WWE RAW Results – 4/3/17 (Night after WrestleMania 33)

WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results 4/3/17
WWE RAW Results
April 3, 2017
Orlando, Florida
Commentary: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show that shows still photos of one of the most consequential WrestleMania main events of all time: Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker in what appears to be the final match of his career. At the conclusion of the match, The Undertaker removed his jacket, hat, and gloves and left them in the center of the ring.

We go live into the arena to hear a loud “Undertaker” chant. It goes on for quite a while in the Amway Center in what is an incredible moment. The camera shoots all over the arena. Every person is on their feet chanting for The Undertaker and clapping in respect. It doesn’t let up. Some fans try to get a “Roman Sucks” chant in the middle of it, and it does pick up. This is going on for over three minutes.

Roman Reigns addresses retiring The Undertaker

Roman Reigns’ music hits, and he makes his way to the ring to MASSIVE boos from the crowd in Orlando. The crowd loudly boos him while he makes a slow walk to the ring. Michael Cole says there is speculation that it was The Undertaker’s last match and thanks him. A loud “DELETE” chant fires up. Reigns slowly walks around the ring. A vulgar “F–k you, Roman” chant picks up. Reigns seems to have a smirk on his face, and the “DELETE” chant fires up again. The boos them come hard and heavy on him. They then start chanting, “You suck” toward him. Reigns seems to be enjoying himself. Right when it seems to be dying down, they chant, “A–hole” toward him. Reigns puts the microphone close to his mouth, and they loudly boo him. They chant, “Roman Sucks” to the rhythm of “New Day Rocks.” Then they go to “DELETE” chants. Reigns puts the microphone to his mouth again, and they loudly boo him. They then go to a “SHUT THE F–K UP” chant. Reigns smiles as he puts the microphone to his mouth again and gets viciously booed. A “Go away” chant then picks up.

Finally Reigns puts the microphone up to his mouth, looks directly into the camera, and simply says, “This is my yard now” before dropping the microphone and walking off.

The commentators talk about what Reigns just said before saying the crowd will boo people they normally cheer in the name of “good fun.” Coming up next, The Hardy Boyz will defend their newly won WWE RAW Tag Team Championships against Anderson and Gallows.

Anderson and Gallows make their way to the ring.

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Still photos are shown of some of the great moments of WrestleMania 33.

The German commentary team is shown at ringside.

WWE RAW Tag Team Championships Match
Anderson and Gallows vs. The Hardy Boyz (c’s)

There are loud “DELETE” chants picking up. Jeff Hardy will start this match against Karl Anderson. Anderson kicks and punches him before sending him into the ropes, but Jeff shoulder blocks him down. Jeff works on the arm before tagging in his brother, Matt Hardy. They send Anderson into the ropes, give him a double back elbow, and then do a fist drop/senton. Matt puts him in the corner and bounces his head off the turnbuckles. Loud “Brother Nero” and “Welcome back” chants. Anderson elbows Matt in the face, but he’s quickly taken down with a Side Effect for a near fall. Matt signals for a Twist of Fate, but Anderson pushes him off. Matt sends him over the top rope. Gallows runs in, but they take him out with a double-team clothesline over the top rope. The crowd is loudly chanting, “DELETE” while we go to commercial.

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We come back from the break to see Anderson kneeing Matt in the face. Matt fights Anderson and Gallows off before being pushed back. Anderson is tagged in, and they hit 3-D II for a two count. Anderson punches away at Matt before knocking Jeff down on the apron. Anderson and Gallows double-team Matt before Gallows is tagged in. Gallows punches away at him before digging his forearm in his face. Gallows avalanches him in the corner before tagging Anderson back in. The crowd is chanting things that aren’t clear. Anderson drops a knee for a two count. Anderson goes to a side headlock, but Matt fights up. Anderson puts him in his corner and kicks him in the head. A loud “OBSOLETE” chant fires up. Gallows tags back in, and they stomp Matt’s ribs. Matt fights him off and hits Anderson before turning into a big boot from Gallows. Gallows goes for an elbow drop, but Matt moves.

Jeff Hardy is tagged in, and he punches away at Gallows before having a whip reversed. Jeff takes him down with a running forearm. Jeff follows up with an inverted atomic drop, a double leg drop to the groin, a low dropkick to the face, and a big splash for a near fall. Gallows gets out of the ring, so Jeff follows him out. Jeff pulls the ring steps out and leaps off them to hit Gallows with Poetry in Motion against the barricade. Jeff puts him back in the ring and goes to the top rope, but Anderson distracts him. Jeff kicks him away, and then Gallows crotches him up there. Anderson tags in and knocks Matt off the apron. Gallows and Anderson hit Jeff with the Boot of Doom for a near fall. Anderson is furious. Gallows tags back in, and they go for the Magic Killer. Another “OBSOLETE” chant fires up. Matt pulls Anderson’s feet out. Jeff hits Gallows with a weak looking Twist of Fate while simultaneously giving Anderson a senton. Matt tags in and gives Gallows a Twist of Fate. Jeff goes to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb that barely connected. Matt then pins Gallows for the win.

Winners by Pinfall and still WWE RAW Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz

The Hardy Boyz hold up their RAW Tag Team Championships to loud cheers and “DELETE” chants.

Later tonight, we’ll hear from the new WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. We’ll also see Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho take on Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens.

Still photos are shown of Seth Rollins defeating Triple H last night at WrestleMania 33. During the match, Stephanie McMahon went through a table.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville makes his way to the ring. He’ll be in action, next.

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Still photos are shown from the WrestleMania Kickoff Show that saw Neville retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship over Austin Aries.

Neville is standing in the middle of the ring and tells the crowd to look at that. He did everything he said he was going to do, whereas Austin Aries did a lot of talking. Aries is a better talker than a fighter. The crowd may not like his method or respect his tactics, but they cannot deny his results. Neville holds the title up. Neville says tomorrow on 205 Live, they’re going to have a proper celebration. As for tonight, he couldn’t refuse the opportunity to prove them all wrong and remind the crowd of what he’s become.

Mustafa Ali’s music hits, and he comes out to interrupt Neville. Neville looks furious with him.

Neville vs. Mustafa Ali

While going for the prematch handshake, Neville simply shoves him. They lock up, and Neville powers him to the corner. Ali punches him off and applies a side headlock. Neville whips him off, but Ali shoulder blocks him down. Neville quickly kips up. Ali hits the ropes and does two backflips. Ali then takes him down with a running hurricanrana before dropping him on the apron. Ali connects with a kick the sends him to the floor. Ali then goes to the second rope and catches him with a moonsault block to the floor. Ali puts him in the ring and hits the ropes, but Neville takes him down with a flapjack. Neville throws him over the top rope and taunts the crowd.

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We come back from the break to see Neville taking Ali down with a headlock. The crowd appears to be completely distracted by something. During the break, Neville hit Ali with a missile dropkick. Neville appears a little frustrated with the crowd. Neville sends Ali into the ropes, but Ali comes back with a dropkick. Ali kicks Neville back and connects with a neckbreaker for a two count. The crowd is entertaining themselves rather than watching this match. Neville chokes Ali on the bottom rope. Ali flips through a back suplex, but Neville quickly elbows him. Neville hits the ropes and hits a deadlift German Suplex. Fans in the front row have their backs to the match. Neville viciously turns him inside out with a clothesline for a near fall. Neville appears to be furious with the crowd. The crowd is chanting, “Beachball Mania.” They’re bouncing a beachball around. Neville has Ali on the top rope, but Ali counters with a Spanish Fly. Ali is too hurt to capitalize. Finally, Ali starts to strike Neville. Neville kicks Ali down and goes for a low dropkick, but Ali moves. Ali superkicks him before hitting a reverse victory roll and a head-scissor float over DDT, but Neville gets his foot on the bottom rope. Ali goes to the top rope, but Neville rolls out of the way of the Inverted 450 Splash. Neville goes to the top rope for a Red Arrow, but then he gets off shaking his head. Neville then applies the Rings of Saturn for the submission victory.

Winner by Submission: Neville

A limousine pulls up, and Vince McMahon comes out of it. We’ll hear from him, next.

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More still photos are shown of WrestleMania 33. They also show highlights of all the mainstream media coverage they got.

Vince McMahon addresses the crowd

Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring doing his trademark strut to a loud pop. The crowd loudly sings his theme song, which looks like it pleases McMahon. The crowd chants at him, “Roman sucks!” McMahon says he’d like to say something to the entire WWE Universe. McMahon says he doesn’t say these words often, but he thanks the crowd. McMahon thanks them for being the most passionate fans in the world and making WrestleMania the “Ultimate Thrill Ride.”

This big wheel keeps on turning. He’s conferred with the representatives of RAW and Smackdown. They’re going to have a superstar shakeup next week. It’s time to shake things up. Something shook everyone last night. It broke his heart. Incidents like this don’t often occur. We see footage of Seth Rollins knocking Triple H into Stephanie McMahon to send her through a table at ringside last night at WrestleMania. McMahon says his daughter will unfortunately be out of action for some time. The crowd loudly cheers that and starts up a “YES” chant. McMahon says she was almost broken in half, but they’re happy about that. McMahon says they’re passionate, but they’re being a little insensitive. A “DELETE” chant fires up. McMahon says they’re being cruel and bloodthirsty, but they’re taking it as a compliment. McMahon says the show must go on. Since the commissioner is out of action and there is no GM, it’s time to name a new General Manager. This man was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Teddy Long’s music hits, and the 2017 Hall of Fame inductee comes out to the stage dancing. McMahon angrily tells the truck to stop his music and demands he stop dancing. McMahon says it isn’t him. Long is confused. Long says, “My bad – Holla, holla, holla!” McMahon then announces the new General Manager of RAW, but no one comes out. Finally McMahon says, “Ladies and gentlemen, your new General Manager of RAW – Kurt Angle!”

The crowd loudly pops as Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring smiling. The crowd loudly chants, “You Suck” along with his music. McMahon hands him the microphone and leaves the ring. A loud, “Welcome back” chant fires up. Angle says it’s great to be back on Monday Night RAW. Angle finishes by saying, “Oh it’s true… it’s DAMN true!”

We’ll hear from Brock Lesnar later tonight. The commentators thank the city of Orlando for their hospitality toward WWE, as well as the fans that traveled from all over the world.

Still photos are shown of Kevin Owens defeating Chris Jericho to become the new WWE United States Champion. Later tonight, we’ll see Jericho team with Seth Rollins to face Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens.

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The New Day, the hosts of WrestleMania, make their way to the ring wearing multi-colored LOD shoulder pads. Booty O’s rain down from the top of the tron. Big E says, “What a night!” WrestleMania was one for the ages. It was so thrilling that all the blood from his head went straight to his… Kofi Kingston stops him. Kingston says they were excited and honored to host a record setting event for “you people.” Xavier Woods asks him what he means by “you people.” Kingston says he meant the WWE Universe. Kingston says it made them sad to not do what they do best: get in the ring and put a whooping on anyone who faces them. Woods says they’re issuing an open challenge. Who will it be? Who? Who? Who? The Revival answers the challenge. They knock over The New Day’s popsicle cart. The crowd is going crazy for them.

The New Day vs. The Revival

Xavier Woods starts the match against Scott Dawson. Dash Wilder distracts Woods, so Dawson attacks him from behind. Wilder is tagged in, and he punches and clubs Woods. Wilder hits a snapmare and applies an arm bar. Woods avoids some clotheslines and hits a head-scissor takeover. Woods chops him before Dawson tags in and hits an arm breaker.

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We come back from the break to see Woods punching and chop Dawson. Dawson quickly clotheslines him down and picks up a two count. Wilder tags in, and Dawson sends Woods into his boot. Wilder clubs away at Woods and stomps him down. Wilder twists Woods’ arm around the top rope. Wilder puts Woods on the top rope, but Woods head-butts him away. Wilder quickly strikes the injured arm and goes for a superplex, but Woods fights him off and pushes him down. Wood then floors him with a missile dropkick. Dawson tags in, and he stops Woods.

Big E is quickly tagged in. Big E hits Dawson with a trio of belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E gyrates before viciously clotheslining Wilder over the top rope. Big E puts Dawson on the apron. Woods blind tags in while Big E goes for a spear off the apron, but Dawson moves. Woods puts Wilder on the apron, but Dawson quickly blindsides him. Woods fights him off and hits the ropes, but Dawson forearms him. Woods comes back with a hard forearm that takes him down. Wilder tags in. Woods boots Dawson in the face and goes for an Honor Roll, but The Revival counters into The Shatter Machine for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: The Revival

They pull Kofi Kingston into the ring. They attack him before Dawson applies a Figure Four. Wilder then comes off the middle rope with a shot to the knee. Kingston clutches his knee in pain while the crowd boos them.

Kurt Angle is backstage in his office when Enzo and Cass walk in. Enzo does his shtick, but Angle is oblivious. Angle says you truly can’t teach that stuff and says he’s doing great. Enzo says they aren’t doing too good right now. Angle has gold medals, but they don’t have any gold around their waists. Enzo asks why The Hardy Boyz were in the match and why Goofy was treated as a human while Pluto was treated by a dog. Angle has no idea what they’re talking about. If they want to get one step closer to the Tag Titles, he can help. Angle puts them in a match against Sheamus and Cesaro. Big Cass says they’ll put them on a fast track to Disney because that’s the only way their dreams will come true. Cass says there is only one word to describe them: S-A-W-F-T. They walk off. Angle then looks confused and says, “That’s not how you spell soft!”

Bayley makes her way to the ring still with the WWE RAW Women’s Championship. She’ll be in action, next.

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Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks vs. Emma, Nia Jax, and Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair will start against Dana Brooke. Emma quickly blind tags in before anything happens. The crowd sings to Bayley. Emma clubs Brooke down before slamming her into the turnbuckle. Brooke goes for a scoop slam, but Emma slides off and takes her down before hitting a low dropkick. Emma says she wants Bayley in the ring. Bayley tags in, and they lock up. Emma wrenches the arm and takes her down to a knee. Emma yanks on the arm a few times before flipping her over for a one count. Emma sends Bayley into the corner, but Bayley elbows her and hits a flying arm drag. Bayley takes her down and rolls around on her. Charlotte Flair quickly distracts Bayley, and Emma takes her down.

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We come back from the break to see Nia Jax standing over Bayley. Jax attacks the leg before Flair tags in. Flair chops Bayley’s chest before putting her in the tree of woe. Flair stomps the leg before Emma tags in. Emma stomps Bayley before going outside and pulling her ponytail to stretch her out. Emma gets back in the ring and smiles. The crowd seems to be taking to her. Flair tags back in and attacks the leg. Flair chops her a few times before Bayley ducks and chops her. Flair powers her to the corner before Bayley drops her over the top rope. Bayley goes to tag Banks, but Flair pulls her off the apron. Flair taunts Banks before Bayley makes the tag.

Banks comes off the top rope with double knees. Banks knocks Jax and Emma off the apron before taking Flair down with a head-scissor takeover. Banks hits running double knees in the corner before laying her out over the second turnbuckle for double knees again. Emma breaks up the pin. Brooke runs in, picks up Emma, and slams her down. Banks and Brooke then double dropkick Jax out of the ring. Jax pulls Brooke out of the ring. Bayley then wipes out Jax with a cross-body to the floor. Flair takes Banks down and goes for Natural Selection, but Banks counters into the Bank Statement for the win.

Winners by Submission: Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks

Flair is furious and shoves both Emma and Jax. Jax pushes her into the corner and avalanches her. Emma quickly gets out of the ring. Jax throws her across the ring and drops a big elbow. Jax leaves the ring as the crowd gives her a mixed reception.

Kurt Angle is talking to Sami Zayn backstage asking him what he means. Zayn says he had a great relationship with Mick Foley. He’d like to build that relationship with Angle. Zayn says he might be overstepping because he might be going to Smackdown. Angle says just by talking to him, he knows he displays one of the “Three I’s”: Intelligence. In the ring, he has intensity. Finally, how he stood up to Stephanie McMahon was integrity. Zayn says that means a lot. Jinder Mahal walks in and is furious about Gronk attacking him in the André The Giant Battle Royal. Zayn cuts him off, and they argue back and forth. Angle steps in between them. Angle says with him in charge, they’ll settle the problems in the ring. Angle books Zayn to face Mahal and kicks them out.

Coming up next, we’ll hear from WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

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Brock Lesnar appears before the Orlando crowd

Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman by his side to a huge pop. Paul Heyman goes through his usual shtick and calls Lesnar the “reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Universal Champion.” Heyman says they’re going to get personal this evening and reveal a bedtime story he and Lesnar tell their families at night. Heyman talks about a man who fancied himself as a superhero. This superhero represented all the things in life society should rebel against: honor, dignity, honesty, family, and tradition. One day, this superhero took his Spear and Jackhammer and decided to go into town. This superhero’s name was Goldberg, and he was known as the baddest dude in the village. All the people in the village were scared of him. Goldberg took the Universal Title from one of the villagers before going to Suplex City, a place where honor, dignity, honesty, family, and tradition are not respected. That superhero then got his ass kicked by The Beast. For all the kids being tucked into bed, this fairy tale does have a happily ever after. That happily ever after is you won’t be seeing Bill Goldberg around here anymore. The crowd loudly pops for that and chants, “YES!” Heyman says, “Thank you, Taker, and thank you, Brock!”

That leaves them in a situation where his client is looking for new challenges and challengers. Heyman asks if they can imagine Seth Rollins taking on Brock Lesnar. Heyman says he still owes one to The Architect. The crowd doesn’t like that. Heyman tells them to imagine either Matt or Jeff Hardy taking on Lesnar. The crowd starts up the “DELETE” chants. Heyman says Lesnar won’t be one of these champions that’ll take selfies with the titles. Lesnar doesn’t savor his time with the title. Lesnar is the disruptor of the status quo. It’s time here and now to talk about the “2” in 23-2. History demands those 2 go one-on-one to determine whose yard this really is! If you haven’t heard the news, they’re out here talking about Roman Reigns. The crowd loudly boos the mention of his name. Heyman says Reigns is acting like the big dog in WWE. The crowd cuts him off with a loud, “We want Bálor” chant. Heyman asks what becomes of the situation. If Reigns is the big dog, then Brock Lesnar is animal cruelty. Before they came out, his client authorized him to say this: it’s time to give the Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania crowd something they will never forget. Heyman says it’s time to deliver something special. It’s time to deliver that one-on-one. Heyman says they want to do it tonight! The crowd cheers for this.

Braun Strowman’s music hits, and he comes out to the ring. Strowman gets in Lesnar’s face. Strowman says Roman Reigns has Lesnar’s attention. When he’s finished with Reigns, maybe he’ll have Lesnar’s. Strowman says Lesnar has his attention and shoves him back lightly. Lesnar stares at him. Heyman screams in the background, “You’ll break the ring!” Lesnar approaches him and stares at him before smiling. Lesnar lays the title down in between them and extends his arms. The crowd chants, “Braun.” Strowman then backs up and leaves the ring. The crowd chants, “Bulls–t.” Lesnar picks the title up and watches him leave.

Charly Caruso says in four weeks, Chris Jericho will get a rematch against Kevin Owens. Jericho says this is one of his favorite nights of the year with the best crowd. Jericho says, “Beachball Mania is running wild, brother!” Jericho says this is his crowd and buddies from all over the world. Jericho says, “Cheer me on, man!” The crowd loudly pops for him. Tonight, he starts his revenge on that “stupid idiot” Kevin Owens and will start on the tip of his finger. Jericho talks about how Owens got the tip of his finger on the bottom rope last night. Jericho asks the tip of Kevin Owens’ finger if he knows what happens when you get a rope break. Jericho says, “Tip of Kevin Owens’ finger… YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!” Owens then viciously attacks Jericho and throws him into some crates. Samoa Joe shows up to help, and they beat Jericho down to the floor. Owens then gives Jericho a powerbomb through a table!

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Kurt Angle walks out of the trainer’s room and tells Seth Rollins that Chris Jericho is in no condition to compete tonight. Angle promises to find him a partner.

#1 Contendership Match for the RAW Tag Team Titles
Enzo and Cass vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

Sheamus and Cesaro come out wearing matching outfits before ripping them off.

Enzo Amore will start against Ceasro. Enzo applies a side headlock, but Cesaro soon shoulder blocks him down. Cesaro reverses a whip, but Enzo takes him out with a head-scissor takeover for a two count. Cesaro catches him with a back suplex. Sheamus tags in, and Big Cass makes the tag. They lock up, and Cass shoulder blocks him down. They lock up again, and Cass punches away at him. Sheamus punches Cass, but Cass reverses a whip. Sheamus throws himself into Cass before going to the top rope. Cass avoids a diving clothesline and scoop slams him. Enzo tags in, and Cass throws Enzo into Cesaro. Cass then throws Enzo into Sheamus. Sheamus and Cesaro are dumped out of the ring. Cass then presses Enzo over his head and throws him over the top rope onto Sheamus and Cesaro.

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We come back from the break to see Enzo fight up and try to make a tag, but Sheamus stops him with a rolling senton. Cesaro tags in and hits a double stomp for a near fall. The crowd is serenading Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus tags in, but Enzo avoids a shot in the corner. Cesaro runs in, but Enzo puts him over the top rope. Big Cass and Cesaro fight at ringside until Sheamus hits Cass with a baseball slide. Sheamus lifts Enzo up, but Enzo counters into a DDT. The crowd is going crazy for Sheamus and Cesaro. Cesaro tags back in, and he uppercuts Enzo before doing the Cesaro Swing with multiple revolutions. Cesaro then goes to the Sharpshooter, but Big Cass runs him over with a big boot. Cass then clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope. The crowd boos him.

Cass is tagged in, and he shoulder blocks Cesaro down before putting him in the corner and hitting an avalanche. Cass hits a sidewalk slam followed by an Empire Elbow. Cass then big boots him down. Enzo tags in, and they go for the Bada Boom Shakalaka, but Sheamus kills Cass with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then throws Enzo into a vicious uppercut from Cesaro to get the win! The crowd goes crazy.

Winners by Pinfall: Sheamus and Cesaro

Sheamus and Cesaro will face The Hardy Boyz at some point for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships.

Seth Rollins and a mystery partner will face Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens later tonight.

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More coverage of The Undertaker’s retirement is shown.

Jinder Mahal vs. Sami Zayn

While Sami Zayn is making his entrance, Mahal attacks him and stomps him at ringside. Mahal sends him into the steps and knees him in the face. Zayn clutches his shoulder in pain. Mahal punches away at him and sends him into the steps. Mahal then gets him in the ring.

The referee checks on Zayn and starts the match. Mahal attacks Zayn and drops some knees on him. Mahal gives him a back elbow and a low dropkick for a two count. Mahal applies a chin lock. Zayn fights up, but Mahal takes him down and drops some more knees for a two count. Mahal goes back to the chin lock, but Zayn fights up. Mahal takes him down with a high knee. Mahal then taunts the crowd. Zayn quickly catches him with an exploder suplex in the corner and follows up with the Helluva Kick for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sami Zayn

Seth Rollins and a mystery partner will take on Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens, next.

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Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor

Finn Bálor makes his return to Monday Night RAW following a devastating shoulder injury last August at SummerSlam. Bálor is teaming with the man who injured him.

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Seth Rollins will start the match against Kevin Owens. They lock up, and Owens wrenches the arm. Rollins gets out and wrenches the arm. Owens rolls through and applies a side headlock. Owens holds it on before Rollins whips him off, but he’s shoulder blocked down. Owens hits the ropes, but Rollins kicks him and goes for a low superkick, but Owens moves. Michael Cole says all four men in this match are former NXT Champions. Samoa Joe is tagged in. They get into a hockey fight before Joe powers him to the corner. The crowd is really quiet right now. Joe jabs away at him before Rollins punches back at him. Joe then kicks him down. Owens tags back in, and he punches away at him. Owens chops away at him before sending him to the corner. Rollins comes back with a reverse STO into the turnbuckle. Finn Bálor is tagged in to a big reception. Bálor stares at Owens before punching away at him. Owens knees him in the midsection before having a whip reversed. Bálor counters a sunset flip with a dropkick. Bálor applies a side headlock, but Owens pushes him off. Bálor avoids an avalanche in the corner and goes to the top rope, but Owens rolls out of the ring. Bálor follows him outside and dropkicks him into the barricade. Bálor gets him back in the ring and wrenches the arm. Rollins tags back in, and they send Owens into the ropes, but he holds on and leaves. Rollins then wipes Owens out with a suicide dive. Samoa Joe runs over, and Rollins wipes them out with a summersault senton! Rollins clutches his knee in pain.

Rollins gets Owens in the ring, but Owens kicks him in the knee and gives him a DDT for a near fall. Owens covers again for a two count. Joe tags in, and he punches Rollins. They trade punches before Joe reverses a whip to the corner. Joe hits a running back elbow followed by a quick kick to the head for a near fall. The crowd is singing “Greenlight,” the WrestleMania theme song. Owens chokes Rollins in the corner. Owens stomps Rollins in the corner and punches away at him. The crowd is waking up now. There’s a loud “Stupid idiot” chant. Owens hits a senton for a near fall. Owens applies a chin lock, but Rollins fights up. Owens quickly takes him down and tags Joe in. Joe punches away at Rollins before kicking the knee. Joe applies WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk’s move, the Spinning Toe Hold, to Rollins. Rollins fights out and goes for a tag, but Joe stops him. Joe hits him with a knee capper before tagging Owens in. The crowd (for no reason) is starting a wave. Joe hits a senton splash and goes for a second one, but Rollins moves. Rollins gets to his feet and gets out of a Coquina Clutch. Rollins then takes him down with an enzuigiri.

Bálor and Owens are tagged in. Bálor hits a pair of running forearms before knocking Joe off the apron. Bálor dropkicks Owens down, and the crowd has decided to pay attention to the match again. Bálor chops the chest a few times before Owens gives him a back elbow. Owens goes to the second rope, but Bálor kicks him in the face. Bálor goes to the apron and kicks Joe in the face. Bálor goes to the top rope, but Owens moves out of the way of the Coup de Grâce. Owens then hits him with the Go Home Driver for a near fall. Owens goes for a Pop-up Powerbomb, but Bálor holds onto the ropes and hits a Sling Blade. Joe runs in for a Coquina Clutch, but Rollins hits him with a springboard knee. Owens superkicks Rollins. Bálor then viciously dropkicks Owens into the corner. Bálor then hits the Coup de Grâce for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor

Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor lock eyes before Rollins raises his arm up.

RAW Talk: Goldberg appears before the crowd

Goldberg makes his entrance before the Orlando crowd that was quite hostile to any mention of his name. A “Goldberg” chant fires up now. Goldberg says this isn’t part of the show. The facts are he was approached in October to make a return after thirteen years. There was a lot to think about: physical limitations, age, and desire. Goldberg says, “This ain’t no damn script. I’m speaking from my heart, so I would appreciate it if you’d listen.” They may have wanted that invincible son of a bitch from 13 years ago, but things have changed. He’s still that guy, but his focus is on his family now. As human beings, for the right reason, we can accomplish great things. Goldberg likes to think doing it for his family and the WWE Universe is the right reason. They gave him the opportunity after 13 years to show something they’ve never seen. The past few months have been an unbelievable ride to get the opportunity to show them a piece of what he used to do. You can boo or cheer him, but that little boy is the reason why his heart still beats. It’s the reason he wakes up every morning and goes to the weight room to drive his ass into the ground to be something he can be proud of. Goldberg thinks they accomplished what they set out to do and hopes his son appreciates the opportunities they’ve been given because it’s once in a lifetime. Goldberg says he loves his wife and son more than can be quantified. They proved it by him living in the gym, bathroom, and dinner table to be a glimpse of what he used to be. Goldberg’s wife and son are shown holding back tears. The crowd chants, “Goldberg.”

Goldberg calls his son into the ring, and he falls. Goldberg says his son takes bumps, which is more than he took his entire career until last night. They can be a tough crowd, but as he said earlier, he’s speaking from his heart. This isn’t part of the show. Goldberg says he was able to take the Universal Championship to his son’s school. The pride he felt standing there was immeasurable. There is nothing that anyone on the planet can do to take that away from them. The crowd gives them a nice ovation. They can boo or cheer him – all it means is they care. That means he’s done something. Another “Goldberg” chant fires up. Goldberg kisses his son. This could possibly be the last time you see him in a ring. The crowd boos that. Some may appreciate it, but he’s here for his family. As long as they appreciate it, he’ll fight, push, train, and do whatever it takes to be him. 13 years removed from the debacle of WrestleMania XX, he and Brock did pretty damn good. A “YES” chant fires up. As he said, he still had a little glimmer of that Goldberg and gave him hope he could succeed. Since he still believes that he’s one of the biggest and baddest sumbitches on the planet, you never know what or who is next! Goldberg and his son bow before the crowd, and he puts his son on the second turnbuckle to pose. Goldberg then says, “One more thing: never say never.” Goldberg kisses his wife and hugs her at ringside. Goldberg then walks around ringside and shakes hands with all the fans.

Quick Match Results

* The Hardy Boyz def. Anderson and Gallows to retain the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles
* WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville def. Mustafa Ali via Submission (non-title)
* The Revival def. The New Day
* Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks def. Emma, Nia Jax, and Charlotte Flair via Submission
* Sheamus and Cesaro def. Enzo and Cass
* Sami Zayn def. Jinder Mahal
* Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor def. Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe

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