says he can handle the heat. Kane says he’s the man… who has extensive training in conflict management. Kane then starts excitedly talking to Ashley, and they walk off. Rollins says he’s going to keep an eye on Kane.

The commentators talk about the brawl that opened RAW last week with The Wyatt Family going head-to-head with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton.

Dean Ambrose is backstage talking to Roman Reigns. Ambrose says going out there alone probably isn’t the smartest thing. Ambrose says he remembers when Wyatt cost Reigns his Money in the Bank briefcase, but they probably have a crazy plan. Reigns says he doesn’t care what their plan is. Wyatt started this, and he’ll finish it tonight. Ambrose says he likes the look in Reigns’ eyes. Ambrose says if the two giant swamp apes pull any crap, he’ll fly down to the ring like a bat out of hell swinging for the fences. Ambrose says he’ll take care of the family. Reigns says if Ambrose needs a hand, Randy Orton will help him. Ambrose seems a little insulted by that. Ambrose says after what happened with Chris Jericho, he doesn’t want any… Randy Orton walks in. Orton tells him to continue. Ambrose says he doesn’t want any outsiders trying to save the day. Orton says he wasn’t an outsider a few weeks back when they needed his help. Reigns tells them to be smart. They can’t finish it by themselves. Orton asks if Reigns can. Reigns says, “Believe that.” Orton says he’ll believe it when he sees it. Orton says Reigns has until tonight to handle his business with the Wyatt’s. After that, it’s open season.

-Commercial Break-

Mark Henry vs. Big Show

The bell rings, and Henry quickly unloads on Big Show with some right hands. Henry goes for a body slam, but Big Show fights it. Big Show hits the ropes and spears him down. Big Show talks some trash before body slamming him down. Big Show shouts at the crowd before picking Henry up and connecting with another body slam. Big Show screams that he’s a damn giant. Big Show hits a third body slam before screaming at the fans. Henry shoves Big Show, but Big Show quickly comes back with a boot to the face. Big Show pulls his straps down and waits for Henry to get up. Big Show balls up his fist and connects with the Knockout Punch for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Big Show
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Replays are shown of Big Show’s dominating performance over Mark Henry. The commentators wonder if this is the fate that awaits Brock Lesnar this Saturday at Madison Square Garden. That live show will air exclusively on the WWE Network.

Roman Reigns will face Bray Wyatt in the main event. The Miz is getting his makeup done. He’ll host an episode of Miz TV, next.

-Commercial Break-

Miz TV with special guests Charlotte and Becky Lynch

The Miz is in the ring as we return from the commercial. Miz welcomes the crowd to Miz TV. Miz says the WWE Universe can’t get enough of the Divas Revolution, but it seems like the Divas have had enough of each other. A replay is shown of Paige cutting down Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and the entire Divas Division last week during what was supposed to be Charlotte’s championship victory celebration. The Miz says the crumbling of PCB is the type of drama you can see on the season finale of “Total Divas,” but tonight he’s got the C and B of PCB. Miz introduces Becky Lynch and the new Divas Champion, Charlotte, to the ring.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch make their way to the ring to a polite reception. The Miz says the last time they were on the show, they got decimated by Team Bella. Becky says the last time they were here, Miz almost got his veil slapped off his head for being a sexist, chauvinistic jackass. Miz corrects her and says it’s an infinity scarf. Miz says the fans want to know about the potential catfight between them and Paige. First One Direction breaks up and now PCB. Charlotte sarcastically says the concern is oozing out of him. Paige said some things that need to be addressed. Charlotte says Paige can talk to her face-to-face like a woman or she can come down here, not talk, and throw down. Miz says she cannot invite guests on his show. Becky grabs the microphone from Miz’ hand and throws it out of the ring. Charlotte calls out Paige.

Team Bella’s theme song hits. Nikki Bella says they don’t party with losers, and they didn’t come out here to fight. Nikki thanks them. While their team is acting like they’re in high school, Team Bella is more united and stronger than ever. Nikki feels bad for Charlotte. By the time they have their rematch, Charlotte will be dealing with so much daytime drama while she becomes the new Divas Champion. Charlotte says this isn’t even about Nikki, but she can come in the ring. Charlotte says she’ll make Nikki tap out like she did at Night Of Champions. Nikki says as long as she holds the championship it is about her. All reigns comes to an end, even hers after she became the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. Paige said a lot of things that she agreed with, but there were a few that didn’t. Nikki says one woman started the revolution, and that diva was her. Charlotte says this isn’t about Nikki, Paige, Becky, or her starting a revolution. It’s all about the people in the seats believing in them. They begin to square off to fight.

Paige comes out to the stage and asks if she really heard Nikki saying she started the Divas Revolution. Charlotte and Becky wouldn’t even be on television if it wasn’t for her. Paige put NXT on the map by becoming the first NXT Women’s Champion. Charlotte wouldn’t be champion right now and no one would know Becky’s name if it wasn’t for her. Nikki says Charlotte and Becky should be furious with Paige. Paige says, “And if you had two boyfriends like yours, who really needs ambition?” A brawl breaks out with the divas. Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch clear the ring of Team Bella.

-Commercial Break-

PCB vs. Team Bella

We join the match in progress. Paige sends Alicia Fox to the corner and hits a high knee. Becky Lynch hits the ropes and drops a leg. Charlotte tags in and drops a knee for a two count. Charlotte goes for a neckbreaker, but Alicia gets out and tags in Brie Bella. Brie hits a few arm breakers on Charlotte for a two count. Charlotte comes back by wrenching the arm and tagging in Becky. They almost kill Brie with a double-team hip toss and drop an elbow. Alicia pulls Becky down by the hair. Brie kicks away at Becky before tagging in Nikki Bella. Nikki kicks Becky before hitting a snap suplex for a one count. Nikki hits a hammerlock body slam for a one count. Nikki powers Becky to the corner and hits some shoulder thrusts. Alicia tags in and hits a snap suplex for a one count. Alicia applies a submission, but Becky fights up. Alicia powers her to her corner and tags Brie in. Brie hits a snap suplex for a two count. Brie kicks away at Becky in the corner before hitting a bulldog for a two count. Brie applies a chin lock, but Becky fights up. Brie powers her down and tags in Nikki. Nikki kicks her in the back of the knee for a two count. Nikki applies a chin lock, but Becky fights up. Nikki cuts her off and goes for a suplex, but Becky counters into an inside cradle for a two count. They then take each other out with a double clothesline.

Charlotte is tagged in, and she hits Nikki with a pair of shoulder blocks before chopping her. Charlotte lets out a “Woo” before hitting a neckbreaker. Charlotte big boots her down and covers, but Brie breaks it up. Paige helps clear the ring as Charlotte goes for a Figure Eight. Nikki kicks Charlotte into Paige, who falls to the floor. Paige walks off on the match. Natalya confronts her on the ramp and goes down to help. Paige rips Natalya off the apron and argues with Becky. Nikki hits Charlotte with the Rack Attack for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Team Bella
Match Rating: *

We’ll see a preview of Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show for this Saturday. The commentators then lead into a video that showcases the gameplay of WWE 2K16.

-Commercial Break-

A video showcases the rivalry between Big Show and Brock Lesnar that started in 2002. They’ll fight this Saturday live on the WWE Network.

Seth Rollins is talking with Ashley backstage. Rollins says Kane is out to get him. Kane walks up and asks what they’re talking about. Rollins says he was talking about how far back they go. Kane says Rollins took a magical ride to the top of WWE, and he was proud to be by his side. Kane gives him a gift that he claims will say it all. Rollins imitates Brad Pitt in Se7en when he asks, “What’s in the box? What’s in the box?” Rollins opens up the box, and it’s the head from his destroyed statue. Kane says he found it in a Baltimore landfill. Ashley says that was very considerate. Rollins says he can’t keep it and hurries off. Kane says two heads are better than one. Kane gives her Rollins’ head and walks off. Ashley looks frightened by the face.

-Commercial Break-

The Prime Time Players vs. Luke Harper and Braun Strowman

Luke Harper will start things off against Darren Young. Harper powers Young to the corner and uppercuts him a few times. Harper hits a headlock takeover. Young powers up and whips him off, but Harper shoulder blocks him down. Harper stomps him and hits the ropes, but Young takes him down with a clothesline. Young punches him to the corner, but Harper boots him in the face. Young sidesteps him in the corner and hits the ropes, but Harper takes him out with a dropkick. Braun Strowman is tagged in, and Young goes to ringside. Strowman removes the black sheep mask and punches Young in the midsection. Strowman smirks before sending Young into the barricade. Strowman throws him into the ring and hits a running boot to the face. Harper is tagged in, and he steps on Young. Young takes Harper down with an enzuigiri.

Titus O’Neil is tagged in, and he hits Harper with a shoulder tackle and a clothesline. O’Neil picks Harper up and tosses him aside. Harper kicks him, but O’Neil slingshots over him and hits a body slam. O’Neil then big boots him down. O’Neil splashes Harper in the corner, but he puts the brakes on when he sees Strowman. O’Neil punches Strowman before turning into a superkick from Harper. Young breaks up the pin. Strowman swats Young down before picking him up by the throat. O’Neil gets Strowman off Young. O’Neil then walks into a Discus Clothesline from Harper. Strowman is tagged in, and he applies the head and arm choke for the win.

Winners by Submission: Luke Harper and Braun Strowman
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Roman Reigns will face Bray Wyatt in the main event.

-Commercial Break-

Stardust vs. Neville

They lock up, and Stardust wrenches the arm. Neville twists out and wrenches Stardust’s arm. Stardust quickly takes him down by the hair. Stardust clubs the back and goes for a delayed vertical suplex, but Neville slides out. Neville ducks a clothesline and hits a running hurricanrana. Stardust quickly knees him and clubs him down. Stardust sends him to the opposite corner, but Neville slingshots over him and does two quick flips to the opposite corner. Neville elbows Stardust in the face and goes to the top rope, but Stardust sweeps the feet. Neville is hung up in the tree of woe, and Stardust stomps away at him. Neville boots Stardust in the face and pulls himself up. Stardust springboards off the top rope into a dropkick. Neville goes to the top rope, but King Barrett’s music hits. King Barrett makes his way to the ring and takes Neville out with a Royal Bull Hammer.

Winner by Disqualification: Neville
Match Rating: 3/4 *

Stardust pleads with Barrett to not hurt him. Barrett pulls him up and connects with a Royal Bull Hammer. Barrett grabs a microphone and says, “All hail the return of the king.” Barrett’s music plays, and he walks off.

Seth Rollins is seen walking backstage with Ashley. She’ll present her report on Kane, next.

-Commercial Break-

Ashley from HR presents Kane’s evaluation

Corporate Kane and Ashley from HR are already in the ring as we come back from the break. Kane thanks Ashley for being here tonight to get to the bottom of this anonymous complaint against him. Kane asks if she’s ready to present her report, and she says she is. Ashley goes to speak, but Seth Rollins’ music cuts her off. Rollins tells her to not read a thing from that biased, one-sided report. Rollins says Kane is not the man he presents himself to be. Kane is not the man he claims to be. Rollins then shows a highlight video of the Demon Kane’s destruction. Rollins says that’s the real Kane, not this imposter in a cheap suit. Ashley cannot under good conscience keep Kane around as Director of Operations. Rollins says the carnage will be on her head. Rollins knows better than anyone what Kane is capable of. Last week, Kane came up through the ring and tried to drag him straight to hell. Rollins says people like him don’t go to hell. Rollins is going to heaven. Rollins tells them to ask the Pope. When the Pope was in town, he had an audience with him. The Pope told him he’s going to Heaven. Rollins says he already feels like he’s in heaven as he walks around with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. Rollins says he feels like he’s on a cloud looking down on the scum of this earth. Kane says Rollins is a passionate man. It’s all in good fun, though. Kane then shows a video of all the times Rollins trash talked him through the year.

Kane smiles and tells her to go ahead and read her report. Ashley says after a thorough examination, she has come to the determination that Kane is of sound mind and is more than capable of fulfilling his duties as Director of Operations. Kane is professional, kind, helpful, and thoughtful. Kane is the perfect WWE employee. Rollins is furious. Ashley says if anybody needs to be evaluated, it is Seth Rollins. Rollins is rude, petty, and paranoid. Rollins is the most unprofessional person she’s met during her time in WWE.

Rollins charges down to the ring and says this is a travesty of justice. Rollins gets in Kane’s face and says this is his fault. Rollins says he’s the champion of the world. Rollins drops his championship, and they both look at it. Kane tosses the microphone aside and stares at Rollins. Kane then smiles and bends over to pick it up. Rollins takes advantage of that and hits him with a Pedigree. Rollins goes outside the ring and grabs a steel chair. Rollins smacks it off Kane’s leg before cracking it on his back. Rollins continues to hit Kane with the steel chair before putting it over his freshly healed ankle. Rollins then stomps the chair. Kane screams in pain and holds his leg. Rollins talks trash to Kane as a ringside doctor comes in. A stretcher is brought to ringside. Rollins taunts Kane on a microphone. Rollins says Kane is no demon. Kane looks very human to him right now. Rollins says Kane can’t even get on his feet. Rollins warns him to keep his hands off his title. Rollins asks if Kane really thought he was going to fool the world. Everyone knows Kane is a fraud. EMTs wheel Kane away on a stretcher. Rollins says Kane will never get near him or his World Title. The days of Kane being jealous of him are over. Rollins holds the title up and asks if Kane really wants to play games with him. Rollins laughs as he sees Kane loaded into an ambulance.

The ambulance begins to drive off, but it screeches to a halt. Rollins says Kane got exactly what he deserves. Red lights show up in the windows and the doors open. Smoke pours out of the ambulance, and Demon Kane emerges from the back hobbling. Kane starts to hobble backstage before stopping and stomping his foot. The sound of bones crunching is heard. Kane is able to walk fine after that. Kane’s pyro explodes on the stage, and he comes out to the ring. Rollins hits him in the leg with the steel chair as he gets into the ring, but it doesn’t faze him. Kane throws him to the corner and punches away at him before giving him an uppercut. Kane big boots him before connecting with a Chokeslam. Kane signals for the end and goes for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Rollins slides off and escapes the ring. Kane smiles before picking up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd cheers as he holds it up. Kane then makes the ring posts explode with fire.

Roman Reigns will face Bray Wyatt in the main event.

Bray Wyatt’s video flashes on the screen. Wyatt asks if Reigns saw what Harper and Strowman did earlier. They make him so proud. Just like a pack of ravenous wolves, they would like nothing more than to come to the ring and tear Reigns to pieces. Wyatt says he’s decided to grant Reigns’ request. Tonight, he’ll enter the battlefield. Tonight, he’ll put Reigns down. They are the alpha and omega. It starts and ends with them. It’s always been about the two of them. Reigns should be careful what he wishes for because only a fool would think he could look into the dragon’s eyes and not be burned.

-Commercial Break-

Members of the Buffalo Bills are seen at ringside.

Bo Dallas is in the ring. Dallas calls attention to the Buffalo Bills. The crowd gives them a nice hand. They are truly an inspiration. Dallas says they’re almost an inspiration. They’re missing one very important thing – a Super Bowl Trophy. Luckily he can help him achieve that. All they have to do is Bolieve!

Bo Dallas vs. Randy Orton

They lock up, and Dallas backs Orton to the corner. Dallas pretends to give a clean break and goes for a punch, but Orton blocks it and punches him out of the ring. They brawl at ringside before Orton throws him into the barricade. Orton puts him in front of the Buffalo Bills, and they trash talk him. Orton then gives Dallas a back suplex on the barricade. Orton throws him into the ring. Dallas attacks him as he comes in the ring, but Orton quickly comes back with his patented backbreaker. Orton hits a hanging DDT and gets the crowd going. Orton stalks Dallas and drops him with an RKO for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Randy Orton
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Footage is shown of Kevin Owens walking off on Rusev on Smackdown, which cost them their tag team match. They’ll fight, next.

-Commercial Break-

Ryback will be on commentary for the next match.

Kevin Owens vs. Rusev w/ Summer Rae

The bell rings, and they immediately start throwing punches. Owens knees him in the midsection and punches him. Owens hits the ropes, but Rusev punches him before hitting a fall-away slam. Owens rolls out of the ring to recover. Rusev punches away at him before sending him into the steel steps. Owens puts the brakes on and elbows Rusev before sending him into Ryback. Ryback starts punching away at Rusev. Owens joins in, and the referee throws the match out. Owens and Rusev throw Ryback into the steel steps and stomp away at him. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits, and he comes out to a lukewarm reception. Ziggler superkicks Rusev at ringside and chases Owens off. Ryback and Ziggler stare at Owens and Rusev as they back up the ramp.

No Contest
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Videos are shown of the “#JustKeepDancing” trend that calls attention to pediatric cancer.

Paul Heyman is seen walking backstage. He’ll be out to talk about Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden, next.

-Commercial Break-

Paul Heyman talks about Brock Lesnar facing Big Show at Madison Square Garden

Lilian Garcia introduces Paul Heyman, and he get a nice hand. Heyman says, “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am truly the Devil’s advocate because in the month of October, anyone that steps into the ring with my beast shall go to Hell for my client is Brock Lesnar!” Heyman says this Saturday night, Hell will descend on Madison Square Garden when “The Beast” Brock Lesnar digs his sharpened claws into the 450-pound giant known as The Big Show. Heyman says he knows Big Show better than anyone else. To him, Big Show is like that math genius in sixth grade that gets a C+ because he’s bored with the curriculum. Heyman says he’s not knocking the level of competition in the locker room, but Big Show is complacent and bored. Big Show isn’t motivated. No one can push Big Show to his limits. This Saturday night, someone can push Big Show to his limits. That’s why he’s exhilarated about what will happen at Madison Square Garden. When Big Show is motivated and inspired, then you have a larger than life athlete with one punch knockout power. That worries him, but it exhilarates him at the same time. That’s what will push Brock Lesnar to his limits. That’s why his client had him come to Buffalo, New York to tell the entire world that this Saturday night, live from Madison Square Garden and only on the WWE Network, his client, Brock Lesnar, will take Big Show to Suplex City.

Big Show’s music hits, and he makes his way to the stage. Big Show asks if he’s supposed to be motivated by Heyman’s words. Big Show gets in the ring and says he’s not here to hurt Heyman. Heyman should be worried because he is motivated and a one of a king athlete. Big Show is the one guy that can push Brock Lesnar to his limit every single time he gets in the ring with him. Lesnar was pretty upset when he found out he was facing him on Saturday. Heyman puts his head down. Big Show says he knew Lesnar was afraid of him. Big Show says he noticed Heyman didn’t finish promoting the “Go To Hell” Tour. Big Show asks if Heyman is afraid that he’ll make history at Madison Square Garden again. This Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, he’ll face Brock Lesnar. It’ll be “Eat, sleep, beat Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden, repeat.” Heyman drops the microphone and storms off. Big Show calls on him to stop. Big Show says he needs to think about his future. Big Show tells him to think about a future without Brock Lesnar. Heyman stares at him and walks off.

Roman Reigns will face Bray Wyatt, next.

-Commercial Break-

Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt made his entrance with Luke Harper and Braun Strowman tailing behind him. Wyatt had said he was going to fight in the main event by himself. Roman Reigns says he challenged him to a one-on-one fight, but he brings out his training wheels. Reigns asks if they respect Wyatt as a man and a leader. Reigns says it looks like Wyatt is a little bitch to him. Wyatt whispers in both their ears, and they walk off. Wyatt enters the ring by himself.

The bell rings, and they trade punches. Wyatt head-butts Reigns a few times before hitting the ropes. Reigns follows him into the ropes and takes him out with a clothesline. Reigns hits a pair of release suplexes before Wyatt rolls out of the ring to recover. Reigns then takes him out with a Drive-By dropkick.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Reigns trapped in a chin lock. During the commercial, Wyatt gave Reigns a one-armed slam into the apron. Reigns starts to fight up to his feet, and he drops Wyatt with a back suplex. Wyatt quickly takes Reigns out with a one-armed slam for a near fall. Wyatt punches Reigns in the back of the head a few times before talking trash to the crowd. Wyatt punches Reigns before choking him on the second rope. Reigns punches Wyatt back, but Wyatt kicks him and plants him with a DDT for a two count. Wyatt reapplies the chin lock. Reigns fights up, but Wyatt clubs him. Wyatt goes for a running shoulder, but Reigns sidesteps him. Wyatt goes shoulder-first into the ring post. Wyatt goes for a senton splash, but Reigns rolls out of the way. Reigns catches Wyatt in the ropes and kicks away at him before kneeing him in the jaw. Reigns hits a jackhammer for a near fall.

Reigns clubs away at Wyatt in the corner before hitting the ropes for a jumping clothesline. Reigns goes for a Superman Punch, but Wyatt counters into a one-armed slam attempt. Reigns elbows out and flips him over. Wyatt boots him in the face and annihilates him with a vicious clothesline for a near fall! The crowd is distracted by something and chanting at some fans. Apparently some people are fighting from the sound of it. Wyatt has Reigns on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Reigns blocks it. Reigns connects with a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Reigns goes for a Spear, but Wyatt boots him in the face. Reigns no sells it and connects with a Superman Punch that takes Wyatt out of the ring. Reigns goes for a Spear at ringside, but Wyatt sidesteps him, which causes Reigns to hit the steel steps headfirst. Wyatt picks up the steps and throws them at Reigns, but he avoids them. Reigns punches Wyatt and clotheslines him over the barricade. Reigns audibly says, “Back over,” and throws Wyatt over the barricade. Reigns clears the commentary table as the referee counts them out.

Double Count-Out
Match Rating: * 3/4

Reigns leaps over the barricade and tackles Wyatt. Reigns and Wyatt brawl through the crowd. Wyatt attempts to run off, but Reigns catches him. Wyatt then takes a technician and throws him at Reigns! Wyatt then connects with a flying body block through the barricade! They’re down for a few moments as the crowd chants, “This is awesome!” Wyatt is the first one to emerge from the rubble, and he climbs on top of the commentary table and taunts the crowd. Reigns then pops up through the rubble and Spears him through the table! The crowd explodes and starts a “YES” chant. Reigns and Wyatt are down as the show comes to an end.


Quick Match Results

John Cena def. Xavier Woods via DQ in a WWE United States Championship Match
The New Day def. John Cena and The Dudley Boyz
Big Show def. Mark Henry
Team Bella def. PCB
Luke Harper and Braun Strowman def. The Prime Time Players
Neville def. Stardust via DQ
Randy Orton def. Bo Dallas
Kevin Owens NC Rusev (non-title)
Roman Reigns DCO Bray Wyatt

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