WWE RAW Results – 10/12/15 (Seth Rollins vs. Demon Kane)

WWE RAW Results 10/12/15

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
October 12, 2015
Chicago, Illinois
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Corporate Kane is backstage on the phone with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie says they just took off and will be really late. Triple H tells Kane to hold down the fort. Kane assures them that everything is under control. Triple H tells Kane to be a professional. Any issue he has with Seth Rollins can wait until Hell in a Cell. Kane says he will be a professional. Kane smiles and asks for a stage manager to come in. Kane tells her to inform Seth Rollins that he has a match tonight, and it will be a Lumberjack Match. Kane says he is the opponent. Kane laughs as the girl walks off.

The RAW video plays, and we’re brought into the arena to hear Dean Ambrose’s music. Ambrose says The Authority is running late tonight. Ambrose says since the inmates are running the asylum tonight, he wants to take a moment to say, “Welcome to Monday Night RAW.” Ambrose says he always wanted to do that. As the crowd can see, he’s not wearing a tie. He’s an “actions speak louder than words” guy. Right now, he’s looking for a fight. Randy Orton’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Orton gets in the ring, and the crowd chants his name. Orton says he loves Chicago even though he’s from St. Louis. After they’re done, he has a four-hour drive home and will be sleeping in his own bed. Orton says while Ambrose was in Saudi Arabia, he was fighting The Wyatt Family on Smackdown. Orton just heard that Ambrose would be facing Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. Orton then mentions that he is Ambrose’s partner. Ambrose says he knows how they’ll win the fight. Ambrose says he’s glad that Orton is his partner, but he’s been fighting The Wyatts for years. Ambrose tells him to follow his lead. Orton says Ambrose is a talented guy and has made a name for himself in a short amount of time, but when he was dreaming of being a WWE Superstar, he was already hearing voices in his head. Orton says he doesn’t play will with others and neither does Ambrose. If there’s someone in the locker room that will see eye-to-eye with him, it’s Ambrose. Ambrose needs to follow his lead. Ambrose smirks and says he’s not good at taking direction. Orton says he isn’t, but he won’t stand on the sidelines while Ambrose has the fun. Ambrose says he doesn’t trust Orton. Orton can’t blame him because he can’t even trust himself.

Big E’s voice is heard, and he tells them to feel the power. The New Day comes out to a great reception dancing and clapping. Xavier Woods has the trombone. Woods says they’re sorry about breaking up this heartfelt moment they’re having, but last week on RAW, they slayed, destroyed, and stood tall. All Ambrose and Orton can talk about are The Wyatts. Big E says he thought they were “Am-bros.” Kofi Kingston says they should be talking about The New Day. Woods says they did the impossible. They took out Dolph Ziggler and redefined the word “Showoff.” They took The Dudley Boyz back to Dudleyville and made it into a retirement community. Woods then mentions they also took out John Cena, and the crowd boos that. Big E says they can see Cena… they saw him laid out at the hands of The New Day. They celebrate big time. Kingston says they accomplished more in one night than any team ever. Woods says The Shield never did that. Big E asks if The Authority ever did that, but they didn’t. Neither did Evolution and Legacy. Woods asks how many groups Orton has been in. Kingston says he gives a whole new definition to the word “groupie.” The New Day isn’t just any old group. They have a saying: “Out with the old and in with The New Day.” Woods tells them to sit on the bench, and the crowd boos. Woods says they should sit unless they want to feel the power of positivity.

Corporate Kane appears on the titantron. He says the inmates are not running the asylum. He is… until The Authority gets here. Kane has a poster in his office that says, “If you play with fire, you get burned.” It’s a fire safety poster, but it applies here. If The New Day thinks they’re the most dominant group in WWE, they can prove it by facing Ambrose and Orton now.

Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs. The New Day w/ Xavier Woods

Dean Ambrose will start against Kofi Kingston. Ambrose catches him with a waistlock and takes him down. Kingston wrenches the arm and takes him down to a knee. Ambrose rolls through and applies a side headlock. Ambrose shoulder blocks him down before hitting the ropes. There’s some miscommunication, and Ambrose knocks him out of the ring. Ambrose goes for a suicide dive, but Kingston moves.

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We come back from the break to see Randy Orton give Kingston a slingshot suplex. Orton tags in Ambrose, and he rakes the eyes with his boot. Ambrose puts him in the corner, but he runs into the boots. Big E is tagged in, and Ambrose punches and jabs him. Ambrose hits a snapmare before hitting two low clotheslines for a two count. Orton tags back in, and he kicks Big E in the ribs. Orton dropkicks him down for a near fall. Big E fights back and punches away at him. Woods plays the trombone as Big E gyrates. Big E sends Orton to the corner, but he pops out with a clothesline. Orton stomps him before tagging in Ambrose. Ambrose stomps the hand before putting him in the corner. Ambrose punches away at him in the corner before going to the top rope for a missile dropkick to pick up a two count. Orton tags in, and he stomps Big E’s foot. Orton stomps away at Big E’s limbs before hitting a snapmare. Ambrose blind tags in, and he stomps Big E’s limbs a la Orton. Orton blind tags in, and he exchanges words with Ambrose before stomping away at Big E. Ambrose stomps Big E for good measure. Ambrose and Orton then begin to argue. Kingston is tagged in, but they take him down and throw him out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Orton trapped in a chin lock applied by Kingston. During the commercial, Woods distracted Orton, and Big E took him out with an avalanche. Kingston dropkicks Orton down and stomps away at him. The New Day tags in and out connecting with kicks. Big E then whips Kingston into Orton with a dropkick. Woods plays the trombone as Big E gyrates. Kingston stomps Orton’s chest before tagging in Big E. Big E starts clapping before applying an abdominal stretch. Ambrose gets the crowd going, and Orton fights out. Big E shoves him into the ropes for a back elbow. Big E then taunts the crowd before throwing Orton out of the ring. Woods gets a cheap shot in. Orton gets on the apron. Big E goes to tackle him off the apron, but Orton moves. Big E flips through the ropes and takes a nasty back bump on the mats!

Ambrose is tagged in, and he ducks a clothesline before taking Big E down. Ambrose hits a running forearm in the corner followed by a running bulldog. Ambrose then hits Kingston with a plancha. Ambrose then pulls the top rope down to get Big E out. Ambrose hits the ropes and takes The New Day out with a suicide dive. Ambrose hits a top rope elbow drop on Big E for a near fall. Big E fights out of Dirty Deeds and connects with a belly-to-belly side suplex. Kingston is tagged in, and he misses a springboard splash. Orton is tagged in, and he hits a pair of clotheslines before connecting with a powerslam. Orton gets Kingston on the apron and goes for a hanging DDT, but Woods holds the leg. Ambrose takes Woods out with a suicide dive! Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Orton avoids it and connects with a hanging DDT. The crowd is going crazy for him. Orton drops down and goes for an RKO, but Kingston shoves Orton into Ambrose, who was trying to get Big E out of the ring. Kingston then rolls up Orton for the pin.

Winners by Pinfall: The New Day
Match Rating: ** 1/4

Ambrose and Orton look really frustrated as The New Day celebrates their victory on the ramp.

Corporate Kane is seen sipping coffee and waiting by a speakerphone for The Authority to give him a call.

Tonight, we’ll see Roman Reigns take on Braun Strowman. Coming up next, we’ll see a preview of Hell in a Cell with Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker.

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A video package highlights the feud between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. It all stems from Lesnar ending The Streak at WrestleMania XXX.

Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring. She’ll face Naomi, next.

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Nikki Bella w/ Team Bella vs. Naomi w/ Team B.A.D.

Footage is shown of the Iron Man Match between Bayley and Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover: Respect.

They circle the ring and lock up. Nikki powers Naomi to the corner as the crowd chants, “We want Sasha.” Naomi does a rump shaker in the corner before taking her down for a two count. Nikki drops her on the apron, but Naomi kicks her in the head. Naomi goes for a roll-up, but Nikki rolls through and hits a spinebuster. Nikki taunts the crowd and picks up a two count. Nikki stands on Naomi’s hair before hitting a snap suplex. Nikki taunts the crowd and gets good heat. Nikki hits a snapmare followed by a kick to the spine. Nikki then applies a surfboard stretch. Nikki applies a chin lock, but Naomi fights up. Naomi elbows out and hits a body slam. Nikki avoids a leg drop and picks up a one count. Nikki kicks her and hits a snap suplex. Nikki inexplicably applies an arm bar after working the back for the entire match. Naomi fights out and kicks away at her before taking her down with a dropkick. Nikki forearms her and throws her into the ropes before taunting the crowd. Naomi then throws her out of the ring. Naomi then takes out Team Bella with a plancha.

Brie Bella gets on the commentary and says, “We want Sasha” over and over again. Sasha knocks her off the table. In the ring, Nikki floors Naomi with a forearm. Nikki then connects with the Rack Attack for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Nikki Bella
Match Rating: *

Tonight’s main event will see Seth Rollins take on Corporate Kane in a Lumberjack Match. Coming up next, we’ll see a John Cena US Open Challenge.

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Byron Saxton is shown in a pre-taped interview with a bunch of fans outside the interview. Saxton asked the fans who is the most unique superstar in WWE. The most popular answers were Dean Ambrose and Paige.

Paige is backstage with Byron Saxton. She’s the most unconventional diva. Paige says the audience hasn’t given her the recognition she really deserves for the Divas Revolution. Paige sarcastically says they like her before pulling out a Payday candy bar from Saxton’s pocket.

John Cena’s music hits, and the WWE United States Champion comes out to a big mixed reaction. Lots of cheers, lots of people chanting, “John Cena sucks.” It’s time for another US Open Challenge. Cena gets in the ring and soaks in the reaction. Cena says that he loves this place. There are locations that will boast it is the World’s Most Famous Arena, but this is the Allstate Arena. Cena’s first WWE match was in this arena and has been part of numerous historic matches here. What makes this building special are the people that fill the arena. Their noise is passion. They appreciate excellence, and tonight they will get excellence and opportunity. Tonight, Chicago and the Allstate Arena is the place to be. Regardless of public opinion, John Cena is the man to beat. The John Cena US Open Challenge starts now. If they want some, come get some. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits, and he’ll be Cena’s opponent.

WWE United States Championship Match
John Cena (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings, and a loud “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks,” chant breaks out. They lock up, and Ziggler applies a side headlock. Cena whips him off, drops down, leapfrogs him, and catches him with an arm drag. Cena applies an arm bar, but Ziggler eventually fights up. Cena sends him into the ropes, but Ziggler holds on and gets out of the ring. Cena grabs a microphone as a “YES” chant breaks out. Cena points out a couple that just got engaged in the crowd. Cena grabs Ziggler’s arm and twists it. Cena takes him down and claps for the newly engaged couple. The crowd chants, “She said yes!” Ziggler takes Cena down and applies an arm bar.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Cena with Ziggler on his back. Cena backs him to the corner to get him off. Ziggler takes him down with a running back elbow followed by an avalanche in the corner and a neckbreaker for a two count. Ziggler drops nine elbows and goes for a big one, but Cena moves. Cena hits a pair of shoulder tackles followed by a back suplex powerbomb. Cena goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Ziggler dropkicks him down for a two count. Ziggler goes for a famouser, but Cena sidesteps it and hits a back suplex powerbomb. Cena connects with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment, but Ziggler slides off into a roll-up for a two count. Cena quickly kicks out and hooks on the STF. Ziggler rolls through and applies a chin lock. Cena fights up with him on his back and connects with a desperation AA. Cena crumbles down, and Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Cena takes a few moments before going outside and deadlifting Ziggler into the ring for a near fall.

The crowd chants for Cena as he lifts Ziggler to the top rope. Cena goes for a super AA, but Ziggler counters into a DDT off the second rope for a near fall! Ziggler stomps the mat a la Shawn Michaels looking for Sweet Chin Music. Cena blocks the superkick and spins him into a clothesline. Both men are down. Ziggler gets to his feet, so Cena takes him down for an AA. Ziggler fights it and dropkicks him to the corner. Ziggler goes for an avalanche, but Cena grabs him and lifts him into position for the AA. Ziggler then counters into a famouser for a near fall! Ziggler punches him before Cena takes him down and applies an STF. Ziggler screams and claws his way to the bottom rope to break the hold. Ziggler rolls to the apron to recover, but Cena scoops him up and puts him on the top rope for a superplex attempt. Ziggler punches and head-butts him off before going for a cross-body block, but Cena rolls through for an AA, but Ziggler rakes the eyes! Ziggler then superkicks him down for a near fall!

They slowly get to their feet and trade punches. Finally Cena scoops him up for an AA, but Ziggler gets out. Ziggler goes for a Zig-Zag, but Cena holds the ropes. Ziggler quickly head-butts him and connects with the Zig-Zag for a near fall! The crowd is really into this match. Ziggler cannot believe Cena kicked out. Ziggler pulls himself up on the ropes, and Cena immediately hits him with the Attitude Adjustment for the win!

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: John Cena
Match Rating: *** 1/4

Both men are down on the mat completely exhausted. The referee hands John Cena the WWE United States Championship and raises his hand.

Corporate Kane is smiling in his office watching the end of that match. Triple H calls in to ask how things are going. Kane says the show is going great. Triple H says their flight is going through bad turbulence. A flight attendant spills coffee on Stephanie McMahon. Michael Cole mentions that The Authority still doesn’t know the main event is Corporate Kane vs. Seth Rollins.

Roman Reigns will face Braun Strowman later tonight.

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The Ascension vs. The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz do their handshake, and The Ascension attack them as they do. Konnor punches away at D-Von Dudley before tagging in Viktor. Viktor connects with a high knee before punching away at him. Viktor elbows him in the head and connects with a body slam for a two count. Viktor under-hooks the arms, but D-Von fights up. Viktor takes him down and goes for a jumping fist drop, but D-Von moves. Bubba Ray Dudley is tagged in, and he catches Viktor with a pair of clotheslines followed by a big boot. Bubba avalanches him in the corner and clotheslines Konnor off the apron. Bubba connects with a Bionic Elbow. Bubba gets Viktor on his shoulder and tags in D-Von. They connect with the Doomsday Device to pay homage to The Road Warriors. Konnor is knocked out of the ring. They then catch Viktor with a 3D for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: The Dudley Boyz
Match Rating: *

Corporate Kane will take on Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack Match later tonight.

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Sheamus and King Barrett vs. Cesaro and Neville

Neville will start the match against King Barrett. Neville forearms him, but Barrett clubs away at him. Neville slingshots over him and does two quick flips to the corner before giving him a boot. Neville connects with a missile dropkick for a two count. Cesaro is tagged in, and he body slams Barrett. Cesaro helps Neville do a standing flip splash, but Barrett gets his knees up. Cesaro catches him with a double stomp to the midsection for a two count. Barrett punches him and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus kicks Cesaro and puts him in the corner. They trade uppercuts before Cesaro puts him in the corner. Cesaro sends him to the corner for an uppercut before sending him to the opposite corner for the same thing. Cesaro dropkicks him down and soaks in the cheers from the crowd. Sheamus quickly punches him and connects with a suplex. Cesaro avoids a knee drop and kicks him. Sheamus reverses a whip, but Cesaro holds the ropes. Cesaro drops him on the apron, but Sheamus ties him in the ropes. Sheamus tries for the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán, but Cesaro fights it. Sheamus goes for a battering ram, but Cesaro uppercuts him to the floor. Sheamus tries to recover, but Cesaro uppercuts him. Barrett misses a clothesline, and Cesaro takes him down at ringside. Neville is tagged in, and Cesaro military presses him out of the ring onto Sheamus and Barrett.

Neville puts Sheamus in the ring and rolls him up for a two count. The kick out sends Neville throat-first into the second rope. Sheamus distracts the referee as Barrett hits Neville with a Royal Bull Hammer. Sheamus then pins Neville for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Sheamus and King Barrett
Match Rating: * 1/4

The commentators talk about Roman Reigns facing Braun Strowman later tonight. A video package highlights Strowman’s short career in WWE. This match is next.

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Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring to a decent reception from the crowd. Reigns says it feels good to be back in Chicago. Reigns says Bray Wyatt’s line, “Anyone but you.” This whole rivalry has to do with one thing: the WWE Championship. A few months ago he had the opportunity to get it because of the Money in the Bank match, but Wyatt took him out. The crowd is giving him the “What” treatment. Reigns says when you have a beef, you settle it in the ring. They went one-on-one at Battleground, but as soon as he started whooping his ass, Wyatt called on the family. The Wyatt Family is back together, but he can do family vs. family. Reigns called up Dean Ambrose, and they beat The Wyatts fair and square at SummerSlam. The next night, The Wyatt Family got a lot bigger. Some weeks he got his ass handed to him, but that’s the past now. What really gets under his skin is this “Anyone but you.” The crowd is really turning on this promo. The crowd chants, “Boring.” Wyatt is trying to stop everything that’s going for him. Every week he leaves home and tells his daughter he’s going to create a future for her, but Wyatt wants to step in the way. Reigns asks them to imagine someone trying to stop you from doing something to your family. Wyatt tried to take his future from him. When Hell in a Cell comes, Wyatt will be left there thinking he’s the man who could not stop Roman Reigns.

Bray Wyatt’s video flashes on the screen, and The Wyatt Family comes out to the stage. Bray Wyatt asks whom Reigns is trying to convince: himself or the crowd. Wyatt will take the blame because he knows Reigns put the tragedy on himself. There is a massacre waiting for Reigns at Hell in a Cell. Reigns says he agrees 100%, but what he needs to know is when they lock the cell, Wyatt will be wishing he was trapped in there with anyone but him. The crowd loudly boos Reigns. Wyatt drops the microphone and whispers in Braun Strowman’s ear. Strowman slowly makes his way to the ring. This match is next.

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The Dudley Boyz and Dean Ambrose will take on The New Day on Thursday Night Smackdown.

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman w/ Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Reigns cautiously circles the ring before locking up with him. Strowman powers him down, and Reigns leaves the ring to recover. Reigns gets in the ring and circles around him. Reigns grabs a waistlock, but Strowman stumbles him with an elbow to the head. Reigns punches and kicks away at him before Strowman shoves him to the corner. Reigns sidesteps him and punches away at him in the corner. Strowman pushes him off and powers him to the corner with a shoulder thrust. Strowman carries him across the ring and repeats the move. Strowman hits some shoulder thrusts before elbowing him in the head. Strowman follows up with a clothesline before screaming at the crowd. Strowman hits a face-buster, but Reigns comes back with a right hand. Strowman quickly body slams him down and stares at him. Strowman picks him up with one hand before clubbing the chest. Strowman screams that Reigns won’t make it to Hell in a Cell. Strowman goes for a whip, but he lets go of his hand too soon. They bumble through something before Strowman takes him down. Strowman then applies a nerve hold. Reigns grabs the beard to fight up, and he connects with a jawbreaker.

Strowman shakes it off and runs into an elbow. Reigns punches and kicks away at him before hitting a clothesline, but Strowman doesn’t go down. Reigns tries again for the same result. Reigns hits the ropes, and Strowman attempts a body slam. Reigns boots him in the face and clotheslines him to the corner. Strowman still hasn’t left his feet. Reigns clubs him in the corner before attempting a Samoan Drop, but he can’t lift him. Strowman takes him down with a clothesline before shaking the cobwebs off. Strowman boots him in the face and knocks him out of the ring. Reigns punches him in the face from ringside and connects with a Drive By Dropkick. Strowman is on his knees. Reigns backs up and goes for another Drive By, but Strowman clotheslines him on the apron. Strowman goes outside to grab him, but Reigns connects with a Superman Punch. Reigns bounces him off the commentary table three times before leaping over the steps to hit Luke Harper with a Superman Punch. Reigns then hits Strowman with a Superman Punch. Strowman has one of those classic botched timings where he takes the move, looks at where he is, and then does a big leaping flat back bump onto the table that looked so terribly contrived. Reigns gets in the ring to win by count-out.

Winner by Count-Out: Roman Reigns
Match Rating: 1/2 *

The Wyatt Family surrounds the ring and charges him, but Reigns gets out as they get in. The crowd is exhibiting a mix of apathy and lightly chanting, “Husky Harris.” Wyatt kneels down and says, “Follow the buzzards.” Reigns punches Wyatt in the face and walks off.

Corporate Kane is in his office when the phone rings. Triple H is having reception issues. Triple H says they’re on the way to the arena before the phone cuts out. Kane has trouble hearing them. Triple H asks what the main event is. Kane says it’s outside the box. It’s Seth Rollins in a lumberjack match against him. Kane waits for an answer, but there’s nothing. Triple H says they cut out and didn’t hear who Rollins’ opponent is. Kane repeats himself, but Triple H still doesn’t hear it.

-Commercial Break-

Footage is shown of Summer Rae proposing to Rusev last week on RAW. Rusev agrees, but only when he has WWE gold around his waist. Michael Cole then talks about how TMZ broke the story about Rusev and Lana being engaged in real life. They’re wondering why Summer Rae is out there. What in the world is going on here? Sorry, I try to stay impartial for the recaps, but this is ridiculous. You cannot bounce back and forth between kayfabe and reality.

Ryback vs. Rusev w/ Summer Rae

They lock up, and Ryback punches away at him before hitting a body slam. Ryback drops an elbow before missing a big splash. Rusev sidesteps a running shoulder in the corner and begins to work the limb. They’re moving at a very fast pace. Rusev sends Ryback shoulder-first into the ring post before wrenching the arm. Rusev continues to work the arm until Ryback makes the comeback. Ryback takes Rusev down before setting up in the corner. Ryback connects with the Meat Hook Clothesline followed by a Shell Shocked attempt. Rusev slides off and thrust kicks him. Rusev rolls him up and puts the feet on the ropes, but the referee catches him. They argue before Ryback sidesteps Rusev. Ryback connects with Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Ryback
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Summer Rae comes in the ring and calls Rusev her sweetness and her heart. On the wake of her proposing to him and their pending engagement, she could have done this in the back, but she wants the whole world and everyone here to know the real man that he is to her. The TMZ article is shown of Rusev and Lana engaged. Summer says she had to find out online is terrible. That shows what kind of man Rusev is. Every single person here thinks he’s a strong force to be reckoned with, but really he’s just a whipped little boy. Summer thanks him because she won’t waste another minute of her time with a narcissistic, self-centered, egotistical, jealous, lying, cheating bastard. Summer slaps him in the face and walks off. Rusev just stands there looking stunned. Rusev then starts shouting at her as she goes up the ramp.

Seth Rollins will face Corporate Kane in a Lumberjack Match in the main event.

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Kalisto w/ Sin Cara vs. Kevin Owens

A replay is shown of Kevin Owens defeating Sin Cara last week on RAW. Owens then attacked Kalisto after the match and tried to give him an apron powerbomb, but Ryback ran down to make the save.

Kalisto ducks under Owens and kicks away at him. Kalisto kicks him in the face before hitting a head-scissor takeover. Owens quickly pops up and clotheslines him down. Owens stomps him before giving him a front suplex on the top rope. Owens shouts at the crowd before punching Kalisto down. Owens flattens him with a senton splash before taunting the crowd. Owens shouts at Michael Cole before punching Kalisto in the head. Kalisto tries to fight back, but Owens takes him down. Kalisto kicks him in the head twice before running into a back body drop over the top rope. Owens fakes going for a plancha before rolling under the bottom rope and clubbing Kalisto. Owens mocks the Lucha Dragons’ taunt before throwing Kalisto in the ring. Kalisto dropkicks him before going for a springboard summersault hurricanrana, but he falls onto his head! Owens throws him into the ring for a near fall. Owens is talking him through the match. Kalisto kicks him in the face and hits a springboard cross-body for a two count. Kalisto ducks a clothesline and hits a handspring back elbow. Kalisto hits a head-scissor DDT followed by a twisting DDT for a near fall. Owens puts him in the corner and runs into a boot. Kalisto goes for a diving hurricanrana, but Owens counts into a nasty powerbomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Kevin Owens
Match Rating: 3/4 *

Kevin Owens grabs the WWE Intercontinental Championship and holds it up in front of Michael Cole. Owens backs up the ramp and shows off the title.

Seth Rollins will face Corporate Kane in a Lumberjack Match in tonight’s main event.

-Commercial Break-

Paige will be on commentary for the next match.

Brie Bella and Alicia Fox w/ Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte and Becky Lynch w/ Natalya

Becky Lynch will start the match against Brie Bella. Becky wrenches the arm before Brie kicks her. Becky reverses a whip and connects with a pair of arm drags. Brie puts Becky in the corner and punches her. Becky hits an arm drag for a two count. Charlotte is tagged in, and the crowd gives her a nice hand. Charlotte and Becky take Brie down for a two count. Brie kicks and knees Charlotte. Brie knocks Becky off the apron before being chopped by Charlotte. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker before knocking Alicia Fox off the apron. Charlotte spears Brie before going for the Figure Eight. Nikki distracts her, and Brie catches a roll-up for a two count. Natalya tries to help, but Paige attacks her. Charlotte big boots her before stomping her in the corner. Brie connects with a missile dropkick for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Brie Bella and Alicia Fox
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Corporate Kane is on the phone with Triple H. Triple H says they might not be able to make it there before asking who Seth Rollins is facing. Kane says Rollins will face him. Stephanie McMahon asks how he could do that. Triple H says Kane is not to go out there under any circumstances. Kane cannot face Rollins. Anyone else can, but not Kane. Triple H warns him to not screw this up. The crowd chants, “CM Punk.”

-Commercial Break-

Seth Rollins is backstage with Big Show. Rollins says he doesn’t like what is going on tonight. Rollins feels like no one is on his side except Big Show. They go way back. Big Show is always there for him. Rollins knows tonight is no exception. Big Show laughs and says he’s got a great sense of humor before walking off. Rollins looks stressed before noticing Corporate Kane is next to him. Kane says Triple H informed him that he’s not his opponent. Kane says he’ll find him a suitable replacement. Rollins wonders what that means.

The commentators talk about the Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. Highlights from WrestleMania XXX when Lesnar broke The Streak is shown. They then show footage from SummerSlam when Undertaker beat Lesnar with some controversy.

The lumberjacks make their way to ringside. The main event is next. Who will face Seth Rollins?

-Commercial Break-

Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar will be on Monday Night RAW live next week.

Lumberjack Match
Seth Rollins vs. Demon Kane

Seth Rollins tries to run away from Demon Kane, but the lumberjacks throw him into the ring. Kane big boots him down and punches away at him. Kane sends him to the corner and avalanches him. Kane turns him upside down in the corner before giving him an uppercut. Rollins rolls out of the ring, but the lumberjacks put him back in. Kane uppercuts him before throwing him out of the ring. The lumberjacks throw Rollins into the ring. Kane throws Rollins out of the ring, and the lumberjacks throw him back into the ring again. Kane head-butts Rollins before sending him into the ropes. Kane lowers his head and eats a kick, but he doesn’t sell it. Rollins gets Kane out of the ring, but the lumberjacks avoid him. Kane counters a suicide dive and throws him into the ring. Rollins quickly escapes the ring and goes into the crowd, but Cesaro chases him and throws him back into the ring. Kane goes for a Chokeslam, but Rollins kicks him in the head before clotheslining him out of the ring. Kane takes out The New Day before going face-to-face with Big Show. Kane uppercuts him and big boots Viktor. Big Show then gives Kane a Knockout Punch. Big Show then walks off.

The New Day throws Kane into the ring, and Rollins picks up a near fall. Rollins superkicks Kane in the face for another near fall. Rollins chokes him in the corner before hitting a running forearm. Rollins tries again, but Kane drops him to the apron. Rollins kicks him in the face and comes off the top rope with a knee to the temple for a near fall. Rollins goes to the top rope for a frog splash, but he only gets a two count. Rollins goes to the top rope, but Kane grabs him by the throat. Rollins fights him off, but Kane uppercuts him. Kane connects with a superplex. The New Day pulls Kane out of the ring and stomps him. The lumberjacks begin to brawl. The lively crowd in Chicago is completely dead for this. The lumberjacks get Kane in the ring and stomp away at him. Big E goes for a big splash, but Kane sits up. A huge brawl breaks out. Kane gives Stardust a Chokeslam, followed by Xavier Woods. Rollins turns Kane around and goes for a Pedigree, but Kane counters with a back body drop. Rollins lands on his feet, but Kane quickly turns him upside down for a Tombstone Piledriver to pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Demon Kane
Match Rating: *

Demon Kane makes the ring posts explode with fire as the commentators wonder if we’re looking at the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Quick Match Results

The New Day def. Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton (non-title)
Nikki Bella def. Naomi
John Cena def. Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE United States Championship
The Dudley Boyz def. The Ascension
Sheamus and King Barrett def. Cesaro and Neville
Roman Reigns def. Braun Strowman via CO
Ryback def. Rusev
Kevin Owens def. Kalisto (non-title)
Brie Bella and Alicia Fox def. Charlotte and Becky Lynch
Demon Kane def. Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack Match (non-title)

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