Slater starts working over Goldust against the ropes and then turns his attention to Kingston. Ziggler again holds on when Jericho tosses him over the top rope. Time expires.

#11: Sheamus

Sheamus with Irish Curse backbreakers to Rhodes and Ziggler. Sheamus takes out Jericho with a senton splash. Titus goes over and hangs on. Sheamus with forearm chops. Sheamus sends Otunga into Titus who is gone.

Titus O’Neil is eliminated.

Sheamus with forearm chest chops to Otunga on the ring apron. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Otunga and Otunga is out.

David Otunga is eliminated.

Slater and Rhodes go after Sheamus as time expires.

#12: Tensai

Tensai goes after Slater and Kingston right away. Sheamus with shots to Tensai. Tensai puts Sheamus in the corner and hits a series of shoulder charges. Ziggler and Jericho are trying to pick up Tensai. Tensai breaks it up and hits a big right to Jericho. Time expires.

#13: Brodus Clay

Clay slides in and hits some big rights to to Jericho. Tensai with rights to Clay. Ziggler again is tossed to the ring apron and still hangs on. Goldust tosses Rhodes to the ring apron. Rhodes with a shoulder charge when Goldust runs at him. Goldust and Rhodes are now on the ring apron. Goldust clotheslines Rhodes back in the ring. Rhodes sends Goldust into the steel ring post. Goldust bounces off and falls out. Rhodes smiles.

Goldust is eliminated.

Time expires.

#14: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio with a 619 to Ziggler and the another 619 to Jericho. Mysterio goes up top and connects with a splash to Jericho. Time expires.

#15: Darren Young

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