WWE RAW Results – 11/30/15 (Reigns gets title shot early)

WWE RAW Results 11/30/15

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
November 30, 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

Adam Martin here filling in tonight for Mike Tedesco.

The WWE opening promo hits.

We go live to Pittsburgh where confetti is dropping inside the arena. Big E says hello to Pittsburgh as The New Day music hits. New Day heads to the ring. Big E says tonight is about a new day. Kofi Kington said it is a celebration. Xavier Woods said a party is going on. Woods hands Big E a “Terrible Towel” to dab his sweat with. Big E teases putting it down his tights as a loud Steelers chant breaks out in Pittsburgh. Big E said tonight marks a new era and a new champion. “So it’s time to put your hands together and give a warm New Day welcome to…” the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus (who Big E refers to as a Ginger Giant as Woods and Kingston let out a very loud FELLA).

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus heads to the ring in a suit as the confetti continues to fall inside the arena. Sheamus thanks the audience and said he is so proud to be their WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He also thanks New Day for an “amazing” introduction tonight. The Pittsburgh crowd starts up a “YOU LOOK STUPID” chant and Sheamus said the only people that look stupid is the audience. New Day also jokes about the water being so bad in Pittsburgh with Kingston saying it is so dirty. Sheamus wants to give it up for The Authority – Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. He said they taught him that when opportunity comes your way, you put on your best suit, your best smile and you open that door and say, “How’s it goin’ fella?” Kingston said opportunity leaves if you are stubborn. Sheamus said the person he wants to thank the most is Roman Reigns. He brings up how if Reigns had accepted Triple H’s handshake, he may not be holding this title and points out how the title looks just so much better on him. Sheamus and New Day dance. Sheamus said he owes Reigns so much and points out Reigns missed Sheamus coming. He jokes that Reigns’ title reign only lasted 5 minutes and 15 seconds. “You can forget you about your Austin 3:16 because Sheamus 5:15 just kicked your arse!”

Sheamus holds up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as pyro starts to go off. Roman Reigns then levels Sheamus out of no where with a Superman as pyro continues to go off. Reigns grabs the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and walks up the ramp with it. Reigns holds up the title and smiles at Sheamus at the top of the ramp.

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Backstage, Roman Reigns is with Dean Ambrose and The Usos still carrying the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when Triple H and Stephanie walk up. Triple H tells Reigns he has something that doesn’t belong to him. Stephanie tells him to cut the crap. Reigns pulls it back laughing as he hands it to Stephanie. Reigns said he takes it back in two weeks time. Triple H said Sheamus doesn’t want to wait until TLC and wants to defend his title against Reigns tonight. Reigns said that sounds good. Triple H said the match is on. Stephanie added that if Reigns wants to become champion, he must do it in under 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

Tyler Breeze is in the ring with Summer Rae as we head back inside the arena.

Tyler Breeze w/ Summer Rae vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler with a quick takedown early on Breeze into a roll up for one count. Ziggler once again gets the shoulders of Breeze down for another one count. Breeze with a shoulder block and dropkick on Ziggler. Breeze has a cut over his right eye as he tosses Ziggler to the corner and gets in a few shots. Breeze with a snapmare and leg drop combo. Breeze drives elbows to the side of Ziggler’s head and gets a one count off a pinfall attempt. Breeze tosses Ziggler down to the mat. Ziggler with a roll up for two. Breeze with a roll up for two as well. Ziggler avoids a corner shot, charges in and Ziggler hits the steel ring post shoulder first as he falls to the outside clutching his shoulder in pain.

-Commercial Break-

We return live with Breeze applying a headlock on Ziggler back inside the ring. Ziggler catches Breeze with an elbow and explodes off the ropes with a series of clotheslines. Ziggler with a splash in the corner and follows with a swinging neckbreaker. Ziggler drops an elbow over the chest of Breeze as we see a shot of Summer cheering on Breeze at ringside. Ziggler misses a superkick, Breeze with a roll up and Ziggler kicks out. Breeze counters a Fameasser and drops Ziggler off the corner. Breeze with a kick to Ziggler, hooks the leg and Ziggler is able to kick out after two. Breeze with big body shots to Ziggler in the corner. Breeze catapults Ziggler to the corner, roll up, uses the ropes and Ziggler still kicks out. Breeze with a backstabber on Ziggler for another close two count. Breeze kicks out the legs of Ziggler. Ziggler counters an Unprettier for a roll up for two. Ziggler with a sunset flip into another cover for two. Series of roll ups between the two. Ziggler catches Breeze with a big superkick for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

MizTV is next with special guests Rusev and Lana. Backstage, we see a shot of Rusev and Lana hugging as she shows off her engagement ring.

-Commercial Break-

MizTV with Rusev and Lana

We are back live as Miz introduces his guests Rusev and Lana. A loud “USA” chant starts up as Miz invites Rusev to take a seat. “Control your show,” yells Rusev. Miz brings up Rusev being forced to sit at home watching the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament to recover from his injury. Rusev cuts off Miz saying it’s his turn to talk.

Rusev talks about barely being able to lift his arm over his head as a loud “WE WANT LANA” chant starts up. Rusev said everyone wants Lana, but Lana is his and tells the crowd in Pittsburgh to shut up. Rusev said the WWE Universe didn’t care he got hurt. He said one person stood by him and nursed him back to health. Rusev introduces Lana.

Lana walks out on stage and heads to the ring smiling. Miz said this is what MizTV is all about seeing Lana and Rusev reunited. “This was the happiest day of my life,” adds Lana when Miz talks about TMZ breaking the story of the engagement. Miz brings up everything they said to each other and how Rusev made Summer Rae “Lana 2.0” at one point. Rusev gets angry and Miz apologizes asking what brought them back together. Lana said everything was forgiven when Rusev asked her to marry him. “This only made our love stronger,” added Lana. She said she never went “all the way” with Dolph. The crowd starts up a loud “YES YOU DID” chant. Lana said her heart only belongs to Rusev. Rusev said for the record he didn’t go all the way with Summer either. Another “YES YOU DID” chant. Rusev said from now on he will break bodies apart when he gets in this ring, but when he steps out, “my heart belongs only to you Lana.” Rusev and Lana kiss. Ryback’s music hits to interrupt.

Ryback walks out with a mic in hand. He said we have seen enough of “this garbage” and heard “the Zig Man went all the way” smiling. Ryback said they believe in smash mouth in Pittsburgh, that this isn’t an episode of Teen Wolf and that the Big Guy is hungry.

Ryback drops the mic starting a “FEED ME MORE” chant. We head to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Rusev w/ Lana vs. Ryback

We are back live as Rusev tosses Ryback to the corner. Ryback with a Thesz Press and tosses Rusev down over the mat. Ryback with shoulder thrusts to Rusev in the corner. Ryback with an elbow and a missile dropkick off the corner on Rusev! Rusev rolls out trying to recover when Ryback jumps out driving him back first into the barricade. Ryback pushes Rusev into the steel ring steps and Lana goes down as she was standing nearby. Lana is holding her thigh as the referee starts the count. The referee reaches 10.

Winner via count out: Ryback

After the match, Rusev continues to check on Lana. Rusev yells at Ryback as he helps Lana to her feet and up the ramp. Ryback looks on from inside the ring.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose walks in Triple H’s office. Triple H congratulates Ambrose for becoming the new No. 1 contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at TLC. Ambrose asks if that is it? Triple H said he has one more thing. “If Roman doesn’t beat Sheamus in under 5 minutes and 15 seconds, then Roman will not only lose his championship opportunity, you will lose yours as well,” adds Triple H.

The Dudley Boyz music hits as The Dudley’s head to the ring carrying tables.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live as we see four tables setup on the ropes as Bubba Ray takes the mic. He talks about The Wyatt Family beating them up on RAW and Smackdown last week. Bubba said The Wyatt’s have been able to do things to him that has not been done before. He then tells The Wyatt’s they didn’t get the job done and how he would tell them “great job” if they were in the ring with them right now. Bubba talks about how they are still standing and they are ready to fight “at any given moment.” Bubba said they made themselves the target doing what they did to The Dudley Boyz. He said they put their names on these tables. They removed blankets off the tables with every member of The Wyatt’s name on them. Devon said “thou shall not mess with The Dudley Boyz.” Bubba said they have the tables and invite The Wyatt’s to settle this thing right here tonight in Pittsburgh.

The lights go out and The Wyatt Family music hits. Bray Wyatt said on behalf of his family, he would like to accept this little challenge and warns them for inviting the devil. The lights go out. When they return, Strowman, Rowan and Harper staring down The Dudley’s. Bubba said they might think they have the number advantage over the two of them. He adds they also have family members. Tommy Dreamer walks out from the crowd with a trash fan filled with weapons. Dreamer tosses the trash can inside. Dreamer, Bubba and Devon all grab kendo sticks and start to stare down The Wyatt Family from the ring.

Dreamer and The Dudley’s attack with kendo sticks as The Wyatt’s try to jump in. Bray screams at them to “fight like a man” as they regroup at ringside.

-Commercial Break-

The Dudley Boyz & Tommy Dreamer vs. Luke Harper, Erick Rowan & Braun Strowman

We are back from break with a match in progress as Luke Harper is working over Devon near the ropes with uppercuts. Devon with a kick to the face and tags in Bubba Ray. The Dudley’s double team Harper dropping him on his face. Tag to Tommy Dreamer who drops Harper with a neckbreaker and drops a quick elbow. Dreamer knocks Erick Rowan off the ring apron and then takes a big swinging side slam from Harper. Tag to Braun Strowman who tosses Dreamer to the corner. Strowman stands over Dreamer as he tags in Harper. Harper with a slap to Dreamer and tags in Rowan who works over Dreamer with big body shots. We see a shot of Bray Wyatt looking on from ringside. Rowan applies pressure on the head of Dreamer as Dreamer fights to his feet. Rowan levels Dreamer with a big boot. Dreamer avoids a splash by Rowan off the ropes and tags in Bubba. Tag to Harper. Bubba with rights and a big high back body drop on Harper. Bubba with repeated clotheslines and then plants Harper with a huge Rock Bottom. Harper breaks up the pinfall. Everyone spills inside the ring brawling.

The referee calls for the bell right away.

Winner: No Contest

After the match, The Wyatt’s take out The Dudley’s and Tommy Dreamer. Bray Wyatt jumps up on the ring apron smiling and yells, “Get the table!” They lift a table inside the ring and set it up near the corner. Bubba Ray stands up and pushes Bray Wyatt off the ring apron. Wyatt falls back and crashes through a table setup at ringside! The rest of The Wyatt Family jumps out of the ring to check on Bray. The Dudley’s and Dreamer bail. We see a shot of The Wyatt Family angry at ringside. They lift up Bray and take him to the back.

We see footage from earlier tonight of Roman Reigns interrupt Sheamus’ celebration. Sheamus defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns in the main event where Reigns must defeat Sheamus in under 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live as Goldust is inside the ring.

WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio w/ Zeb Colter vs. Goldust

We see footage of Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger from Smackdown on Thursday.

Back live, Zeb Colter has the mic and tells the crowd to shut up while he talks. Colter said all the haters are more concerned with social media nonsense. He said the only person that can beat out the hate in their heart is Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio grabs the mic and jumps in the ring. He calls Goldust out of date and full of hate. Goldust with a slap.

The referee backs up Goldust and calls for the bell to ring. Del Rio with a kick and more shots to Goldust in the corner. Del Rio with right hands over Goldust and a corner clothesline. Del Rio drops Goldust with a quick DDT and Goldust kicks out after two. Del Rio applies a chinlock to keep Goldust grounded. Del Rio with rights and then eats a big clothesline from Goldust. Goldust with a big right hand off his knees and a snap powerslam. Del Rio kicks out after two. Del Rio drops down the left arm of Goldust over his knees. Goldust fires back with a spinebuster for two. Del Rio tosses Goldust to the corner and kicks him on the back. Goldust is hanging on from the corner and Del Rio with a stomp off the top rope over the chest of Goldust. Del Rio drags out Goldust, hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Alberto Del Rio applies his armbar on Goldust when Jack Swagger’s music hits. Swagger runs down to the ring. Del Rio rolls out of the ring immediately. Swagger leads a loud “WE THE PEOPLE” chanting placing his hand over his chest.

Backstage, we see WWE Divas Champion Charlotte when Becky Lynch walks up hugging her. Becky wants to pitch a match between them to The Authority, non-title of course. She wants to show the Divas division has more to offer instead of just Paige. Charlotte asks if it is okay if her dad joins her at ringside tonight and Becky agrees. Ric Flair walks up smiling.

The Lucha Dragons are out next for a No. 1 Contenders match.

-Commercial Break-

No. 1 Contendership for the WWE Tag Team Championships
The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos

The New Day is joining Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton on commentary.

We start with Jey Uso and Kalisto. Kalisto with a headlock early. Jey with a shoulder tackle. Kalisto with an early cover barely for a one count. Kalisto with body kicks and tags to Jimmy Uso. The Usos double team Kalisto with double elbows. Kalisto with a big kick to the gut of Jimmy and tags in Sin Cara. Sin Cara monkey flips Kalisto over Jimmy for a two count. Sin Cara keeps Jimmy down with a chinlock. Tag to Kalisto who comes off the top with a shot to the left arm of Jimmy. Sin Cara tags himself in as Kalisto takes out Jimmy with a huricanrana and Sin Cara with a moonsault. Sin Cara knocks Jey off the ring apron. Kalisto launches himself over the top rope taking out Jey. In the ring, Jimmy takes out Sin Cara launching him into the announce table. Kalisto leaps over to the outside as well. New Day hits the ring and starts attacking both Sin Cara and The Usos. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners: No Contest

After the match, Xavier Woods brings up how The New Day will put up their WWE Tag Team Championships at TLC against nobody! Big E leads a “NEW DAY ROCKS” chant.

Backstage, we see Team B.A.D. heading to the arena.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, The Usos and The Lucha Dragons are arguing with Stephanie McMahon. She tells The Lucha Dragons are in for a title shot at TLC and then informs The Usos they are in as well…if Roman Reigns is able to win tonight in under 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

Sasha Banks w/ Naomi & Tamina vs. Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox

Lock up and Banks pushes Brie to the corner. Lock up and Banks continues to push Brie into the ropes. Brie with a firemans carry into an wrist lock. Banks pushes Brie down, puts on Brie’s headband and yells out, “Brie Mode!” Banks throws it at Alicia Fox at ringside. Naomi pushes Fox into a superkick from Tamina. Brie sends Banks face first into the corner. Banks fires back sending Brie face first to the corner. We see a shot of Fox being helped to the back by a WWE referee as Banks goes for a cover on Brie for a two count. Banks with double knees to Brie in the corner. Banks pulls back on the arms of Brie choking her. Banks with a clothesline on Brie. Brie sends Banks to the corner. Banks then pushes Brie back to the corner and props her up on the top turnbuckle. Brie with kicks to Banks including a big kick sending Banks back. Brie with a missile dropkick that levels Banks. Brie with kicks to the chest of Banks and follows with a dropkick. Brie knocks Naomi off the ring apron. She attempts the same on Tamina. This allows Banks to connect with a backstabber on Brie. Banks applies the Bank Statement applied. Brie taps.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Backstage, Roman Reigns is warming up. Dean Ambrose and The Usos join him hyping him up. Sheamus defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Reigns next where Reigns must win in under 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live as Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is out next.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Roman Reigns must win in under 5 minutes and 15 seconds
Sheamus (c) vs. Roman Reigns

Lilian Garcia introduces the challenger Roman Reigns and champion Sheamus.

The countdown clock hits the right hand corner of the screen counting down from 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Roman Reigns charges in with a roll up early. Reigns with a second roll up attempt. Sheamus cuts off Reigns with a body shot and uppercut. Sheamus with a big knee and then eats a big clothesline from Reigns. Sheamus bails at 4:42 and then trips up Reigns on the ring apron who lands spine first. Sheamus then sends Reigns into the ring barricade at ringside as Sheamus tosses him back in the ring at 4:17 to go. Sheamus with another high knee inside the ring, hooks the leg and Reigns kicks out after one. Sheamus applies a headlock to keep Reigns grounded with 3:50 to go. Sheamus breaks it, drops a knee over Reigns and then applies a chinlock keeping Reigns grounded with 3:00 to go. Reigns fights to his feet and fights back with right hands. Reigns with a jumping clothesline that drops Sheamus. Reigns with a corner clothesline and a big boot with 2:43 to go as Sheamus kicks out of a pinfall attempt. Sheamus rolls out of the ring and Reigns drives Sheamus into the floor. Reigns tosses Sheamus back in. Reigns with a samoan drop with 2:24 to go as Sheamus kicks out of another pinfall attempt. 2:12 to go as Reigns looks up at the clock. Sheamus rolls out as Reigns was fired up in the corner. Sheamus tosses Reigns over the announce table with 1:50 to go when he jumped out to go after Sheamus who rolled out. Reigns sends Sheamus face first into the steel ring post. Reigns breaks the count with 1:20 to go as he tries to pick up a lifeless Sheamus. 1:00 to go as Reigns is lifting and rolling Sheamus back inside the ring. Reigns is in the corner when Rusev pulls him out. King Barrett and Alberto Del Rio pull Sheamus out of the ring.

Winner via DQ: Roman Reigns
Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

After the match, Roman Reigns fights off Rusev and jumps back in the ring. Reigns can’t believe it as Lilian Garcia announces him as the winner, but that Sheamus has retained the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus grabs the mic and takes a seat by Garcia at ringside. He said Reigns will have to wait until TLC. Sheamus wants to introduce his friends from all around the world. King Barrett, representing the UK. Alberto Del Rio, your WWE United States Champion. And Rusev, representing Bulgaria. “So put your hands together for the League of Nations,” yells Sheamus as all four hug at the ringside area.

Dean Ambrose and The Usos jump inside the ring with Roman Reigns to stare them down. Reigns wants Sheamus right now. Sheamus jumps up on the ring apron. Reigns connects with a big right hand as Sheamus falls back into the arms of Barrett, Rusev and Del Rio.

Backstage, we see WWE Divas Champion Charlotte and Ric Flair heading to the ring.

We get a Cyber Monday promo about WWEShop.com from The New Day.

-Commercial Break-

WWE Divas Champion Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs. Becky Lynch

Paige has joined Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton on commentary.

Lock up and Charlotte works over the left arm of Becky. Becky starts working over the left arm of Charlotte taking it to the ground. We see a host of Team B.A.D. watching backstage. We get a series of counters between both ladies and Ric Flair smiles at ringside. Charlotte drops Becky down on the mat and applies a front choke. Becky counters and gets a front choke applied on Charlotte. Becky with pinfall attempts on Charlotte. Charlotte locks the head of Becky and flips her around the ring. Charlotte with a neckbreaker and chops to Becky. Becky fires back with uppercuts and then a kick to Charlotte in the corner. Becky with a series of arm drags on Charlotte. Charlotte favors her left ankle. We see Flair starting to jump up on the ring apron distracting Becky. Charlotte with a roll up on Becky to get the pinfall victory.

Winner: Charlotte

After the match, Ric Flair starts to celebrate at ringside and we see Charlotte with a smirk on her face. Charlotte grabs the WWE Divas Championship as we see a shot of an upset Becky Lynch inside the ring. Paige said she loves being right and calls Charlotte fake.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos will take on the League of Nations (Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Rusev & King Barrett) in an eight man tag team match later tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, we see Charlotte smiling with her title when Becky Lynch runs up asking what the hell that was saying Charlotte cheated. Charlotte said this isn’t NXT and it’s the big leagues. She said Paige stepped up, she stepped up and now she is trying to teach Becky a lesson. Charlotte said Becky is still “her girl” and that it was tough love. Charlotte walks off as Paige walks up. She said at least their friendship is still strong, right?

“The Rosebush” with Adam Rose in a gossip theme debuts. Rose said it’s pretty clear Lana wears the pants in her relationship with Rusev.  “The dirt is always in bloom,” adds Rose.

We see Stardust backstage cutting a promo when Titus O’Neil interrupts putting reindeer antlers on his head to sing Christmas carols. Stardust cuts him off and hisses at him. Titus knocks him over and tells Stardust to get in the Christmas spirit.

-Commercial Break-

Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Bray Wyatt was announced for Smackdown this Thursday night.

Before the match begins, The New Day interrupts and walk out. Kofi Kingston said they have an important announcement. Big E said they talked with certain officials that have allowed them to join the League of Nations tonight. Xavier Woods said if he has his math correct, that makes this a 7-on-4 handicap match tonight.

7-on-4 Handicap Match
Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & The Usos vs. League of Nations (WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio, King Barrett & Rusev) & The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

We start with Dean Ambrose and Kofi Kingston. Ambrose plants Kingston with a scoop slam, tag to Jey Uso and he drops over Kingston. Tag to Roman Reigns who gets in a big power shot on Kingston. Tag to Jimmy Uso who drops over the left arm of Kingston. Tag to Xavier Woods who works over Jimmy in the corner with body shots. Jimmy with a quick uppercut shot on Woods along with some quick chops. Tag to Ambrose who kicks away at Woods in the corner. We get tag after tag with stomps to Woods in the corner ending with Reigns. Reigns grabs Woods and tosses him out of the ring. Kingston and Big E check on him. Ambrose and The Usos jump out to confront New Day as we head to a break.

-Commercial Break-

We are back live as Del Rio is working over Jey as Woods gets the tag. Jey tags in Jimmy. The Usos with a double elbow shot and elbow drop over Woods. Jimmy with a boot to Woods in the corner. Jimmy favors his ankle coming off the top rope and Woods kicks away at it to trip him up. Tag to Rusev who works over the bad ankle of Jimmy dropping his weight over it repeatedly. Tag to Del Rio who drops the bad knee of Jimmy off the mat. Woods with a cheap shot on Jimmy on the outside. Del Rio comes off the corner and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus with stops over Jimmy. Sheamus with forearms to the chest of Jimmy against the ropes. Reigns jumps in to break it up. Tag to Kingston who stomps over Jimmy and pulls back on his bad knee. Kingston slides under the bottom rope tripping up Jimmy. Kingston is up top, jumps and Jimmy cuts him off with a big right hand thrust. Hot tag to Jey. Jey with clotheslines to Kingston, kick to the gut and big right hand. Jey with a samoan drop on Kingston. Big E with a clothesline dropping Jey from the ring apron. Jimmy is on the outside of the ring clutching his knee as Ambrose and Reigns check on him as we head to a break.

-Commercial Break-

Back live, Barrett is working over Jey in the corner. During the break, Jimmy Uso was taken to the back limping on his bad knee making his a 7-on-3 handicap match. Tag to Sheamus who stomps over Jey in the same corner. Big E tags in and stomps. Kingston tags in and dropkicks Jey in the face as Woods plays his trombone at ringside. Jey with a big uppercut shot and dropkick that launches Kingston back. Tag to Reigns. Clotheslines to Kingston and knocks a few people off the corner. Reigns plants Woods with a scoop slam. Reigns with clotheslines to Woods in the corner finishing with a big right. Reigns with a shot to Kingston off the ring apron. Sheamus taunts Reigns. Reigns chases and dropkicks Kingston in the head. Del Rio sends Reigns into the ring barricade. Rusev pushes Reigns into the ring barricade again and tosses him inside the ring stomping away. Rusev with a flying headbutt over Reigns as we see a shot of a banged up Jey Uso on the outside. Tag to Sheamus who kicks away at Reigns. Sheamus goes to the second rope and drops a knee over Reigns. Cover and Reigns is able to kick out after two. Tag to Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex on Reigns. Big E gets in the face of Ambrose yelling, “Do something!” Big E then applies an abdominal stretch on Reigns leading a “NEW DAY ROCKS” chant. Reigns rolls out, takes out Kingston and Big E levels Reigns tagging in Del Rio. Del Rio with a backstabber on Reigns for a two count. Del Rio charges and goes right through the ropes when Reigns moves out of the way. Del Rio is tossed back in as Ambrose gets the hot tag. Ambrose levels Sheamus and clears house on the ring apron. Ambrose with an elbow and running bulldog on Sheamus. Ambrose goes up top, jumps, Sheamus counters, gets an uppercut and then eats a clothesline from Ambrose. Ambrose dives and takes out the other team at ringside. Ambrose pulls down the top rope and Sheamus goes over. Ambrose hits the ropes and hits a suicide dive on Sheamus. Ambrose tosses Sheamus back in, elbow off the top rope and Rusev breaks up the pinfall. Jey is in with a superkick on Rusev. Del Rio with a superkick to Jey. Superman to Del Rio. Reigns with a clothesline to Big E on the outside. Ambrose knocks Barrett and Woods off. Brogue Kick to Ambrose for the pinfall.

Winners: League of Nations & The New Day

After the match, Rusev stomps away at Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns jumps in and goes after Alberto Del Rio. League of Nations and New Day are too much for Reigns. Brogue Kick by Sheamus to Reigns. Sheamus is hoisted up on the shoulders of Barrett and Rusev. League of Nations and The New Day celebrate with their titles in hand. Michael Cole and JBL talk about a major shift in power within WWE as of tonight.


Quick Match Results

* Dolph Ziggler def. Tyler Breeze
* Ryback def. Rusev via count out
* The Dudley Boyz & Tommy Dreamer vs. The Wyatt Family ended in a no contest
* WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Goldust
* The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos ended in no contest in a No. 1 Contenders match
* Sasha Banks def. Brie Bella
* Roman Reigns def. Sheamus via DQ, Sheamus retains the WWE World Heavyweight Title
* WWE Divas Champion Charlotte def. Becky Lynch
* League of Nations & The New Day def. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & The Usos

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