WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Last Man Standing Match
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Big Show

The bell rings and Big Show immediately charges Del Rio in the corner with some body shots. Big Show with a huge chest chop. Del Rio rights back with a few right hands and kicks of his own. Big Show with a big shoulder block that drops Del Rio. Big Show with a quick scoop slam. Del Rio fights back in the corner, jumps off the second rope and Big Show catches him with a big chop to the chest. Big Show with a body charge to Del Rio, but Del Rio immediately responds with a dropkick to the knees taking Big Show off his feet. Del Rio with a quick kick to the chest. Del Rio counters a powerbomb attempt from Big Show into a quick huricanrana. Del Rio comes off the top rope and connects with a seated senton. Big Show counters an armbar attempt tossing Del Rio back in a fallaway slam. Big Show with a big chest chop to Del Rio on the outside against the ring. Big Show grabs a steel chair at ringside and heads back in the ring where Del Rio is against the ropes. Del Rio with a dropkick to the gut of Big Show. Del Rio grabs the chair and cracks it over the back of Big Show. Del Rio with a shot to the gut and two more shots to the back. Del Rio drives the chair down into the body of Big Show repeatedly. Del Rio comes off the second rope, Big Show catches him and connects with a chokeslam. The referee starts the count as Big Show looks on. Del Rio grabs the ropes and gets to his feet by 8.

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