Brodus Clay is eliminated.

Tensai is eliminated.

Kingston falls out and lands on Tensai’s back. Tensai drops him over the Spanish announce table. Kingston is not yet eliminated, but he is now on top of the table. Kingston is teasing he will jump back to the ring. Kingston asks if he can use JBL’s chair. JBL gets up and says, “I gotta see this.” Time expires.

#16: Bo Dallas (NXT wrestler)

Kingston puts down JBL’s chair, puts his feet on it, pushes off the Spanish announce table and is starting to hop up and down using the chair to get close to the ring. Kingston gets back to the ring apron and remains in the Rumble.

Darren Young is eliminated.

Rhodes with a kick to the face as Kingston stands up on the ring apron.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated.

Time expires.

#17: The Godfather

Ziggler quickly tosses Godfather out as he enters the ring.

The Godfather is eliminated.

Time expires.

#18: Wade Barrett

Barrett quickly goes after Mysterio and Jericho. Barrett with a quick spinning side walk slam on Sheamus. Barrett tries to toss Sheamus over the top rope. Sheamus hangs on. Time expires.

#19: John Cena

When Cena hits the ring, everyone goes after him. Cena starts fighting them off one by one. Cena tosses Slater out. Cena also tosses Rhodes out.

Heath Slater is eliminated.

Cody Rhodes is eliminated.

Cena is trying to toss Jericho over. Jericho hangs on. Ziggler gets involved.

#20: Damien Sandow

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