WWE RAW Results – 4/24/17 (Go home show for WWE Payback)

WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results 4/24/17
WWE RAW Results
April 24, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri
Commentary: Michael Cole, Booker T and Corey Graves
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show highlighting the absolute destruction Braun Strowman has caused over the past two weeks. Two weeks ago, he annihilated Roman Reigns, culminating in him tipping over an ambulance with Reigns inside. Last week, Strowman terrorized the locker room until The Big Show put a stop to it. They had a match, which culminated with the ring collapsing after Strowman gave Big Show a superplex.

The RAW video plays, and we enter the arena with a big pyrotechnics display. Tonight, Braun Strowman will take on Kalisto in a Dumpster Match, which is the first time this type of match will take place on RAW.

The Highlight Reel starring Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho’s music hits, and he comes out to a nice pop. The show is kicking off with an episode of The Highlight Reel. Jericho says this is the last Highlight Reel we’ll see on Monday Night RAW. This Sunday at Payback, he’ll beat his former best friend and current muttonhead for the United States Title and head over to Smackdown Live. It doesn’t matter where he goes, everyone has supported him. They’re his friends, pals, and buddies. They’re the Friends of Jericho — “Cheer me on, mannn!” The crowd happily claps along. Jericho realized he needed a huge guest for the last episode. That guest is himself. He’s the Guest of Jericho. Jericho says he’ll get his payback this Sunday against Kevin Owens. Owens betrayed him, took his title, and left for Smackdown Live where he’s calling himself the Face of America. Owens is ugly and looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Grumpy Cat mixed.

The Miz’ music hits, and he makes his way out to the ring with his wife, Maryse. Miz puts his hand up and demands the people shut their mouths. Miz says RAW is no longer Jericho. It hasn’t been since they showed up. Miz and Maryse get in the ring, and a loud, “You suck” chant fires up. Miz says he couldn’t possibly suck since he’s not from Kansas City. The crowd loudly boos him. Miz says RAW is all about the IT couple. Jericho says he better watch… IT, COUPLE! Miz says he’d like to inform Jericho and the people watching that The Highlight Reel has officially been canceled. It will be replaced with Miz TV. The graphics change to Miz TV, and the crew starts coming down to change the set. Miz says the ratings are going to spike. The crew rolls the carpet out from under them and set up the chairs. Jericho says he’s excited for the show to start. Miz starts to do his intro when…

Dean Ambrose’s music hits. The WWE Intercontinental Champion makes his way down to the ring to a nice pop. Ambrose says Jericho has a point — Miz is a stupid idiot. A light “Stupid idiot” chant fires up. Miz says Jericho never said that, but Jericho says he was thinking it. Ambrose says you can’t just take over someone’s show. Ambrose says he’ll give the people what they want. Ambrose calls the crew back into the ring. The crew comes in and sets up for the Ambrose Asylum. The shag carpet comes out with the poster board sign. Ambrose welcomes the crowd to the Ambrose Asylum and welcomes his guests. Ambrose says he’ll be rooting for Jericho this Sunday. They went to war a while ago, and Jericho mentions Ambrose still owes him $15,000. Ambrose says he doesn’t have the cash now, but he got him a gift. Ambrose hands him a box. Jericho says it didn’t go too well for him the last time someone gave him a gift. Jericho takes out a jacket with Christmas lights taped to it. Ambrose tells Jericho, “Try it on, mannn.” Miz puts a stop to this by saying, “No,” so the crowd chants, “YES!” Jericho puts the jacket on to a nice reception. Miz says this is the type of stuff that comes from a slacker who is Intercontinental Champion. The title is continuing to be devalued. Miz says they should be thankful he’s rescuing the crowd from mediocrity. Miz should be getting the gifts. Ambrose says he does have a gift for The Miz, and he gives him Dirty Deeds before walking off.

Maryse checks on The Miz. Jericho asks Maryse if she knows what happens when you’re married to The Miz and has a husband who is a stupid idiot. Jericho says, “Maryse… YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!” Maryse joins The List of Jericho much to her disgust.

The Hardy Boyz are walking backstage. Matt Hardy will be facing Cesaro, next.

-Commercial Break-

Sheamus w/ Cesaro vs. Matt Hardy w/ Jeff Hardy

They lock up, and Hardy gets a waistlock before being elbowed back. Sheamus gets a side headlock on, but Hardy whips him off. Sheamus shoulder blocks him down and hits the ropes. Sheamus blocks a hip toss, so Hardy hits him with a neckbreaker before following up with a trio of leg drops for a one count. Sheamus goes for a slam, but Hardy slides off. Sheamus kicks him in the face and hits the ropes, but Hardy drops him on the apron. Hardy elbows him in the head a few times, but Sheamus gets him on his shoulders for White Noise on the apron, but Hardy slides off. Hardy then hits him with a Side Effect on the apron.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Hardy trapped in a chin lock. Hardy fights up and punches out. During the commercial break, Sheamus ripped him off the turnbuckles. Back to live action, Sheamus shoulders Hardy and starts up the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán before snapping his neck off the ropes. Sheamus goes to the top rope and hits him with a flying forearm for a near fall. Sheamus lifts Hardy up, but Hardy elbows out and sidesteps a shoulder in the corner. Sheamus hits the ring post shoulder first. Hardy hits a tornado DDT, but he can’t follow up. Hardy starts punching him, and the “Delete” chants start firing up. Hardy looks a little crazy before hitting a corner clothesline followed by a running bulldog. Hardy goes to the second rope for an elbow drop for a near fall. Hardy gets the crowd going, and the “Delete” chants fire up again. Sheamus blocks a kick and knees him in the face, which sends him out of the ring. Sheamus goes to the apron and goes for a diving clothesline, but Hardy kicks him. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Sheamus counters with a rolling senton on the floor! Jeff Hardy comes over to check on his brother, but Sheamus pushes him away. Sheamus gets Hardy in the ring, and Jeff gets on the apron. Cesaro pulls Jeff off the apron. Matt hits the distracted Sheamus with a Twist of Fate for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Matt Hardy

The Hardy Boyz argue with Sheamus and Cesaro, but Sheamus gets everyone to calm down. Sheamus extends his hand. Matt is unsure, but he eventually shakes his hand.

Kurt Angle is talking to someone backstage when The Miz hangs up his phone. Miz says he’s been waiting outside for two minutes, which is unacceptable. Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose interrupted Miz TV, which is also unacceptable. Angle says he didn’t even schedule that show. Angle says Miz needs to find a partner to settle his issues against Ambrose and Jericho in a tag match. Miz walks off, but Maryse stays back to yell at Angle in French. Angle says, “Right back at you!” She walks off, and he gesticulates toward her angrily.

-Commercial Break-

Cruiserweight Match
Neville and TJ Perkins vs. “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries

Footage is shown from WWE 205 Live. Austin Aries defeated TJ Perkins before being attacked by Neville.

Aries and Gallagher attack Neville and Perkins before the sound of the bell. They send them into the ropes, but Neville and Perkins hold on to the ropes and boot them back. Aries and Gallagher soon send them over the top rope.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Perkins dropkick Gallagher in the head for a two count. The match officially started during the break. Neville tags in, and he hits a snapmare before following up with a chin lock. Gallagher blocks a shot into the corner and bounces Neville. Neville soon pushes him back and tags Perkins in. Gallagher gives Neville a drop-toe-hold into the corner and gives Perkins a monkey flip into Neville. Austin Aries tags in, and he cleans house on both before taking Perkins down for an elbow drop. Neville drops him on the apron, but Aries takes him down and does a slingshot senton. Aries drops Neville out of the ring and snaps Perkins off the ropes. Aries takes them both out with a suicide dive before getting Perkins in the ring for a two count. Aries then applies the Last Chancery, but Neville breaks it up. Gallagher runs in and forearms Neville before head-butting him. Neville comes back with some kicks before sending him into the ropes, but Gallagher viciously head-butts him down. Gallagher blocks a kick from Perkins and spins him into a forearm from Aries. Aries follows up with a Discus Fivearm for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries

Coming up next, Braun Strowman will take on Kalisto in a Dumpster Match.

-Commercial Break-

A dumpster is set up in front of the ring by the ramp. JoJo explains the rules: put your opponent in the dumpster.

Before Kalisto makes his entrance, there is a light “Strowman” chant. Strowman says he considers everyone in this town to be trash, so when he stuffs Kalisto in the trash, he’ll be stuffing everyone in there, especially Roman Reigns.

Kurt Angle is backstage asking Kalisto if he still wants to go through with the match. Kalisto says he was treated like trash last week. As a man, he has to fight. Kalisto comes out to new music.

Dumpster Match
Braun Strowman vs. Kalisto

The bell rings, and Kalisto kicks Strowman in the leg. Strowman just looks down. Kalisto kicks him again. Strowman tries to back him into a corner, but Kalisto rolls and kicks him. Strowman grabs him and screams at him before throwing him onto the apron. Kalisto kicks him back and hits a springboard dropkick, but Strowman doesn’t go down. Kalisto ducks a clothesline and hits a jawbreaker. Kalisto jumps off the ropes, but Strowman catches him in suplex position before throwing him onto his face. Strowman avalanches him in the corner and steps on him. Strowman points at the dumpster and picks up Kalisto. Kalisto slides off his shoulder and tries to pull him over the top rope into the dumpster. Strowman soon gets on his feet and slams Kalisto back into the ring. Strowman kicks him in the ribs and chokes him in the corner. Strowman avalanches him in the corner a second time and stands over the fallen Kalisto. Strowman gets him on his feet and sledges him in the chest. Strowman hits him with some crossfaces and tosses him into the ropes, but Kalisto lands on the apron. Strowman gets on the apron and steps on Kalisto’s hand. Strowman military presses  him, but Kalisto slides into the ring. Kalisto dropkicks Strowman in the legs, and he falls into the dumpster!

Winner: Kalisto

Strowman is furious and viciously slams him down with one arm. Strowman picks him up by the neck again and slams him down. Strowman hits it a third time. Strowman is furious and bleeding from the nose. Strowman throws him out of the ring and slams him into the barricade. A “We want Roman/Roman sucks” chant fires up. Strowman then slams him into the dumpster and closes the lid. Strowman then starts pushing it up the ramp. Agents run out to stop Strowman, but he scares them back. Strowman locks down the lid and looks off the ramp. Strowman then goes to the back, but then comes back out to shove the dumpster off the stage. Strowman raises his arms in celebration and walks off.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of what just happened to Kalisto at the hands of Braun Strowman. We see Kalisto being loaded onto a stretcher. They wheel him around backstage, and Kurt Angle joins to see him loaded into the ambulance.

A highlight video is shown for Roman Reigns.

Bray Wyatt’s video flashes. Wyatt says he couldn’t let it go with Randy Orton. Footage is shown of Orton burning down the Wyatt House. Wyatt says some wounds never truly heal. They fester, linger, and effect your mind. The same pain and suffering awaits Orton in the House of Horrors. Every step he takes will be a descent into madness. Every room he enters will be an endless nightmare. The best part is Orton can never leave. The house will be his purgatory, an eternal prison for his mind and soul. Wyatt says the deepest, darkest depths of Hell await Orton. With his pain, suffering, and agony, Wyatt will be reborn. Wyatt laughs before saying, “Follow the buzzards.”

-Commercial Break-

Alicia Fox vs. Dana Brooke

They lock up, and Fox takes her down before clotheslining her in the corner. Fox hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Fox kicks her down for another two count. Emma comes out to observe. Fox applies a hammerlock. Brooke elbows out and powers her to the corner. Fox elbows her back, but Brooke comes back with a pair of clotheslines and a scoop slam that almost killed her. Fox gets her knees up on a splash, but Brooke sidesteps a Scissor Kick. Brooke hits a terrible Michinoku Driver for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Dana Brooke

Emma gets in the ring and hugs Brooke against her will. Brooke appears to be bleeding from the mouth. Brooke looks confused while Emma walks off.

The commentators run down the card for WWE Payback and promote the WWE Network.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Samoa Joe and Gallows and Anderson. She mentions they’ll be facing Enzo and Cass and Seth Rollins. She asks about their strategy. Joe says the strategy has always been the same: strike first and annihilate completely. History is defined by the victors. Tonight, only one story will be told. Karl Anderson says they’ve known Joe for a long time and calls Enzo a “butt nugget.” Luke Gallows says just like Kalisto, the only things that comes out of Enzo and Cass’ mouths are garbage. Joe says he will destroy Rollins this Sunday. This match is next.

-Commercial Break-

Enzo and Cass make their entrance to a nice reception. Enzo does his usual shtick to the delight of the crowd. Anderson and Gallows attack them from behind and clothesline Big Cass into the crowd. Gallows and Anderson give Enzo the Magic Killer on the floor. Samoa Joe attacks Big Cass in the crowd. Seth Rollins runs down to make the save. Rollins brawls with Joe in the ring before being triple-teamed. Big Cass runs in to even the odds. Referees check on Enzo at ringside.

-Commercial Break-

Kurt Angle comes out and says since Enzo Amore is unable to compete, they have a new tag team partner: Finn Bálor.

Big Cass, Seth Rollins, and Finn Bálor vs. Anderson and Gallows and Samoa Joe

Before the match begins, Anderson, Gallows, and Joe attack them from behind. Control is soon gained. Big Cass punches away at Gallows before sending him into the corner for an avalanche. Cass then hits a fall-away slam. Rollins tags in, and he comes off the top rope with a punch to the midsection. Bálor tags in, and he punches away at Gallows before dropkicking him in the head. Bálor wrenches the arm, but Gallows elbows him in the face. Anderson tags in and goes for a sunset flip, but Bálor rolls through and dropkicks him. Bálor knocks Gallows off the apron, but Anderson powers him to the corner. Joe is tagged in, and he gets Bálor in the corner before kicking him in the head. Joe jabs away at him before talking trash to him in the corner. Anderson tags in, and he punches away at Bálor. Anderson wrenches the arm and applies an arm bar. Bálor fights up, but Anderson knees him and hits a backbreaker for a two count. Gallows tags back in, and he punches away at Bálor’s midsection. Gallows takes him down with a hammerlock, but Bálor fights up. Gallows sends him to the corner, but he runs into a boot. Gallows quickly rebounds with a sidewalk slam. Gallows big boots Big Cass off the apron and goes for a leg drop on Bálor, but Bálor moves.

Rollins and Anderson are tagged in. Rollins clotheslines him and knocks Joe off the apron. Rollins elbows Anderson and hits a blockbuster neckbreaker. Rollins soon follows up with a Sling Blade. Gallows grabs Rollins, but he boots Anderson back and elbows out. Big Cass the viciously big boots Gallows off the apron. Rollins throws Anderson into Joe and hits them both with a suicide dive. Rollins gets him in the ring, and Joe quickly punches at Rollins’ knee. Bálor viciously dropkicks Joe down at ringside. Rollins hits Anderson with a springboard knee to the head before going for a Pedigree, but he reconsiders. Rollins then viciously elbows Anderson in the face for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Big Cass, Seth Rollins, and Finn Bálor

The Miz is seen talking to Sheamus and Cesaro, but they walk off on him. Miz has to find a partner for the main event against Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose.

We’ll see Alexa Bliss in the ring, next.

-Commercial Break-

Alexa Bliss addresses her title opportunity at Payback

Alexa Bliss comes out and says that the RAW superstars talk every week about how they want to be a champion. Certain superstars come out and talk about how this is their dream. Bliss seems like she’s going to get sick before shutting down some “WHAT” chants. Bliss says she’s not here to talk — she’s here to fight, and she’s going to beat Bayley this Sunday at WWE Payback.

WWE RAW Women’s Champion, Bayley, makes her way to the ring. Bayley says Bliss wasted no time proving how good she is. Bayley says she knows Bliss was just making fun of her. Ever since she’s known Bliss, she’s talked about people behind their backs rather than saying it to their face. Bayley says she’s not just talk. Every single day, she works her butt off for this dream and holding onto the championship. She knows there are female superstars in the back that want the title. She’s said it before and done it before: she’ll stop at nothing to walk out of her hometown with the title. There are boos coming up for Bayley. Bliss is excited that Bayley is in her hometown because she can take the title, beat her down, and humiliate her in front of her own father. Bliss says she feels bad for Bayley because she’s a pathetic, sheltered child. To prove her point, has she ever kissed a boy? Bliss tells her not to answer that. She’s pretty sure she knows the answer. When Sunday comes, the Cinderella story is done. She’ll break the glass slipper and take the title.

Sasha Banks’ music hits, and she comes out to a very light reaction. She high fives Bayley. Bliss says this is Part 3,000 of the Sasha/Bayley sideshow. Does Sasha put love letters in there when she packs her lunch? Banks asks Bayley if she got her last note. Banks says Bliss can’t come in here like she owns it. The last time she checked, the woman with the gold calls the shots. Not only will Bayley show her up on Sunday, she’ll shut her up. That’s Sunday. As for tonight, she wants to shut Bliss up right now. Bliss says no one wants her opinion. Bliss says she’s going to get Kurt Angle to cancel the match because she doesn’t feel safe with Banks in the ring. Banks apologizes… and forearms her down.

-Commercial Break-

Bayley will be on commentary for the next match.

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

Bliss quickly puts herself in the ropes to keep Banks back. Bliss slams her down and kicks her in the back. Bliss stands on her and stomps on her head for a one count. Banks fights back and hits the ropes, but Bliss clotheslines her down. Banks avoids a knee drop and hits a pair of clotheslines followed by a dropkick. Banks blocks a kick and kicks her in the ribs. Banks hits a double knee to the corner and lays her out against the second turnbuckle before giving her another double knee for a near fall. Bliss quickly pulls her into the turnbuckles and kicks her. Banks soon takes her down and goes for the Bank Statement, but Bliss gets out of the ring. Bliss backs up the ramp and gets counted out, saying she doesn’t need this.

Winner by Count-Out: Sasha Banks

Bayley grabs Bliss and tries to bring her into the ring, but Bliss escapes and runs away. Bayley turns back to the crowd, so Bliss attacks her from behind. Bliss then runs away from Banks.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose is talking to Chris Jericho about letting bygones be bygones. To be effective partners, he needs something from Jericho. Ambrose wants to be taken off The List of Jericho. Jericho says nobody gets taken off The List. Why would he take him off The List? Ambrose still owes him $15,000 for the last jacket. The Ambrose Asylum match saw him be slammed into thumbtacks. Jericho pulled 69 tacks out of his skin. Jericho asks him if he knows what happens when you make Jericho a peace offering. Jericho says, “YOU JUST UNMADE THE LIST!” Ambrose is pumped up and claps him on the back a few times, making Jericho uncomfortable. Ambrose walks off, and Jericho puts him back on The List with a smug look on his face.

-Commercial Break-

Enzo and Cass will take on Gallows and Anderson on the WWE Payback Kickoff Show. We’ll also see Miz TV with Finn Bálor as his guest.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Heath Slater and Curtis Axel, who are promoting The Marine 5. The Miz walks in and shakes hands with his “co-stars.” Miz asks one of them to be his partner tonight. Heath Slater turns it down. Rhyno walks in. Axel says no to the request. Miz says they’ll never work in this town again. Maryse slaps the crackers in Rhyno’s face and tells them there would be no movie without them. Someone comes in and gives Miz a note. Miz smiles and says he has an awesome tag team partner.

Curt Hawkins is in the ring and says each week, a star is born. First Big Show, then Finn Bálor. Hawkins says his star factory doesn’t just include former champions, it’s an open challenge. Who wants to join his star factory? Apollo Crews comes out to no reaction smiling and jumping around.

Curt Hawkins vs. Apollo Crews

Hawkins kicks him, but Crews quickly shoulder blocks him down and soon hits a dropkick. Crews applies a side headlock, but Hawkins slams him into the corner. The commentators are talking about how Crews smiles way too much. Hawkins drops him with a back suplex for a two count. Hawkins applies a chin lock and sends him into the ropes, but Crews dropkicks him down. Crews soon comes back and hits a spinning powerbomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Apollo Crews

Titus O’Neil comes down and raises Crews’ hand. Crews looks confused.

We’ll have an update on Kalisto, next.

-Commercial Break-

Footage is shown of Braun Strowman destroying Kalisto following his loss in the Dumpster Match. Strowman sent him off the stage while inside the dumpster. Kalisto has had hip and cervical trauma.

Video Package: Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

Kurt Angle is talking with Austin Aries about getting a main event on WWE 205 Live. Aries gives Angle a banana and walks off. Angle sees Miz and Maryse and asks if he found a partner. Miz says he has. The Drifter, Elias Sampson, walks by, and Angle says that’s an interesting choice. Miz says it’s not him. Angle wishes him luck and says he’ll need it. Miz says he won’t, but Angle reiterates he will.

-Commercial Break-

The Miz makes his entrance and says his tag partner has a flair for the dramatics, so Ambrose and Jericho are in deep trouble. His partner is… no one. No one comes out. Miz says his partner is a little late, so they’ll have to postpone or cancel it entirely. Miz is going to the back to see what’s happening.

Kurt Angle’s music hits, and he comes out to (respectful) chants of “You suck.” Angle told Miz to find a tag team partner earlier tonight. Whether or not he found a partner, that match is right now, and it starts right now. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.

Jericho quickly starts chopping away at The Miz before sending him to the corner. Ambrose whips Jericho into Miz and hits a running forearm. Ambrose follows up with a bulldog and clotheslines him out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho vs. The Miz w/ Maryse

The match is officially started. Ambrose suplexes Miz, and Jericho tags in. Jericho sends him into the ropes for a back elbow. Jericho steps on him for a one count. A “Y2J” chant fires up. Jericho gives Miz a suplex and drops an elbow. Jericho puts him on the ropes and chokes him before clubbing the back. Jericho splashes him against the ropes. Ambrose tags in, and he hits a double axe handle. Miz tries to beg him off. Ambrose thinks about it. Miz goes for a handshake, but he instead slaps him in the face. Ambrose chases him out of the ring, and Miz hides behind Maryse. Miz then big boots him down and sends him into the barricade. Miz drives him into the LED apron and puts him back in the ring for a big boot. Miz picks up a two count. Miz applies a chin lock. Miz takes him down with the Reality Check for a two count. Miz mocks Daniel Bryan and starts kicking Ambrose in the chest. Ambrose ducks the spin kick to the head and rolls him up for a two count. Ambrose then bounces back with a Lunatic Lariat.

Jericho tags in and hits a shoulder block. Miz sends him to the apron, but Jericho goes to the top rope and hits an axe handle. Jericho follows up with a face-buster. Jericho connects with the Lionsault and gets the crowd going. Miz fights off the Codebreaker, but Jericho dropkicks him out of the ring. Miz starts going up the ramp, but Ambrose attacks him from behind and bounces him off the commentary table. Ambrose clears the table…

…and Bray Wyatt’s video flashes on the screen. Wyatt is standing on top of the commentary table looking at Ambrose. Wyatt punches Ambrose off the table and gives him Sister Abigail into the LED boards on the stage. Miz attacks Jericho from behind, and he double-teams him with Wyatt. They get Jericho in the ring. Jericho gives Miz a Codebreaker. Wyatt quickly drops Jericho with Sister Abigail and stands over him. Miz pats Wyatt on the shoulder, so Wyatt gives him Sister Abigail. Wyatt kneels over him to end the show.

Quick Match Results

* Matt Hardy def. Sheamus
* “Gentleman” Jack Gallager and Austin Aries def. Neville and TJ Perkins
* Kalisto def. Braun Strowman in a Dumpster Match
* Dana Brooke def. Alicia Fox
* Big Cass, Seth Rollins, and Finn Bálor def. Anderson and Gallows and Samoa Joe
* Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss via CO
* Apollo Crews def. Curt Hawkins
* Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho NC The Miz

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