WWE Tag Team Championships
Team Hell No (c’s) vs. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

We start with Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes. Bryan with a quick counter early on wrapping up the legs of Rhodes and then applies a surfboard submission. Damien Sandow is screaming, “Cody, hang on!” Tag to Kane who hits the ropes and connects with a kick to the face of Rhodes. Tag to Sandow who takes a scoop slam and elbow from Kane. Kane tosses Sandow to the corner and tags in Bryan. Bryan with a corner dropkick. Bryan with repeated kicks to Sandow in the corner and tags in Kane. Kane with a quick kick to the head. Sandow with a quick elbow, but Kane quickly responds with a big boot sending Sandow out. Rhodes jumps in and Kane tosses him out. Bryan with a suicide dive taking out Sandow and Rhodes on the outside. Sandow quickly charges Bryan up against the ring and tosses him back in. Sandow with a few stomps and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes with more stomps to Bryan. Rhodes with a quick knee and scoop slam combo. Rhodes locks in a half boston crab. Tag to Sandow who connects with a side russian leg sweep to Bryan and then drops his trademark spinning elbow. Quick tag back to Rhodes who punches Bryan in the ribs and sends him to the corner. Bryan fights back with right hands and a big boot. Bryan with a big heel kick to the jaw. Tag to Sandow. Sandow with a few shots and quick tag back to Rhodes.

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